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A family film for all
MisterWhiplash21 February 2000
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland is one of the few films to come around this year that is for the whole family. It can be for the kids because the characters are so likable (especially Elmo played by Kevin Klash) and it can be for the parents because they remember the lovable characters they used to watch as a child. Along with a good story, great characters, and better than good songs, this film teaches kids many things (like sharing and friendship) and of course the Sesame Street characters are always a delight to see on the screen.
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An adorable movie for the whole family!
Adriane17 October 1999
I am 21 years old, and I consider myself as a kid at heart. I grew up watching Sesame Street every morning, and I have always loved Elmo. I took my 9 year old sisters to see it and we all loved it. Absolutely nothing offensive, Elmo is adorable! Looking for his lost blanket, he heads to Grouchland to find it. With some help from his friends, they battle Huxley (comically played by Mandy Patikin) to get the blanket back. Take the kids to see it- you and them will love it!
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A decent film for kids, and those kids at heart who miss the street
cjh488702 October 2000
Previous reviewers have been right in stating that this film pales in comparison to 1985's "Follow That Bird", but then again it is hard to beat perfection! Anyway this movie definitely has more of an appeal for kids than it does for adults (although there is some decidedly adult references that'll fly over kids heads slipped in for good measure). Anyone who feels nostalgic for the street and who wants to see how the adult actors and muppet characters are doin these days should also be interested. *lol* There are also some good celebrity cameos thrown in, although not nearly as many as there were in "Follow That Bird".The bottom line is that this is a decent movie, and i'd definitely reccomend renting it or watching it on tv.
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Colourful, fun but not so childish that it would put off adults
bob the moo28 December 2003
Warning: Spoilers
When Elmo has an argument with his friend over his blanket, the blanket ends up falling into Oscar the Grouch's trashcan. When Elmo goes to get it back he gets sucked into Grouchland where he has his blanket taken by the greedy and selfish Huxley. Elmo goes after Huxley while his friends from Sesame Street venture into Grouchland to find him.

As the rest of the world do, I love little Elmo. The cuddliest and cutest of the Sesame Street gang, Elmo is hard to dislike and it is fun to spend 60 minutes in his company. The plot has a nice moral behind it, one of not being selfish with one's possessions, and it delivers it without ramming it down your throat - in fact younger children won't even see it!

What the children will see is a collection of colourful characters who are pretty funny and encourage audience interaction all the way (which I think would have annoyed me in a cinema - but not on video). The action is all very bright and fun and has dialogue that will please both kids and adults, but without having stuff going low and high - it's all down the middle and easy to watch. The musical numbers are all very catchy and mostly quite fun. The Trash Queen's song is catchy but has a touch of the divas about it that seems out of place, but other than that there isn't really a bum note among them.

The Sesame Street characters are all as fun as usual. Ernie and Bert could have got a little irritating with their interruptions but they carry it off well enough. The film is Elmo's of course and he is so sweet it's easy to go along with him. Patinkin is a great villain and I enjoyed him immensely. Williams has a brief role and does OK but doesn't have too much to do with herself other than look FABULOUS in a clingy outfit that shouldn't be allowed in a kids' movie!

Overall this is a colourful and fun movie, which is easy to watch for both adults and children. The songs are like the characters - fun and colourful. It's all a bit short but it is amusing and well worth seeing if you've got young children to keep happy.
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My kid can't get enough
chaoticmum8 September 2005
This gets a pretty good rating from me...I bought this movie thinking we'd see it once and it would get stored in our videos forever. But we watch it constantly. Even if my son watches it back to back, he's still captivated by it. It's a good movie...not bad for Sesame Street. The songs are good, except the one by Vanessa Williams - it's a bit bland, but of course, it would get stuck in our heads all day long. Mandy Patinkin is GREAT in this movie, just awesome. Perfect guy for the part. Good singing voice too.

It's a cute movie. It does have lots of funny parts that only a kid will find funny and a parent will roll their eyes when the kid is not looking, but on the whole, it's amusing. The interruptions from Ernie and Bert are actually kind of cute, but any more of them would have been annoying.

