Season: 1 | 2
Year: 1999 | 2000

Season 1

Season 1, Episode 1: Home Alone

8 January 1999
After a long winter confined to the cabin with Rich and Pan, Gloria Hobson is eager for some time alone. But she discovers that springtime in the Natchako includes far more than flowers. Meanwhile, the men go on a dangerous hunt for missing cattle.

Season 1, Episode 2: Charades

15 January 1999
Kit's true identity is revealed. This prompts a trip to town where Rich finds the girl's father. But as the man's true colors are shown, Gloria pushes her partners to give Kit a permanent place on the ranch. Meanwhile, Pan's sometime affair with the widow Franklin heats up again.

Season 1, Episode 3: The Stud

22 January 1999
Gloria's best friend, Muriel, makes a surprise visit to the ranch with her new fiancé, Connor McCann, who once asked Gloria to marry him. Although Gloria never had any intention of marrying Connor, she turned him down in part when Rich entered her life. Their visit is in part because Connor has enlisted and will soon be shipped overseas. Gloria is happy to see her friends, but Rich is less than excited to socialize with his old nemesis Connor, especially since he doesn't know the specific details of Gloria and Connor's past relationship. Despite a bumpy start, Pan begins to love their visit, more specifically Muriel's visit. Meanwhile, Pan's latest scheme is to start a horse stud business. They have to do some quick maneuvering to trade their gelding for a stallion.

Season 1, Episode 4: Sex Lies and Narrow Escapes

5 February 1999
After Rich returns from two weeks on the range, he and Gloria are anxious for some time alone together. Arranging this alone time is even more difficult than usual since their old friend Robert McDaniels has returned to work on the ranch. He is also sleeping in the one-room cabin with the married couple and Pan. Beyond McDaniel's return, the twosome have other issues which are preventing them from their much wanted alone time. They have to protect McDaniels from any intruders as he is still wanted for murder, with a bounty on his head. And they have to deal with Tommy as his under-performance is getting worse due to his hormonal preoccupation with Kit. Pan ultimately learns why Tommy doesn't seem to know anything about being a ranch hand let alone a cowboy. Through all these distractions, Gloria has a feeling that Rich is avoiding being intimate with her for a whole different reason unknown to her. Her carnal desires are made worse by an unusual request from Rupert Mowat.

Season 1, Episode 5: Harrow of Babel

12 February 1999
The herd is growing, which has many repercussions on the ranch. Rich, Gloria and Pan have purchased thirty new horses, all of which need to be broken in. One of those horses will be Gloria's new horse. To show up Pan, she chooses the wildest of the bunch, one of which Pan would even admit to being just a little scared. Gloria has to perform magic to tame her new steed, who she's named Steinway (she wanted something "grand"). One other manifestation of the increasing herd is that they need more land converted to hay fields for feed. The entire conversion process is no easy task. They have two weeks - the time of the first frost - to clear the land, harrow the new field and plant the hay. Rich decides that they need to construct a large combination harrow/disker to get that job done faster, an idea which Pan considers hair-brained. If they go through with Rich's plan - one fraught with potential disasters - and it doesn't work, they could lose the herd and their entire dream.

Season 1, Episode 6: House Guests and Fish

19 February 1999
After he gets her into a drunken state to ease her pain, Rich brings the Widow Franklin to the ranch since he feels she needs someone to care after her since she received notice that her son, Charles, has been listed missing in action in the war. Rich is hoping that either Gloria or Pan can provide her with some comfort. Despite Pan having a "benefits" relationship with her, Pan doesn't know what to say to her since they don't really have a "friends" relationship. And Gloria would like to provide her some comfort, but the continual criticism she throws back at Gloria over Gloria's lack of keeping a proper house doesn't make it easy for Gloria to provide any kindness in return. The one person who does seem to want to provide Harriet with something is Rupert, who, enthralled with her domestic capabilities, starts to court her, which doesn't sit well with Pan, who has always seen Harriet as his unspoken property. But will Pan be able to provide her with some true comfort and friendship she needs at this time? Meanwhile, Rich and Pan have rented a stud bull to impregnate the herd, but the bull seems less than enthusiastic at the task. And Gloria believes that knocking down an exterior wall of the house will force Rich and Pan to start building the addition to the house.

