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High-spirited, infectious ridiculousness
moonspinner5526 June 2005
Head-spinning collage of technically marvelous effects in theatrical remake of cult late-'70s TV series. Drew Barrymore, Cameron Diaz and Lucy Lui are attractive, funny, resourceful, sexy and--most importantly (and surprisingly) quite convincing as super-detectives. Their case (involving rival software companies, a kidnapping, and the planned assassination of boss Charlie) doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and Bill Murray is out-of-it as confidante Bosley, but director McG's modern-comic action is so lightning-fast and silky smooth you may be having too much fun to notice. Some of the satire is actually rather smart, and the girls are game for just about anything. **1/2 from ****
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Eye Candy No-Brainer Fun To Watch
ccthemovieman-129 March 2007
This is a stylish and entertaining action film, albeit a stupid one mentality-wise. However, there are a lot of movies in that category, so you just put your brain on "hold" and enjoy the ludicrous story. Here, it's three gorgeous babes kicking the tar out of everyone.....which IS ridiculous!

The story may be lame but the visuals are a real treat, and I don't mean just the girls, Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. The colors in this movie are vivid and fun to view.

The story is cartoon-like in nature and and funny in a number of sots. If you took this story seriously, you'd be insulted. The only warning I would give is for smaller kids because there are a lot of sexual innuendos in here along with a number of closeup shots of cleavage and butts. (Not that I am complaining!)
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An enjoyable piece of fluff
Normandie200114 April 2001
I went to see 'Charlie's Angels' out of interest after all the interesting coverage from the set.

The laughably complex plot seems to flow along well with the movie. I found it particularly funny, and enjoyed all the fighting scenes and the fabulous soundtrack.

The performances impressed me the most. Everyone looks like they're having fun, but my favourite was Natalie (Cameron Diaz). When she smiles, you can't help but smile along with her. I also admired that the girls also did all their own stunts, something not too common in films. And despite the rumours, Bill Murray and the girls had good chemistry and he proved an able sidekick to the girls.

With that said, I'll say four words: Bring on the sequel!
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The angels have fallen (big time)
jamiecostelo5812 December 2006
I was optimistic about this adaptation of the classic 70s and 80s show, but on first viewing, it did nothing but disappoint. This movie is simply too over the top, and the 'funny' moments are quite laboured.

Great karate moves and special effects are spoilt by the weak storyline and a ridiculous performance from Bill Murray. Nice to hear John Forsythe reprise the role of Charlie though.

A shame that one of the men responsible for the original TV series had a hand in producing a poor adaptation. Why did Leonard Goldberg bother? Original star Kate Jackson also commented on how the film failed to capture the spirit of the TV series: I see her point immensely.

This movie is a poor excuse for something that is supposed to be based on a legendary TV series. It is simply ridiculous and over the top nonsense that is absolutely nothing to get excited about.
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Just Plain Fun !
namdc5 August 2005
There's no intellectual challenges made in this movie's plot, and that's how it should be; the characters are only slightly more fleshed-out than any of the ones from the TV show, and that's also not a bad thing - if you put too much seriousness into this kind of film, you wind up killing the roaring-good times to be had. What really makes the film work is the charisma ( & physical charms )of the 3 leading ladies, combined with well-choreographed action sequences and the tongue-in-cheek script. If you enjoy Diaz, Barrymore & Liu ( not to mention Bill Murray )when they're on the screen, you'll love this flick.
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Silly, but quite enjoyable if you're in the mood.
bob the moo20 June 2002
Three little girls have become three little ladies who work as special agents for Charlie (via intermediary Bosley). When they are contracted in to get evidence of Roger Corwin stealing the kidnapped Eric Knox's voice recognition device. The agents are successful but Knox turns out to have more sinister motives and the angels find themselves fighting to protect Charlie and Bosley.

Yet another in a line of film remake's of old TV shows, in the words of LL Cool J `yet another remake of an old TV show'. However this just about succeeds for one simple reason – it never tries to take itself seriously. This works because it can be camp, silly and OTT because we know it's meant to be. The plot is OK and has some reasonable twists but really the jokes and action move it along. The silliness can get a bit much at times and is a little tiring.

