Phantasmagoria 2: A Puzzle of Flesh (Video Game 1996) Poster


Curtis Craig: Hey, bud. How was your second date with the mysterious "Jay," huh?

Trevor Barnes: A dud. Big time! I mean, once I got past the sexy eyes, the gorgeous cheekbones, I saw the squid beneath the skin!

Curtis Craig: Oh, what a drag!

Trevor Barnes: You're telling me! He spent half the evening picking apart Bela Lugosi's acting, and the other half staring at his own bad self in the bathroom mirror!

Curtis Craig: He doesn't like Bela?

Trevor Barnes: Mmm, mmm.

Curtis Craig: Well piss on him, then!

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Voice: Come back, Curtis! You know you're longing for the sting of the needle, the burn of electrodes on your skin!

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Curtis Craig: I didn't kill anyone.


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Jocilyn Rowan: Are you alright, Curtis? You're acting really weird.

Curtis Craig: Oh geez, I'm sorry, Joce! I guess finding disembowled dead guys in my cubicle just throws me right the fuck off!

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Curtis Craig: Oh Blob, I wish I knew what's going on

Blob: Isn't that obvious? You're a psycho killer.

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[Curtis awakes as he hears loud knocks on the apartment door]

Detective Allie Powell: [her voice is heard from outside the door] Craig! Open this goddamned door right now!

[Curtis gets up and opens the door. Detective Powell stands there]

Curtis: [sarcastically] Oh, good morning, detective.

[Curtis gestures Detective Powell to enter]

Detective Allie Powell: [enters] Where the hell were you last night? Where were you?

Curtis: I was with Therese, at the Borderline. Then I came home. What, you wanna ask my rat for an alibi?

Detective Allie Powell: I know you were at the Borderline, Craig. At least twenty people saw you there with Therese, not an hour before she was murdered at the bathroom.

Curtis: [leans weakly on the wall] What happened?

Detective Allie Powell: [teasingly] Oh, I think you know.

Curtis: [angrily slams his fist against the wall] Damn it, I didn't kill her!

[Curtis approaches Detective Powel. She places her hand on her gun]

Detective Allie Powell: I think you did, asshole! It's just a matter of time before you are arrested. I just hope to God that happens before you slaughter anyone else!

Curtis: I liked Therese. I wouldn't have hurt her. Not ever.

Detective Allie Powell: Is that right? You two had a strange way of showing your... affection.

[Detective Powell gestures at the scars on Curtis's body, the result of his sexual experience with Therese]

Curtis: Please, detective, I need to know what happened to Therese.

Detective Allie Powell: A lot happened to Miss Banning, actually. I guess the short version would be that someone strung her up and fried her in her very own blood.

Curtis: Oh, god. Whoever it is, I swear to god I'll get him.

Detective Allie Powell: [teasingly] I'm sure the good people of the city will rest easier knowing that.

Curtis: [angrily] Why don't you go after Paul Warner? He's the one who's behind all this! He'd do anything to protect that... that Threshold project, whatever the hell that is.

Detective Allie Powell: Gosh, I'd better go arrest him right away! Oh, and just for the record: who gave you that information? Space aliens?

Curtis: [furiously] Get out. Get the hell out!

Detective Allie Powell: Fine! But I'll be back, you son of a bitch. I'll be back to nail your ass to the wall!

[Detective Powell leaves]

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[Curtis is awakened by the telephone ring. He gets up and answers the phone]

Curtis Craig: Hello?

Rosalyn: Good morning, Mr. Craig. This is Rosalyn of WynTech. I've been asked to call everyone in your department and let you know we don't need you to come in today.

Curtis Craig: Why?

Rosalyn: The... there's been another murder, Mr. Craig.

Curtis Craig: Who? Who was that?

Rosalyn: I... I'm not in liberty to say, Mr. Craig.

Curtis Craig: [raising his voice] Goddamit, who? Who was that?

Rosalyn: It was Tom. Tom Ravell.

[Curtis is stunned to hear that. After a moment he puts the receiver back]

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[Shortly after hearing that Tom was murdered, Curtis hears a knock on the door and opens it. Detective Powell stands there]

Detective Allie Powell: Where were you last night, Craig? Where were you?

