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Under Appreciated Murder Mystery!
bsmith555217 April 2003
The real mystery of D-Tox (hereinafter referred to by its video tile, "Eye See You") is why it never found a distributor in North America. I thought it was a good movie. You have to give star Sylvester Stallone a little credit for trying to shed his Rambo he-man image and playing a distraught and tragic hero.

The story involves a serial killer who has been murdering cops and whose murders will be investigated by FBI agent Jake Malloy (Stallone). When the killer murders Malloy's girlfriend Mary (Dina Meyer) he goes into a funk and finds solace at the bottom of a bottle to the point of contemplating suicide. Malloy's friend and partner Hendricks (Charles S. Dutton) convinces him to go to an isolated D-Tox center in Wyoming run by shrink Kris Kristofferson.

Malloy is thrown in with other cops from various locations who also have demons to exorcise. Among them are Christopher Fulford as Slater who tries to befriend him, Noah (Robert Patrick) who has a chip on his shoulder, McKenzie (Robert Prosky), Jones (Courtney B. Vance), Brandon (Mif) and Lopez (Angela Alvarado) among others. Polly Walker plays Jenny a sympathetic nurse and Tom Berenger and Stephen Lang as two suspicious workers at the facility.

It turns out that the serial killer that Malloy thought he had killed earlier, has in fact infiltrated the D-Tox Center and has begun systematically murdering the people there. But who is he or she?

Director Jim Gillespie gives us a murder mystery rather than an action film. It has the isolation and claustrophobic feeling reminiscent of John Carpenter's "The Thing" (1982) except in this case the killer is human and not alien.

Stallone is good in the lead role experiencing a wide range of emotions. Its one of his better performances in recent years. Of the supporting players, Patrick stands out as well as Fulford, Dutton, Prosky, Vance, Alvartado and Lang. Berenger hardly has anything meaningful to do and is wasted here. And watch for Ron Howard's dad Rance Howard as the proprietor of the lodge that Dutton stays at. "Eye See You" is an under appreciated film and deserves a chance to find an audience. It is hoped that the video release will give it proper visibility.
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Flawed, but not *that* bad
Wizard-831 December 2002
Well, having not only spent two years on the shelf but getting released straight to video AND the original studio - Universal - disowning it (removing its logo and "Universal presents..." as well as giving it to another studio to release on DVD and video) I was expecting yet another Stallone bomb. Actually, while I would never say it's a good movie, it nowhere as bad as you might think - it's certainly better than recent Stallone turkeys like GET CARTER.

It's actually starts surprisingly well. Not only is Stallone's character given a lot of dialogue, Stallone actually *acts* when delivering it. The subsequent events that traumatize his character are well done, with a genuine eerieness to them. Things continue well for a while longer, showing the utter pit of despair Stallone's character has fallen in, and Stallone once again is up to this challenge.

Then he goes to the detox center, and the movie quickly falls apart. The biggest problems are:

(1) WAY too many characters. It was extremely difficult to remember who was who with all these people walking in and out of the camera. It's also difficult to separate each person in your mind because we hardly learn a thing about each character - if we are lucky.

(2) REALLY bad editing. Scenes (and some individual cuts) go by so quickly that we often don't get the chance to properly digest what we're given to ponder. Two things happening at the same time (in different places) are cut back and forth with no seeming purpose, and no coherent flow. Though the DVD has eight deleted scenes, it's obvious that there was originally a lot more shot. I have to agree with another poster that there are signs there was a desperate effort to save the movie in the editing room.

(3) Once in the detox center, poor Stallone has almost NOTHING to do. He's given almost nothing to say, and frequently sits on the sidelines while things are happening. Not exactly a star vehicle, this movie.

Still, there is a good amount of atmosphere, the movie is briskly paced (though sometimes incoherent because of this), and the sets/production values are pretty decent. While I wouldn't have recommended anyone to see it at a theater if it had gotten released there, you have to remember there have been far worse films (with and without Stallone) that did get such releases.
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Stallone is good in this...
alpacino20071 November 2004
We all remember him as ''ROCKY'' or ''RAMBO'' it's unfortunately sad that the critics won't agree when sly does anything outside the ''ACTION'' genre....anyway the movie is the kind that you would watch with you're girlfriend or a loved someone on a rainy night...

Troubled ''ex'' cops are in a D-TOX center ..something goes wrong when they start winding up dead...its up too stallone to catch the killer..