Season 1, Episode 7: The Shape of Things to Come

27 February 1999
A provincial government employee named Deaver gets lost on the ranch property while on his way to Devil's Thumb to survey for the location of future radio towers. As he is from the city and has no experience in back country travel, he hires Pan and Rich to be his guides, much to Gloria's chagrin, despite the extra money, as she would rather have Rich stay on the ranch and at least start the addition to the house which he promised for so long. Pan and Rich come to the quick conclusion that Deaver isn't all that he seems. Back at the ranch, Gloria decides to start the addition herself with the help of the ranch hands who are as inexperienced in house building as they are in ranching. They in turn are torn between helping their boss and attending to the ranch chores. But when Deaver's boss, a man named Sam Correa, arrives, Gloria gets some help but also fears for their way of life as, as she knows of Correa from her previous society life in Vancouver, Correa is the type of man who gets what he wants.

Season 1, Episode 8: Wild Horses

4 March 1999
Rich doesn't remember until Pan reminds him that his and Gloria's first wedding anniversary is approaching. What's worse is that Rich was planning on heading off with Pan on that day to go for a multi-day wild horse hunt. Gloria is already angry enough by Rich forgetting and not making any romantic arrangements for their honeymoon, but to make the best of a bad situation, she decides to go along on the wild horse hunt so that she can be with Rich. As such, Pan decides to stay home instead, which ends up making him go a little stir crazy with nothing to do. Rich and Gloria's pursuit of the wild horses ends up yielding nothing, so Rich decides to ask advice on the whereabouts of the wild horses from his not so old friend and neighbor Cora Bartlett, who lives with her cantankerous, straight-talking and acerbic tongued mother Enid Bartlett. The visit with the Bartletts is bad enough in Gloria's eyes as she would rather be alone with Rich, but it takes a turn for the worse when Enid implies that snooty Gloria is the reason why Rich and Cora didn't get married. That visit leads to a fight later between Rich and Gloria. It isn't until the Hobsons have a subsequent visit with the Bartletts - with Gloria and Cora having some alone time, and Cora dealing with a sad situation - that Gloria and Rich see their marriage in a clearer light. Their marriage is also given a surprising boost by Pan.

Season 1, Episode 9: A Year and a Day

11 March 1999
With all the ranch hands gone to do work, Gloria figures it's time for her and Rich to celebrate a proper, albeit late, romantic first anniversary alone at home. Rich is just as eager for this alone time with his wife. Instead of having a romantic time together, they decide to do something else they don't ever seem to have have time to do: talk. Into their conversation, they seem, at least on the surface, to be at different points in where they see their collective lives together. As each threatens to run off, they have to decide if their marriage can survive these fundamental differences. Meanwhile, Pan, who is out on the trail by himself, is pinned beneath a tree that he fell. He is basically unharmed but can't get himself unpinned. As he tries futilely to get his horse Joey to go back to the ranch and therefore indicate to Rich that something is wrong, he must survive the elements, wild animals and time. He hopes that Rich's sixth sense about people being in trouble will kick in this time.

Season 1, Episode 10: Float Like a Butterfly

8 October 1999
With debts mounting, Rich feels the only short term solution is to do what Nelson has done, which is to work at a nearby logging camp where they pay good wages in cash. Rich is willing to leave to work on the camp despite Gloria's currently broken foot and her concern over his welfare. She has reason to become more concerned when life at the camp seems to be more focused on the casual but wagered boxing matches - winner take all - that are organized by one of the other loggers named Danny Doyle. Rich is a former boxer, but who hasn't boxed in close to a decade. The current camp champion, an Irishman named Sean Kelly, is bigger and stronger than Rich, but Rich is willing to take him on for the $60 jackpot on the premise that he probably has more actual boxing skill than Kelly. Despite Rich trying to hide the boxing from Gloria, she too becomes caught up with it when Rich surprisingly wins the bout. But Pan, also there to witness the fisticuffs, thinks that Kelly went down a little too easily. When they figure out what went on with the fight, Rich feels he has to make amends to those that lost money on the bout by having a rematch. Rich, Gloria and Pan all take different approaches on how best to handle the upcoming fight. Meanwhile, Ed and Kit have a philosophical argument over the war, especially as their older brother Frank is stationed in London waiting to be called into battle.