For example we have far too many shots of the girls tossing their hair, and too many scenes that mean nothing. Eg a high speed car chase ends on a bridge but it has no reason for happening and nothing happens as a result. The fights are very OTT and are very much a matrix rip off – they are only just saved by the tongue in cheek attitude of the film. But even then they still silly.

The cast are OK but really they are just playing daft. Rockwell is really good and Bill Murray saves the whole film by being really funny. Tom Green is in it because his girlfriend felt sorry for him and wanted him to be in a film that got shown in a cinema outside of the US, however his character is stupid and pointless. Wilson is good and LL Cool J makes a good cameo, but Tim Curry has been better.

Overall it's enjoyable if you're in the mood for silly popcorn trash. If you're not in the mood this will only serve to irritate you at how poor Hollywood blockbusters can be.
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Charlie would approve.
vip_ebriega20 September 2008
My Take: Energetic, mindless summer eye-candy entertainment.

It's easy to smirk or be nit-picky at something quite as silly as a $92 million big-screen version of CHARLIE'S ANGELS. Looking back, its roots date back to a successful yet critically-reviled TV series in the 70's. Bring it here, at our modern period, and be sure to be laughed at. Joel Schumacher did it, in his 1997 mega-expensive bomb (if you call any movie grossing more than a hundred million dollars, a bad as it is, a bomb) BATMAN AND ROBIN, which was immensely hated by everyone (including yours truly). Now comes CHARLIE'S ANGELS, another big-budget comedy action film lifted from some age that probably no longer exists (at least not on our generation). It's director is a former MTV director. And the script, forget it! How could they make a movie like this? Or maybe a more interesting question would be, after watching it, how could I have possibly loved it? Yes! Regardless of having to remind myself that it was meant to be ridiculous, I positively loved CHARLIE'S ANGELS, silliness and all. You can nitpick all the dumbness and stupidity of the script, but here's someone (among a surprisingly high number of others) who are happy to defend its silliness. It's pure style-over-substance matter, and the style really won me over. The stunts are completely unbelievable, the story probably never left the 70's and the script, the whole script, injects enough camp to make this piece sit right there with the original TV show (of which I wasn't exposed to). But the great thing about that is it was thrown in for laughs and a whole lot of fun. The entire piece never took itself seriously, throwing it a lot of brainless fun at every turn. Director McG (born Joseph McGinty Nichol) uses his stylish skills as an MTV director to good use. Every bit feels like an exhilarating no-questions-asked playhouse of brainless style, and I mean that in the nicest of ways.

The film is one-part MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE (and in one instance, after the Angels have described their plan to break in to a room, like that in the MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE movie, one of their superiors tells them "That's impossible", followed by a "Sounds like fun" response of excitement from the crime-fighting Angels), another-part John Woo action flick, one-part pure 70's camp and another part spoof of it all, and thrown in, for good measure, some MATRIX-inspired slow-mo stunts. After opening with one of its first few outrageous stunt sequences, the story proceeds, concerning a new set of Angels, including smart and uber-sexy Natalie (Cameron Diaz), tough-cookie but never-not-attractive Dylan (Drew Barrymore) and no-nonsense and no-less sex-appeal Alex (Lucy Liu), as always taking orders from unseen voice-in-a-speakerphone Charlie (voiced by John Fosythe, returning to his voice-acting role form the TV show). Their new mission: Retrieve a stolen voice-recognition software from wealthy programmer Eric Knox (Sam Rockwell). They suspect it may be the owner of a rival company (Tim Curry), but the plot thickens. But what plot? This is all but a clothesline for a series of gravity-defying (or at least every form of science imaginable) stunts (an extremely enjoyable array of fight sequences and a slam-bang helicopter finale). There's humor too, provided by the always reliable Bill Murray as Bosley, Charlie's liaison and the Angels' reliable comic-relief sidekick. Bonus points go to the oddball Crispin Glover as the "Creepy Thin Man" for providing the finest silent villain since Jaws in THE SPY WHO LOVED ME.

CHARLIE'S ANGELS is still bound to create a sort of love-hate relationship amongst its viewers. Some will probably hate it for its total disregard of logic and sense. Others will embrace it for what it is: A good, fluffy entertainment (a guilty pleasure if you will). I'm joining that club!

