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New York Daily News
It's a pleasure to watch a thinking-man's actor like Sinise adapt so easily to this challenge; he even keeps his dignity when forced to participate in the inevitable martial arts-inflected showdown.
Philadelphia Inquirer
Plays around with some interesting notions, such as the nature of reality, the nature of humanity, and the nature of spiffy apartments with sleek bathroom fixtures.
As a video rental, this film will probably play a lot better than it does at the local multiplex.
Baltimore Sun
It's considerably flawed. It has a middle that's padded, a look that could use a few more light bulbs, a protagonist who never earns our sympathy, and an audio mix that leans much too heavily on the bass, often making it impossible to understand what's being said.
Likely to be best appreciated by dedicated sci-fi fans, admirers of Dick in particular. It hasn't the stupendous razzle-dazzle of a mega-budget picture like "A.I. Artificial Intelligence."
Chicago Tribune
It's a Hitchockian "wrong man" story, but there's a twist.
New York Post
Unfortunately, Impostor doesn't do much with its template, despite a remarkably strong cast.
Rolling Stone
Director Gary Fleder ("Don't Say a Word") pushes the same old cliches in "Blade Runner" packaging.
Charlotte Observer
As in most cheap futuristic movies, everything is dark or illuminated by a drab bluish glow. The buildings look grubbily similar to each other, so every location has to be identified onscreen. Of course, that saves the audience the trouble of paying attention.
Entertainment Weekly
The entire movie has the meaninglessly burnished, sunglasses-at-midnight glow of an early-'90s car commercial -- a visual scheme guaranteed to leave the audience squinting between yawns.
San Francisco Chronicle
The last 15 minutes finally get it together for what passes as a movie experience with a considerable "gotcha!" quotient.
The only good thing about Impostor is the appropriateness of its title for a film posing as the first 2002 release.

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