We like it. Good, clean, wholesome entertainment.
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What Kind Of Movie Has A Sad Ending?
kylehaines963 October 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Director Gary Halvorson gives us the second Sesame Street Movie The Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland. The film follows Elmo who after losing his special blanket winds up in an interesting place called Grouchland, a place where everyone is mean to each other. Elmos blanket is stolen by Huxley played by Mandy Patinkin who wants everything to be his to keep. The films story is nice for young viewers, Vanessa Williams and Mandy Patinkin's performances are lovely, and Jim Hensons Workshop does a great job as always with the puppets. This is a wonderful family film that I certainly recommend.

Rated G.

1hr 13min/73min.

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More likely towards kids!
Brian T. Whitlock (GOWBTW)13 December 2006
Everyone loves that furry, lovable red monster, Elmo. Ever since "Follow That Bird", "Elmo in Grouchland" is a way more colorful version for kids, and there's more fun to it. Elmo has this blanket that he loves very much, and after a tug-of-war with Zoe, Oscar the Grouch tosses the blanket after he blows his nose with it. Where does it goes, in Grouchland. On Sesame Street, there was a place called GrouchyTown. In this movie, Grouchland is being run by a really rude man named Huxley(Mandy Patankin). He the worst person to be around. When Elmo goes to Grouchland to retrieve his blanket, he meets some unusual characters there. He meets a girl grouch who his nothing like the others. Very kind, very neat, and very cooperative. Mostly grouches hate cooperation, even Oscar can bend the rules of his kind. When he was a resident there, he knew what it's like. So he got the grouches there to change their attitude's, and their ways a bit. Anthor character in the movie is the Queen of Trash(Vanessa L. Williams). I liked the part where Elmo had to do 100 Raspberries. She was also a friendly person there. This movie deals with sharing, while "Follow that Bird" deals with diversity. This movie is very good for kids, as well, and other generations to come. Rating 3 out of 5 stars!
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themeehans0212 April 2005
First off, i'm a parent. My daughter is 18months old and LOVES Elmo, her grandfather got this movie for her and she already knows how to play it on the DVD player(she pulls it out of the case, opens up the player and puts it in... sometimes upside down though ;) )and sits down with the remote. so she loves it. great she's not voting. I, on the other hand walk around all day after watching this singing the songs from it in my head... they are just so catchy. i never thought i would say this, but i'm starting to love family movies like this one. remember when voting for this, that it is meant for the under 5 crowd. not the 16-35yr old amateur film critics that think they know everything.
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Great fun for kids and grownups alike
artdoag-22 January 2000
I bought this movie for my friend's 2 year old son for Christmas, but I couldn't resist the urge to watch it myself. The story, characters, and songs were pretty cute, I must admit. The underlying message, that sharing is good, may seem juvenile in scope simply because it is a Sesame Street production and includes blue and red fuzzy monsters and talking turnips, but applies to everyone. Being a 21 year year old, I particularly liked the scene where Vanessa Williams emerged in a pretty provacative outfit made of trash (yeah!). Nevertheless, EIG contains a valuable theme that I wish more people would follow. Teletubbies and Pokemon have stomped their way into our culture, but are a mere fad, and the more reserved and prestigious Sesame Street has not lost a step. Oscar, Elmo, Big Bird, and Maria (woo-hoo!) will remain long after the Teles and Pokes have run their course. That's what makes SS so unique.
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Rainer Koschnick (arkay)19 November 2001
This seems to be the Sesame Street adoption of "Labyrinth" (1986, Jim Henson). Yet, I love Labyrinth. TAOEIG is less dark than the original, and generally more funny. Perfect family entertainment (not only for the children) with lots of nice music, jokes and warmth. 10 out of 10.
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*** stars Great movie for kids!
katiebabs9 May 2000
For any parents of young children who love Elmo and Sesame Street, definitely rent this movie. You and your children will love it.

Elmo loses his favorite blanket down Oscar's trashcan and must rescue it. He ends up in Grounchland and must rescue his blanket.