Rating: **** out of 5.
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Ravishing and lethal detectives rescue stolen software.
Michael O'Keefe8 June 2001
This is a clever big-screen adaption of the popular '70s TV series. A trio of martial arts trained detectives with drop dead gorgeous looks work exclusively for an unseen boss 'Charlie' Townsend(John Forsythe). The angels are played by Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. With the sometimes inept help of Charlie's assistant Bosley(Bill Murray), the striking detectives investigate a kidnapping and retrieve some highly technical software that could lead to the death of their boss.

Also in the cast of this fun, run and gun romp are:Tim Curry, Matt LeBlanc, Kelly Lynch and a very impressive villain played by Crispin Glover. If you have yet to fall in love with Miss Diaz, you deserve no mercy. She proves again to be charming, sexy and very talented. Miss Barrymore also has that way of being funny while not losing an ounce of sex appeal.

Although contrived and a bit silly this movie is an action filled escape. There is no doubt that this explosive trio of crime-fighters will be back to use their skills and complete their mission. Thank you, Angels!
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Mindless fun that delivers.
Niceguy5 November 2000
Yet another old television show has been updated for the big screen. The new Charlie's Angels movie is cheesy and comical, and it means to be. What we have here is a mindless but fun outing that will have women cheering and guys laughing. Diaz, Liu and Barrymore portray the extraordinarily skilled team of crime-fighters who seem able to do everything except lead a normal life. Bill Murray plays Bosley, their supervisor, and John Forsythe reprises his role as the voice of the team's boss Charlie. Their latest seemingly routine call involves rescuing and protecting a computer genius whose technology is about to fall into the wrong hands. Of course things wind up to be more complicated than expected, and the Angels must use their "talents" to save the day. They quickly cross paths with a creepy individual played by Crispin Glover, who some of you my remember as the nerdy George McFly from Back To The Future. He's changed his look a bit since then, and ends up being one of the coolest big screen villains since Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode One, which he was surely patterned after. This film is fun, albeit silly fun, and will entertain you on many levels. First time director McG, pronounced Mick-G, borrows shots and styles from many recent films. The most obvious similarities come from The Matrix, allowing our heroes and villains to defy the laws of physics on numerous occasions. All of the fight scenes are spectacular and nicely choreographed, with the exception of one involving Drew Barrymore towards the end. You would think with all of the fancy wirework and effects capability that they could at least give the illusion of Drew's kicks connecting with the bad guys. Bill Murray adds some nice extra comedy to an already funny film. Don't expect any Academy Award nominations, but definitely expect a sequel. Mind-numbing entertainment can be great if you're in the right mood.
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painfully, incredibly bad
jeff-9030 May 2001
I am stunned that so many people here liked this. I just saw it with 3 friends (2 female, 1 male) and all of us thought it was one of the WORST movies we've ever seen. What is it anyway ? A comedy that's not funny ? An action movie that's not exciting ? An excuse to look at Cameron Diaz' butt ? A parody of other films ? Just wretched and painful to watch.

Every time I think the American public's collective IQ has bottomed out I'm proven wrong. This is a movie for the Jerry Springer generation, for those who think Adam Sandler is a comic genius, for those who are happy when they can answer the $100 millionaire question.
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An impossible to enjoy mess. Certainly not a movie.
Patuquitos12 January 2005
I bet you feel misplaced sometimes. At certain moments, you don't relate to anybody or anything and you feel alone in this world. We all experience that feeling every now and then. One of the times I felt I was from another planet took place inside a theater, and I was watching, despite my resistance, this movie. I was among a cheering, laughing crowd.

You might think I was prejudiced. Wrong. Knowing for sure that this movie wasn't my cup of tea, I prepared myself for getting everything I could from it. "I wish it contains action, I wish I can laugh" I was thinking. Well, the only thing I got was an awful need of walking out.

This movie is so downright bad I don't know where to start:

First, this is not "Charlie's Angels". Aside from the fact that three girls are the main characters and they happen to follow the orders from a man called Charlie, there's nothing more in common. All similarities end at that. This movie should be called "Three girls and their dumb everyday life" or something like that. But even retitled, this movie would stink. And this affirmation takes me to the next mega-flaws.