Season 1, Episode 11: The Great Race

15 October 1999
It's haying season. Robert and the Georges are coming by to help out. However, Robert and Nelson are temporarily tied up with other tasks, leaving Rita, young Horatio and Francis - who makes an art of getting out of work - as the only people currently available. After the division of labor is decided, a small wrench is thrown into the proceedings when Gloria sprains her ankle, which means she is relegated to the kitchen, much to everyone else's dismay. But a more serious and life threatening accident occurs when Francis is run over by the mower. As they all deal with the immediate issue of Francis' injuries, they can only send notice for Dr. Harvey in Bella Coola - a three hour plane ride away - and hope that he arrives in time to save Francis. Things turn even worse when they receive news that Bella Coola is fogged in, meaning no planes in or out. Against Gloria's wishes, Pan and Rich decide to make the 150 mile round trip horse ride through the treacherous trail to the end of the road to pick up Doc Harvey, and ride him back. The prayers are now not only for Francis' safety, but Rich, Pan and Doc Harvey's as well. This incident shows everyone what they are and aren't cut out for in life, one whose immediate future may be drastically altered because of it.

Season 1, Episode 12: The Natural

22 October 1999
When a slow-talking but highly-skilled young wrangler shows up in search of work, Pan believes the ranch-hand problems may be solved. But love and heartbreak are in the air, and "the Natural" ends up being more trouble than help.

Season 1, Episode 13: Happy Trails

29 October 1999
Everyone on the ranch is helping out with the end of season cattle drive to Vanderhoof where they will sell their mature herd. The struggle for ultimate power seems to be reaching a head between Rich and Pan, especially as Rich inadvertently gives away Pan's favorite steed to Nelson as payment for work. Half way through the drive, they make a bet. Rich will take half the herd and Ed and Gloria, while Pan takes the other half of the herd with Kit and Tommy to see who makes it to Vanderhoof first, with the winner to be boss of the ranch for the next year. Beyond the race, they find they have bigger problems once they arrive in Vanderhoof, problems that threaten the very existence of the ranch. This drive is the final piece of work Ed will be doing for Rich and Pan before he hops on a train to Vancouver so that he can enlist. As such, Tommy wants to give him a proper send off and hires the services of Miss Jessie Temple, who would be Ed's first sexual partner. But Tommy ends up having his own female encounter in town when he meets Sally Prentiss, the preacher's daughter.

Season 2

Season 2, Episode 1: Deja Vu All Over Again

5 November 1999
When Rich, Pan, Gloria and their ranch hands arrived in Vanderhoof with their herd and learned that they were only going to get 3¢ per pound - far less than the 5 or 6¢ they need to break even or the 8¢ they were expecting - Rich, Pan and Gloria, with Ed tagging along, decide instead to take the herd to Vancouver themselves to eliminate the middleman. When they arrive in Vancouver, they learn that there too they are only being offered 3¢ since the Canadian government has placed an export embargo on beef so that all product raised will go to feed the Canadian enlisted. Not only will that price not allow the ranch to survive, but their New York syndicate, who have been carrying them on an expected return, may want their investment back. Rich and Gloria, who are staying with Gloria's wealthy and connected parents Roy and Kate McIntosh, argue on using Roy's connections and Roy himself (which he offers) as possible new investors. Rich neither wants to take advantage of family or kowtow to meddling investors, especially ones so close, while Gloria does whatever she can to foster those investments. Pan, holed up down by the stock yards, goes through a slightly different approach to get them over their crisis. Meanwhile, Ed, who is in Vancouver specifically to join the air force, seems to have problems not only enlisting with them but enlisting at all.

Yannick Bisson ... Richmond Hobson

Ted Atherton ... Panhandle Phillips
Kristian Ayre ... Tommy Aitkens (credit only)

Kimberley Warnat ... Kit Kroger (credit only)

Will Sanderson ... Ed Kroger

Sarah Chalke ... Gloria Hobson

Tom Butler ... Roy McIntosh
Joy Coghill ... Violet Hutchison
Gillian Barber ... Kate McIntosh

Dion Luther ... Binky Gordon
Michael David Simms ... Tom Baird
Lisa Jayne Stewart ... Lucy
Diane Stapley ... Mrs. Fulton
Kate Robbins ... Mrs. Broderick
Ralph Alderman ... Well Heeled Rancher (as Ralph H. Alderman)

Michael St. John Smith ... Logan
David Abbott ... Van Dusen
Jared Van Snellenberg ... The Kid
Ted Friend ... Broderick