Elmo is basically the star of the whole movie but the other muppets and characters are around. Adults will love this movie also because there are some things only adults can understand. But children will also love it because Elmo is in it. The movie shows children how to share.
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A musical story about sharing
ataraxia19 September 1999
This was a happy film concerning the red furball from Sesame St, Elmo and how he learns about unselfishness from the negative example of a "greedy selfish villain" called Huxley, played by Mandy Patinkin.

Elmo loves his blanket but won't allow Zoe to hold it, and through a series of misfortunes ends up in Grouchland ("Positively NO Smiling!") where everyone is very unfriendly and Huxley (singing "I Make It Mine") is the most selfish of all. Elmo needs to retrieve his blanket from Huxley's castle and encounters a series of difficulties along the way, including a meeting with the "Queen of Trash", played by Vanessa Williams, who teaches him about giving.

I am 22 and I enjoyed it, particularly the musical parts, especially the signs in Grouchland, e.g. a movie theatre "Sharon Groan in Basically It Stinks", and the self-deprecating comments about the show - Huxley, "I bet you have a grand old time together just saying the alphabet and counting *all day long*." Grouchland saying - "you look like a million yuks." In jail, some people are told, "you have the right to scream you head off, and if you don't exercise that right, you can have someone scream their head off for you."

Grouchland is like a ghetto, so the producers had to be careful to avoid any racist suggestions at that point (witness outcry over Phantom Menace). The background music is a Latin/ South American rhythm. Also the Queen of Trash's dump has an African/Andean rhythm with the pipes in the background.

More disturbing was the incipient bourgeois mentality displayed; apparently we are supposed to not like the ghetto dwellers or the people who have everything (i.e. the socialist, Huxley). If this film was made in any country except the US, recycling would have been mentioned...

Postmodernist views are also blatantly promulgated in the Queen of Trash's song concerning her dump (or creation?) "It's all about your point of view".

Bert and Ernie often break in and get the audience to "participate". They are very fond of using each others names in their conversation, e.g. in just about every sentence. Another strange thing is that Elmo refers to himself in the third person all the time. But overall this is funny & a good commentary on commandments 8 & 10

for all ages.
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Has its moments, but not enough
Wizard-86 January 2000
It's kind of unfair to judge this movie for adults, since it is really intended for kids. However, I don't think any kids will be reading this review.

Overall, I thought this movie was disappointing. I thought Elmo would be stuck more in the Grouch city and the Grouches, but that's not how it happens here. Some of the special effects (such as seeing the muppets when all of their bodies are on the screen) looked ill, with strange colors.

I guess my main objection is that there is little for the adults to appreciate and laugh at. There are some VERY funny moments that will make adults laugh, and Bert and Ernie brighten the movie when they come on. But such stuff is very sporadic. Still, this movie could have been far worse.
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What Do I Have To Say About This Movie?
olivertherobot24 September 2017
SUCKS!!! Rekt This Movie!!!!!! It's Pure Garbage, Thomas And The Magic Railroad Is BEtter! Elmo loves his fuzzy, well-worn blue blanket more than anything in the whole world. Elmo's blanket gets sucked into colorful, swirling tunnel into Grouchland, the yuckiest place on earth. Elmo goes on an adventure to Grouchland to retrieve his blanket. I Am Mad! Elmo is playing with his blanket in his house. After he bumps his blanket on a juice cup, he dries off his blanket at the laundromat. On the way home, Elmo sees Zoe feeling depressed because her father cannot take her to the zoo, so he decides to make Zoe happy again by imitating zoo animals. When Zoe sees his blanket, Elmo refuses to share, resulting in a tug of war that rips Elmo's blanket. Elmo is upset and declares that Zoe is no longer his friend. Suddenly, Telly Monster inadvertently takes away the blanket while rollerskating out of control. They go around Finders Keepers and knock over a tray of glasses that Ruthie is carrying. Telly hits Cookie Monster at the revolving door of Furry Arms hotel. The blanket accidentally lands in the hands of Oscar the Grouch, who drops it in his trash can after sneezing on it. Elmo drops into the bottom of Oscar's trash can, where he finds the blanket snagged on a door. While attempting to retrieve it, they are both teleported to Grouchland USA, a world filled with Grouches where a manipulative and greedy man named Huxley (Mandy Patinkin) steals anything he can grab including Elmo's blanket. Elmo is determined to find his blanket and begins a journey through Grouchland. A kind Grouch girl named Grizzy tells Elmo that his blanket is in Huxley's castle at the top of the faraway Mount Pickanose, and Elmo begins a journey to get his blanket back.

