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6 Mar. 2000
Shôjo ga mita ryûsei
In an effort to end many years of tyrannical rule, five pilots and their Gundams are dispatched to Earth to begin Operation Meteor. Four land without incident, but one is intercepted and his mission is compromised.
7 Mar. 2000
Shinigami to yobareru Gandamu
All five of the Gundam pilots begin to meet face to face for the first time.
8 Mar. 2000
Gandamu 5-ki kakunin
Heero is taken to an Alliance hospital, but Duo helps him escape and later returns the Wing Gundam to him. Meanwhile, Trowa Barton, pilot of the Gundam Heavyarms, and Quatre Raberba Winner, pilot of the Gundam Sandrock, meet in battle, but when Trowa surrenders after running out of ammunition, Quatre asks that they become friends instead. At the same time, Zechs is introduced to the Tallgeese, the original prototype mobile suit.
9 Mar. 2000
Akumu no bikutoria
Zechs arrives at the Lake Victoria Alliance base to meet with an old friend, Lieutenant Lucrezia Noin, but the base falls under attack from Chang Wufei, pilot of the Shenlong Gundam. Trowa and Quatre part ways after a brief respite from battle, while Heero repairs his Gundam by stealing parts from Duo's and later uses it for a mission to destroy an OZ transportation carrier.
10 Mar. 2000
Rirîna no himitsu
When Relena accompanies her father to the colonies where he is expected at an important meeting, he is severely injured in an explosion set off by OZ's Colonel Lady Une; father and daughter are soon spirited away by Doctor J, the engineer who designed the Wing Gundam and trained Heero. Before Vice Foreign Minister Darlian dies, he reveals to Relena her true identity, and Relena soon learns from Doctor J the extent of Heero's mission and his past.
13 Mar. 2000
Pâtî naito
Relena returns to school in time for a dance, but discovers Heero is going to transfer. After she challenges him to kill her after she reveals she knows all about him, Lady Une sends mobile suits at the school to kill Relena. Heero uses Wing Gundam to repel the attack, believing the enemy suits have come to get him, and ends up saving Relena, much to his own disbelief.
14 Mar. 2000
Ryuketsu e no Shinario
The five Gundams all gather at the New Edwards Base in an attempt to kill the higher echelon members of OZ, but they discover too late they have been tricked; Heero has already eliminated the pacifist leaders of the Alliance while Lady Une and the leader of OZ, Colonel Treize Khushrenada, manipulate the only survivor, General Septum, into declaring war on the colonies (before they kill him too). The Alliance is overturned from within and OZ takes over as the new ruling power.
15 Mar. 2000
Torezu ansatsu
Trowa and Wufei go after Treize while Heero, Duo and Quatre attempt to stop the detonation of the New Edwards Base. Wufei and Treize duel in a battle for honor and justice, but Treize decides to spare Wufei when the young man loses and allows him to escape.
16 Mar. 2000
Bokoku no shozo
Zechs receives the restored Tallgeese mobile suit and returns to the land of his birth, the Sanc Kingdom, in hopes of liberating it from the hands of the Alliance. The connection between Relena and Zechs is finally revealed.
17 Mar. 2000
Hiiro senko ni chiru
OZ plans to transport the new Taurus mobile suits to their base in Siberia. However, Lady Une sets an elaborate trap there to lure and destroy the Gundams. Duo and Quatre arrive to attack the base's ground transportation route (which is revealed to be a decoy), while Heero and Trowa attack the base's aerial route. During the battle, Zechs uses the Tallgeese to duel Heero. However, Une interrupts this when she threatens to destroy the space colonies using the missiles of Space Fortress Barge unless the Gundam pilots surrender. Doctor J responds and agrees to surrender,...
20 Mar. 2000
Kofuku no yukue
With his retreat path from Siberia blocked off by OZ troops, Duo is forced to travel with Quatre and the Maganac Corps to their base in the desert, but when OZ troops locate the Maganac's base, they distract the enemy while Duo and Quatre escape. At the same time, Zechs gathers the remains of the Wing Gundam and plans to rebuild it, seeking a rematch of his interrupted duel. Meanwhile, Relena attempts to take revenge on Lady Une and is nearly killed in the process, but is saved by Noin.
