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Positive viewing experience
usn_never_again11 March 2002
I saw this movie at the premier before the final cut was complete. I found it to have a unique story-line and it taught me much about Lacrosse.

Although no one in the cast will get an Academy nomination for their performances, I found the acting adequate and engaging. I don't believe that entertainment needs to necessarily be dissected to the atomic level. Just sit back and relax. The message was well presented and meaningful.

I'm looking forward to the Producer and Director's next offering.
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Nice story ruined.
Havan_IronOak22 February 2003
This story seemed to have a reasonable budget so I have no idea how it got such a terrible screenplay.

There were so many egregious plot problems that I don't know where to begin. Another reviewer mentioned, `cringing' through the entire film and that's a fair comment.

Let's just mention a few of the more glaring plot gaffs…

Daniel has supposedly suffered some type of serious head injury in the past and yet he plays lacrosse for an entire season on a team that's never won a game to improve his `coaching' credentials?

A local mobster (whose son is the captain of an undefeated collegiate team) fixes the all too predictable match up between the teams. (How could he have thought his son's team could lose) The mobster fixes the match by kidnapping the official and substituting fake officials who make blatantly unfair calls. The mobster is apparently making book on the game (who bets on extra collegiate lacrosse?)

The kidnapped coaches escape when the two goons who have lured them into the mobster's limousine stop for gas and both have to go to the men's room just as the refs are figuring out what's going on. No worries though cause when the refs try to call the police on the limo's phone they find out that the mobster owns the phone company too.

I'm not sure why the `championship' team played the first half like a bunch of thugs. (Did the mobster pay them or something?) Maybe it has something to do with a speech by the mobster's son that ended up on the cutting room floor. When he tells his teammates at the beginning of the second half `forget what I said earlier' it's no problem for the audience since we didn't hear this kid make any speech.

For some inexplicable reason the `fake' refs stop making unfair calls in the second half and the hero's team starts to catch up. Course it might be that his sister is now playing. Oh, did I mention that the mobster has bought the mortgage on the family store and is throwing them out? The mobster did promise not to if Daniel threw the game (was Mr. Mobster worried that a championship team playing nobodies aided by his fake officials was going to lose?)

I'm surprised that I rated this as highly as I did but even with all of the above, many of the actors were likeable and it was nice to see a sports movie about a lesser known sport for a change.
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Lacrosse propaganda is OK
Being a native Baltimorean, and having played lacrosse much of my young life, I've always wondered why lacrosse hasn't been featured in more sports films. The Creator's Game is pretty much the only fictional film to completely revolve around the game. If you've read the rest of the reviews, then you probably have a sense that yes, this features a hackneyed plot, and questionable acting. However, what this brings to the table is much more than those parts--it brings a family-oriented film about a regional (but growing) sport that you could show to a kid and get them interested in it potentially. Sure to use this as lacrosse propaganda probably wasn't on the filmmakers minds, but it fits the bill.

You might want to consider that many a lacrosse fans/players/coaches/etc own this film. Unfortunately this isn't on DVD, but many *new* copies can be found on the internet. It could be considered a cult classic to lacrosse fans, despite its shortcomings.
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A nice little movie for children.
aberman227 December 2005
This is not a movie for sophisticated Lacrosse players or for New Yorkers. It is a movie with a simple message, a simple moral lesson, and an enjoyable if not overly original story line. The acting is not the greatest, but young children son't watch movies to see Sir Lawrence tear up the scenery. The plot is a bit predictable, but I kind of enjoyed a simple movie that didn't make me try and remember my "Kantian" philosophy. This is not a bad effort for a first time writer/producer/director. I think your kids will watch it over and over. Also, it presents the game of Lacrosse, a game not well known outside of the New England area. It is one of those movies your kids can watch without asking a ton of embarrassing question. Not for everyone, but enjoyable.
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A Noble Little Film
lambblast29 June 2005
While it is true that this film lacks the blood, violence, sex, profanity and an explosion or car crash every few minutes, it makes up for it in other ways. For audiences that are used to and expect this type of "Hollywood" film, this movie will disappoint, but for anyone who enjoys a story of courage and sacrifice where right ultimately prevails, "Creator's Game" should please. In addition to the story, I enjoyed learning more about the game of Lacrosse and watching the game footage. Kudos to the filmmakers who were able to make it interesting to watch as well.

Creator's Game is beautifully photographed and visually interesting to watch. The acting isn't great, but many of the actors are new and this is their first film. Cut them some slack! Everybody has to start somewhere. Al Harrington does a respectable job as does Dakota House. I remember watching him on a series out of Canada called "North of 60" and he was very good. He also did a stint on "The X-Files." The kid who played "Shawn," Michael Birkeland showed great comic timing and the comic jewel was the "Bookie." Watch for him. Unfortunately, the music score went lacking in this film. That is probably the biggest weakness. It would have been much better with a credible arrangement.

All in all though, as sports stories go, Creator's Game scores.
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djwagner19 September 2001
If you are a romantic sports fan that enjoys the thrill of the sport and like to see a romantic spin on the sports native beginnings than gather up the kids make a big batch of buttered popcorn and enjoy.

Great film I am looking forward to this directors next film.
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Oh! Puleeeeze. No more.
F1ame28 August 2001
I generally think that all films have some merit. A couple of cool scenes, some enjoyable action, no brainer comedy or just a really interesting camera angle. I really did fail to find anything I liked in this film.

I found the acting very unbelievable. Lines were spoken without feeling and realism. The story line was basic, and nothing left to the imagination.

From the sporting side it looked quite poor too. I hate it in Football (soccer to the statesiders) films/programmes when one player gets the ball and runs past everyone to score... all the time. So I am sure it does not happen in Lacrosse.

I guess there is the mildest interest in what happens at the end of the film, though your expecting everything to work out alright. Apart from this I found nothing particularly good in this film. I was cringing all the way through. That was actually quite hard to say as people must have put some hard work into the film.
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