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Great film - a real tearjerker
calico_demon22 July 2004
I watched this film about 20 years along with another Italian release 'Last Feelings'. Both films are extremely powerful tearjerkers and were released together in the UK. They affected me so much that I think about them to this day and have recently been trying to track down copies of them - this seems to be impossible, but i still remember them quite vividly. I dare you to watch this film without shedding a tear. Especially the fairground scene at the end. Heartbreaking.
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Renato Cestie - A memorable performance.
mr_neelix69026 December 2004
I agree with calico_demon. I saw this film on it's cinema release in the UK, and still rate it as one of the most moving films I have ever seen. I am not ashamed to admit having had to reach for the tissues.

Although the film follows a well-tried formula, the young star of this movie, Renato Cestie, gives a convincing performance as Luca. A lonely boy, who's father is too busy with his own affairs to notice that his son is dying - until it is almost too late. Renato turned in an equally moving performance as Giocomino, in the movie "Il Venditore di palloncini".(Known in the UK as "Last Moments").

OK, the plot was very similar. You either love this sort of film, or you hate it. I enjoyed both films immensely, and was pleased I bought copies when they were eventually released on video. And, even if they are on the now defunct Betamax format, I'll go on enjoying them, while ever my Betamax machine holds out.
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Last Snow of Spring
Betty Arecchi18 March 2006
The Last Snow of Spring was the sweetest and most tender movie I had ever watched. I saw it in 1975 when I was 15 years old and it has stayed with me ever since. Even the music has stayed in my head and my heart. Unfortunately, I have never been able to see again. I have tried Blockbuster, the internet and even HBO but no one seems to have it. Everyone I have ever mentioned it to have said that they never saw it. I was beginning to think that I was the only person that ever watched it. If I could get a copy of the movie to share with my family, please let me know where and how I may get it. I have had my box of tissues waiting for a long time!
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The Last Snows of Spring is a good movie, a sob story
Donato Schiavo16 February 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Synopsis: Luca, a motherless child, lives in a boarding school and cannot reconcile himself to being away from his outwardly cold father, Roberto. Roberto is a successful lawyer completely wrapped up in his job and captivated by Veronica. Roberto worries that Luca will not accept Veronica, when he returns home over the Easter holidays. Yet, Veronica is sensitive and understanding. Veronica overcomes the issue with Luca. However, Luca relapses when they are all on a sea voyage and he catches Veronica and Roberto's effusions. In order to regain his son's love, Roberto takes Lucas to the mountains skiing. There, they share great moments together until, due to a bad fall, it will be revealed that Luca has a severe illness: Leukaemia. Luca is taken back home where he gets worse and worse. Eventually, Luca dies in Roberto's arms saying that, in spite of the illness, this has been the happiest period of their life.
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Last snows of spring
dudders5788 July 2007
Reading these comments takes me back to when i saw this film as a young child. I only saw a small section of it, one of those evenings when i should have been in bed but had crept down the stairs and saw watching it through the ajar lounge door without anyone knowing. It didn't take long for me to be in floods tears and was duly discovered. The scene being the one where the child is taken on the fairground ride, moved me like i don't think i have ever been moved by a film since. That scene and the memory of that brief portion of the film i saw stayed with me for many years. I can safely say no other film has touched me that way nor probably ever will. Strange because i have never forgotten what the film was called and don't think i will ever get those such moving images out of my head. Im now on a hunt to buy this film again but i don't think my emotions will take another viewing some 25 years later! Cinema has now moved on from the heart wrenching tales of family based tragedy but this will always be a classic for me and one that every person should watch once in their life, if for nothing other than to keep Kleenex in business
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Absolutely beautiful - wonderful performance by Renato!
catherinekeohane27 June 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this film as a child and even now it remains the most moving film I've seen and one of the most memorable. The relationship between father and son is a pleasure to watch but at the same time heartbreaking. The final scenes set in the fairground is particularly sad, one to watch especially if you're a girl in need of a good cry. It was labelled "the saddest story ever told" and it certainly seems like that to me. I saw it with a group of girls in school and we were all equally impressed.

There are some funny moments also, some beautiful scenery, and the film has a particularly moving theme tune.

It's with pleasure I've finally been able to obtain this video.
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A Tear Dropper!
sameer-262 October 2007
Never thought I'd be looking for this movie after all these years. Yep, I was 11 years old in 1973 when my parents took me to see this movie in a huge cinema in Kuwait.

This movie was so amazingly cheerful yet so, so sad at the end. It makes think about how vulnerable we all are by terminal diseases, including our own beloved children. I guess it left such a big memory in my sole that I thought about it now that I'm 45 years old!!! If you want to cry for sure, watch this movie.

A more recent movie kind of reminds me of this one. The Cure, 1995, is very close to this story.
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the ultimate tearjerker
amanda smith7 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I first saw this film on a cable television channel some years ago,and it has stayed with me since.I defy anyone not to be moved by the story of Luka,the young boy who feels his father doesn't care about anything but his own happiness.Eventually father and son reach an understanding,but then Luka becomes ill.This culminates in what has to be the saddest scene I have seen on screen.Luka is at the fair with his father,if my memory serves me correctly,on a swan carriage on a carousel.The combination of the music score and the inevitable dying scene makes the hardest of people cry openly. Would love to see this again,unfortunately doubt will ever be shown on TV,perhaps it should be released on DVD.
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Manipulative film making?!?
Conny-76 February 2006
One of a trend of "tearjerkers" made in Italy in the '70s starring child (at the time) actor Renato Cestie' (see also "The tree with pink leaves", "The balloons vendor", "White horses of summer", the latter sadly featuring the great Jean Seberg at the very end of her career. The plot in the films is always about "sick/misunderstood/neglected child in an awful adult world" - this specific one is about a terminally ill child brought up by a selfish and career minded father. I got really traumatized when I saw it as a child and to me it represents a true example of manipulative and exploitative film- making. I suppose it would be now considered a cult film in its own genre, as it somewhat verges on the kitsch...
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This movie had changed my life.....
yukidp20 August 2010
I guess I was 10 yrs old when I saw this movie in Japan. I fell in love with Renato Cestie (was Luca) and I wasn't sure what language he was speaking in the movie (mix of English and Italian? not sure), but I had started learning English then for someday when I happen to meet with Renato, I wanted to be able to communicate with him. Wow, I still remember his fan letter address in Roma, Italy, however, I've never got the answer from Renato tho....haha....

This opportunity didn't bring me to Italy (I've never been there yet!) but brought me to USA to live when I was 20 by myself, but later got married in New York, my husband's family originally came from Italy. We are always talking about someday we've got to go to Italy.

I recently googled "Renato Cestie" and saw some of his recent picture, he doesn't have blonde hair anymore, but still has the same cute smile. Did he got married too and have some kids? Anyway....

God Bless, Renato and just wanted to say Thank You. You were my hope, You were my every motive when I was a kid.
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