21 Mar. 2000
Mayoeru senshi-tachi
Heero awakes at a traveling circus troupe after being rescued by Trowa from his near-death experience in Siberia. Meanwhile, a depressed Wufei encounters former Alliance Major Sally Po, who is now a guerrilla leader. Sally helps Wufei overcome his loss to Treize, causing Wufei to pilot the Shenlong Gundam once again.
22 Mar. 2000
Kyasurin no namida
Trowa plans to commit suicide using his Gundam's self detonation.
23 Mar. 2000
Zero wan bakuha shirei
Heero places his fate in hands of Sylvia Noventa, the granddaughter of Field Marshal Noventa, who Heero killed at New Edwards, while Relena openly defies Duke Dermail, the leader of the Romefeller Foundation, the organization of European nobles with monetary and military support for OZ, which impresses Treize. Meanwhile, Zechs begins to reconstruct the Wing Gundam until suspicious officials from Romefeller order him to destroy it. While Zechs complies with the order, it is revealed that he has arranged for a dummy to be destroyed.
24 Mar. 2000
Kessen no basho nankyoku e
Noin finds Heero and Trowa and takes them to Antarctica, where Zechs is completing the reconstruction of the Wing Gundam for his intended rematch with Heero. When Inspector Acht, who ordered the destruction of the Gundam, arrives to expose Zechs as a traitor, Noin and Trowa destroy the search parties before they reach Zechs.
27 Mar. 2000
Kanashiki kessen
Heero and Trowa arrive at Zechs' Antarctica base, where Heero is reunited with the rebuilt Wing Gundam. However, Heero chooses to use Trowa's Gundam Heavyarms to duel Zechs instead, until Relena's arrival to stop the battle interrupts them again. During this, Noin reveals to Relena that Zechs is her brother, Milliardo Peacecraft. When OZ carriers arrive to arrest him, Zechs decides to surrender to them in order to allow Relena and Noin to escape, while Trowa uses the Wing Gundam to pick up Heero and escape as well.
28 Mar. 2000
Uragiri no En ki Kokyou
Lady Une has become a diplomat of OZ to the colonies and the colonies debate if they should accept OZ's proposal. Duo and Quatre attempt to catch the attention of the other three pilots while Une captures the five engineers of the Gundams. The five pilots take off into space after Quatre self-detonates the Gundam Sandrock.
29 Mar. 2000
Torugisu Hakai
Zechs fights a heavy battle with the Tallgeese against Alliance mobile suits, while Lady Une forces the Gundam engineers to design and build mobiles suits superior to the Tallgeese and the Gundams under the threat of destroying a shuttle with Quatre inside.
30 Mar. 2000
Baruji Kyoshu
Duo is easily defeated and captured by OZ due to his Gundam's lack of mobility in space after trying to fight off mobile dolls, computer-controlled mobile suits that require no pilot. Heero sees the battle on television and goes to find and kill Duo, but ends up rescuing him instead. While Lady Une advocates peace, Wufei attacks Space Fortress Barge, but like Duo, his Gundam is unsuited for space combat and he is forced to escape before Une's subordinate, Nichol, finishes him off.
31 Mar. 2000
Sennyu, Getsumen Kichi
Sally infiltrates an OZ base in order to destroy the remains of Quatre's Gundam Sandrock, but the Maganac Corps convince her to allow them to take the pieces back to their base and rebuild it. Meanwhile, Duo's Gundam Deathscythe is destroyed in a public viewing of space by possible OZ recruits, one of whom is a familiar face. Heero sneaks into the Lunar Base in order to destroy the two new mobile suits, the Mercurius and the Vayeate, only to be caught by Trowa, now a member of OZ.
