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John Singleton wanted Don Cheadle as Shaft, but Scott Rudin insisted that a major box-office draw should play the role. Wesley Snipes was also considered.
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Richard Roundtree, who plays Shaft's uncle, is only six years older than Samuel L. Jackson.
According to an interview with Christian Bale, one of the main reasons why he took the role, was because of a fight scene between Walter Wade and Shaft on an airport runway. The scene was filmed, but cut to make room for more scenes with Jeffrey Wright, who scored highly with preview audiences.
Samuel L. Jackson says the line, "This is some repugnant shit," which he first said in Pulp Fiction (1994) and again in Jackie Brown (1997).
John Singleton's original idea was for the main character to be the son of John Shaft and that the two Shafts would work together. But no studio was willing to finance the project. Paramount producer Scott Rudin demanded the character to be changed to be Shaft's uncle and for Richard Roundtree's participation to be reduced.
John Singleton planned a sequel, where Shaft battles drug lords in Jamaica. But the film's mediocre box-office returns, and Samuel L. Jackson's disappointment with the film, stopped any plans of a sequel.
Samuel L. Jackson and John Singleton had numerous disagreements with writer Richard Price and producer Scott Rudin over lines in the script that they found racially and sexually offensive. One scene Jackson objected to, featured Shaft tossing a candy bar at a sexual partner when she wants him to take her out for dinner. The lines were deleted from the script.
Christian Bale didn't have any interest in playing the part of the villain, as he had just finished making American Psycho (2000). But he was reading through lines with Toni Collette, who has the part of the witness in the film, one day, and decided to give it a go as another villain after all.
According to an interview with Samuel L. Jackson, he and John Singleton often argued over the direction of the film. After one particular argument, Singleton refused to come out of his trailer.
John Leguizamo was originally cast as Peoples Hernandez, but dropped out to work on Moulin Rouge! (2001).
Contrary to common thought, this film serves as a sequel to, not a remake of, the film Shaft (1971), since the Shaft of those films appears, once again played by Richard Roundtree, and the main character of this film, is presented as his nephew. Therefore, this serves as one of the few sequels with the same title as the first film in the franchise.
Samuel L. Jackson was unavailable to shoot the sex scene in the opening credits sequence, as he was filming The Caveman's Valentine (2001). A body double was used to film the scene.
Isaac Hayes, the composer of the Shaft theme song, Gordon Parks, the director of the original Shaft (1971), and John Singleton, director of this version, all have cameos.
Richard Roundtree, who plays Uncle John Shaft, played Shaft in the original films.
Shaft wears a total of nine different coats during the course of the movie, all of them black.
The word 'fuck' is used 165 times.
Wesley Snipes publicly blasted John Singleton for not casting him as John Shaft, saying that he could have made the film more successful.
Will Smith was considered for John Shaft.
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Lamont wears an earring with the initials "LT". These are the initials of the actor who portrayed him, former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor.
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The cast features a former Commissioner Gordon (Pat Hingle), and a future Batman (Christian Bale).
Samuel L. Jackson was generally felt to be too old to play Shaft.
The trailer has a scene, that is not in the film, where Shaft and his partner, Carmen are talking about Diane. Carmen: "If something happens, I'll come after you myself!" Shaft: "You won't have to. Something happens to her, it happens to me."
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The trivia item below may give away important plot points.

When Peoples goes to see Wade and leaves after making his threat, Jeffrey Wright nearly slips on the broken glass and gets caught by his henchman. This wasn't scripted, but they left it in as a little joke.

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