Meanwhile, the Sesame Street residents are informed of Elmo's absence and go to Grouchland to find him, with help from Oscar. When Big Bird and Zoe find a Grouch Police Officer and ask him for help, the entire group ends up arrested and put in jail as the police officer informs them that it is against the law to ask for help in Grouchland.

Meanwhile, Huxley's sidekick Bug and the Pesties trap Elmo in a tunnel using a trap door. However, he gets out with the help of fireflies. Then, he meets the Queen of Trash (Vanessa Williams) in a garbage dump. At first she thinks that Elmo might be in league with Huxley. Elmo says he is not, but then realizes that he refused to share his blanket with Zoe and feels ashamed. The Queen gives him a test by asking him to blow 100 raspberries in 30 seconds. Elmo succeeds and continues his journey to Huxley's castle. Elmo is later confronted by Huxley's humongous chicken and gets tossed far away. Resting on a rock, he realizes that night has come, and becomes discouraged.

Grizzy visits the jail and tells Elmo's friends that he went to Huxley's castle. Oscar is convinced to help set things right as well as admitting that Elmo is his friend. He then convinces the Grouch Police Officer and all the Grouches of Grouchland that even though Grouches hate cooperation, the only way they can finally stop Huxley from stealing any more of their trash once and for all, is if they swallow their pride and work together just for once. The Grouch Police Officer releases the Sesame Street residents and the Grouches aid them to go to Huxley's castle to fight for their trash and rescue Elmo.

A caterpillar wakes up Elmo the next morning on the rock. He gives Elmo advice to look inside himself and he'll see that he has what it takes be brave. He then makes it to Huxley's before he could make Elmo's blanket "his" blanket. However, Huxley prevents Elmo from escaping by grabbing him with a claw and deciding to label them "MINE". Just as Elmo is about to face the fate of never seeing his friends again, the Sesame Street and Grouchland citizens appear in time to rescue Elmo and the Pesties flee. Bug takes Elmo's blanket from Huxley and turns against him as Elmo catapults a basket over his shoulders. Bug then gives Elmo his blanket back. Elmo is hailed a hero by the Sesame Street and Grouchland citizens and Huxley unanimously tries to change his mind about his selfishness but fails. Elmo is happy to get his blanket back, He goes with his friends back to Sesame Street and apologizes to Zoe for not sharing his blanket and hurting her feelings. He gives his blanket to her and she happily accepts for being kind by sharing with her. Elmo says goodbye to the audience when Ernie and Bert head home as the film ends, but Bert stays to look at the credits.
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Sesame Street's still great
Eric Stevenson29 January 2017
I admit that I'm not that familiar with the "Sesame Street" episodes that focus primarily on Elmo. The funny thing is that Elmo was originally just a background character and didn't become the focus until the 1990's. It's still great to have a movie based on "Sesame Street", especially when there are only two in existence. I did find this to be too short. I mean, I look at the Muppet movies and find that they're a lot longer and a lot funnier. A downside here was probably how I really wanted more focus on the other characters. "Sesame Street" has given us so many iconic characters and only Elmo and Oscar the Grouch really have a big role here.

