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TV Review: The Blacklist: Season 4, Episode 20: The Debt Collector [NBC]

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The Blacklist The Debt Collector Review The Blacklist: Season 4, Episode 20: The Debt Collector raises the stakes between Red (James Spader) and Mr. Kaplan (Susan Blommaert) but proves most interesting when following Ressler (Diego Klattenhoff). In fact, this season in general and last night’s episode in particular might be the most interesting Ressler has [...]

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The Blacklist: Season 4, Episode 20: The Debt Collector Trailer [NBC]

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The Blacklist The Debt Collector Trailer NBC‘s The Blacklist: Season 4, Episode 20: The Debt Collector TV Show Trailer stars James Spader and Megan Boone. Red teams up with an unlikely partner when a dangerous mercenary takes Liz hostage. The Blacklist: Season 4’s plot synopsis from NBC: In the shocking third-season finale, former [...]

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Bend It Like Beckham – The Musical – Cast Announcement

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Gurinder Chadha’s hit film Bend It Like Beckham is being readied for the West End stage and following a host of auditions and workshops, the cast for the highly anticipated stage version Bend It Like Beckham the Musical has been formally announced.

Natalie Dew will play football crazy Jess with Lauren Samuels as Jules, a player with the Harriers, a local women’s football team, and Jamie Campbell Bower as their coach Joe. The three young leads will be supported by some familiar faces, including comedian Ronni Ancona who plays Paula, Jules’s Mum, with Jamal Andréas as Jess’ good friend Tony.

Preeya Kalidas who appeared in the original film as one of the cousins, will take on the role of Pinky, Jess’ sister and Tony Jayawardena andNatasha Jayetileke take on the all important roles of her parents, Mr and Mrs Bhamra.

Jess needs extra time. She is facing
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Catch-up TV guide: from Luther to Comran's Drive-In

Luther | Codefellas | The Americans | The Debt Collector | Burton And Taylor | Corman's Drive-In

TV: Luther

Serial killers slithering out from under beds, troubling encounters with food processors, a shocker of a death; series three of the Idris Elba-fronted detective drama certainly hasn't held anything back. If you missed it, or merely fancy shredding your nerves to ribbons for a second time, all four episodes are available on iPlayer.

BBC iPlayer

Video: Codefellas

Wired have chosen a particularly apposite time to launch this new animated miniseries, featuring the voices of John Hodgman and Emily Heller. Set in the shady corridors of the Nsa, it mocks the whole business of government-approved snooping, following a young graduate as she is coached into being a fine lady hacker by eccentric old Agent Topple. Sardonic and very odd, it acts well as an accompaniment to the more hyperactive comedy of Archer.

TV: The Americans

Habitually a telly wasteland,
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First Trailer For Sato Sakichi's Manga Adaptation Tokyo-yamimushi

It has been some time since Sato Sakichi directed a film. It was announced not too long ago that the Tokyo Zombie and The Bugs Detective director and screenwriter would be adapting the manga Tokyo-Yamimushi. A scant couple of months later and there is already a first trailer for the film. Using the synopsis of the manga we get an idea of what the film will be about:The series centers on Ryō Katō, a 23-year-old man who lives alone with no job, no hopes, and no savings. Ryō has wracked up 2.85 million yen (about Us$30,600) in debt, and one day he is kidnapped by debt collectors. The debt collector Asamura then tells Ryō that his life is "similar to a bug's" and offers him a...

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Breathless Review

By Charles Webb

It seems that I'm somewhat late the party when it comes to writer-director Yang Ik-Joon's drama, Breathless. Following a foul-mouth, hard-gambling debt collector's tentative relationship with an emotionally and physically battered high school girl, the movie uses its extreme violence and often raw characters to hide a rich vein of sentimentality.

The debt collector is Sang-Hoon (played by Yang, making him a triple threat), and the first time we see him it's battering a john who's assaulting a prostitute. Then Sang-Hoon batters the prostitute. Scarred by years of violence at the hands of his abusive father and a dual tragedy that nearly breaks him, Sang-Hoon is unable to recognize anything but strength in others. Perhaps that's why teenaged Yeon-Hue (Kim Kot-Bi) gives him pause: their first meeting is an exchange of insults and fists that strong bonds are made of in these types of stories.

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Jobson ready for 'Christmas'

Jobson ready for 'Christmas'
LOCARNO, Switzerland -- Scottish director-producer-writer Richard Jobson plans to put on his producer hat for The Night Before Christmas as his next film project. Jobson, who on Thursday jetted into Locarno for the film festival here to support the world premiere of Sixteen Years of Alcohol, said Christmas was written by Edinburgh-born playwright Anthony Neilson, who will also direct the movie. Neilson last directed the popular festival title The Debt Collector, starring Billy Connolly. Jobson said the project's £400,000 ($647,061) budget is fully financed, but he remained tight-lipped on the details because "it is like a jigsaw puzzle, and I don't want any of the pieces to fall out."

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