Sylvester stallone is good as the main character, Robert patrick ( the guy in the terminator and the x files series ) is really good and gives a 10-10 In his performance in this movie..without giving away anything else..., its a good movie. and stallone just like in the last decade is very very underrated, he CAN act!

*** (3)out of(5) *****
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thumbs up, why wasn't this movie publicized more?
Brian Kramer (bdk52156)27 December 2002
I just watched a screener copy of this movie. I was thoroughly entertained. The plot was very sharp, and for a Stalone movie the acting was better than average. The movie was filled with actors that enjoy acting. Maybe the best part of the movie was just when you think you have the plot figured out there is a complete change of direction. I think that helped keep my attention. I actually got interested in the charactors and really wanted to figure out who the bad guy was. I could recommend, with a clear conscience, this movie to anyone.
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Dark Detective Mystery with Suspense and some Action
someinfo9 March 2003
I was in a dark mood and my DVD rental matched it. An older Sylvester Stallone once again moves away from the 'invincible hero' image towards a 'vulnerable consummate professional' image. Although it unfortunately includes today's staple of graphic violence, the suspense still overwhelmes. Several established names portray unusual characters whose real personalities unwantingly surface in the course of events. Overall the mystery of a whodunit dominates until almost the end. To increase the mood of darkness founded by the story's theme, the bulk of the film is shot at an isolated location in mostly dark, low light scenes. Characters are sufficiently defined for emotional association by viewer. This film effectively accomplishes its task of delivering entertaining escapism for its target audience during what today is considered a short runtime of 1-1/2 hours.
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Good Movie
pig_7131 December 2002
Why the crap did this get bad reviews? I mean, it is not a classic, but my god it was damn entertaining. There are some big story gaps but it is fun none-the-less. Stallone actually goes deeper into acting than his usual and it is surprisingly very good. Check it out anyways. *** out of *****
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Missed Oppurtunity
cooler_king310 March 2004
Warning: Spoilers
I was very dissapointed by this movie. Not because of what it was, but because of what it could have been. The movie didn't seem to know what it wanted to be. The first half of the movie was completely different than the second half. I actually enjoyed the movie until the killing at the detox center started.

If this movie was a drama about cops recovering from their addictions I think it would have been pretty good. The problem was that half way through the movie became a whodunnit slasher movie. Jim Gillespie seemed to be stuck back in the I Know What You Did Last Summer mode and forgot that he was making a legitimate movie.

The worst thing about the movie was Tom Berenger. His character had no importance except to throw you off and make you think that he's the killer. It was a completely pointless character. I was however impressed by the performances by Jeffrey Wright (although they seemed to forget that he existed in the last 20 minutes), and Sean Patrick Flannery (first killed off unfortunately).

I think this could've been quite good as a dramatic story about a cop in detox trying to come to terms with his problems, but as a serial killer thriller this movie is a flop.
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A good thriller well worth watching
kevin-caprani8 May 2006
I'm not going to bother with a detailed analysis of the film, its a perfectly good thriller which will provide an evenings entertainment for any one who likes the genre, plenty of action and tension in an isolated setting, I'm mystified why it has received so much criticism,its a perfectly good piece of cinema for the masses, i voted a ten just to try and get the average up but really its a good 6 to 7.Perhaps its just fashionable to find fault with everything stallone does, he sure has done some duffers but this isn't one of them, rocky and the rambo series typecast him for a while as a dumbo who acts dumbos, but he has shown a much greater variety of acting ability in subsequent films, but i admit i am fearfull of the rumours that another rambo and rocky film are a possibility!
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Predictable but watchable thriller
davideo-21 February 2002
STAR RATING:*****Unmissable****Very Good***Okay**You Could Go Out For A Meal Instead*Avoid At All Costs

