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Reviews & Ratings for
Resident Evil 2 (VG) More at IMDbPro »Biohazard 2 (original title)

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15 out of 15 people found the following review useful:

Great game from great series

Author: Jman4ever from Norwalk Ohio
19 July 2003

This game is a must play. You play as either RPD's own first day rookie Leon Scott Kennedy or S.T.A.R.S member sister Claire Redfield in this zombie feasting, cap busting, blood spirting, hell of a good time video game.

When you play as either character the walkthrough is different. I prefer Leon because he can obtain a Shotgun that later in the game enhances into a powerful weapon, a Magnum which also upgrades, a Handgun that upgrades and many more while as Claire has a crowbow and a Grenade Launcher that shoots many different types of rounds.

The bottom line my friends is that this game kicks ass!


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10 out of 10 people found the following review useful:

If only all modern video games could be like this

Author: mentalcritic from Southern Hemisphere
17 April 2005

The quest of video games to be more and more like the real-life equivalent of the situation they are depicting is one stretching back as far as the late 1970s, when such titles as Galaga were over the horizon. Indeed, in the mid-1980s, one game based on a laserdisc and knowing which button to push when was hailed as raising the interactive bar to something we had never seen before. While video games based upon films were frequently made, and even sold in great numbers, Capcom set the standard when they took George Romero's Night Of The Living Dead and used it as the basis for Biohazard, or Resident Evil as it is known to English-speaking audiences (presumably because the original name was previously copyrighted outside of Japan).

Resident Evil 2 picks up a little after the original game in the series. The virus that the evil Umbrella corporation has been researching managed to get out into the open, and people have been dropping dead like flies as a result. The story begins when two central characters are separated in a car crash, and both try to survive long enough to work out what on Earth is going on in Racoon City. It sounds like a very basic, even threadbare plot, and to tell the truth, it is. But therein lies the charm of Resident Evil and most all of its sequels. One can go anywhere, do anything, kill anything, and apart from the frustration of winding up with nowhere to go at times, the game will not penalise the player for it. In this day and age where racing simulators are nothing more than knowing which lever to jerk when, it makes for a nice change.

Of course, as the main influence makes clear, the player soon finds themselves battling with undead citizens (and worse) throughout the course of the game. Those who like to kill everything in sight may find the going a little tough, as the game rewards the player for knowing what to kill and when. A zombie in a wide, open area does not require immediate shooting, but a licker in a confined space should be put down as quickly and quietly as possible. Knowing the difference can literally decide whether you complete this game or not. But if one does get into a situation where they are low on ammunition and are not sure where they are meant to go, they can simply keep exploring until a solution presents itself. Such is the quality of the artwork on offer that it takes a while for this to become boring.

One criticism of the game that is perfectly valid is that the zombie models only seem to have four varieties. Occasionally, different types will appear if certain conditions are met, such as not picking up any items during the trip to the police station, but for the most part, it is a rather generic bunch. Another problem is the save point system, which can make the quest seem repetitive at times if resumed. However, the fun of the game truly lies in revealing threads of the plot, which, while occasionally cliché, is put together like an elegant series of Chinese boxes. Questions are raised constantly, and half the fun is in finding the answers. In a complete contrast to the second feature film, the motions and attacks of the enemy are completely consistent, and even make sense from a biological point of view. One other criticism I have that applies to all of the Resident Evil games I have played to date is that in so-called tense moments, when a mass-attack by zombies or other terrors begins, one can often tell when they have completely beaten off their opposition by when the background music calms down. Although I am not entirely sure that is a bad thing.

The replay value of the game is heightened by the ability to complete one character's quest, save the results, and use them on the other's. What one does in one game directly affects what happens in the other. Decisions such as who should take the submachine gun, for example, are of great importance in the game, as are such things as opening doors or killing certain major enemies. Getting into the underground lab towards the end of the game is quite a chilling moment, too. Notwithstanding the fight that takes place on the way down, this deserted research lab is enough to put the wind up any a dedicated viewer of horror films. A contrast, as it were, to the godawful second film adaptation.

If I were giving Resident Evil 2 a score, it would be ten out of ten. Sure, it is looking old considering it was originally released on the PlayStation and Dreamcast, but unlike the vast majority of games, it has the ability to withstand the test of time. It is well worth hunting around the stores that specialise in second-hand or liquidated stock for.

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8 out of 8 people found the following review useful:

Just amazing.

Author: martymaster ( from Fredrikstad, Norway
18 August 2001

The game was a revolution when it came out and the graphic and story was ground breaking. I know that there have come better games now,but this one is a classic.

The game is very adictiv and the story is very frightening and scary. Even though it is a video game,you really care about the characters.

I have completed the game in every way possible and gotten all the secrets so I know what i am talking about. The scenes and enviroment is very detailed and the gci video segments are as good as it gets. The game is very gory and also sometimes scary.

This game is much more challaging than other games before and it is not easy to complete it and get all the secrets.

This video game beats every zombie movie.

One of my favourit games.

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8 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Resident Evil 2! One great game!

