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Portland Oregonian
As it unwinds, What Lies becomes both masterful and preposterous.
Goes Hitchcock one better by imagining what it would be like if the master had the advantage of digital technology.
New York Post
If you're able to check your brain at the popcorn stand, you'll stand a much better chance of enjoying this crowd pleaser.
San Francisco Examiner
Regardless of how cheated out of a full-bodied motion picture you feel, you're still left with the year's sickest bathroom humor.
This slow, derivative chiller (which lifts liberally from "Ghost Story," "Rear Window" and "A Stir of Echoes") wastes far too much time on red herrings and telegraphs its plot points with painfully obvious dialogue.
Boston Globe
Ford and Pfeiffer deliver craftsmanlike work, but the film steadily unravels as Zemeckis tries to ratchet up the suspense.
Charlotte Observer
A picture sufficiently shallow that you'll discover everything that lies beneath it well before the end.
Chicago Sun-Times
Lacking a smarter screenplay, it milks the genuine skills of its actors and director for more than it deserves, and then runs off the rails in an ending more laughable than scary.
Glazes over faster than a Krispy Kreme doughnut, and neither is very flavorful after sitting around for a while.
L.A. Weekly
At once illogical and insultingly stupid, filled with dead-end twists and the sort of dialogue that makes a mockery of actual adult relations.

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