Curtis: [sarcastically] Oh, it's nice to see you too, detective.

[Curtis gestures Detective Powell to enter]

Curtis: Com'n in.

Detective Allie Powell: [enters] What were you doing last night between the hours 8PM and midnight?

Curtis: [shrugs] I was here, with Therese Banning.

Detective Allie Powell: [taking notes] Really? How late did she stay?

Curtis: I don't know, late. I...

[Curtis hears strange noise. He looks around, but sees nothing out of the ordinary. Detective Powell looks at him strangely]

Curtis: I am... went... went to bed, and when I woke she was gone.

Detective Allie Powell: Where is she now?

Curtis: I don't know, I...

[Curtis notices something comes out of the ceiling]

Detective Allie Powell: Craig! I said - where is she now?

Curtis: I don't know. She probably went home. I... I don't know where she lives.

[Curtis looks at the ceiling]

Detective Allie Powell: Why don't you know where your girlfriend lives, Mr. Craig?

Curtis: She's not my girlfriend.

Detective Allie Powell: Oh, really? You two must be very good friends then. Mr. Craig, do you know of anyone who hated Tom Ravell?

Curtis: Tom had a huge fight with Paul Warner yesterday. They got to the point they were screaming in each other faces.

Detective Allie Powell: Really? About what?

Curtis: About you, detective. And of Warner making us come to work today after Bob was killed.

Detective Allie Powell: You know what, Craig? I think there is something badly wrong with you. I'd love to haul your psycho ass in, but unfortunately I don't have enough evidence - yet.

[Curtis sees again something coming out of the ceiling]

Detective Allie Powell: Christ, you're screwed up!

[Curtis tries desperately to regain composure, knowing that what he sees cannot be real]

Detective Allie Powell: If you're guilty, Craig, I'll find you...

[Curtis sees a huge hand with claws coming down from the ceiling towards Detective Powell's head, and he tries not to scream]

Detective Allie Powell: ...no matter where you are, no matter how big a rock you crawl under!

[Detective Powell looks up, but sees nothing]

Detective Allie Powell: Hello, do you hear me? Damn!

[Detective Powell leaves]

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[Curtis hears a knock on the door]

Curtis Craig: Who's there?

Jocilyn Rowan: It's me, Curtis. Jocilyn.

[Curtis opens the door. Jocilyn enters, looks sad and worried. They hug, pressing their foreheads. Jocilyn kisses Curtis on his forehead. They sit on the sofa. Curtis takes off his glasses]

Jocilyn Rowan: God, Curtis, I... I just feel like the whole world is coming apart. You know, I... I liked Tom. I really did. I miss him. Nice guy, you know.

Curtis Craig: I know, Joce. I know. I liked him, too. It just doesn't make any sense.

Jocilyn Rowan: Curtis... can we go away for the weekend? I just... really need to get away from all this. I...

Curtis Craig: I'd like to, Joce. I really would. I... it just that I've got some really important things to do.

Jocilyn Rowan: [offended] Damn it, Curtis. Why can't you ever talk with me about anything what really matters?

Curtis Craig: Joce, I...

Jocilyn Rowan: You know, it might be wrong in face of everything that just happened, right now, I just really need to feel you inside me.

[Curtis removes Jocilyn's hairpin and places it on the table. They embrace and kiss passionately. As Jocilyn takes off Curtis' shirt, she is shocked to see the scars on his body - the result of his savage sexual experience with Therese. Curtis notices the shocked expression on Jocilyn's face, looks down, and realizes that she understood he had sex with another woman. Jocilyn backs off, hurt and disgusted]

Curtis Craig: Jesus... Jocilyn, I...

Jocilyn Rowan: Shut up!

Curtis Craig: Jocilyn, I...

Jocilyn Rowan: [deeply hurt] Just shut up! You son of a bitch... just come back to your filthy whore. You two can have each other!

[Jocilyn storms outside with tears]

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[Curtis enters the network room at WynTech. Suddenly a hand touches his shoulder. Scared, he turns around and is relieved to see it is Trevor]

Curtis Craig: Trev! You scared the crap out of me. I...

Trevor Barnes: Curtis, listen, listen. I've been digging deep into the company network. Leave it alone, man. It's bad.

