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An unlikely love affair ignites when a rising movie star meets a head-strong rancher in the romantic adventure, "Love on the Edge," starring Sean Young, Perry King, and Priscilla Barnes.

While filming a western movie on location, leading lady Mallory Byrnes (Young) begins a passionate affair with her co-star, only to discover that he is married and has children. Overwhelmed and heartbroken, Mallory escapes to the countryside for the weekend. However, while driving wrecklessly on the narrow roads, she makes a disastrous turn and crashes the car, leaving herself stranded. Cliff Brannan (King), a handsome, but stubborn cattle rancher, whose own life is being torn apart by a bitter divorce that threatens to cost him his beloved ranch, comes to her rescue. But, when Brannan refuses to abandon his herd to take Mallory back to town, she reluctantly joins him on his cattle drive. At first, the two have nothing in common and their personalities conflict. Mallory's knowledge of the great outdoors is limited, and Brannan exhibits little patience in teaching her. But, as they begin to help one another, an uneasy alliance develops. Brannan catches fish for Mallory, who won't eat his trail food, while Mallory saves one of Brannan's calves when it falls into a ravine. As Brannan discovers the emotional wall Mallory has built around her heart, he tries to learn more about the woman behind the Hollywood make-up. But his inquisitiveness disturbs Mallory, who runs into the night, only to be trapped by a mountain lion. Once again, Brannan rescues her, but the wild cat injures him in the process, forcing Mallory to take over the cattle drive and lead them both to safety. Facing dangerous hardships, including torrential rains and a dangerous river, Mallory learns the meaning of courage and commitment as she fights nature's elements to get the stubborn cowboy to the doctor. As Brannon's physical wounds heal, he must uncover the identity of the mysterious buyer who has purchased his ex-wife's half of the ranch while, Mallory must decide if she is willing to abandon her thriving career for a life in the quiet countryside. A surprising discovery finally determines the fate of the cowboy and the movie star.


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