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San Francisco Chronicle
Sigourney Weaver is so daring and amazing, her veracity is at times painful to behold.
Chicago Sun-Times
The movie is not tidy. Like its heroine, it doesn't follow the rules.
Mr. Showbiz
Worth navigating for its refusal to play to the crowd. There's certainly nothing safe or sweet about Weaver's performance.
Boston Globe
Gives three first-rate actors a chance to stretch, and they do.
Christian Science Monitor
Weaver is superb in a movie as scary and provocative as the timely subject it explores.
New York Post
All of the characters in this story of love, guilt and redemption feel like real people, facing real dilemmas, and you truly care about what happens to them
Entertainment Weekly
Director Scott Elliott, in his feature-film debut, is especially perceptive about what goes on at the edges during deepening family crises, literally at the borders of the screen.
USA Today
The movie Weaver has to carry has so many nagging imperfections that Academy Award attention looks like a long shot.
New York Daily News
If it's not one of the five best of 1999, it's a personal best for Weaver, and that's pretty good.
San Francisco Examiner
For all the blathering, heavy-handed pathos, we might as well be watching the Lifetime cable channel.
Strangely unmoving. So what went wrong?

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