Curtis Craig: I can't, Trev. I can't let it go.

Trevor Barnes: You... you don't get it, Curtis. I gave myself top clearance. I saw. They've been syntesizing illegal drugs. Curtis, they've killed before.

Curtis Craig: Oh, my God...

Trevor Barnes: I'm... I'm going to the cops. No job is worth this. But Curtis, I want you to stay out of it. I don't want you to get hurt.

[Curtis hugs Trevor. When he tries to kiss Trevor, Trevor gently stops him]

Trevor Barnes: Curtis, you know I love you.

[Curtis nods. Suddenly, strange noise is heard from under Trevor's shirt. Trevor is pulled by invisible force to the wire board. Wires and cables wrap around Trevor's body. Curtis tries to help Trevor get loose, but to no avail. A wire wrapped around Trevor's face turns his head to the side, breaking his neck. Curtis bursts into tears as he puts Trevor's body on the floor]

Curtis Craig: [screams in tears] No! Not Trevor! Die, you son of a bitch!

[suddenly, the door slams, and the lights go off. The room is illuminated with pale green light. Curtis sees the Hecatomb moving in the air towards him]

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[Curtis arrives at Dr. Harburg's office and knocks on the door. No answer]

Curtis Craig: Dr. Harburg?

[Curtis enters the office. The room is a mess. Curtis realizes that foul play is afoot. The telephone receiver hangs from the table, from it Dr. Harburg's groans of pain are heard. Curtis picks up the receiver, and is horrified to hear Dr. Harburg screaming. Curtis hangs the receiver back and looks behind the desk: a pile of slime, in it what was left from Dr. Harburg's face. Curtis turns aside, feels sick]

The Hecatomb: Beautiful work, Curtis. Just spectacular.

[Curtis looks around and sees the Hecatomb taunting him]

The Hecatomb: The good doctor is totally your masterpiece!

Curtis Craig: I didn't do it! I couldn't have! I wasn't even here!

The Hecatomb: You didn't use your hands, Curtis. You don't have to. You used your mind. Your diseased, twisted, murderous mind.

[the security guard enters]

Curtis Craig: [gestures toward the Hecamob] Get it! Just get it!

[the guard looks at that direction, but sees nothing of the Hecatomb]

Dr. Rikki's Security Guard: Oh, boy...

[the guard draws a gun, and gestures Curtis to move aside. As the guard bends to look behind the desk, Curtis shoves him to the floor and runs away. The guard falls and is shocked to see what was left of Dr. Harburg]

Dr. Rikki's Security Guard: Jesus, Doc...

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[Dr. Harburg opens the door to her clinic. Curtis comes in]

Dr. Rikki Harburg: Hello, Curtis. What's bothering you today?

Curtis Craig: [remains standing] Everything.

Dr. Rikki Harburg: I heard about Tom Ravell's murder, Curtis. Is that why you've come?

Curtis Craig: Yeah... that really got to me for some reason. Wait a minute... how do you know about Tom? Has WynTech tried to check up on me or something?

Dr. Rikki Harburg: No, not at all, Curtis. Detective Powell came and spoke with me this morning.

Curtis Craig: I don't know what it doesn't make me feel a little better.

Dr. Rikki Harburg: Curtis, I can't help you if you keep things from me. Have you been having more problems than you told me about? Because if you're having, say, delusions or... or blackouts or hallucinations, you need to tell me right away.

Curtis Craig: What is it, doctor? Are you and Marek trying to get me go back to that hellhole of a nuthouse? Look, I've got news for you: I'd rather die.

Dr. Rikki Harburg: Not at all. I haven't spoken to Dr. Marek in months. I'm just trying to help you get better.

Curtis Craig: If I were having delusions or... hallucinations, what would you suggest I did?

Dr. Rikki Harburg: I would want to check into a hospital for observation, Curtis.

Curtis Craig: I will NOT go back there! I'd blow my goddamn head first!

Dr. Rikki Harburg: It doesn't have to be Greenwood, Curtis. We can take you to a private facility...

[exploding in rage, Curtis knocks the snow-globe off the desk. Dr. Harburg stands still, fearfully]

Curtis Craig: Shut up! You stay away from me.

