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11 May 1962
The Raggle-Taggle Gipsy
When an ex-Hungarian turns up mysteriously after having been missing for a whole year, is taken ill and then dies from an overdose of drugs, Steve Gardiner sets out to retrace the man's footsteps - and discovers a sinister clinic run by an ex-SS doctor.
18 May 1962
South American Way
When Gardiner organises a British tour for a South American dance company and discovers a plot to discredit their patron, he intervenes on the British Government. But South, a hired killer, stalks his every move.
25 May 1962
The Circular Escape
When Professor Preece is sent to prison for passing secrets to a foreign agent but escapes to settle accounts with the real traitor (his son), a chance meeting with Judy alerts Steve Gardiner to Preece's plans.
1 Jun. 1962
A Hundred Foot of Film
Before Gardiner can arrive at a sleazy hotel to keep a rendezvous with a man claiming to have important news, South kills the informer. Steve discovers the man's body and a reel of film - which sets him on the trail of a powerful, evil villain.
8 Jun. 1962
Francis the Third
A young boy 'adopts' Judy and declares that he will stay with her and Steve, and then produces a £100 note to pay the rent. This odd event leads Steve to uncover an uncover an assassination plot against a French politician, whom South has been hired to kill.
15 Jun. 1962
A View to Death
When Judy has a nightmare during which she is murdered by a mute killer and then meets South, the man from her dreams, in corridor of a train, Steve finds more than he bargained for on his return home - Judy is dead.
22 Jun. 1962
The Great Big Question Mark
Serve is approached by a young girl who asks him to sign a petition on behalf of the man who killed his wife and who is applying for a reprieve. They argue and the incident places both their in danger when Steve is mistaken for an American journalist.
29 Jun. 1962
The House of D'Arblay
The body of an actor, covered with flowers and found in a car, leads Steve to bait a trap for the killer - South, the mysterious assassin who murdered Judy. Steve unmasks the killer and South is brought to justice and hanged.

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