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a cute film with beautiful views
erinfiskjunk18 February 2003
This is a cute and quirky film exploring the foibles of the dating scene.

It's an endearing look at the "nice guys" plight as he tries to find the one woman who is willing to be more than "just friends". I found myself cringing in embarressment as I have also probably treated some nice guys with the same friendly indifference. Not only is the story easy to identify with, it is set in the beautiful countryside of Kentucky. I found the cinematography breathtaking, complete with sweeping views of lush rolling hills and stunning horse farms. It's a beautifully shot film and a sweet story that has you rooting for the nice guy all the way!`
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Nice movies are worth staying up for
imboden15 October 2003
My wife and I rented NICE GUYS SLEEP ALONE, and it was a wonderful surprise--an undiscovered gem that sparkled for both of us. It had winning characters, a story line that was clever without being gimmicky, great dialogue (with a few laugh-out-loud lines), appealing actors who seemed perfectly cast, and production values that were far above the level of the typical small indy film.
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If your a "nice guy" you must see this movie!!
quattro-118 July 2001
This movie is great. I saw it on HBO and liked it so much I bought the video and DVD. It's a must see for any "nice guy". Very funny and true to life. One of the best romantic comedies around. Buy it now. Don't wait.
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Stu Pollard will cure your laughter jones...
Mark Hancock (martinifan)15 October 2003
I should qualify this review by saying that Todd Rundgren's song `Can We Still Be Friends?' could have been the soundtrack to my adolescent years (and beyond). I was constantly being told by girls what a `nice guy' I was, and the whooshing noise that accompanied that phrase was the sound of those same girls leaving me to hook up with the closest `dangerous' type at whiplash speed.

So I was prepared to be let down by Stu Pollard's film Nice Guys Sleep Alone. `He won't get it right', said I. `He'll never convey the true essence of what it's like to actually be that guy- that hopelessly romantic, kind of pathetic, basically very nice guy.'

I was wrong. He got it right. Quite.

Nice Guys Sleep Alone is a breath of light-hearted fresh air, and a high-five to all those guys- and gals- that have felt like suckers at one time or another for not being into games. Writer/Director Pollard has created an engaging, heartwarming, and above all, very funny story about love, relationships, and the games people play. His wit and comedic sensibilities are well served by a highly talented cast, and the chemistry and comedy of the characters drew me in instantly. Oh, and I fell in love with Sybil Temchen. Her character, Maggie, and Sean O'Bryan's character Carter are the reason we watch romantic comedies. They're perfect together, and you really want them to work things out.

Pollard also knows a thing or two about what to do behind the camera, which is evident at once. Rumored to have been shot for under $900K, this looks like a multi-million dollar production. Watch the DVD version, and you'll learn that Pollard trimmed the story down substantially in order to quicken the pace and streamline the story. It's a task most directors face, but was probably all the more difficult, having been the screenwriter. But Pollard wanted to serve the story, and the audience. He did just that. Wonderfully.

Nice Guys Sleep Alone is a great movie for anyone looking to feed their laugh-jones. Great for a first date, or a fifteen hundredth, this is a romantic comedy you don't want to miss.
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Is it a sign ... or just a movie?
dannmiller31 October 2001
Nice Guys Sleep Alone takes what is wrong about dating and turns it into something funny and very entertaining. "Let's be friends" is that dreaded line that no guy wants to hear. When Sean says that he doesn't need anymore friends ... he was speaking for every guy that has ever been in that position. A very funny movie which everyone would enjoy seeing. And, even learn a little about what life is like being a "nice guy."
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Had hoped for better but not disappointed
lobotomyboy635 December 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I'm giving this movie a 7 because I like what it tried to do. It had some funny bits and other redeeming qualities. The buddy's cynical, ironic take on matters (like his coaching for the phone call) were possibly my favorite parts. They seemed true-to-life and humorous, when you think about it.

I don't feel like I totally wasted my money or time on the film but I had higher hopes for it. I wasn't convinced by the two principal female characters.

**Spoilers follow**

Sometimes there's a point in a movie where I disconnect and the rest of the movie can't rise beyond a certain level after that.

1) The moment where Maggie breaks up with the drinker would be that moment in this film. If she knew he was such a lush, if he really didn't interest her, etc. then... A) Why "take a rain check"? B) Why say, "If you gave up the drinking, maybe this could work" or whatever?

She didn't seem that charmed, enamored, starry-eyed, or anything else up till that point. My cynical reaction: he has money and if he just quit drinking, she'd give him a chance. If he drank but DIDN'T have money, she probably wouldn't have allowed for the rain check etc.

