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  • Jane and Will are familiar faces on the Los Angeles club scene. They meet officially at drug rehab after Jane OD'ed and Will crashed her motorcycle while driving stoned. They hit it off immediately and escape the clinic to travel to Montana and find the bike from Easy Rider (1969). Different from most road movies in that no one gets murdered, and no vengeance is reaped. On the contrary, the characters let their pasts and memories lead them down the road to emotional self-destruction. In other words, there is no seductive emancipation here, just people with problems that won't go away with a rev of a motor.


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  • Beautiful babes on bikes. Jane and Will cross paths in the L.A. club scene (the film opens in the Viper Room with a cameo performance by Keanu Reeves and his former band Dogstar) but the two women don't actually get to know each other until they both land in rehab the day after Jane ODs and Will crashes her bike. The girls make a pact to stay clean while they ride to Montana to find the motorcycle from Easy Rider. On the way, Jane struggles with her inner demons: memories of her sexually abusive father, and her addictive behavior; while Will chooses the road to redemption by trying to help Jane and confronting her mentally unstable mother. Patrick Dempsey (Grey's Anatomy) is a scene stealer as Fast Eddie. I especially enjoyed Will's homage to Easy Rider after the end credits.

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