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Many people claim that a face appears in the snow just before the final scene fades out.
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Director Robert Zemeckis filmed this while production when Cast Away (2000) was shut down (so Tom Hanks could lose weight for his character).
Robert Zemeckis consciously shot What Lies Beneath (2000) in the style of Hitchcock, if he had access to digital technology. Also, the heroine of the film is a blonde, which was a common trademark of Alfred Hitchcock's.
The house depicted in the film was used for day scenes only. It was torn down after filming because it didn't meet local building codes. The rooms were duplicated on an L.A. sound stage for night scenes.
Michelle Pfeiffer stated in an interview that she used Drew Barrymore's method of projecting fear to help her get into character.
Michelle Pfeiffer and Harrison Ford were director Robert Zemeckis's first and only choices for the lead roles of Claire and Norman Spencer.
According to the original script by Clarke Gregg, the scene with the Ouija board was started by Jody. Later she runs out screaming after the séance gets a little out of hand. The scene was changed for the movie in order to emphasize how much Claire thinks she is losing her mind.
There is a scene in the trailer in which Claire is looking at a photograph and notices a ghost face in the window. This scene never appears in the movie.
Michelle Pfeiffer stated in interviews that she was initially put off by all the technical aspects of the film, but eventually learned to embrace them. In the end the actress found the experience both educational and enjoyable.
Five different versions of the bathroom set were constructed so various parts of the same scene could be filmed at different times on opposite coasts.
The first film released under Zemeckis' production company ImageMovers.
The theatrical trailer was criticised for spoiling plot twists, including the identity of the ghost.
According to the original script by Clarke Gregg, Claire and Norman smoked pot and didn't have as close a relationship as they did in the movie.
During the end scene a face materializes in the snow as the picture fades to black for the credits.
The date of birth on Madison Frank's missing persons' report is the birthday of Amber Valletta.
The Crown Point Bridge appears throughout the film. It was located in Addison, Vermont, near D.A.R. State Park, very close to where the house was built. It connected Crown Point, NY to Chimney Point, VT. Filming closed the bridge for several days, causing problems for locals on both sides of Lake Champlain. The bridge closed permanently on October 16, 2009, after an inspection revealed serious deterioration. It was demolished December 28, 2009. Its replacement, the Lake Champlain Bridge, opened in the same spot on November 7, 2011.
Claire and Norman's sailboat is called "Good Genes".
There is a Bollywood Movie named "Raaz", which was inspired from this movie.
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Harrison Ford and Wendy Crewson previously co-starred in Air Force One
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

This is only the second time in Harrison Ford's career that he's played a villain. The first was in American Graffiti (1973).
When Michelle Pfeiffer lies stunned on the floor and the murderer leans over her face, the camera seemingly cranes down underneath the floor to look directly up at her face. The effect was created by using a glass floor. The solid floor at the start of the shot is drawn in by computer. A glass floor is also used when she drops the keys later on.
Throughout the film, Claire's eyes are blue. When Claire allows Madison to posses her body, her eyes become green. Director Robert Zemeckis asked Michelle Pfeiffer to wear contacts in order to emphasize the eye color change from blue to green to identify a "change of character".

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