3 Apr. 2000
Kanashimi no Katoru
Heero and Trowa confront Zechs for the first time since their battle in Antarctica and Zechs surrenders willingly. Quatre decides to build the original Gundam that the other five were based on after discovering files in the Winner family computer detailing its designs. Unwilling to compromise to OZ's ideals, Quatre's pacifist father evacuates their colony and sacrifices himself to destroy it before OZ can take advantage of it.
4 Apr. 2000
Dokuritsu o Meguru Tatakai
Zechs, now going as Milliardo Peacecraft, meets with Lady Une as an ambassador of the Sanc Kingdom. When Nichol begins acting on his own, Une realizes that she's developed a split personality while trying to execute Treize's dream of the future and imprisons Nichol upon her return to Barge. Meanwhile, Wufei is captured by Chief Engineer Tsuborov of the Romefeller Foundation.
5 Apr. 2000
Shinigami ni Modoru Dyuo
Duo and an OZ officer, Hilde Schbeiker, clash in ideals as to what will bring about peace, and she comes to his way of thinking. Duo, after running into the five engineers, allows them to turn him in if he gives them time to finish the construction of both his and Wufei's upgraded Gundams. Meanwhile, Sally manages to locate the Wing Gundam, which Heero had left behind on Earth.
6 Apr. 2000
Zero to Yobata Gandamu
Quatre, now mentally unstable, appears in the newly constructed Wing Gundam Zero and begins to destroy various colonies one by one. Lady Une sends Heero and Trowa to fight back in the Mercurius and Vayeate, while Tsuborov, finding Une's behavior to be too lenient, stages a coup against her and cuts off the air supply to Wufei, Duo, and the Gundam engineers' cells.
7 Apr. 2000
Katoru Basasu Hiiro
Heero fights Quatre in a near vain attempt to demonstrate that the colonies no longer need the Gundams, but when that fails, Trowa forces Quatre to realize his own kindness by paying the ultimate price. Meanwhile, the Romefeller Foundation proposes to replace all OZ mobile suits with their new Virgo mobile dolls and Treize is imprisoned when he refuses to support this. Lady Une, who learns of Tsuborov's treachery, is shot by Tsuborov when she unlocks Duo and Wufei's cell, allowing them to escape with their new, yet incomplete suits: the Gundam Deathscythe Hell and the...
10 Apr. 2000
Moetsukinai Ryusei
Heero and Quatre are saved by members of the Treize Faction, consisting of soldiers still loyal to Treize, and meet the engineers, who explain that the Wing Zero uses a system known as ZERO, which increases skill but takes away free will, thus driving the pilot insane. They are captured again by OZ soldier Trant Clark, who forces Heero to test the ZERO System to gather data. Quatre stops Heero before his insanity destroys the abandoned colony and the pair escape to Earth.
11 Apr. 2000
Shori to Haiboku no Kiseki
A recap episode from the point of view of Relena and Heero.
12 Apr. 2000
Surechigau Unmei
A recap episode from the point of view of Treize and Lady Une. At the conclusion of the episode, Treize's new creation is partly revealed: the Gundam Epyon.
13 Apr. 2000
Senjo no Hiroin
Sally is captured by OZ, but is able to hide the Wing Gundam until Noin arrives and helps her recover it. Relena, now leader of the Sanc Kingdom, clashes ideals with Dorothy Catalonia, a new transfer student and granddaughter of Duke Dermail, who desires the thrill of war. Heero and Quatre, now back on Earth, escape from an OZ carrier.
14 Apr. 2000
Ririna to no Saikai
Heero fights as a mercenary for the Treize Faction while Quatre decides that after the battle he will go to the Sanc Kingdom. Noin arrives with the Wing Gundam's buster rifle to help even the odds and later brings the two pilots to the Sanc Kingdom, where Relena is waiting.
17 Apr. 2000
Garasu no Okoku
While Heero intends to take the Wing Gundam back and leave, Quatre convinces him to stay in the Sanc Kingdom to defend Relena. Later, when OZ attacks a Treize Faction unit stationed in the Sanc Kingdom as an excuse to also invade the pacifist nation, Heero successfully repels the attack with his Gundam and (once again) saves Relena's life in the process. Although she advocates pacifism, Relena allows Heero and Noin to form a small defense force of mobile suits to defend the country.
