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The King of All Media was wild on E! first

Author: Spider-Lou from Bristol, CT
16 April 2002

There is a lot to be said for visuals. Before, many fans would hardly believe that Howard, Robin Quivers, Fred Norris, Baba Booey, and Jackie "Jokeman" Martling (who left the show) did or saw half the crazy things, especially getting the lovely girls topless or naked. But ever since we saw these video clips on E!, we were made true believers.

Howard Stern, a radio man by trade, still has to be descriptive for the radio listeners. But there are now the outside events in the office, or elsewhere, that can be used for the show, and there have been hundreds of moments that are classic and too numerous to remember. One most notably two rock legends Ozzy Osbourne and Paul McCartney meeting for the first time.

We can now see people like Beetlejuice and Hank the Angry Drunken Dwarf (RIP, little guy) but they are the tips of the iceberg of freaks and geeks that have appeared on Howard Stern over the years. Plus, a large percentage of the women who've appeared on H.S. are as beautiful and hot as Howard describes them, whether they're actresses, models, strippers, porn stars, ho's or regular girls, it is a true treat to see them.

Some negatives: The naked female bodies are Mosaic-ed or blurred, so we still only have our imagination. Many words, even ones that go over the radio show, are bleeped, and the choices of what words are bleeped fluctuate (which is ironic because "South Park" seems to have no bleeps whatsoever). Also, Mike Gange and other people asks guests pre and post interview lame questions that do not creatively contribute or offer original thought.

The nutty antics, drinking, stripping and overall crazy comic moments have endeared us more than ever, thanks to E! and the King of All Media.

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Witty & Charming

Author: The_Sensitive_One from New Jersey State Correctional Center
23 June 2004

Stern is funny, enlightening, and a gentleman in every sense of the word. A real class act worthy of the Emmy. I think I like him so much because he reminds me of my dad growing up. I am glad this show has now been moved to PBS where it belongs with other programs like MASTERPIECE THEATER. And if it hasn't I encourage you to write to your congressman and demand it. I am so tired of those filthy nature shows with the water buffalo mating. How can we show this trash to our kids? It makes it rather difficult for good Christian fundamentalists like myself to hide all sex away from our children until they are 35. Howard has made Jesus cool again.

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A fine reality-based television version of a classic radio show.

Author: Matt Jones ( from Huntington, West Virginia
21 January 2002

This is one of the finest half-hour programs that television has to offer. Hey! E!: Entertainment Television even shows it twice in a row every week-night at 11:00. Anyway, I digress. Here is my point. Our host, Howard Stern is a man. It's just that simple. We (or at least I) love him because he is honest and genuine. When it comes to talk shows, I identify with Howard more than anyone else on television or radio. Howard is man enough in fact to say what he wants to say and take the p*** out. Often what he preaches is what is on the mind of every American, just listening for good fun. No fake, No fraud, No boring s*** you'd find on Oprah. Oh, but I guess if you like that sort of thing, just watch that show and don't criticize Howard's. Okay, now you ask, (since I love Howard): Am I a perverted degenerate? Of course not. I'm just an honest, fun-loving guy who likes to hear people say it like it is and provide great laughs while doing it. Oh my god! I have to go. The Howard Stern Show is on right NOW! Cheers!

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Deep down Howard is a good guy

Author: Randall Mazzone ( from Saluki COuntry
21 May 2003

Howard may come off as a womanizer and offend a few folks here and there. The truth is that Howard Stern's persona is just an act. On this show Howard helps more people then he hurts. He helps hopeless men find dates or sends them to the Bunny Ranch for 20 minutes off fun. He doesn't do it for anyone, but people who really need it. He also takes homeless men off the streets and gives them a chance to compete for $10,000 in a game called Homeless Jeopardy. In addition he gives women with horrible self images a chance to feel better about them selves by allowing them to compete for free breast implants.

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Down with censorship, and on with this show!

Author: Rich Drezen (Drezzilla)
18 May 2004

There is one reason why I can't stand television, and it's because a bunch of people called CENSORS always hacking things up and hiding things from the audience. I'm fully in favor for this show to keep running, but I just can't stand the way it is treated by the censors.

Howard Stern has worked hard all his life just to make a living, even if it means hurting people's feelings. But what does it matter if he's got a sick mind? There are plenty of celebs out there making a living off of their own sick fantasies, but they're entertaining people at least. I like the show, but without all the censorship, I'd like it a whole lot more.

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Immature and 13-year old boy humor

Author: Andrea Smith from Canada
27 October 2015

This guy is very immature. He prank calls disabled or foreign people and laughs it off. I listened to this for about half an hour and thought it was stupid and childish. I did this when I was 13 years old, but not to foreign or disable people. I found it offensive and rude, and it does not set a good example for others. Youth will pick up on this. People who are different should be treated with respect. It is not easy being disabled or foreign. It is hard for disabled people to live a normal life and they struggle a lot. It is not funny to prey on other people and should find something else to talk about. It is not funny and should be left alone.

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Stupid, Stupid, And Stupid

Author: CmHowell99 from San Diego, Ca
24 December 2002

I watched this show one night when there was nothing on. Howard is always doing something completely stupid or nasty. One time he had a girl from Playboy she showed her butt and do you want to know what he did to her butt? He kicked it. And one time he had two women and he asked them to show their boobs. I used to think his show was funny until I found out the truth. And one time he had a woman and he asked her to take her shoes off so he and his co hosts can tickle her feet. Or one time he got a guy to cut the hairs off a mans stomach and give him some icy hot and the man ran screaming. 4/10

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