Scott Swanson ... Fulton
Jay Hilliker ... Young Recruit

Season 2, Episode 2: Peace in Our Time

12 November 1999
With money from their new investor - Gloria's godmother Aunt Vi - Rich, Gloria and Pan are able to secure a ninety-nine year government lease on some land to expand the ranch. This new grazing land is upstream of Rupert Mowat's property, he who is affected by the fact that the cow droppings are contaminating what he uses as his potable water. Rich, Gloria and Pan all have differing views on how to deal with Rupert, who in turn has his own set of demands. This situation sets off a feud between the neighbors enough to rival what is happening overseas with the war. Gloria, who, of the three, has always had the best relationship with Rupert, decides to negotiate with what resources she has available, but a few misunderstandings may thwart any peace on the horizon. Meanwhile, Tommy and Kit, without Ed, are at each other's throats. On the surface, their argument is about who is lead hand now that Ed is gone. But there are deeper emotions at play.

Season 2, Episode 3: Three for the Road

19 November 1999
Thinking that it will keep her preoccupied instead of getting in their hair, Pan suggests to both Rich and Gloria that Gloria take over the administrative duties for the ranch. She agrees if only they clear a road to Vanderhoof, this caveat much to Pan and Rich's chagrin. Her resolve for them to do so is strengthened when she sees that clearing a vehicular right-of-way to the nearest market is a condition of their grazing land lease, especially important now that the grazing commissioner's inspection visit is three weeks away. After hearing about how Pan drove from Wyoming to Tatla Lake in an old delivery truck nicknamed "the Bloater" - that trip when Pan first found this property - Gloria comes up with an alternate idea: they build a road to closer Tatla Lake instead, which would satisfy the condition of their lease. Pan is dead set against the idea of a road, period, as he fears a road will threaten their way of life by making it easier for others to make their way into the area. So Pan, Rich and Gloria, on horseback, head off to Tatla Lake where they find the not so abandoned Bloater, which they plan on using to demonstrate that the right-of-way they clear is drivable. Each of the three go with their own agenda and their own hidden methods of achieving that agenda. Others that they did not consider may have a say in what Pan, Rich or Gloria individually are trying to do.

Season 2, Episode 4: Fools for Love

26 November 1999
Pan had made a deal with Nelson to build a hay barn for them. But when Pan and Rich return to the ranch, they find that Gloria has instead made a subsequent deal with Nelson, the Georges and Robert McDaniels to build her a water tower instead. Pan and Rich don't like Gloria making unilateral decisions for the ranch, despite Gloria being in charge of the finances now, she who paid them in cash. Meanwhile, love is blossoming on the ranch with a few bumps to the path of ultimate happiness. Rita's sister Esther and Robert are in love with each other. Many are talking about the two getting married. But what will Robert's fugitive status do for their future? Seeing the current state of Rich and Gloria's marriage may not help matters. And Tommy, who has been corresponding with Sally Prentiss, receives a surprise visit from her as she accompanies her father on a church business trip. Tommy has mixed emotions about Sally's visit: although he has been pining for her, he also has been telling her that he is a full fledged cowboy instead of the ranch cook. When Sally manages to extend her stay so that she can see cowboy Tommy in action, Tommy enlists Kit's help to make him look cowboy-like. Kit obliges until... Does Kit has ulterior motives in her actions?

Season 2, Episode 5: Mrs. Mowat

3 December 1999
Instead of the original plan of Rich making the trip, Pan goes into town in part to pick up a package for Rupert. While there, Pan picks up an aristocratic sounding British woman. In actuality, she picks him up. They spend a memorable night together, but by morning, she asks him not to mention that they know each other to anyone if asked, let alone that they had sex. Pan later learns the reason: she is a distant cousin of Rupert's named Olivia Mowat - she being part of the package he is supposed to retrieve for Rupert - who has come to marry her cousin, who she's never met but knows by reputation. Olivia has her own reasons for entering into this marriage despite she and Rupert not being an obvious match. As Pan and Olivia travel back to the ranch, they get to know each other. Pan is slowly falling in love with her. But Olivia has her own plans regardless of what happened with Pan. When Olivia finally meets Rupert, she has to decide if her original plans are still valid enough to go ahead with the marriage. And Pan has to figure out what to do about his feelings, he never having been a commitment minded person. He hopes that Gloria will be true to form and "meddle" in the name of love.

