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New York Post
A really classic adventure yarn with one of Hollywood's great actors hitting one out of the ballpark. If you're seeing only one movie this season, this is the obvious choice.
Baltimore Sun
It's a startling physical transformation, as Noland goes from flabby desk jockey to lean, mean fishing machine. But even more remarkable is the mental transformation Hanks effects.
Entertainment Weekly
Hanks towers as a near naked, near biblical man. Zemeckis tells his story -- the screenplay is by William Broyles -- with a control magnificent in what isn't shown as much as in what is.
USA Today
Just be glad that Hanks and Zemeckis toiled mightily to pull off at least two-thirds of a remarkable achievement.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Bold, ambitious -- and ambiguous.
Chicago Tribune
An adventure movie of extraordinary simplicity and power.
Chicago Sun-Times
Here is a strong and simple story surrounded by needless complications, and flawed by a last act that first disappoints us and then ends on a note of forced whimsy.
New York Daily News
The island phase of Hanks' performance is simply amazing.
Christian Science Monitor
Hanks's extraordinary acting keeps the adventure involving even though the beginning is predictable, the middle is uneven, and the finale slips into Zemeckis's patented brand of "Forrest Gump" fuzziness.
Miami Herald
It's a simple message, and it's delivered with a grace and subtlety that's rare in would-be blockbusters.
San Francisco Chronicle
It will bring joy in a way certainly not intended, as one of the most gloriously and unwittingly silly films ever devised by a major American filmmaker.

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