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America was a great little TV show!
MisterChandu25 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I can remember this show after this many years for a couple of reasons. Both are Jean Shepard. Could this guy tell a story and as this came at the beginning of the Nostalgia craze, the stories were quite a happy distraction.

In one episode he travels to the "South of the Border" fireworks store. I do not recall to much else about this one except I think the show was about the Fourth of July. In another he is sitting on a beach somewhere but it was always a different local each week.

One I do remember is when he is in Cominsky Park in Chicago describing when he and his old man were sitting in the upper deck of the right field bleachers watching the White Sox play the Yankees. Lou Gehrig comes up to bat whence Jean's old man shouts out the Gehrig is a bum. Gehrig then hits a home run right at them and they have to slink out of the ballpark.

There was another story about the man who bought a house kit from Sear Robuck. It is delivered to the train station where the man and all his friends go down to see it. His friends begin opening all the crates holding such things as the toilet (which Jean suggested was being tried out for size) and then leave him there with no way to transport the house to his lot. "Hey fella's, Help!"

This was a no miss TV show for me in 1971 and I am sorry it is not on video. I did not see the 1985 version but I bet it was just as good. You do not hear story telling quite like this anymore. Those stories could really get me out of a funk!
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