Stallone and the director of I Know What You Did Last Summer sound like an intriguing combination.But this belated picture isn't really.Sly's performance works more thanks to the script than to him,thanks to some emotive scenes at the beginning,otherwise he's as blank as he was in the Rambo movies.Worse than that,the story is told in a really straight-forward,unoriginal way,you can see scenes coming before you've even seen them.There are few real jolts or surprises.There's some okay action in between,but to be honest,it's hard to understand why this didn't go straight to video.**
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Very Creepy Horror/Thriller
callanvass9 April 2005
Warning: Spoilers
This was a very creepy Horror/Thriller with an awesome performance from Sylvester Stallone!. All the characters were great, and the movie has lots of creepy atmosphere throughout, however, the killer was disappointing and wasn't that much of a surprise, and some of the characters could have been given more to do, but other then that i really enjoyed this film as it's creepy and tense!. It was cool to see Sly try something different and in my humble opinion he succeeded 100%!. however it was hard to see since, a lot of it was set in a snow storm, however that made it a lot more creepier, and mysterious if you ask me. The Direction is very good. Jim Gillespie does a very good job here, using a great mysterious location,keeping the film, creepy and atmospheric, some cool overhead shots, and keeping the film at a nice pace!, very good job. There is quite a bit of harsh violence here. We get drilled out eyes,police beater stick impaled through head (ATF),lots of bloody corpses,a few bloody gunshot wounds,bloody slit wrists,some ATF slit throats,a bit of slicing and dicing,and 2 nasty bloody impalings. The Acting is GREAT!. Sylvester Stallone is AMAZING as always, and adds another amazing performance to his career, and when he breaks down when his wife dies, i really felt it, it was incredible, in my opinion Sly is one of the most talented actors of all time, and if you think he can't act, watch this movie!, he was amazing in this (Sly Rules!).Polly Walker, is pretty good here with what she had to do, and had decent chemistry with Sly, she wasn't that bad to look at either. Charles S. Dutton is good as always, and wished he had more screen time. Kris Kristofferson does what he has to do well as the Doc. Tom Berenger was terrible here, and was terribly miscast!. Robert Patrick is good, but got on my nerves (i usually love the dude). Overall i highly recommend it! ***1/2 out of 5
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bloody brill!
haggis-1116 July 2003
I actually own this film & Sly plays a brilliant and surprising part in this chilling film. I would tell anyone who asked me to watch it for themselves, and if your a Sly freakette like me, you'll really enjoy it!
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Like a diesel engine takes awhile to get humming
John Wilkes Booth8 July 2004
The exposition was the worst and least helpful portion of this monster of a film, without it this would have been a Beckett with action and with it just another pell mell hodgepodge of a movie with solid twists and enough gore to disgust or excite the most cynical watcher.

Sylvester Stallone (its no Copland or Rambo), Charles Dutton (doing his best Scatman Cruthers from the Shining), Stephen Lang (underutilized unlike in Gods and Generals), Robert Patrick (intense but weak beneath the veneer is well done) Kris Kristofferson (was alright as the doc) Courtney B Vance (the deacon) Tom Berenger (a phenomenal janitor) and Polly Walker (great, reticent, countenance cadenced voice, nurse) comprise the expensive cast among many others that I simply don't know from other works.

I actually liked this movie, I did not expect much, but overall given a few things I would have done differently could have made some money at the box office, though the critics would attack it like blood to sharks.

Fluid transitions with flashbacks, personal vignettes and dark mysterious catacombs of an air force radar station converted to a rehab facility, those cold war cutbacks really hit hard, create an honestly creepy environs that most directors and screenwriters skip for a graphic sex scene, profanity or a non-sequiter bout of over acting... I liked this movie the more I saw it and the more I thought about why such terrific actors had agreed to appear in this, aside from the money of course.

Allusions to the Thing, Switchback, the Shining, Sliver (which had Berenger and Polly Walker in it), Crimson Rivers, and a myriad of other horror, sci-fiction and thrillers while running the gambit of the serial killer genre 'cliches' and Sam Peckinpah features later in his life.

With a little more life this would have been a great movie...but instead I liked it no rhyme or reason why, I just liked it.
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Eye See You
DAVE21 September 2002
This just got released to U.S. theaters in Detroit and Dallas and I liked it! I don't see why it couldn't get a full release. Im sure it would of made no less than Daylight or Judge Dredd.

Sly is Jake Molloy a fed who loses his wife to a cop killer then is haunted by the same killer in a D-Tox center in the middle of nowhere. In it's release here it's titled Eye See You, which I like better.
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Passable whodunit in which a serial killer executes gruesome murders and Stallone attempts to resolve it
ma-cortes6 May 2015
Moving film contains a twisted intrigue , good eye cinematography and a support cast actually good . An alcoholic FBI enforcer named Jake Malloy (Sylvester Stallone) attempts to recover himself from a grisly killing , as his only way results to be a deep rehab . As Malloy resorts to drink but then takes the advices of his superior (Charles S Dutton) to go to snowy Wyoming detox centre conveniently located in the middle of nowhere . This defunct nuclear command and control outpost is only accessible by snow-mobile . As he checks into a rehab clinic that specializes in treating law enforcement officials with unexpected consequences . But is is not the ordinary clinic , being run by ex-cop (Kris Kristofferson) and staffed by a doctor (Polly Walker) and bitter as well as sneering loonies (Tom Berenguer). There takes place horrible crimes and Jake is taunted by a serial murderer .