Season 2, Episode 6: A Deal with the Devil

10 December 1999
Gloria's "cousin", Pierce Gordon - better known as Binky - stops by the ranch on an unexpected visit. They all figure that he knows that they were the ones that actually rustled the cattle they sold to him - which he was going to sell illegally in the US - and that he is out for revenge. However Binky states that he, a changed man, is doing legitimate work now, making a site visit on behalf of Gloria's godmother Aunt Vi, who is one-third owner of the company. Knowing the troubled life that Binky's led, Gloria wants to believe him, but Rich and Pan aren't too sure. As Binky goes about his business, he doesn't seem to be on the up and up as to his true purpose. When Binky tells one story after another - which ultimately involves both the Mowats and the Georges - Rich knows only one thing about what to do about Binky's manoeuvrings: he has to stay true to his moral beliefs.

Season 2, Episode 7: Guest House Ghost

17 December 1999
Pan's hay fever related snoring makes Rich finally come to the realization that the cabin is too small for himself, Gloria and Pan. He thinks that an old, abandoned shack, which he would renovate, would work perfectly well as Pan's sleeping quarters. Pan hates the idea, as he would miss many of the comforts of the main house. But one excuse he does use is the fact that the shack is haunted by its previous owner, Willie, a long deceased trapper. The shack being haunted is a legend well known in the area. Even even-headed Rita believes it. But Pan may not be sleeping in the shack for other reasons. Kit has received a letter from Ed, dated from two months earlier, stating that he is being shipped into battle. Kit's emotions results in a kiss between her and Tommy. When Rich, Pan and Gloria hear about the kiss - when Kit announces that she is planning on moving out of the bunk house to sleep in the barn - Gloria decides that a more permanent sleeping situation for Kit and Tommy needs to be arranged to keep Tommy's pubescent related urges in check. What they all assume however is that it was Tommy who initiated the kiss. Back with the shack, everyone does come to the belief that it is haunted except Gloria. When Old Nelson comes by to do an exorcism, he relays a message from Willie: he wants Gloria to sleep in the shack. Will she do it and will it make Willie leave for good?

Season 2, Episode 8: The Cowboy, His Wife, His Partner and the Nude

26 October 1999
On a July day in Vanderhoof, the Fraser Hotel is busier than usual in part because of an unexpected snowfall. Rich and Gloria are staying the night on some business, which includes looking for a schoolteacher for Blackwater and retrieving Gloria's wedding ring from the pawnbroker. Another guest is the local prostitute, Jessie Temple, who is awaiting the arrival of her fiancé from Prince George. She is trying to start a new life by getting married, but the nude painting of her over the hotel bar - payment to Bob Fraser from Mr. Pivak, an artist and another hotel guest - is threatening this new start. She asks Rich for help in getting the painting removed, he who tries but who also tries to hide from Gloria his past "professional" relationship with Jessie. An unknown love may also threaten Jessie's life with her betrothed. Another guest is Olivia Mowat, who has decided to leave Rupert and head to Vancouver. As he heard about Olivia's decision from Nelson, Pan has come into town to try and stop her, not from leaving Rupert, but leaving the area. But Pan is not prepared to make a commitment to Olivia. Also upon finding out Olivia's intentions, Rupert rushes into town to stop her. Through it all, it seems as if everyone in the hotel wants everyone else's help in resolving their issue.

Season 2, Episode 9: Anything Goes

14 January 2000
The Ministry of Agriculture has sent a veterinarian, Dr. Alberta Bloomsbury, to test the entire herd for tuberculosis since a case was found near Vancouver. Dr. Bloomsbury, an independent, no nonsense woman who feels like she has had to fight for everything that she's achieved in life, is at odds with Pan about almost everything. After Pan assigns Kit to be Dr. Bloomsbury's assistant for however long she is on the ranch, Kit begins to admire what Dr. Bloomsbury is able to achieve with the care of the animals. As such, Kit is the easy target when Pan needs an outlet for his anger against Dr. Bloomsbury. So when Dr. Bloomsbury tells Kit that she can achieve whatever she wants in life, Kit jumps at the opportunity to live with Dr. Bloomsbury in Calgary to become a veterinarian. Beyond the fact of losing Kit as a ranch hand and friend, Rich and Gloria are concerned about Kit making such a spontaneous decision without thinking about the consequences. Tommy may provide Kit with another perspective of her decision. But the ever stubborn Pan refuses to acknowledge that he had any hand in Kit's decision or in turn making her change her mind.

