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Alternate Versions

The Nintendo 64 version lacked Extreme Battle Mode, but contained many new features not in any versions. The intro clip shown before the main menu contained different footage. Ex Files, a new set of documents were added along with the previous files and detailing events from Resident Evil 0, 1, 3, Code: Veronica and other info involving the series. Violence Control and a Blood Color mode were also added. New sets of hidden costumes were given to both Leon and Claire replacing the previous ones. A 3rd person controller system, Auto-Aim, and Rumble and Expansion Pack support were added. Randomizer Mode which gives more replay value and difficulty, gets unlocked on the menu by completing a scenario. The Randomizer always sets different items in every new game to make it feel more brand new and unpredictable. Passwords have been changed and files have been corrected in this version. Plus, a dead monster is given a cameo appearance.
The Demo version of Resident Evil 2 had a few minor differences from the final version:
  • Robert Kendo, the gun shop owner, had a much higher voice than he did in the final version.
  • After leaving the gun shop through the back, you were able to get to the police station directly from that alleyway. In the final version, an ambulance is blocking the way, forcing you to take a detour through the basketball court, through another alleyway, and through a bus.
  • Marvin Branagh, the wounded officer, was not in the Demo.
  • The first floor of the police station (except for the main hall and the first office) had different music. The second floor music also different.
  • The demo version has the the S.T.A.R.S office music (from the final version) playing on the second floor instead of what we hear in the final. Ada's appearance closes the demo version of Resident Evil 2 in the S.T.A.R.S. office. In the final, she appears in the garage.
A preliminary version of Biohazard 2 was almost finished but ultimately cropped in favor of the eventually released Biohazard 2, fans call it Biohazard 1.5. This version had Leon in it (slightly different and maybe being an umbrella officer as well) and a young woman named Elza, some characters such as Kendo or Sherry were in it. The music was different, as well as the backgrounds and story. The RPD looked nothing like it does now and indeed looked more like a real police department, with darker backgrounds as well. The monsters and weapons were the same, except for a Zombie Gorilla which appeared, probably as a boss. Since news of this version spread out the fans have campaigned in order to have it released.
Some scenes of violence and gore had to be censored or toned down in the US version. The scenes missing include: Whenever your character was killed by an enemy, there was a cut scene which showed the enemy devouring, or dismembering you, as "You Died" faded over the image. Also, before you meet the first Licker, a dismembered head falls off the ceiling, explaining what happened with the headless corpse on the ground.
Another preliminary edition (one of the first made after "1.5"), featured a slightly more graphic introduction to the "Licker". Before encountering the first Licker, Leon will normally find a body missing a head. However, in this version, when insepcting the puddle of blood further up, the severed head from the body falls from the ceiling, with the Licker following after. Apparently, the severed head was cut out (no pun intended) from all future makes of the game.
Several months after the initial PlayStations version was released, Capcom issued a second release of the game known as the "Dual Shock version". Released to coincide with the release of Sony's Dual Shock controller (hence the title), this version also contained an Arrange Mode with new difficulty levels and a new unlockabled mini-game known as the "Extreme Battle" mode (which became a standard feature for all subsequent releases, excluding the N64 port), in addition to vibration and analog control support.
The original Japanese version (Biohazard 2) and the US version (Resident Evil 2) contained a few subtle differences between the two. The US version contained different item and enemy placement, stronger enemies, a smaller supply of ink ribbons and the option to disable auto-aim (a feature that was not availble in the Japanese version). Capcom of Japan considered the US version different enough to be included as a seperate difficulty setting in the Japanese release of the Dual Shock version.

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