Second, the three girls are stupid. The Cameron Diaz character borders on retarded. But not in a funny way. She's plain stupid and acts like a nerd. I know that is supposed to be funny. Maybe for a 5 year old it is.

Third, there is no actual plot, just a badly made up excuse for linking pitiful sketches together. This movie could have lasted 30 minutes or 6 hours. It feels disjointed. It's nothing more than a sucession of sketches.

Fourth, the soundtrack. Argh!. I can't even think of it without getting angry. Who in the world made that compilation, a 17 year old boy? It's the most lazy soundtrack in movie history. Every time there's an action/fight scene, some random hip-hop/metal is thrown, even though the song belongs to another emotional planet. It really sounds like someone would have put together a list of last years' most topical hits and played it randomly. The inclusion of Korn's "Blind" in an action scene can be called blasphemy.

Fifth, the action scenes. Over the top, boring, we've seen them all before.

Sixth, the pace. This movie simply hasn't. It's a steady sucession of boring action and poor jokes. Don't expect a climax. This is LINEAR. Urgh.

As I know there is a word limit, I won't go on. But I could speak easily about 20 awful things in this movie, without thinking too hard.

Wait, there's something good. It's Bill Murray, and I feel very sorry for him, because he alone can't raise my rating to a 1.

Avoid like plague.

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A really dire film.
Dan Rooke8 May 2006
I apologise to the fans of this film - but I really didn't like it.

To me it was typical of the Hollywood conveyor belt film factory.

I'm not too familiar with the TV series - but I had seen a bit. The film wasn't really anywhere near similar. Yes it had feisty lasses taking on the tyranny of the world (kind of) - but that was it.

It took itself far too seriously. In points it looked like it was lampooning itself - but it wasn't.

Twas transparent and lacklustre. The acting was mediocre - but to be honest, I don't blame the actors. I blame the script for being so void of character.

It was obvious that the film was selling on the back of the title. I can imagine a board of men sat round a table with a tick-list of things they want in it : "I want skimpy outfits, fighting which shows off the girl's 'assets', some nice cars, and just wing the rest." Poo, absolute poo.
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Not a masterpiece by far, but still kicks ass
Dragoneyed36323 October 2008
Let me start off by saying that I just loved Charlie's Angels for the great, cheesy, stereotypical fun it was. I knew it was not going to be the next "Godfather" when sitting down to watch it, and I am one who can enjoy a lot of films like this for what they are. It was great action-filled excitement from beginning to end with very likable performances, and was an excellent way to spend my spare time. I loved the fighting sequences because they were so tastefully and interestingly done and the acting was really good too, for what it's worth, like I said. I did think the script was poor and it had a lot of plot holes, and I got a bit uninterested and felt the movie became way topo stereotypical at some parts, even though it was enjoyably stereotypical to begin with, but nonetheless this was a really great movie that I enjoyed watching for what it was and that is sheer joy and entertainment. Give it a try, just don't be expecting the best of the best before viewing.
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A bubbly and fun popcorn movie with lots of action and lots of laughs
antonjsw121 April 2013
This is not a serious drama. It works as well as it does due to the very colourful, fun and tongue firmly in cheek vibe that permeates throughout the film. This is mainly down to the zany atmosphere created by first time film-maker, but expert pop-promo director McG, In fact the real tribute has to go to him for crafting a film this good out of a very difficult production, which faced an incomplete script, and personality clashes between some of the cast. The film is clearly tongue in cheek, and references a lot of the stereotypical visual elements of action movies. From matrix bullet time to music video like super slow motion shots, the films works slapstick comedy into a serviceable plot. The three leading ladies are good value, ably supported by the rest of the cast, albeit Bill Murray's role seems to almost like a one man stand up show has been worked into the film, and seems a little out of place. Russell Carpenter's photography is vibrant and colourful, and musical choices work well for the story.

Overall a lot of enjoyable fun!
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Lucy Liu's song in the beginning of movie
abstractaspect6 June 2003
When at the beginning of the movie, each of the angels has a past history flash back with their own songs, I cant find out the song that played for Lucy Liu, can you help something like "the best things in life are free, you get them from......." Please Help!!!!!
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Annoying music video. Girl power? Don't make me laugh (or cry).
FlorisV17 June 2003
I totally agree with most negative reviews on this one. Not much to add except this...