18 Apr. 2000
Shinigami to Zero no Taiketsu
While working on salvaging the parts to complete his new Gundam Deathcythe Hell, Duo is captured and forced by Trant to test the ZERO System for OZ, but is driven nearly insane. He is rescued by Hilde as Trant attempts to fight in the Wing Zero. However, the ZERO System also drives Trant insane and he dies as a result of it.
19 Apr. 2000
Kodoku na Senjou
Relena meets with Duke Dermail, who declares the Sanc Kingdom hypocritical as Zechs continues to fight Romefeller in space. Meanwhile, when Treize's mansion in Luxembourg is under attack from an army of Virgos, Heero arrives in the Wing Gundam to assist the Treize Faction, though as the heavy battle rages on, he finds himself overwhelmed by the continuous waves of mobile dolls.
20 Apr. 2000
Sono Mei ha Epion
After the Wing Gundam is completely disabled during the battle in Luxembourg, Heero abandons it (for the last time) and enters Treize's mansion. There, a philosophical Treize presents Heero with the Gundam Epyon, which is equipped with the ZERO System just like the Wing Zero. Meanwhile, OZ's attempt to destroy the Wing Zero is intercepted by Zechs, who sacrifices the Tallgeese as a distraction in order to acquire the Gundam.
21 Apr. 2000
Ufei Futatabi
After a period in hiding, Wu-Fey returns to the battlefield to confront Zechs Merquise. Trowa returns to the circus after suffering from amnesia.
24 Apr. 2000
Okoku (Sanku Kingudamu) Hokai
Duo finds Trowa alive and working at the circus, but realizes that Trowa has lost his memory and is soon driven away by Catherine. Relena is forced to dissolve the Sanc Kingdom in order to save the lives of the people in the country and agrees to become a prisoner of OZ, though Dermail realizes that she might be the symbol needed to unify OZ which Romefeller presently lacks. Noin and Quatre leave for space while Heero loses control of the Gundam Epyon and continues to destroy the mobile dolls.
25 Apr. 2000
Zero Basasu Epion
Zechs arrives in the Sanc Kingdom too late and is devastated - he (in the Wing Zero) ends up fighting Heero (in the Gundam Epyon), but the battle ends in a draw and they exchange Gundams before parting ways again. Relena reluctantly takes Duke Dermail's offer to become the new representative of Romefeller. Meanwhile, the Lunar Base and the uncompleted Libra are hijacked by the White Fang revolutionary army as they begin their quest to take back space from Romefeller, and Tsuborov is killed during Wufei's attack on the Lunar Base.
26 Apr. 2000
Kuîn Rirîna Tanjô
Informed by Duo, Quatre approaches Trowa and asks for forgiveness. As Quatre and Noin fight the new faction, White Fang, Trowa, despite the fact he still remembers nothing, agrees to fight with them in hopes of recovering his memory. Queen Relena eliminates all international boundaries and founds the World Nation in hopes of bringing peace.
27 Apr. 2000
Torowa Senjô e Kaeru
Zechs accepts an offer from Quinze to become the leader of White Fang. While Dermail intends to continue using Relena as a figurehead, Dorothy and Marquis Weiridge conspire with other members of Romefeller to make Relena a queen in power as well as name. Meanwhile, White Fang's repeated advances convince Duo to leave Hilde's colony for her own protection. Trowa, Quatre, and Noin are mistaken as White Fang members by an OZ unit in the ruins of a nearby colony; after turning the tide of the resultant battle, Duo agrees to join the group.
28 Apr. 2000
Arata naru Shidôsha
Howard, an ally to the Gundam pilots and Zechs, agrees to team up with the Gundam pilots and offers his ship, the Peacemillion, as a base. Relena announces that the Romefeller Foundation must disarm and calls for peaceful coexistence between Earth and colonies. Heero, in an attempt to kill her to end the false peace, spares her when he and Relena see the response Romefeller has given her is positive. Dermail is killed trying to regain power in space while White Fang's new leader, Milliardo Peacecraft, declares war on Earth.