Season 2, Episode 10: For Better or for Worse

21 January 2000
Rich and Pan are planning on making the trip into Vanderhoof to buy a bull, which they feel they need to increase the herd for the spring. But when one of them comes down with a gastrointestinal issue - what is originally thought to be food poisoning - they postpone the trip, which does require two people. Between Rich, Gloria and Pan (as Kit and Tommy are off helping the Georges), they argue about who is able and who is capable to make the trip, and who if anyone should stay behind to look after the sick. But slowly, the gastrointestinal issue passes from person to person, making them come to the realization that it is the flu. The issue, however, still remains of someone needing to stay behind to look after whoever is most sick, while two relatively healthy and capable people - preferably at least one partner when Kit and Tommy arrive back to the ranch - need to go into Vanderhoof. Ultimately, they come to the realization that what one person has is not the flu but much worse that requires medical attention. They hope that the doctor arrives before it's too late.

Season 2, Episode 11: Witness for the Extradition

28 January 2000
While Robert is helping Rich and Pan out on the range, Corporal Stewart takes him into custody for extradition proceedings to Beaumont County, Arkansas to face his outstanding murder charges. Being taken into custody, Robert has given up hope as he knows that if he is extradited, he will be convicted or lynched solely because he's black in the racially charged south. As the Georges have no money to hire a lawyer, Rich hires the only person who even remotely offers and who they can afford: Ira Walsh, a drunkard who also happens to be a lawyer. Walsh apparently was a good lawyer before he hit the bottle. He will have to prove his mettle against the Beaumont County, Arkansas prosecuting attorney, Chance La Follette, who has more than the public good on his mind. A combination of finding out who tipped off the authorities as to Robert's whereabouts and finding out a little more about La Follette may assist Walsh in the case if he is sober enough. But a personal mission may be harder to stop than the judgment of the courts.

Yannick Bisson ... Richmond Hobson

Ted Atherton ... Panhandle Phillips

Kimberley Warnat ... Kit Kroger
Kristian Ayre ... Tommy Aitkens

Sarah Chalke ... Gloria Hobson
Winston Rekert ... Chance La Follette
Alec Willows ... Ira Walsh

Peter Bryant ... Robert McDaniels
Renae Morriseau ... Esther McDaniels

John B. Lowe ... Rupert Mowat

Bill Dow ... Bob Fraser
Ben Cardinal ... Nelson George

Carmen Moore ... Rita George

Eric Breker ... Corporal Stewart

Henry Mah ... Jimmy Chan
Don MacKay ... Judge Ames

Season 2, Episode 12: Home Is the Hero

4 February 2000
The unexpected arrival back of Ed on the ranch, he who has been medically discharged due to a battle injury, is tempered by the additional arrival of Warren and Dooley Fraker, two of three lowlife brothers well known in these parts. On the surface to Gloria, the Frakers seem to want to cause havoc and destruction on the ranch just for fun. But Gloria knows there is more to the story as they specifically mentioned Rich's name when she first met them. Rich finally confesses that he had a run-in three years ago with their older brother Emmett Dooley, who is currently in jail for attempted robbery. The run-in was the result of Rich trying to protect Jimmy Chan from being robbed at knife-point by Emmett. This news makes Gloria concerned for their collective safety while the Frakers are around. Her fear is increased when they learn that Emmett has been released from jail and is headed toward the ranch. Rich has to decide what to do about Emmett while calming Gloria's fears. Pan has his own plans of how to help behind the scenes, while Ed seems to need to prove some things to himself in helping Rich.

Season 2, Episode 13: No Bull

11 February 2000
Rich is feeling overwhelmed by the paperwork and mounting bills for the ranch. His concern is manifesting itself in a nightmare of being buried alive by hay in the hayloft. The letter Rich receives from Gloria's Aunt Vi doesn't help matters: she wants her share of the sale of Stoney Meadow within 30 days. He comes to the conclusion that he is pushing as much paper now as when he was a successful and financially secure stockbroker, and as such contemplates packing it in to move to the city. But Pan comes up with a way to raise the money to save the ranch: hold a lottery for their dud bull, Stephan Domineo Hansford. They have to get rid of the non-productive Stephan anyway, Pan knows that no one would pay the amount that they paid for it, but several people might pony up a nominal amount for the chance to own it. After initial brisk ticket sales, their plan hits a bit of a snag which Pan and Gloria don't want Rich to know about. But they proceed regardless, which may not be a bad thing as good deeds garner good deeds done in return.

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