Ghost World (2001) Poster


Plot Keywords

high school friend
art class graduation
diner love
record collector bechdel test passed
two word title teen movie
socially awkward record player
teen angst suburb
older man younger woman relationship bare chested male
underage drinking rude customer
movie theater fried chicken
dysfunctional relationship clinic
cake girl with glasses
sketchbook single parent
sarcasm psychiatrist
party old man
mini mart milkshake
los angeles california identity crisis
graduation party elitism
drawing drama queen
cult film crying
bus bus stop
boredom alienation
video store reference to laurel and hardy
based on comic book voice over narration
teenage girl teenage boy
surrealism jealousy
irony forty something
dysfunctional family cynicism
culture clash boss
art teacher adolescent
uncertainty teacher student relationship
reflection obsession
intimacy infatuation
crossroads coffee shop
based on graphic novel punk rock
may december romance father daughter relationship
blues music cult director
friendship plaster
nunchaku dyed hair
prank telephone call racial stereotype
based on cult comic book singer
jewish dancing
sex real estate agent
pistol high school student
high school friend gun
principal summer school
garage sale art exhibition
coming of age personal ad
censorship based on comic
sex shop wheelchair
record collecting practical joke
age difference misfit
surprise after end credits jazz
concession stand high school graduation
teacher loss of job
first job independent film

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