Author: Movie Nuttball from U.S.A.
13 February 2004

This comment is for the N64 version of Resident Evil 2!

When Nintendo launched its 64-bit system in 1996, the world at the time seen some of the greatest graphics ever on a video game console and even though Sony's Playstaion and Sega's Saturn were competing, this new competitor in the gaming arena quickly became a superstar! With it's unique analog controllers, unbelievable games, and it's Nintendo Expansion Pak, Nintendo clearly had a system that would remain champion in the console stadium for years!

My Take: Resident Evil 2 is a great game. Cool main characters with good character interaction, video and cut scenes, lots of action, powerful weapons, very good music, bloody stuff, unusual enemies, and a whole lot more! Its really fun! Read below to find out more!

The Story: Its present day somewhere in the mid west, the place is Racoon City. Something dreadful has happened to this peaceful and quiet town but what? Claire Redfield finally makes it there on her motorcycle and she is pleased that she has arrived to the place where her brother Chris is. She notices that the place is too quiet and she stops in at a restaurant but sees it is empty and she's asking questions if anyone is there but no one answers back to her sweet voice. Just seconds later she makes a shocking discovery by walking around in the diner and sees a man eating a corpse of another human. She tries to speak to this deranged individual but is all is coming from his bloody hole is noises so Claire tries to get away but the outside has people at the window trying to get in like uncontrollable mindless animals similar like the bald man she met that was feasting on human flesh! By realizing that the area is abnormal she quickly goes the other way to the only other exit and when she opens the door there is man in a police uniform pointing a gun at her and the young man says get down and he shoots the bald cannibalistic mad man in the head. The cop and Claire get away in his police car and he introduces himself as Leon Kennedy. Claire thanks goodness that he is normal and is on her side because an incident happened to him as well like what happened to her. Suddenly their short conversation is ended due to another cannibal in the police officer's car. This nut is trying bite and eat these two innocent people but they crash and the maniac is killed instantly by going through the windshield. A tractor trailer driver was bitten by one of these sick people and quickly he turns into one of them. By doing so he loses control of the large wheel he crashes into Leon's car, causing a huge explosion. Claire and Leon escape but they are on different sides of the now flaming street. Both not hurt but unable to cross over the high flames, Leon tells her to go to the police station and that he'll meet her there and she accepts. What has happened to Racoon City and why do these people crave the flesh of humans? Not much is known but when it comes to the people of the town the only logical explanation is simple, the town is now populated with zombies! But it comes to that other question again, how did these people become like this? Is everyone in Racoon City a flesh eating nightmare? If not how many are left, who are they, and if so how did they survive? Are these zombie the only things to heed or is there much more dangerous things to avoid? All of this is a mystery but will it be revealed?

Game Play: The game play is different and much like a platform game. It has the player solving things and finding items such as keys to progress further in the game. The full motion video is excellent especially the first for Claire and Leon before the game starts. Once you defeat the game as one of the characters it isn't over yet. For example, If you beat the game as Claire, you will now play it over as Leon in the saved game slot which it'll be titled LeonB but the game will be an alternate way to find out why some of the things that happened that had no explanation. This other type of mode is for both of the characters of the game. I like how the communication is between the characters especially between Leon and Ada Wong! My favorite storyline in the other mode is when the player is Leon and becomes good friends with Ada. It is much better than the LeonA scenario in My opinion!

Graphics: The graphics is very good but the Nintendo Expansion Pak makes it look superior! The video is clear and sometimes the words don't match the movement of their mouths but its great. Its very exciting! Everything in the game is clear! The looks of It is just amazing!

Difficulty: The unique game play controls some times makes it a bit on the hard side but after a while it gets really good. The difficulty is normal and hard. On either one the game can really hard in some places. Music: The score is really good! Its haunting, chilling, and gives you that new horror feeling!

Sound: The sound is very good as well! Its Dolby Surround! Nuff said!

Overall: Resident Evil 2 is really a great game! Its very dark, has a deep storyline and many interesting subplots, cool characters, awesome monsters, lots of gore with an option to change the blood color, great action, music, and video! What more could a gaming horror nut want? This is one of My favorites and I love everything about it especially the character Leon. He is just a good guy! If you love horror and video games then I strongly recommend it!

To purchase Resident Evil 2 for the Nintendo 64 go to!

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6 out of 6 people found the following review useful:

Best game ever!!!

Author: Simon P. Beyer from Holbæk, Denmark
29 May 2001

"Resident Evil 2" is simply the best computer game ever. It surpasses every other game in every genre in every possible way. It was one of the first games I bought for my PlayStation and when I started playing it that night I thought: "I'm just going to play for a few hours and then go to bed". - because it was rather late. Several hours later in the middle of the night I was still sitting in front of my TV having lost any sense of time - I just played on and on. I just couldn't stop.

Never before have I been sucked into a game like with "RE2". It was fantastic. I just HAD to go on. I didn't stop until I couldn't keep my eyes open anymore. At that time I guess it was five in the morning or so.

This game has it all. It's great to run around in old buildings and scary corridors searching for clues and keys, fighting dogs and zombies.

