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11 Oct. 2004
Episode #3.1
After shooting Harry, Tom disappears once again. Evidence clearly speaks against him. Oliver Mace, chairman of Joint Intelligence Committee, seizes the opportunity of the fiasco to take over MI5 and overrule Harry's leadership. An investigation into the entire MI5 office takes place while the entire team is under constant watch. To fill the gap that Tom as a senior officer has left, Adam Carter, an MI6 officer, is recruited by Harry to help out MI5.
18 Oct. 2004
Episode #3.2
The discovery of a nuclear lab in suburban England prompts Harry to activate a long-quiet sleeper agent, a university professor who must sacrifice, albeit temporarily, his name and maybe even his family to trick terrorists into thinking he's created red mercury, a highly efficient chemical detonator. As the op progresses, Tom begins to doubt the wisdom of shaking the sleeper's life to the ground and tries to get the mission scrubbed.
25 Oct. 2004
Episode #3.3
An attack on an Islamic dissident author in his friend's bookstore puts MI-5 on the trail of international terror groups. Danny is assigned to protect the bookseller as Adam thinks he may still be a target. MI-6 isn't being of help and to the point of Adam having to stage an elaborate, hours-long shake of many tails in order to meet with a very highly placed source. In the post 9-11 world, no one is off limits, sides change quickly - and the team certainly isn't being told everything.
1 Nov. 2004
Episode #3.4
When Patricia Norton, the UN's Chief Middle East Peace negotiator vanishes and is presumably kidnapped in the middle of important pre-peace conference negotiations, MI-5 go into action. Norton is well-known to Adam Carter and his wife Fiona who is an MI-6 agent. Adam believes a group known as the November Committee is at the center of the kidnapping as they are out to stop any possible negotiated solution. For Harry Pearce, he also has to worry about his daughter Patricia Townsend, a documentary filmmaker who is now supporting a pro-Palestinian faction. With both Zoe ...
8 Nov. 2004
Episode #3.5
Through a series of exigent circumstances, Danny and Zoe are tasked with having to kill a scientist that is on the verge of selling a weaponized version of bubonic plague to North Korea and escaping the country. This is their first time at having so directly a hand in this aspect of their work, will a crisis of conscience allow the scientist to escape?
15 Nov. 2004
Episode #3.6
Zoe is put on trial for using sex to entrap a suspect.
22 Nov. 2004
Episode #3.7
A series of cyber-terror attacks on pharmaceutical manufacturing, banks, and even traffic lights are sending Britain into a panic. While the national intelligence coordinator puts on a happy face, MI-5 hunkers down and tries to track those responsible. But it's unclear whether Islamic fundamentalists or simple greed are behind the growing body count, and a ransom demand in diamonds puts a team member at risk.
29 Nov. 2004
Episode #3.8
When the infant child of a fading but recently knighted rock star is kidnapped from his home, the Government wants MI-5 rather than the police to take charge of the investigation. Harry Pierce isn't very pleased but Oliver Mace let's him know in no uncertain terms that the decision comes from the highest authority. With Adam Carter in charge of the team and keeping the family under nearly constant surveillance, they decide to put someone in undercover to learn what they can. Adam isn't too pleased when he learns that his wife Fiona will come over on loan from MI-6 for...
6 Dec. 2004
Episode #3.9
When soldier of fortune Robert Morgan is caught digging up weapons in what was an old Soviet arms stash, he is turned over to MI-5 for questioning. The security agents determine that a sophisticated laser, used for guiding missiles to their target, is missing from the stash and they are convinced there is a terrorist plot underway. Adam is put in charge of interrogating Morgan and with no more than an estimated 48 hours before the attack, Adam finds himself unable to extract any information using conventional methods. Gradually, he begins to use so-called aggressive ...
13 Dec. 2004
Episode #3.10
After the police raid a house and find evidence that terrorists may be planning an attack in London with Sarin gas, Danny and Fiona Carter, who has now transferred to MI-5 from MI-6, follow up on a lead provided by an informant. It's a trap however and Fiona is soon forced to call husband Adam and under threat of her being killed, is forced to meet one of the terrorists. It's clear that whatever the terrorists are planning, it is related to that day's summit meeting between the British PM and Iraqi and US allies. While Adam tries to find out where Danny and Fiona are ...

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