Any woman who is interested in strong female characters and real girl power should avoid this film at any cost as it will only insult her intelligence.

The movie is a horridly failed attempt at being hip, exciting and fun. The soundtrack is way overdone and does not feature any original music, only tried-and-true chart hits which are swapped for other chart hits every other 10 seconds. Needless to say the film is quite tiresome.

Apart from this music video-approach the movie shamelessly copies the Matrix bullet-time camera-work and fake kungfu by actresses who probably can't even beat a 12 year old karate student. All the ridiculous action scenes are completely over-the-top, which was probably intentional, but is equally annoying.

Add (or subtract) to this the lame humour, the low believability in what is virtually no plot, and the complete lack of charm of the ladies, and what you have is a film that is a complete insult to the original show. The TV show might have been cheesy but at least it was far more entertaining with charming, beautiful women,who fought with their brains rather than with phoney martial art-moves.

Go watch the TV-series and don't waste your time on this turd. 1/10
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Good Morning Angels
Anthony Feor (a_feor)16 October 2007
After watching "Charlie's Angels", there is a brief period of time where a smile is plastered onto your face and will not come off. The movie has everything anybody would want from a film like this. The best part is watching Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu literally kick the crap out of bad guys. Everything else in this film will not matter because after scenes like that, nothing in the film even matters. Throughout, you will forget it was based on the popular television showand just watch it like it was a newly conceived idea by Hollywood producers.

If you want a hardcore plot, wrong movie. If you want meaning, wrong movie. If you want reality, wrong movie. "Charlie's Angels" has none of these qualities throughout the film, and that is what make it so amazing. In the film, people jump out of Boeing 747 jets at twenty-thousand feet and nobody dies. People jump of one hundred foot castles and live to tell the story. Buildings explode sending our heroes into a car windshield and they walk off without a scratch. These parts (even though they are very unreal) gave me the sense of what I call in your face action. The Angels do have a small purpose though in carrying out these beautiful scenes.

The Angels, Natalie (Diaz), Alex (Liu) and Dylan (Barrymore), must rescue Eric Knox(Sam Rockwell) after being kidnapped. All signs point to Roger Corwin (Tim Curry), the "villain" in the film who the Angel's are highly suspicious of in stealing the new voice ID software developed by Knox himself. Along for the ride is a surprisingly not annoying Bill Murray as Bosley, who does prove his worth as both the character and actor. Also joining is Crispin Glover as the creepy thin man who loves pulling women's hair out and smelling it. The Angels's have there hands full and they go through with the actions scenes in the film with so much enthusiasm.

The action scenes, as I mentioned before, are very unreal. Even though they are unreal, the film makes the action scenes so great by having the same style as "The Matrix". The slow-motion back flips and the half speed car chases give the action scenes that edge that keeps the audience on the edge of their seat. We all know that Lucy Liu can't do a 540 degree turn in midair, or that Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz can hang off a helicopter and defuse a missile, but who cares. These scenes will make the movie worthwhile, believe me people.

The action scenes are great and the comedy is just as good. I forgot to mention that this is an action-comedy movie and both genres are proved to be great in this film. When there is no action, the movie will be making jokes and making the theater laugh. Like when Alex's boyfriend Jason (Matt LeBlanc), who has a very small cameo, is rehearsing his scene in an action film and drops the girl after she is shot. Or when Natalie is having one of her dream dance fantasies. The film is a hoot.

Does "Charlie's Angels" stay true to the original, who cares. I really don't care about the original because this film is spectacularly done. It is complete with everything real and unreal about Hollywood. Do not worry about plot, dialog or direction, because all of it is great. Just watch it to see Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore kick major butt. Watch it and then watch the smile on your face at the end.
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Bears Little resembelence to the TV show and is a bit better then it could have been but not great.
triple817 August 2003
Charlie's Angels the movie bears little if any resemblance to Charlie's Angels the Television Show and it might be good to keep that in mind. That said-turned out better then it could have. Parts of it are funny but you have to keep in mind it's like watching a movie about 3 different women. None of the 3 angels in the movie have any completely developed, distinct personality, their all sort of these spastic women, but the personalities are not developed, they all kind of mirror each other.