And the scenarios are so perfectly made. The graphics are spectacular. When you run around in those corridors it's like you're really there.

Of course this has something (or everything) to do with the music which is more than just great - I would say that the music is probably the best thing about the game. It creates the scary atmosphere - and believe me it's REALLY scary. And that's the great thing, that the game works perfectly.

The gameplay is also great. The story is great and the game is long and not too easy to complete - that's good. "Resident Evil 2" offers hours and hours of fabulous entertainment. Go out and buy it, then play it - if you dare face the terror...

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6 out of 7 people found the following review useful:

The best of the now 5 game series. Scary, Suspenceful, and plot twists that will leave you in awe!

Author: Shadow Hawk from United States
31 March 2002

To many people, video games are just A lot of people feel that way. I will tell you that you don't play this game... you live it. In the many hours you will spend playing this game, you will either find: (A)You think its an ok game (B) You like this game (C) You love this game. I bought this game the first day it came out which was 4 years ago, and I still play it over and over. That, my friends is the mark of an awesome game. I have to say... I'm 16, I've seen every zombie movie known to man, and I never had a nightmare on the subject or been afraid after the movie....this game scared the living @$#% outta me. There is not a better shoot em up zombie game on the market. This is the ultimate achievement in survival horror!

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7 out of 9 people found the following review useful:

Great game from great series

Author: Jman4ever from Norwalk Ohio
19 July 2003

This game is a must play. You play as either RPD's own first day rookie Leon Scott Kennedy or S.T.A.R.S member sister Claire Redfield in this zombie feasting, cap busting, blood spirting, hell of a good time video game.

When you play as either character the walkthrough is different. I prefer Leon because he can obtain a Shotgun that later in the game enhances into a powerful weapon, a Magnum which also upgrades, a Handgun that upgrades and many more while as Claire has a crowbow and a Grenade Launcher that shoots many different types of rounds.

The bottom line my friends is that this game kicks ass!


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4 out of 4 people found the following review useful:

In a class of its own.

Author: DragonMasterHiro from USA
7 July 2003

I got this game for Nintendo 64 and loved every minute of it. The best way to play it is late at night in the dark. You start off playing one of two characters, both on their own agenda. Claire Redfield comes to Raccoon City to find her brother Chris, a STARS operative from the previous game. Leon Kennedy arrives to start his new assignment at the city's police department. After you play through the game as the first character, you follow through with the second character. The story varies slightly depending on who you take and actions the first character makes will affect the second character.

There's plenty of action here, as you must fend off the undead with limited ammo, so strategy is also key. If you escape from the city in a certain time limit and difficulty level, you can unlock secrets in the game. This is definitely a challenge for finding your way, solving puzzles and finding necessary items takes time and patience.

The music for this game is fantastic, and perfectly fitting for survival horror. There are plenty of times when this game will make you flinch because of the level of suspense it creates. The voices came through a little scratchy, and the acting was ok but better than the first game. Sure the plot may seem to be similar to a B movie, but this story gets you hooked. There are plenty of surprises here, and I personally love the way the two character subplots intertwine.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:


Author: Christopher Mills ( from Snodland, England
5 July 2004

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

Few games have absorbed me fully into the game. Final fantasy VII and Chrono Trigger did it. But this game amazed me.

Resident evil one was the pioneer of the survival horror genre, it was breathtakingly scary and featured beautiful backgrounds. And a single zombie was always waiting round the corner which camera angles never allowed you to see.

Resident evil 2 (biohazard 2) improved on the original. As soon as the game starts you are thrust into the action with a half dozen bunch of zombies ready to eat the skin from your face. Whereas the original had only one or two zombies to a room, this ones not afraid to stick you in a bundle of 5 or 6. The sound is still amazing creepy and is a brilliant achievement.

For story, with minimal spoilers, Claire Redfield and Leon Kennedy arrive in Raccon city to find it full of zombies, so they decide to go to the police station to defend themselves. They inevitably split up and the game is played from each of their perspectives. Taking a weapon when you play as Leon means you can't get it as Claire. The storyline is amazing but i won't spoil it for you by giving away things like bosses and that.

10/10 - Beats the others in the series easily.

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3 out of 3 people found the following review useful:

The nightmare continues!!

Author: action-6 from Froland, Norway
20 December 1999

After having closed the case of the laboratory in the mansion in Resi 1, zombies and monsters inhabit Raccon City. Chris, Jill(the characters of RE1) and the STARS-members have disappeared. Chris`s sister Claire, enters the town on her motorbike, she stops at a coffee-shop, and is attacked by a zombie, Leon(the other main-character) enters and kills the zombie. Leon & Claire get into a policecar and drive to the police-station. Not everything is running smoothly though, the police-car is destroyed by a huge-truck, and Leon & Claire have to go to the policestation on foot!! The game starts here and is one of the most enjoyable of all time. RE2 was one of the most anticipated releases of all time, and was definetely worth the long wait(about 2years). The graphics are better, the sound is better, the story is better, the acting is better, the weapons are more powerful etc. A true classic that everybody must buy, now that it is on a budget price in Europe and the U.S. 10/10

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