[Curtis leaves]

Dr. Rikki Harburg: [talking to a tape recorder] Patient Curtis Craig has just experienced a psychotic episode, marked with severe paranoia and irrational anger.

[Dr. Harburg sighs]

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[Curtis just heard from detective Powell that Therese was murdered. Deeply shocked, he calls Dr. Harburg's office]

Receptionist: Dr. Rikki Harburg's office. How may I help you?

Curtis Craig: [chocked with tears] I... I have to see Dr. Harburg right away. I'm... I'm having problems, and I am...

Receptionist: Yes, sir. I'll get her right away. Please hold.

Dr. Rikki Harburg: This is Dr. Harburg.

Curtis Craig: Doc, this is Curtis. I'm... I'm having troubles. I need to see you. I... it's Therese... she... she's murdered, and I... oh, God, don't tell Dr. Marek. He's in on it. I mean they're all in on it, and I... oh, God, Doc, I have to see you. I have to see you now.

Dr. Rikki Harburg: It will be alright, Curtis. Come on over, OK?

Curtis Craig: Yeah... yeah... OK.

[Curtis hangs the phone. Dr. Harburg calls the receptionist]

Receptionist: What can I do for you, Dr. Rikki?

Dr. Rikki Harburg: Tricia, could you alert security? One of my patients is on his way over, and I believe he is in the middle of psychotic episode. But please, don't have him intercepted. Just ask security to be ready if I call, alright?

Receptionist: Well do, Doctor.

[Suddenly Dr. Harburg hears strange noise comes out of the receiver. She places it back, picks it up, and when the noise continues - she unscrews the receiver. To her horror, she finds it is bugged]

Dr. Rikki Harburg: Oh, shit...

[Dr. Harburg removes the device from the receiver]

Dr. Rikki Harburg: Oh, Marek... oh, you spy son of a bitch!

[Dr. Harburg throws the device away, deep in thoughts. At last she realizes Curtis is sane, and he was right all along about the conspiracy of Wyntech]

Dr. Rikki Harburg: Curtis, you were right!

Voice: He's mine!

[as Dr. Harburg raises her head, the lights go off]

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[Curtis enters the lab. He activates the desk computer, and voice comes out of it:]

Voice: Hello, Paul Warner. We have not been successful in attempt to synthesize compounds requested. Small living materials'd be useful. Larger ones are better. More, please.

[Paul Warner sneaks into the room behind Curtis, closes the door. Curtis turns around, sees Warner points a gun at him]

Paul Alen Warner: Don't move, Curtis. Oh, how I wish it wouldn't have come to this.

[Warner chuckles]

Curtis Craig: What the hell I was just talking to, Paul?

Paul Alen Warner: Creatures from dimension X, of course.

Curtis Craig: You killed my father, didn't you?

Paul Alen Warner: He became a liability. Not everyone is strong enough to handle the sacrifice of human subjects for research.

Curtis Craig: You son of a bitch!

Paul Alen Warner: You know, it's a good thing your dear old dad never knew he didn't really get his little boy back. He'd have lost his nerves much sooner.

Curtis Craig: What are you talking about?

Paul Alen Warner: Don't you remember? I threw poor little Curtis in there...

[flashback: Warner grabs little Curtis, carrying him to the Threshold. Little Curtis desperately yells "Dad! Dad! Help!"]

Paul Alen Warner: ...but he never came out. You did. You're a replica, you're some kind of imitation human those things on the other side put together out of slime and dead rats and a little bit of Curtis' brain tissue. Oh, I told your father it was you, that it had been a terrible accident, and he believed me, because he wanted to.

Curtis Craig: No!

Paul Alen Warner: Yes. I'm afraid so. You started remembering a year ago, that's why we put you in the hospital, to observe you.

[Warner laughs]

Paul Alen Warner: I should say to observe you more closely. You see, we've been watching you like a bug in a jar even since those things spit you out of Threshold.

Curtis Craig: Where am I? Where is HE?

[the Hecatomb appears and knocks Warner unconscious. Curtis watches in horror]

The Hecatomb: Do allow me to introduce myself. Curtis Craig, at your service.

Curtis Craig: [whimpers] Oh, god, I'm so sorry...

