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Season 1

8 Aug. 1998
Unfinished Symphony
Present: Rene Jackson returns to Birmingham for her father's funeral and gets reacquainted with her childhood friend, Mary Elizabeth Sims, who is married with two kids. Past: Rene and M.E. meet for the first time.
25 Aug. 1998
Rene defends a past rape victim whose rapist wants custody of "their" son. M.E. is dealing with Kelly and school. Past: M.E. introduces Rene to her mother.
1 Sep. 1998
Eve of Destruction
Birmingham Daily writes an article about Rene. M.E. and Colliar's neighbor sues them. They counter sue for chasing Kelly and Davis with a rake. Past: M.E. is worried about the Cuban Missile Crisis and Rene question their friendship.
8 Sep. 1998
It's Called Depression
Present: Approaching their 26th wedding anniversary, M.E. and Colliar are at odds; Rene tries to build on a relationship with a man who only wants sex. Past: M.E. forced to attend charm school; Colliar and M.E. share their first kiss.
15 Sep. 1998
Making Music with the Wrong Man
Rene helps plan a ceremony honoring her father. She asks M.E. to help. M.E. discovers something that could be emotionally scarring for Rene. Past: "Project C" is going on in Birmingham. Also, Rene develops her first crush.
29 Sep. 1998
No Comment
Present: Rene defends an old family friend, then realizes he lied and is guilty. M.E. and Rene decide that they won't discuss politics. Past: March on Birmingham coming,M.E. gives Rene her St. Christopher medal for protection.
6 Oct. 1998
Please Don't Tell My Mother
Present: M.E and Rene have some conflicts over Kelly. Past: Teresa takes revenge on M.E. and Rene spying on her making out; Rene gets her period, M.E. feels left out.
13 Oct. 1998
Courage... It Means Heart
Present: When M.E.'s Grandma Otis is diagnosed with Alzheimer's, she fights her parents to keep her at home instead of putting her away, but the fight ends in tragedy. Past: Grandma Otis teaches M.E. the meaning of courage after she ridicules Colliar for crying at a funeral.
27 Oct. 1998
Call Him Johnny
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3 Nov. 1998
It's Who You Sleep With
In the present, Renee tries to get a license for a same sex couple to get married as the city lets it's negative opinion of homosexual relationships be known. In the past M.E. tries to learn what sex is.
1 Dec. 1998
In the present, Renee represents a client who is suing for land that was taken from her grandmother. M.E. has her first story published and learns Colliar lost his job. In the past M.E. enters a talent contest at school.
8 Dec. 1998
I Feel Awful
In the present, Renee gets set up on a blind date with a man named Michael, whom she finds strange and doesn't understand how to take her rejection. M.E.'s sister Theresa (Delta Burke) comes to visit and M.E. and Colliar continue to have relationship problems. In the past, M.E. and Renee pull a prank on Theresa that results in Renee being injured and M.E.'s mom taking her to the hospital.
15 Dec. 1998
Quit Bein' Such a Scaredy Cat
In the present, Rene tries to move on with her life after breaking up with Michael, but he begins stalking her and forces his way into her home. In the past, Rene and M.E. sneak out to go to the carnival but stumble upon a Klan meeting and find out M.E.'s uncle Jimmy is in the Klan.
5 Jan. 1999
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12 Jan. 1999
It's Your Problem, Not Mine
In the present: M.E. and Colliar deal with Kelly dating a black boy, Rene takes on a case of a junkie who was beaten by police and they covered it up. In the past, Rene gets her first boyfriend and hides it from her father.
19 Jan. 1999
Trust Me
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9 Feb. 1999
Chapter One
In the present, Rene meets Bill's ex-wife, M.E. finds a publisher who wants to read her manuscript: the problem is she hasn't written any of it yet. In the past, M.E.'s family is staying with her aunt on a ranch, and M.E. worries her aunt will shoot one of her horses because it threw her off during the last visit.
16 Feb. 1999
I'm Not Emotional
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2 Mar. 1999
Music from My Life
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9 Mar. 1999
It's About the Heart
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