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Season 1

Rabid Dingo: Shock Horror
Despite warnings to steer clear of the subject, Lytton tries to dig up dirt on an Australian tycoon interested in buying the Daily Post. With a rival coworker hot on his heels, Lytton's luck may be running out.
Daddy's girls
Lytton runs a seemingly straightforward story about a banker's teenage daughter and her relationship with a record producer. His interest piqued, however, when the father overreacts to the piece. Is the man just being protective, or is there more at play?
The Lady in the Mask
Stung by criticism that his column is getting "tepid," Lytton looks to spice things up a bit. Then an unmarked envelope arrives with a photo of a nude woman wearing a mask. When Lytton gets an accompanying anonymous phone call, he decides to investigate.
Tricks of the Trade
Lytton learns about a crooked politician working a shady export deal with moneyed interests from the Middle East. In covering the story, he must tread a careful path--saying enough to draw the M.P. out, but not enough to get the Daily News sued.
The Silly Season
With material in short supply during the summer "silly season," Lytton reluctantly considers a forthcoming kiss-and-tell book by a Swedish actress. After some thugs try to intimidate the starlet from publishing, Lytton finds a story he can believe in.
Come uppance
When a group of right-wing skinheads run amok in a small village, Lytton suspects it's more than a case of simple hooliganism. But his curiosity puts him in harm's way--and his professional pride isn't the only thing that could take a beating.

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