The Hecatomb: Are you? Are you sorry that my body is a sickening operation? Are you sorry that I haven't slept for twenty years? I've been awake, Curtis, watching you, building my towers so that I can smash you, destroy you, take you life the way you took mine!

Curtis Craig: It wasn't my fault. I didn't do it to you. I... I'm a victim too.

The Hecatomb: [teasing] Oh, baby... your pain will stop very soon, once your mind and your body will be mine. I almost got you, you know, when you were in the asylum. Almost.

Curtis Craig: No... no! Don't!

The Hecatomb: It's time to go now, Curtis. Say goodbye to your sanity!

[the Hecatomb holds the severed head of Curtis' mother. Bolts of energy are shot out of her eyes and mouth, hitting Curtis' chest, making him fall on his knees, writhing in agony. Curtis manages to press a switch on the Threshold control panel, opening the doorway to the alien dimension - wide circle of swirling green mass. Curtis jumps through it]

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[wandering at the alien dimension, Curtis sees strange human-shaped thing covered with layers of alien material, only one eye is visible. Curtis realizes that this is the real Curtis, the one who Paul Warner threw into the alien world twenty years ago - his secret enemy who is responsible to the murders of Bob, Tom, Therese, Dr. Harburg and Trevor, as well as to the hallucinations Curtis has been experiencing recently. As Curtis approaches the thing, its eye opens, staring at him in horror. It yells:]

Voice: Don't look at me!

[the Hecatomb appears]

The Hecatomb: Go rot your own pestering brain!

[bolt of energy emerges from the Hecatomb, hitting Curtis. It makes Curtis experience series of psychotic episodes. The surrounding changes: Curtis finds himself at operating room in Greenwood sanitarium, lying on operating table. Dr. Marek, the sadistic sanitarium manager, stands near him. Curtis lifts his head, but Dr. Marek pushes him back. Dr. Marek picks a scalpel and examines it at the light]

Dr. Terrance Marek: Now then... let's see what little mutant boy is made of.

Curtis Craig: Let me go, please. Please, I haven't done anything!

Dr. Terrance Marek: Your very existence is abomination.

[Curtis grabs a syringe from the surgical tray near him and thrusts it into the side of Dr. Marek's head. Dr. Marek recoils, gasping in pain. The surrounding changes again: Curtis finds himself at the Dreaming Tree cafe, sitting with Jocilyn]

Jocilyn Rowan: I love you, Curtis... even though you've been cheating on me with Therese. I love you.

Curtis Craig: Joce...

[Jocilyn kisses Curtis passionately. She presses a gun under his chin]

Jocilyn Rowan: I love you too much to ever let you go.

[Curtis grabs the gun and pushes it away. The surrounding changes for the third time: Curtis finds himself in a messy room, its floor covered with water puddles and gore, torn piped hang from the ceiling, dripping water and smoke. The dead body of Trevor appears, his neck broken and bloody in the same condition as he died]

Trevor Barnes: I was wondering when you plan dragging your lazy ass in here.

Curtis Craig: Trev?

[as Trevor advances, Curtis steps back. His foot slips on puddle, and he falls. Next to him, the dead body of Bob comes to life - also in the same condition he was killed, his mouth stapled]

Bob Arnold: Before you forget, big boy!

[Curtis crawls back. From his pocket falls keycard. The dead body of Tom appears and approaches, dragging a sledgehammer]

Curtis Craig: [to Bob] Get away from me!

Bob Arnold: Come a little closer, ratboy.

[Bob shows Curtis a bloody letter opener, one of the tools which were used to kill Bob]

Bob Arnold: You got something in your eye.

Curtis Craig: [to Tom] Tom... Tom, I swear to god, it wasn't my fault. Tom, it wasn't my fault!

Curtis Craig: [to Trevor] Trev, please... oh, god. Trev, please don't hurt me.

Trevor Barnes: Curtis, I only want to kill us.

[as the three zombies get closer, Curtis grabs the keycard. Rushing to the elevator, he narrowly evades Tom's sledgehammer. The blow bashes Bob's head instead. Curtis passes the keycard at the elevator sensor. Nothing happens. Curtis watches in horror at Trevor and Tom getting closer]

Curtis Craig: Shit!

