Impostor (2001) Poster


Plot Keywords

android alien
bomb future
weapon impostor
killed in an elevator nanotechnology
electro magnetic dome surgical operation
pharmaceuticals alarm
chancellor earth security agency
removing someone's skin flayed alive
household appliance screen tv wall
heart aqueduct
intelligence physicist
reference to god giraffe
secretary of defense flying toy
mistake stupidity
orderly explosion
hear scar head wound
riot storm trooper
warmonger ruins
wreckage rat
girl fire
subway anti war
protest search
policeman police
alpha centauri voice over narration
photo phone cell phone
treason emergency room
cartoon on tv singing in the shower
running rooftop
dome infiltrator
assassin atomic physicist
prisoner of war pow
stretcher reference to j. robert oppenheimer
reference to albert einstein reference to joan of arc
injection junkie
drug use drugs
macrobiotics genetics
tunnel wasteland
robot cyborg
woods forest
watching tv spy
impersonator escape
chase dead body
stabbing toy rocket
bloody nose blood
atomic bomb handprint
surveillance camera vivisection
piblic enemy #1 fight
hallucination surgery
friend friendship
shooting gun
train security guard
veterans hospital replicant
nurse doctor
death boy
scientist funeral
graveyard cemetery
american flag outer space
father son relationship year 2079
tied to a chair spaceship
skeleton shower
shot to death sex
punched in the face punched in the stomach
pistol park
on the run tv news
murder mass murder
knife implanted memory
forest fire exploding body
doppelganger deception
death of wife death of protagonist
cut arm corpse
box office flop based on short story
flashback elevator
bare chested male bare chested male bondage
stabbed in the stomach torture
barefoot suicide bomber
shot in the chest shot in the back
manhunt interrogation
husband wife relationship future war
foot pursuit female doctor
city in ruins alien invasion
realization breast feeding
battering ram wheelchair
mistaken identity hospital
medicine fugitive
shootout paranoia
scalpel telescope
throat slitting martial arts
alien impostor death of father
independent film surprise ending

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