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Season 2

Deputy's Wife
A gas station attendant forces his attentions on a beautiful blonde drawing the ire of her escort. After being kicked out of the roadhouse, the young man picks up the argument when the couple leaves and is clubbed with a wrench during the scuffle. During his investigation of the crime, Sheriff Morgan learns that the woman involved in the fracas is the wife of one of his deputies.
16 Aug. 1957
The Big Diamond
Burton is found dead at the bottom of some steps outside his office. What appears to be a fatal accident becomes a murder investigation when Sheriff Morgan learns that the businessman recently obtained a huge diamond ring, which is now missing and was, unknown to him, part of a jewelry heist. The lawman trace the ring to a waitress who says she returned the ring to the mentally challenged handyman who gave it to her. The handyman says she kept the bauble.
27 Sep. 1957
Freight Train
Two thugs hold up a diner, leaving the counterman and cook beaten and unconscious. They're spotted by a trucker who phones in a description of the men and their vehicle to the Cochise County police. Sheriff Morgan and his men set off in hot pursuit to capture the robbers before they can escape into Mexico.
3 Sep. 1957
Youthful Badman
Two truck drivers find a rancher by the side of the road who apparently died of a heart attack. Sheriff Morgan learns that the car had the gas siphoned out of its tank and the wad of cash the rancher was carrying has disappeared. Backtracking his movements to the previous evening, the lawman learns that the rancher's financial status was overheard by three drifters working on a nearby spread.
10 Jan. 1958
Social Service Case
Mr. Kent asks Sheriff Morgan's help locating his teenaged daughter. She ran away from home to marry a soldier from Fort Huachuca without his permission. The soldier is currently in the stockade for trying to leave the post without a pass. Desperate to meet his fiancée, the soldier agrees to help another prisoner escape, only to regret his actions when his partner resorts to violence including taking his fiancée as a hostage.
17 Jan. 1958
Woman Escapes
When Helen Gifford tries to force her younger brother to leave Vera Watson's ranch, Vera pulls a gun and Helen is mortally wounded in the scuffle. Sheriff Morgan doesn't believe the story Vera and Hank have cooked up, so he looks for evidence to destroy their alibis.
23 Sep. 1957
Little Man with a Big Gun
Business partners have a falling out over money from a cattle deal. The resulting enmity results in fistfights, lawsuits and, finally, gunplay.
8 Nov. 1957
Deep Fraud
An elderly man who has been feuding with his son-in-law calls the sheriff claiming to have been poisoned. Later, after having transferred his ranch property to his daughter, the old man disappears from his home, leaving only a bloody knife and the track of a dragged body behind. Sheriff Morgan arrests the son-in-law on suspicion of murder, but is concerned that the case may fall apart since the body of the old man is never located.
Con Man
In order to get evidence against a con man, Sheriff Morgan tries to convince the criminal that he's a crooked cop.
15 Nov. 1957
After his mother and stepfather separate, their teenage son shows he prefers his stepfather's ranch to the bright lights of Bisbee by running away from home at every opportunity. When the boy's mother charges her estranged spouse with kidnapping, events take a violent turn, forcing Sheriff Morgan to require a hearing in juvenile court.
Proving Grounds
Sheriff Morgan and the local Chamber of Commerce want to turn a land tract formerly used as an army proving grounds into a park after removing all the unexploded shells from the land. The current owner wants to sell the scrap metal on the land and refuses to cooperate. Meanwhile, a group of boys, including the old man's grandson, trespass on the property to dig for souvenirs.

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