Thrilling suspense movie packs chills , noisy action , gratuitous violence , intriguing events , gruesome slaying and winds up into an astonishing finale . Exciting and stirring development , though predictable , when starring finds that his fellow patients are being murdered one by one . This is an acceptable thriller but contains several flaws and gaps , in fact there was trouble brewing on the set because of overages and creative concerns between the director and the studio ; as producers let it sit on the shelf for many months and after over a year it was decided to do a re-shoot . Nice production design and spectacular snowy scenarios, in fact , the film's snowstorm sequences were shot in Canada . Decent acting by Sylvester Stallone , as he comes off lightly as a cop who comes undone after witnessing a brutal scene on the job . Very good support cast though really wasted , all of them play ex-cops patients varying from psychotically aggressive , paranoids , drunken , suicidal person ; being performed by Robert Prosky , Sean Patrick Flannery , Christopher Fulford , Jeffrey Wright , Angela Alvarado , Robert Patrick , Courney B Vance , among others . Suspenseful and frightening musical score, fitting to action , by John Powell . Colorful cinematography in Panavision by Deam Semler , shot on location in Vancouver , Whistler, New Westminster, British Columbia, Toronto, Ontario ,Canada

This killer-chiller was professionally directed , though with no originality, by Jim Gillespie . After the movie was finished in 1999 Universal studio decided to screen it to a test audience but all screenings of the first cut got very bad reactions by them , it was then shelved for quite some time while re-shoots and story changes were being done , in conclusion , the movie debuted in USA in home video . Jim Gillespie is a director and assistant director, known for ¨Venom¨ and his big hit : ¨I Know What You Did Last Summer¨ . He also has produced and directed for TV such as ¨World without end¨ , ¨The legacy¨ , ¨Shooting Gallery¨ and ¨Cardiac arrest¨
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One his better Movie
denicestewart26 January 2003
In all a very good thriller. I am not fan of Stallone movie but I truly enjoyed this one. I especially like the different characters in this movie including the bad guy who I like until the very end. I really like the movie.
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a very enjoyable film
shypleasure7 October 2002
Well i have never reviewed a movie before! but I did want to comment on this one it was all i expected from Stallone, it kept me wondering what would happen next and the action was good of course i know everyone will not feel the same ,But that is what makes or breaks a movie . i felt his pain over what he saw done to the woman he wanted to marry.And the anger that the killer would follow him,So for me it was a great movie that i gave a 10 a well deserved 10
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Ryan Hendrick25 February 2011
This film is completely underrated, and I've even been slatted personally for making people watch it... I think it's a pretty good film... It's tense, claustrophobic, fantastic atmosphere and setting, fantastic cast, and a damn good performance from Stallone.

The plot is a untangelling who dunnit mystery and works well. Jim Gillespie showing he can do more than basic slasher flicks add real menace and tension to the proceedings...

There are a lot of characters to remember, but they are so well cast with great memorable and well known character actors that I get to like most of them... Robert Patrick, Robert Trotsky, Kris Kristopherson and even Tom Berenger. Charles S Dutton, who is great to watch in anything and is very underrated.

John Powell's music score is incredibly effective and drives the film well, it should be released as an album...

Why this film has never had a good run in theatres is a mystery to me, Stallone once again playing a well rounded and believable character, again back to what he does best, the underdog.
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The movie is well-acted, but the writing could've used some work.
Comeuppance Reviews12 May 2010
Warning: Spoilers
This Review Contains Spoilers!

First off: "Eye See You" is a terrible name for a film. An investigation proved that wasn't the real title. It's "D-Tox". Another one for it was "The Outpost". With a title like "Eye See You", no wonder this was on the shelf for almost 4 years. It was supposed to be released in 1999 by Universal, but they dumped it from their schedule and their company all together. They sold it to DEJ Productions and they put it out on video.

Poor Sly. He puts in one of his better performances here. (His best one is "Cop Land"). He plays FBI Agent Jake Malloy. When a serial killer claims his girlfriend, Malloy goes into a drunken stupor. He is sent to a D-Tox program for other alcoholic cops in a remote part of the snowy wilderness. Unfortunately, the killer has followed him there and he's picking off the cops one by one. Can Malloy save the day? The movie is well-acted, but the writing could've used some work. The best part is the ending, (Spoiler Warning!) when Malloy throws the killer into some spikes and takes him off them, a second later he throws him into them again.