This is more a movie to watch for the killer action sequences where Barrymore, Diez and Lu show what they've got with leaps, kicks and other funky action scenes. It's enjoyable in a popcorn sort of way, just don't sit there thinking you'll even get a glimpse of the original Jill, Kelly or Sabrina.
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Possibly the worst movie i've ever had the misfortune to see
samba415 November 2001
This movie has a level of pathetic trash that far surpasses even the Blair Witch Project. This movie insults.(PERIOD). The list of movie mistakes never ends. We are supposed to assume that a 115 pound woman can knock over a room full of grown men. I don't buy it and don't tell me, " well man its supposed to be corny." That is BULL!! And you shouldn't buy into it either, because directing is an art and making a corny movie on purpose is every director or movie makers loop hole. Anytime you hear " well its supposed to be that way," that means that they hired the most mindless, gutless, dumbest cast and crew and just threw millions of dollars at the picture and assumed people would come to see it and judging by its rating, it worked. I still don't buy it and you'll never find me making movies and sticking a horrible set of actresses on screen just so i can push their butts and chest into the camera and possibly capture those in the audience that invest thousands of dollars into radio equipment. This movie is trash and poison with no depth or texture or meat. IT sucks and Larry Flinders cannot be counted as a fan of this trash. I hope everyone that was a part of this movie reads this. Thank you, Goodbye!!
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My teenage obsession packed full of action, eye candy and laughs
Stompgal_876 December 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I vividly remember this film being publicised and Destiny's Child's 'Independent Women Part 1' being in the charts as well as clips from this film being featured in the video when I was 13. I wanted to see this film when it was out in the cinemas but I couldn't see it then because I was too young due to its 15 certificate in the UK (strangely enough, it's a 12 in Ireland and a PG-13 in America) but when I was 14, my mum hired the DVD and I watched it under her supervision due to its violent content, meaning I was okay. Finally when I turned 15, I received the DVD for my birthday, that complemented my PS2 perfectly, and I'd watch it every day after school to write down the script, much to my sister's annoyance and frustration. I still have that DVD and I also found the film on LoveFilm Instant. After having watched it for the first time in a while, I thoroughly enjoyed watching it just as much as I did as a teenager.

I'd already heard of Cameron Diaz and Drew Barrymore when this film came out but this was the first time I'd ever heard of Lucy Liu, all of whom played the Angels perfectly with their high-octane stunts, numerous disguises and active leading roles, especially Diaz as Natalie, my favourite Angel who I found the funniest with her laugh-out-loud lines and superb dance moves, whether in her dream or against a Soul Train replica stage. The story was gripping and dramatic, especially when the Angels discover that Eric Knox's kidnapping was a set-up and have to get their Bosley back. The lines are mostly fun if a bit silly yet memorable while the soundtrack is very good and I also have that on CD. Not only did the film's soundtrack feature songs that were on CD but also songs that were not on it (e.g. Michael Jackson's 'Billie Jean' and Blur's 'Song 2') and snippets of incidental music consisting of various arrangements of the 'Charlie's Angels' theme tune plus some eerie, powerful and tense pieces. A lot of hard work and effort were put in the stunts and action scenes, the film is somewhat fast-paced and some of the special effects are incredible, especially the camera zooming into the cloudy sky of the Columbia logo before cutting to a plane flying against a real sky and the slow-motion bullet Knox fires when the moment he shoots Dylan out of the window is replayed. Afterwards, Dylan rushes towards a house where two boys are playing a computer game and she asks them for help, that house being the one featured in 'E.T. The Extra Terrestrial' in which Barrymore starred when she was a little girl. I was so impressed with the leading ladies' roles in this film that it prompted me to watch other works of theirs such as Diaz in 'There's Something About Mary,' Liu in 'Ally McBeal' and Barrymore in '50 First Dates.' This film also inspired me to write a spin-off television episode that was based on the Simpsons episode 'Trilogy of Error' as well as a crossover story in which the Angels meet Shrek (the titular character of yet another brilliant Diaz movie). While this film has several mistakes as listed on the likes of and Movie, they were still fun to spot and were saved by the humour and the action sequences. The outtakes at the end were a laugh as well.