[Curtis passes the keycard again. The elevator door opens, and he jumps inside. The door closes at the last moment before Tom and Trevor can reach Curtis. The surrounding changes for the fourth time: Curtis finds himself at the Borderline club, strapped by leather cuffs to bed. Therese sits astride on his waist, dressed provocatively in black leather]

Therese Banning: [moans in pleasure] That was hot, baby. That was really, really hot.

[as Curtis strains to free himself, Therese's body glows and she shoots from her palms bolts of electricity at him. Gasping in pain, Curtis manages to free his right hand, and he pulls a handle. The upper side of the bed rises, Therese loses balance and falls backwards on the floor, writhing in agony. The surrounding changes for the fifth time: Curtis finds himself as little boy at his parents' house, playing with toys at the yard. His lunatic mother comes outside]

Marianne Craig: Curtis... come here, Curtis sweetheart. I have something for you.

[Curtis' insane mother approaches him, holding gardening shears behind her back, murder intent on her mind. Little Curtis stands. Instead of running away, he walks to his mother]

Little Curtis: I love you, mom.

[little Curtis hugs his mother. This gesture of affection calms her down. She lets go of the shears, all murder thoughts disappear from her disturbed mind. Bursting into tears, she gently hugs and kisses her son. The surrounding changes back to the alien world. As Curtis has passed successfully throughout all the psychotic episodes, the Hecatomb is weakened. It still shoots at Curtis, but harmlessly. Its head drops, liquid oozes from its mouth. It fades and disappears as Curtis passes through it harmlessly. Curtis approaches the real Curtis and tears piece of the material covering it, revealing its face - identical to Curtis', staring at him in horror. It tries to hit Curtis, but Curtis easily grabs its wrist, pushing its hand back. Curtis pulls the plug on the real Curtis and walks away]

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[after Curtis fixes the circuit board at the alien dimension, the doorway opens. Curtis passes through it back to reality. Curtis is again at the Threshold control room. Jocilyn enters. They look at each other in silence for long moment. At last Jocilyn speaks]

Jocilyn Rowan: Curtis, I know. I know wha... who you are. I love you. Please, stay with me.

[Curtis gently caresses Jocilyn's cheek. Then he notices clicking sounds from the control panel. He pushes the glowing switch. Voice comes out of it:]

Voice: Hello, Paul Warner. The doorway has been damaged. It has become unstable. We wish the Twin to return to us. It does not belong on your side.

[Curtis, realizing that he is an alien, must choose whether to return the alien world forever, or stay at the real world with Jocilyn]

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[possible ending no. #1: Curtis chooses to return to the alien world]

Curtis Craig: [hugging Jocilyn] We'll talk about it, Joce.

[Curtis looks at Paul Warner regaining consciousness, groaning, starting to rise]

Curtis Craig: [to Jocilyn] I'll do what's right. I promise.

[24 hours later: Jocilyn stands sobbing. Curtis passes through the doorway into the alien world. After the closing credits, the fate of Paul Warner is seen: his severed head hangs by several veins, groaning in pain, his eyes stare in horror]

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[possible ending no. #2: Curtis chooses to stay at the real world. Some time later, people at the Dreaming Tree are discussing the recent events]

Woman at Dreaming Tree: Can you believe that big time exec like Paul Warner killed all those people?

Man at Dreaming Tree: Sure I do! Suits are evil, you know.

Woman at Dreaming Tree: Where do you suppose he is now?

[Curtis and Jocilyn are sitting at the Dreaming Tree. Jocilyn talks excitedly about their vacation]

Jocilyn Rowan: You're gonna love the bikini I got. It is so tiny. I swear, it's this big.

[Jocilyn chuckles]

Jocilyn Rowan: Oh, and I picked up some really strong sunblock, because I know how you burn. Oh, it's gonna be wonderful: blue Mediterranean Sea, sun-washed beaches... oh, you're not gonna regret this, Curtis. I promise.

[Curtis tries to be cheerful as Jocilyn hugs him, but under the table - his right palm changes to alien shape, and back to normal. After the closing credits, the fate of Paul Warner is seen: his severed head hangs by several veins, groaning in pain, his eyes stare in horror]

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