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16 Jan. 2001
After firing Cordelia, Gunn and Wesley, Angel trains for a showdown with Darla and Drusilla while the others decide what to do with their lives.
23 Jan. 2001
Blood Money
Wolfram and Hart are sponsoring a fund raising benefit for a local teen shelter. Angel is suspicious of their motives and starts investigating. Meanwhile, Wes, Gunn and Cordy work to establish their own detective business.
6 Feb. 2001
Happy Anniversary
Angel tries to stop a lovelorn physicist from stopping time forever.
13 Feb. 2001
The Thin Dead Line
Angel, Gunn and Wesley battle zombie police officers who have been stacking street kids.
20 Feb. 2001
On the eve of a 75-year review at Wolfram and Hart, Angel seeks a magic ring that will take him to hell to look for the firm's "senior partners."
27 Feb. 2001
Angel has an epiphany which has him questioning his actions over the past few months. Meanwhile, the three eyed demon clan is after Gunn, Wes and Cordy. It's up to Angel to save them... If they can all start trusting him again.
17 Apr. 2001
Angel and his friends fight a new vampire running a motivational pyramid scheme. And Cordelia helps her old friend Harmony, who's now a vampire.
24 Apr. 2001
Dead End
Wolfram and Hart arranges for Lindsey to get a new hand, but when it turns out to be evil, Angel investigates the firm's source of body parts.
1 May 2001
A magic portal from another world brings a nasty demon--and the Host's cousin--to Los Angeles.
8 May 2001
Over the Rainbow
Angel and his friends travel to the Host's home world to look for Cordelia.
15 May 2001
Through the Looking Glass
Cordelia meets the Groosalugg while Wesley, Gunn and Angel get a good look at the beast that lives within Angel.
22 May 2001
There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb
Wesley and Gunn storm the Pylean castle while Angel fights the Groosalugg
24 Sep. 2001
As Angel mourns Buffy's death, he battles a lovelorn vampire seeking revenge for the death of his beloved, who was killed by Angel.
1 Oct. 2001
That Vision Thing
Lilah coerces Angel to help her secure the release of a prisoner the Powers That Be have locked in a fiery prison.
8 Oct. 2001
That Old Gang of Mine
Gunn's loyalties are torn between his current demon-hunting associates and his old gang, which now kills demons for fun instead of defense.
15 Oct. 2001
Carpe Noctem
An old man uses an ancient incantation to switch bodies with Angel.
22 Oct. 2001
Fred prepares to go home to her parents--until she earns a place with the group by figuring out the key to an attack launched by large bug demons.
29 Oct. 2001
Angel's friends are affected by a man with the power to make other men brutalize women.
5 Nov. 2001
Darla returns to reveal that she's pregnant with Angel's child.
12 Nov. 2001
As Angel tries to determine what kind of baby Darla will have, Holtz searches for Angel, and Lilah and Nathan send out a SWAT team to find Darla.
19 Nov. 2001
As Darla goes through a difficult labor, Holtz pursues Angel.
10 Dec. 2001
Angel tries to keep his son safe from the many demons, vampires and humans who wish him harm, and Holtz joins forces with another vampire slayer.

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