If you like Stallone or the serial killing genre, it's worth watching.

For more insanity, check out: comeuppancereviews.com
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Surprising treat.
Lee Bartholomew6 January 2003
Warning: Spoilers

Knowing that Universal practically disowned this movie and that it sat on the shelf for 2 years, I expected it to be horrible. I was a bit surprised that it was alot better than many of such films.

Can't see why this film didn't make it to the theater while so many other flops (XXX, pluto Nash) made it to the screen. This movie certainly would have made more money than the latest Trek showing. (torturing Rick berman now. :)

The beginning credits are horrible yes. The dvd design is crap. Took me awhile to figure out that there was indeed a widescreen version on the disc. The default is pan/scan. Several deleted scene's.

But for the most part, it's alot like all the other Stallone movie, but with a great deal of suspense. One of Stallone's better movies. Certainly if you loved Get Carter like me... You'll love this movie. (I've watched the original Get Carter as well. I like them both)


Quality: 8/10 Entertainment: 10/10 Replayable: 5/10
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one thing is for sure Sly can act
atls203323 February 2002
Ok after the initial shock of seeing Sly on the screen, it opened well, Sly's on top form as an FBI agent tracking down a cop killer,

Ok Malloy goes down hill after several events and so we enter D-Tox.

Yes at this point it gets quiet and yes `The Thing' springs to mind, but at no point does `cliche' spring to mind like some reviews. Its dark, and gets you thinking, ok its no "seven" but who cares. The ending was swift and to the `point', Malloy doesn't win the fight without getting hurt himself but it doesnt drag on. The music was good ol bass thumping suspense style and the film is not that gory but again you get the point, and when the killer is known it doesn't drag on. Sly doesn't dominate the screen and give it the big `I am', everyone plays their part. The film delivers, and it rolls along very nicely. I give it 7/10 and one thing is for sure Sly can act with the best of them, unfortunately alot of people want him to fail,the guy looks great for his age and delivers whats asked from him, we've seen Sly take a new direction the last few years which may have puzzled people, are people really that stupid to think he really acts like "rocky", that was acting. He doesn't deserve the treatment the press are giving him, but I suppose human nature can be cruel at times. T
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I Can See You
Ali Catterall25 July 2010
It doesn't usually bode well when a movie which has languished on the shelf for three years undergoes four title changes (it's called Eye See You in the States, but has also been known as 'Detox' and 'The Outpost' since its 1999 production), before a tellingly low-key release. Such is the case with D-Tox, directed by Jim Gillespie (I Know What You Did Last Summer) and starring Sylvester Stallone.

Predictably, this one's a dog. A riff on John Carpenter's The Thing crossed with David Fincher's Seven, it lacks the tension of both, and has a plot you could steer a snowplough through. This involves Stallone's FBI haunted and hunted FBI agent Jake Malloy. Following the slaying of his colleague and wife by a serial killer, the grief-wracked, alcoholic Malloy is sent to a clinic to a dry out.

The cops-only drying-out clinic where the action takes place is located in the wintry wastes of Wyoming (though it was filmed in Vancouver). It's sinister, impressively realised bunker-like construction is hardly conducive to restoring mental health, one would have thought. Here, Malloy's demons come haring back as, one by one, his fellow patients are slain in worryingly familiar fashion. Never the most versatile of actors, Stallone turns in his most somnolent performance to date, his acting range veering from mildly irked to quietly rankled throughout (no mean feat when your screen wife have just been butchered).