Overall, this is an amazing girlie action flick that features memorable dialogue, stunning stunts, fantastic special effects and a superb soundtrack. I also recommend the sequel, 'Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle,' which is even better. 10/10.
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Drew's Wish
tedg4 November 2000
I think I'm going to watch Drew Barrymore more closely in the future. She seems to have a real sense about how to pull something off and have it work. She made that nice little period cinderella movie (Ever After), then the contemporary get a date movie (Never Been Kissed). Both showed a canny sense of cultural positioning, a deft recipe of corn, narrative flow and production values.

So she now wants to be an action hero. Who doesn't? Never mind that her instrument (face, voice and body) are ill-suited. She puts together a mix of Matrix, music video, and cheesecake that does what it is supposed to do, though probably for a different demographic than mine. There's no cinematic art here, just by now stock techniques. But what's impressive is her ability to do it at all. She could become a real moviemaker in the future. Winona has already fallen into the hopper -- maybe Drew will fly. I see she is producing and starring in a new Barbarella. Let's see.
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Aww come on, you know this movie kicks ass
Musiq_One24 April 2003
Three intelligent, feisty, respectable girls kick ass and save hapless men and still be sexy.

This movie is one of the funnest movies I've ever seen, sure it aint no Thelma & Louise but if Thelma & Louise was an event action comedy this would be it.

The girls are amazing, they have so much to offer, plus they're human, they're not perfect they're ditzy and silly and geeky and misunderstood. But they can speak several languages and kick 7 guys asses whilst sitting in a chair. And don't get me started on Bill Murray.

This movie should be a feminists dream and one for the new man too.

And it's hella funny.
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It's hard not to like the girls
rbverhoef3 August 2003
Whether you like 'Charlie's Angels' or not will probably depend on whether you like watching beautiful ladies Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu and Drew Barrymore. Up to a point I liked it, or actually I liked the fun the women were having with their parts. Especially Diaz and her behind and Barrymore in total really show they have a lot of fun. Another part of the fun comes from Bill Murray who has a lot of moments that will make you smile.

What about other things in this film? Story for example. In a film like this that really is the last thing you should worry about. The film is not about story, it is about the three ladies in their action scenes. Admittedly they look great in them, although most of the action scenes were not that great. Again, for watching Diaz, Liu and Barrymore because they are beautiful or to see the fun performers can have 'Charlie's Angels' is worth watching. But for no other reason, I would say.
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After seeing this movie, I knew what my least favorite film was.
pigmanfilms24 July 2001
With a screenplay rewritten close to thirty times, three actresses whose only duty in the film was to whip their hair and seduce their enemies, and finally a music video director credited as McG, what could we expect. The only thing we could have hoped to save this movie were the Matrix-type shooting of fight scenes and the consistently funny performance of Bill Murray, who the director left out of much of the film.

Many people have at least recognize that the film, as far as writing and acting, was not to be taken seriously and the only thing you were supposed to be paying attention to were the beautiful women and the fast paced action scenes. But I can not begin to understand how anyone could give this film any credit at all.

First of all, Drew Barrymore gives a horrible performance as Dylan. Cameron Dias, whose work I have enjoyed in many other films, gives as equally an annoying performance as Drew Barrymore. And Lucy Liu is no better than the rest. The only thing I can say is, the cast relied too much on their director. In fact, the only person I could stand in the film was Bill Murray.

Even with the action scenes, the movie is terrible and the action does not help at all. All in all, this movie is terrible, don't rent, don't even consider renting it, take your time to get a good movie.
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Fallen Angels
Will Lau11 May 2001
I avoided this movie when it was in the theater and I heard it wasn't so bad so I rented it. Originally I avoided it cause I saw the preview for it and it looked horrible.

I guess I should of listened to myself. This movie was so pathetic and insulting that I felt like turning it off after the first 15 mins. Its just an excuse to throw sex, bad acting, bad writing, unconvincing fighting into a movie and hype it up and try to make a profit. The idea that I'd believe that Drew Barrymore and the other two (whats their faces?) can do those kind of martial arts moves are quite insulting to me. It seems like they were just trying to cash in on the Matrix-style kung fu hype. Well I didn't fall for it as I am a martial artist myself. I guess ignorance is bliss and for me to have enjoyed his movie I would have to drink a lot of beer to kill all my brain cells before that'd happen. -5 out of 10. There should be minus ratings.
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