I admit that I'm not familiar with Zoey. Well, it was nice to be introduced to her more, I suppose. This just didn't seem like it was enough for a full movie and more like just a long episode of the show. That being said, it's by no means bad. It's especially fun to see Bert and Ernie appear throughout the movie and literally comment on it. I guess I'm just not much of an Elmo fan and am a lot more into Big Bird. Characters like Cookie Monster and the Count should have had way more of a role. Of course, it does nothing to ruin a beloved series and "Sesame Street" really should live on forever. I guess I liked this for the nostalgia, it just didn't have the characters I'm more familiar with. **1/2
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Mystery of Oscar's Trash Can Solved.
Python Hyena6 November 2015
Warning: Spoilers
The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland (1999): Dir: Gary Halvorson / Cast: Mandy Patinkin, Vanessa Williams, Roscoe Orman, Sonia Manzano, Bob McGrath: Question as to what is inside Oscar's trash can is answered as Elmo anxiously tumbles in after his blanket. He ends up in Grouchland where his cheery personality penetrates. The place is overpopulated with grouches with one common enemy in Mandy Patinkin. He takes ownership of everything he touches including Elmo's blanket. Director Gary Halvorson develops a colorful new world but the story is limited segments or episodes to test Elmo as he draws closer to his prize. Why Patinkin needs Elmo's blanket is something only a psychiatrist can answer but he is perfectly cast and never talks down at viewers. Vanessa Williams plays the Queen of trash given a lame task against Elmo but she manages to glimmer and be of good sport. Veteran performers from Sesame Street including Roscoe Orman as Gordon, Bob McGrath as Bob, and Sonia Manzano as Maria make appearances from the popular show and overact horribly. Elmo may be too annoying for adults but children will grasp the message of sharing and friendship. Grouches learn that there is much in life to smile about while adults may want no dealings in Grouchland. They may take time for that once school report cards are issued. Score: 7 / 10
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...I Never Knew It Went to Theaters
Benjamin Black7 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
My family and I saw this movie on video when I was younger, and I never knew it went to theaters. I thought it was a straight-to-video project. I never saw any advertisement for this. I saw one commercial for this movie after it came out on video, but I didn't learn this was a movie until a few years ago.

Elmo's best friend is his blanket. (I wonder how Dorothy felt about that.) Unfortunately his blanket gets torn by Zoe and falls into Oscar's trashcan. When Elmo tries to retrieve it, he gets sucked into an unknown land called Grouchland (that is, Grouchland, USA). Elmo finds that his blanket has been stolen by the evil Huxley. He seems to think that he can take whatever he wants and claim it as his own, and that's exactly what he did with Elmo's blanket. Elmo won't stand for it, and goes through a series of events - including meeting the Queen of Trash and running into a giant chicken - to get his blanket back.

There's nothing really bad about this movie. It's your typical "Sesame Street" movie with your favorite "Sesame Street" characters, both humans and Muppets. There are some nice morals about sharing and friendship, and it's just a nice, innocent story with your favorite childhood characters. I'm not as big a fan of this movie now as I was, but, again, that just has to do with age. And despite the fact that I'm not as big a fan of it, I still like it enough that I'd watch it every now and then. The songs are good, the celebrities are great, and there are some nice and funny jokes in this. Even if you don't like Elmo and/or this movie, show it to your kids, or your nieces or nephews - they should enjoy it. It's not a bad film. Check it out. BOOYIKA!
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"You're one brave little monster"
ackstasis11 February 2011
The cleverest thing about 'The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland (1999)' is the degree of self-reference. The film begins with Sesame Street stalwarts Bert and Ernie, our hosts for the evening, breaking the fourth wall to greet the audience and introduce the feature presentation. We, the audience, are asked to count backwards from ten so that the film may begin; in keeping with the spirit of the viewing, I acquiesced. Our hosts regularly interrupt the main story whenever our hero's predicament is looking particularly dire, probably to remind the younger viewers that a happy ending is just around the corner. Then Bert gets excited about the closing credits.

The meat of the film centres on that adorable reddish monster Elmo (Kevin Clash), who wakes up one morning and begins to sing about his beloved blanket. (Bizarrely, Elmo's bedroom features just one recognisable feature – a giant poster of Tiger Woods). When he accidentally travels to the mystical Grouchland (via a '2001'-like wormhole accessed through Oscar the Grouch's bachelor pad), he loses his blanket to the sinister self-proclaimed villain Huxley (Mandy Patinkin), a human with bushy eyebrows and a desire to steal anything that isn't his. A frustrated Elmo strikes out to retrieve his prized blanket, getting occasional help from various creatures and even the audience members.