It would be refreshing, just once, to encounter a serial killer who isn't driven by a righteous morality (just why this one's got it in for Malloy is never properly explained), and one whose catchphrase ("I see you - can you see me?") doesn't sound like a 'Play School' presenter's. But ultimately, it's the lack of a decent script - or even basic research - that really jars.
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A very good suspense movie & performance by Sly
Luv-A-Holic13 April 2003
It seems that after Sly did "Cop Land", he's been more involved in doing dramas. "Driven", "Get Carter", "Avenging Angelo" & now "D-Tox"/"Eye See You" all prove that. I think that "Get Carter" & "Eye See You" have proven that Sly can act, very well at times. But due to early roles as Rocky Balboa & John Rambo have type casted him as slow, which isn't the case. In this movie, Sly plays Jake Malloy who is an FBI agent assigned to a serial killer case, in which cops are being targeted. But when the murders become personal, Malloy retreats to alcohol. After a suicide attempt, Malloy is checked into a rehab center designed just for cops. But just his luck, the killer follows him there. Now, someone at the center isn't who they claim to be. A great story, along with a great cast make "Eye See You"/"D-Tox" worth watching.
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Crime is a disease ... but where´s the cure ??
mario-cobretti25 January 2002
Lets start by saying that i´m a Stallone Fan since his early movies (Rocky , Rambo , Cobra , Over the top , Tango & Cash and more) and havent missed a film so far (exept for his soft-porn stuff and crap like Stop or my mommy shots) but this one i better shouldn´t have watched. If you look up information about this movie, you´ll find that it has been finished for nearly 3 years and now i know why they havent released it for so long. Its sucks. * SUCKS * I wasnt impressed with "Get Carter" either , but at least that movie had some cool One-Liners and Stallone played a bit more like he used in movies like Cobra. Back to "D-Tox" (as it is called here in Europe) and why it sucked:

1. The Cast - What idiot did the casting ? Why do you take actors like Robert Patrick, Sean Patrick Flanery , Tom Berenger, Dina Meyer etc. and give them the worst parts ever ? I bet they all hoped that this crap was not gonna be released. Robert Patrick looked like a Fag , Tom Berenger played a stupid janitor , Dina Meyer had a 20sec role and Sean Patrick Flanery? I remember seeing him in one scene and in the next he was dead. Great stuff Casting-Einstein. Why didnt you take crap actors for these parts and give the "better" (i dont use the word "good" here) parts to the known actors. At least it would be more fun to watch.

2. The Script - Written by First-timer Ron L.Brinkerhoff which is based on some book (i doubt that the book was a hit). It feels like a Scream-S*** alike only with older actors and different setting. The dialogues are boring, have no depth and theres nothing memorable at all. A script like can be made it into direct-to-video movie with z-grade actors but not into a 60mio budget thriller starring stallone. I think they took 3 scream-a-like scripts and probably some treatments for "I know what you blabla 3" and re-wrote it into one. I can´t imagine the book was anything near to this.

3. The Director - You know, its really a bad sign when the tagline of a movie goes like "From the Director of I know what you did last summer" and its no wonder that this genius hasnt made a movie since this masterpiece. I think i dont need to mention that his previous (and only) effort "I know....." was crap as well. He has no own style at all , the scenes have no real tension and everyhing looks cheap. I´m really curious where the whole budget went.

4. STALLONE - well .. he tries .. its sad to see him in a movie like that. He´s not bad, he tries to act and stands out in the movie but that doesnt help much. In fact it even makes the movie worse because its painful to watch him go further and further to the bottom of his career by choosing crap like that to do.

I can´t recommend this movie to anyone, not even to the scream-fags .. aehh.. i mean scream-fans. There´s no real action, the "twist" at the end where they reveil the murder is a joke and whole story (does that "mini-alcatraz" really exist ?? haha) is laughable.

Sly, if you read this - you should have listend to Emmerich (he sucks at movies, but even he did know what kind of crap this movie would be) when he was about to helm this masterpiece but jumped off. Quote : "If you´re going to do this movie, you´ll ruin your career"

Couldn´t have said it better.

C´mon , get back to the roots , next time, chose a kick ass - filled with one-liners - action-script and please look who´s the director first. If you continue to make movies like that you end up in history as a guy who made "forgettable movies" - try to make the movies that made you big because nearly all of your fans want to see you kick ass like in Cobra & Rocky and Rambo. At least give us some Demolition Man ...
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Forgettable Sly thriller...
kimnil8012 July 2002
Ouch! This is Sly`s third bad movie in a row,following "Driven" and "Get Carter"(2000).The story in D-Tox is really simple;Sly must go thru a rehabilitation program(in a snowy place somewhere in the USA) after his wife is brutally murdered by a serial killer.He`s together with other cops which is going thru the same and...guess,one of them is the killer! Surprised-no,you can`t say that.Because you`ve seen those kind of movies many,many times before.It lacks suspense,good acting-(honestly;I can`t say that Sly is a GOOD actor),story of course and development.People just get killed one by one and that`s the story!The director doesn`t seem to make something out of actors involved. Dialogue isn`t especially good either and actors Tom Berenger and Kris Kristofferson are wasted-they have nothing to play on.You don`t care for anyone involved."D-Tox" may keep you entertained,but it`s extremely boring and forgettable.Watch "Kiss the Girls"(1997) instead!

Rating -3/10
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