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Season 2

5 Nov. 1999
Deja Vu All Over Again
When Rich, Pan, Gloria and their ranch hands arrived in Vanderhoof with their herd and learned that they were only going to get 3¢ per pound - far less than the 5 or 6¢ they need to break even or the 8¢ they were expecting - Rich, Pan and Gloria, with Ed tagging along, decide instead to take the herd to Vancouver themselves to eliminate the middleman. When they arrive in Vancouver, they learn that there too they are only being offered 3¢ since the Canadian government has placed an export embargo on beef so that all product raised will go to feed the Canadian enlisted....
12 Nov. 1999
Peace in Our Time
With money from their new investor - Gloria's godmother Aunt Vi - Rich, Gloria and Pan are able to secure a ninety-nine year government lease on some land to expand the ranch. This new grazing land is upstream of Rupert Mowat's property, he who is affected by the fact that the cow droppings are contaminating what he uses as his potable water. Rich, Gloria and Pan all have differing views on how to deal with Rupert, who in turn has his own set of demands. This situation sets off a feud between the neighbors enough to rival what is happening overseas with the war. ...
19 Nov. 1999
Three for the Road
Thinking that it will keep her preoccupied instead of getting in their hair, Pan suggests to both Rich and Gloria that Gloria take over the administrative duties for the ranch. She agrees if only they clear a road to Vanderhoof, this caveat much to Pan and Rich's chagrin. Her resolve for them to do so is strengthened when she sees that clearing a vehicular right-of-way to the nearest market is a condition of their grazing land lease, especially important now that the grazing commissioner's inspection visit is three weeks away. After hearing about how Pan drove from ...
26 Nov. 1999
Fools for Love
Pan had made a deal with Nelson to build a hay barn for them. But when Pan and Rich return to the ranch, they find that Gloria has instead made a subsequent deal with Nelson, the Georges and Robert McDaniels to build her a water tower instead. Pan and Rich don't like Gloria making unilateral decisions for the ranch, despite Gloria being in charge of the finances now, she who paid them in cash. Meanwhile, love is blossoming on the ranch with a few bumps to the path of ultimate happiness. Rita's sister Esther and Robert are in love with each other. Many are talking ...
3 Dec. 1999
Mrs. Mowat
Instead of the original plan of Rich making the trip, Pan goes into town in part to pick up a package for Rupert. While there, Pan picks up an aristocratic sounding British woman. In actuality, she picks him up. They spend a memorable night together, but by morning, she asks him not to mention that they know each other to anyone if asked, let alone that they had sex. Pan later learns the reason: she is a distant cousin of Rupert's named Olivia Mowat - she being part of the package he is supposed to retrieve for Rupert - who has come to marry her cousin, who she's ...
10 Dec. 1999
A Deal with the Devil
Gloria's "cousin", Pierce Gordon - better known as Binky - stops by the ranch on an unexpected visit. They all figure that he knows that they were the ones that actually rustled the cattle they sold to him - which he was going to sell illegally in the US - and that he is out for revenge. However Binky states that he, a changed man, is doing legitimate work now, making a site visit on behalf of Gloria's godmother Aunt Vi, who is one-third owner of the company. Knowing the troubled life that Binky's led, Gloria wants to believe him, but Rich and Pan aren't too sure. As ...
17 Dec. 1999
Guest House Ghost
Pan's hay fever related snoring makes Rich finally come to the realization that the cabin is too small for himself, Gloria and Pan. He thinks that an old, abandoned shack, which he would renovate, would work perfectly well as Pan's sleeping quarters. Pan hates the idea, as he would miss many of the comforts of the main house. But one excuse he does use is the fact that the shack is haunted by its previous owner, Willie, a long deceased trapper. The shack being haunted is a legend well known in the area. Even even-headed Rita believes it. But Pan may not be sleeping in...
26 Oct. 1999
The Cowboy, His Wife, His Partner and the Nude
On a July day in Vanderhoof, the Fraser Hotel is busier than usual in part because of an unexpected snowfall. Rich and Gloria are staying the night on some business, which includes looking for a schoolteacher for Blackwater and retrieving Gloria's wedding ring from the pawnbroker. Another guest is the local prostitute, Jessie Temple, who is awaiting the arrival of her fiancé from Prince George. She is trying to start a new life by getting married, but the nude painting of her over the hotel bar - payment to Bob Fraser from Mr. Pivak, an artist and another hotel guest ...
14 Jan. 2000
Anything Goes
The Ministry of Agriculture has sent a veterinarian, Dr. Alberta Bloomsbury, to test the entire herd for tuberculosis since a case was found near Vancouver. Dr. Bloomsbury, an independent, no nonsense woman who feels like she has had to fight for everything that she's achieved in life, is at odds with Pan about almost everything. After Pan assigns Kit to be Dr. Bloomsbury's assistant for however long she is on the ranch, Kit begins to admire what Dr. Bloomsbury is able to achieve with the care of the animals. As such, Kit is the easy target when Pan needs an outlet ...
21 Jan. 2000
For Better or for Worse
Rich and Pan are planning on making the trip into Vanderhoof to buy a bull, which they feel they need to increase the herd for the spring. But when one of them comes down with a gastrointestinal issue - what is originally thought to be food poisoning - they postpone the trip, which does require two people. Between Rich, Gloria and Pan (as Kit and Tommy are off helping the Georges), they argue about who is able and who is capable to make the trip, and who if anyone should stay behind to look after the sick. But slowly, the gastrointestinal issue passes from person to ...
28 Jan. 2000
Witness for the Extradition
While Robert is helping Rich and Pan out on the range, Corporal Stewart takes him into custody for extradition proceedings to Beaumont County, Arkansas to face his outstanding murder charges. Being taken into custody, Robert has given up hope as he knows that if he is extradited, he will be convicted or lynched solely because he's black in the racially charged south. As the Georges have no money to hire a lawyer, Rich hires the only person who even remotely offers and who they can afford: Ira Walsh, a drunkard who also happens to be a lawyer. Walsh apparently was a ...
4 Feb. 2000
Home Is the Hero
The unexpected arrival back of Ed on the ranch, he who has been medically discharged due to a battle injury, is tempered by the additional arrival of Warren and Dooley Fraker, two of three lowlife brothers well known in these parts. On the surface to Gloria, the Frakers seem to want to cause havoc and destruction on the ranch just for fun. But Gloria knows there is more to the story as they specifically mentioned Rich's name when she first met them. Rich finally confesses that he had a run-in three years ago with their older brother Emmett Dooley, who is currently in ...
11 Feb. 2000
No Bull
Rich is feeling overwhelmed by the paperwork and mounting bills for the ranch. His concern is manifesting itself in a nightmare of being buried alive by hay in the hayloft. The letter Rich receives from Gloria's Aunt Vi doesn't help matters: she wants her share of the sale of Stoney Meadow within 30 days. He comes to the conclusion that he is pushing as much paper now as when he was a successful and financially secure stockbroker, and as such contemplates packing it in to move to the city. But Pan comes up with a way to raise the money to save the ranch: hold a ...

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