1 May 2000
Baruji Kôbôsen
Treize dismisses Relena from her position because he reasons, now that she has laid the foundation for peace, he will provide the military might required to bring it to fruition. As she and Dorothy head for space separately, so do Heero and Sally, taking along the Wing Zero and Trowa's Gundam Heavyarms (which Sally has recovered). When Duo, Trowa, Quatre, and Noin intervene in the White Fang's attack on Barge in hopes of finding out why Zechs has declared war against Earth, he makes his intentions clear by singlehandedly destroying Barge with the Gundam Epyon.
2 May 2000
Rîbura Hasshin
Treize visits a comatose Lady Une and reveals that he must bring about the peace because the burden would be too great for Relena. Wufei attempts to fight against White Fang on his own, but his Gundam runs out of power. While he refuses help from Heero and Sally, Heero lends him the Wing Zero, and during the subsequent battle, the ZERO System convinces Wufei to join forces with the other Gundam pilots in order to defeat both Zechs and Treize. Relena continues towards Libra, Zechs' new base of operations which has now been completed.
3 May 2000
Chijô o Utsu Ôrora
The five Gundam pilots are reunited on board Peacemillion. Trowa borrows the Wing Zero in order to free colonists of C421 (after seeing Catherine amongst them) from a rouge OZ unit (that is trying to blackmail the White Fang to return Libra to them), but nearly destroys them (once again because of the ZERO System) until Quatre stops him, recovering Trowa's memory in the process. Relena attempts to reason with Zechs as her shuttle approaches Libra, but he orders the firing of Libra's cannon on Earth as a direct challenge to Treize.
4 May 2000
Shutsugeki Jî Chîmu
Relena, now on board Libra, attempts to reason with Zechs, but is imprisoned instead. After Heero installs the ZERO System in Quatre's Gundam Sandrock, Zechs adapts the system so Dorothy can control mobile dolls. Dorothy has the upper hand against the pilots until Quatre uses the ZERO System and turns the tide.
5 May 2000
Kessen no Yokan
Hilde sneaks on board Libra to steal the blueprints and runs into Relena. When she escapes to Peacemillion, she is nearly killed until Duo arrives to fight against the rebuilt Mercrius and Vayeate, now mobile dolls programmed with Heero and Trowa's combat data. Duo reveals to Heero (from Hilde) that Relena is on Libra.
8 May 2000
Miriarudo no Ketsudan
Heero sneaks on board Libra to rescue Relena and they both go to confront Zechs, but they fail to convince him to end the war. Meanwhile, Treize, piloting the new Tallgeese II mobile suit, leads the World Nation forces into battle in space and offers to duel Zechs one-on-one to decide the fate of the world, but Zechs fires Libra's cannon as his refusal. Treize is saved thanks to the timely arrival of Lady Une in the Wing Gundam (since Heero had left it behind in Luxembourg) and he orders his forces to destroy Libra.
9 May 2000
Gekitotsu suru Uchû
The Gundam pilots on board Peacemillion refuse to join Treize, but still believe they must stop Libra and head off in that direction. Sally and Howard decide the only way to stop Libra is to evacuate Peacemillion and ram it into Libra's main cannon. Noin decides she would rather remain by Zechs' side than fight him.
10 May 2000
Konmei e no Shutsugeki
Wufei fights mobile dolls and gets a rematch with Treize, questioning if Treize understands justice and the consequences of his actions. However, as Treize reveals that he does understand, he allows himself to be killed by Wufei's Altron Gundam. Duo finds the Gundam engineers while Dorothy reveals her own tragedies as she attempts to prove to Quatre in a fencing duel on Libra that war is the only way peace will be understood. Heero and Relena return to Peacemillion, where Heero asks Relena to believe in him before he takes off in the Wing Zero to find Zechs.
11 May 2000
Saigo no Shôrisha
As the Barge and Peacemillion approach dangerously to the Earth, Heero and Milliardo settle their final duel to the death.


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