2) When he sends her flowers (at the friend's house) and they appear in the kitchen with brass knuckles, gun, etc.---that just didn't work, didn't work in spades. I viewed that as, "We had the same chance, decided to ignore the drinking, and how dare he..." because after all, they talked about how he was so eligible and all that when the flowers arrived.

It's themselves they should be blaming. Maggie called a spade a spade and he balked; she got off easy.

3) Maggie dissed Carter twice. First, she flipped him off (thinking he was Rufus's kid) and second, when she yelled on the phone, thinking he was the rich guy. Then they end up together? I don't think so. His self-esteem and/or pride won't allow it, and she isn't going to respect him for it.

I'll give it a 7. More realistic than most, but it still falls very short.
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A terrific film for romantic comedy fans and anyone who has been on a bad date.
chellew421 September 2000
It all starts with the dreaded phrase - `lets be friends." For anyone who's had their heart sink at these words, "Nice Guys Sleep Alone" is the movie for you. Writer/director Stu Pollard presents a quirky view of dating and game playing in the unusual and lovely setting of Kentucky horse country. Charming and funny, this is a sweet story with some really fun over-the-top characters and scenes. Additions such as attorney Slick Willie and his hilarious Pre-Relationship Agreement, and the hard-drinking Robert, the quintessential `catch' complete with crazed southern-laced French are what make this movie so fun.

There are characters you can't help liking and may possibly recognize, and some parts of the story will hit very close to home for those brave folks on the dating front. Many will readily identify with the well-intentioned but misdirected assistance of friends, and old familiars such as the call waiting trick. `Nice Guys Sleep Alone' is definitely a movie to see and proof positive that good movies are better than a bad date any old time.
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Feminist Excrement
cat_on_imdb10 February 2005
Arrgh... where do I begin?

Let's face it, if you give most women a choice between a sensitive, intelligent, honest man, and a man who is abusive, dumb, and unfaithful, most women will choose the latter. Sounds quite absurd, but as it has been said before: Nice guys have the same effect on women as daylight has on Dracula. Most women in America are walking around with worms in their head.

As if we are supposed to think that American women will see the errors of their ways. One reviewer said that in "Nice Guys Sleep Alone" that Maggie (Sybil Temchen) has matured enough to appreciate a good guy, In real life this only happens when women can't get the jerk their really attracted to, so they settle for the nice guy i.e. the guy they consider a "Chump", who ends up really being treated as an ATM machine and punching bag. Oh yes, he also gets to NOT have sex with her too.

Yes, "Nice Guys Sleep Alone" makes every attempt at convincing you otherwise, but this movie truly is unrealistic. The bottom line here is that it never pays to be the "nice guy" in America; ever. Don't let this movie fool you. I'm not saying to be a dirt bag and abuse women, but rather demand real respect upfront; i.e. sex, which is a natural part of any real relationship despite what the warped values of a puritanical society will want us to think otherwise. If she refuses, ditch her fast. It is her loss. If you are a nice guy then you know you deserve better. As we also see in this flick that his gal-pal Erin comes crying to Carter when some "jerk" breaks her heart, then decides she likes him. Don't kid yourself into thinking this could ever happen to you. Don't be the "girlfriend" who listens to women's problems, because once you are, you are considered to be a eunuch.

Thing is, movies and TV shows entertain a lot of politically correct fantasy about this sort of stuff, and "Nice Guys Sleep Alone" is no exception. It's garbage, pure and simple.
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A rare film with style and substance
mikewiethorn22 April 2003
In a society of mouth-breathers and knuckle-draggers who think that "Fear Factor" and "Joe Millionaire" are high art, NGSA is a refreshing and much-welcomed film.

I mean, let's face it: if you give most women a choice between a confident, intelligent, honest man, and a man who is weak, dumb, and unfaithful, most women will choose the latter. After all, jerks are "exciting" and a "challenge." However, Maggie (Sybil Temchen) has matured enough to appreciate a good guy, Carter (Sean O'Bryan). At the same time, Carter has decided that it's time to be a "bad boy," thinking that women will begin to respect and appreciate him.

All in all, it's a funny, smart, and thought-provoking movie that will appeal to those who understand the difficulty of dating in the real world (in other words, people who don't watch "Friends" and soap operas).

Very highly recommended. Also stars Vanessa Marcil.
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Great ordinary movie
ih82brag15 December 2003
This film was pretty cool. Slik Willie was awesome. He kept me interested, I was always wondering what he was going to say next. The locations of the Churchill Downs is always good.I also liked the horse in the stable scene.Good flick.
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