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just beautiful
Armand9 July 2014
its virtue - the right tone for a story who mixes adventure, western clichés and good humor with a family life far from old life style. its charm source - the inspired cast. its sin - it has the rare gift to seems be too short as episode, as series. the smart thing - courage to use new form for classic subject. and the science to do it credible. a series for entire family, with small Hallmark crumbs but only for taste, with nice characters and with Yannick Bisson who does a real good job. pictures from a small world, image of a high ambition, it has the all qualities to be favorite of large public. and that is the important thing. because it has the air of a lovely place from many childhood's dreams.
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Why do all the GOOD SHOWS stop running
mrplow129 April 2001
I have seen this series twice and would like to see it again. this show shows the true natural beauty of British Columbia. It would be great to see this show as a mini series with weekly runnings. Anyone thinking of becoming a rancher / cowboy this shows provides a good look into a cowboys life, what you see is what you get ! nothing is far fetched in this show ! "Nothing is too good for a cowboy" !!
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American viewers are interested in having this series available
sourdough-15 March 2008
I read all three books and have never enjoyed a series as much as Nothing Too Good For a Cowboy. We could no longer receive Canadian television part way through the series. Please please make them available as a boxed set. I feel that this series would be as popular as the Australian series "McLeod's Daughters" that is now available from Barnes and Noble. They are both about ranching families that are both humorous, moving, realistic to ranch life and suitable for the whole family. There are not many shows that can do all this. So far McLeods has five seasons available and I have purchased all five as have two of my children's families. These are no longer available on US TV so there is a demand for the boxed DVD's.
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I wish I had known about this show earlier.
ladycanuck2221 May 2006
I wish I had known about this show when it was still in production. Only recently did I see the pilot and a few episodes and I have to say that it is phenomenal. The acting, setting and story lines are awesome. It's one of the best Canadian dramas made in the past decade.

The show takes place in interior British Columbia during the second world war with well-developed characters who are easy to get attached to.

My only qualm about this show is that I didn't even know of its existence until after it was cancelled.It's such a shame CBC never promotes their shows. They produce such good quality Canadian shows yet usually there is so little in the way of promotions that most people don't even know about new shows. CBC would get way better ratings if they'd only promote their shows better.
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more than a good series
Kirpianuscus3 June 2017
an adorable series. without could define the motif. because it is a puzzle. old pieces from western, smart humor, family tensions, life of farm and the best cast. a young couple, an eccentric friend, work, love, crisis, tensions, adventure, crumbs from Hallmark films and a pure inspired script. a good series. and more. because it has the virtue to be the perfect cocktail of realistic situations and fairy tales. to remind old fashion western and the reality out of city life, the first step, the great problems and a fresh, honest relation. a series who remains more than seductive. maybe, unique. or just special.
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