I know what it's like to lose a treasured possession. In fact, my dad threw away my favourite stuffed toy, for which I have never really forgiven him. Elmo's epic journey through Grouchland helps him to learn that material possessions are not everything, but the heartwarming finale is nevertheless rewarding in a predictable, slightly fluffy way. Movie references are abundant: 'Titanic (1997),' 'Gone with the Wind (1939)' and 'Doctor Zhivago (1965)' are offered by pessimist Bert as movies without a happy ending. They crafty larrikins at Jim Henson Pictures even managed to work in a reference to 'Basic Instinct (1992),' with the Grouchland cinema screening the picture with the title "Basically, It Stinks."
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Laughing in spite of myself
melissa-mkt530 September 2007
I really dreaded this when it came to my daughter via my mother, but it is well done, turns out, and quite amusing in that something-for-everyone Sesame Street way. There are all the usual messages here - sharing, sticking up for yourself/fighting for a cause, being a friend, etc. And if you like Oscar, you will undoubtedly love Grouchland - Oscar seems conservatively grouchy and gritty in comparison with these citizens (perhaps this is why Oscar has chosen to be a Grouchland ex-pat and live on Sesame Street). The songs are quite good - I especially like the song the plant sings to Elmo. I have probably seen it with my daughter at least 6 times, but I still laugh at sight gags and funny lines and continue to find it hilariously funny how sexy Vanessa Williams' character is especially for a pre-school kid's movie! Even if you are not particularly impressed with Vanessa Williams in general, brace yourself!
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Elmo in Grouchland -- FANTASTIC!
kimberlykoren5 May 2007
my baby loves it. i am in grad school and i needed something to catch her attention while i work on papers and projects....i am almost finished and then it will go back in the movie pile so i can play more and read to her...but she just LOVES that little red guy. AND HUXLEY -- Mr Dangerous Minds (on CBS), who would have guessed he had so much talent! awesome....i love the musical numbers. i love the puppets. and its nice to see the old sesame street gang again. it is also nice to see the friendships and trusts. i like the interactive component as well. my baby makes the raspberry spitting sounds. it is soooo cute. Vanessa Williams cameo is nice too. queen of junk....very cute...i love the trip to grouchland -- very 70s retro.
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The adventures of Elmo in life
empresskrissy15 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Red, furry and undeniably cute, who wouldn't love Elmo? A mean bushy browed villain by the name of Huxley and his bugsy sidekick that's who. Like many of the programs generated by the Sesame Workshop geared toward children, The adventures of Elmo in Grouchland is a wonderful story of sharing and cooperation. Children and grown ups alike are taught the joys of sharing and cooperation as they follow Elmo into Oscar's grouchy homeland Grouchland and he encounters many obstacles as he tries to retrieve his beloved blankie. We see many qualities children posses that we as adults lack at times, determination, love for our enemies and working for what we want.

I think Mandy Patinkin makes just the right kind of villain for a children's program, with just the right amount of meanness and humor to not make it too scary. Elmo is accompanied by a dynamic cast that rounds out the entire story. This is a wonderful story that should be enjoyed by parents and children together.
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Excellent from start to finish
K Stewart5 November 2006
'The Adventures of Elmo in Grouchland' is an excellent movie. I purchase the DVD for my 16-month old son. Initially I was hesitant about the purchase because I wasn't sure if he would enjoy the movie, plus it was long considering he'd never watched anything that for that length of time. The first time I played the movie for him, he sat quietly and watched it in its entirety. To this day my son watches it over and over again. He truly loves the movie. He loves the music. As an adult, I enjoyed the movie as well. It's definitely entertaining from start to finish. I would highly recommend this movie to anyone. I have even purchased copies for other kids as gifts.
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Clever and entertaining
TicketToTheMoon18 May 2006
There's lots to love about this Sesame Treat of a family film. Little kids will love seeing their best buddy Elmo in this great big adventure. Parents will love the clever writing (some of which is just for them!) and the message of sharing and respecting other people's belongings. Everyone will love the catchy songs (I guarantee you'll go home singing the opening number) and the audience interaction, as all of your favorite characters directly address the audience and ask for their help. And be sure to listen to the "ad lib" filler dialog in the various scenes, there are a lot of funny jokes tucked in there in true Muppet fashion.

The dialog is clever, the laughs are in plenty and the fun doesn't stop. This is children's entertainment with a brain!
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