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5.4  If He Hollers, Let Him Go 6.0 6
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1.1  Kelly's Eye
1.2  Young Turk
1.3  Safety Man
1.4  Wild Cat
1.5  Tosh and Nora
1.6  The Schloss Belt
1.7  Out of Range
1.8  The Way It Crumbles
1.9  A Job for Willy
1.10  Meet Miss Mogul
1.11  Stoneface
1.12  Driver of the Year
1.13  Borrowed Time
2.1  Is That Tiger, Man
2.2  When You Gotta Go
2.3  Thea
2.4  If You Can't Lick 'Em
2.5  This Is Where I Came In
2.6  Birdstrike
2.7  The Fires of Hell
2.8  Wingless Wonder
2.9  Cablegrams Come Expensive
2.10  Operation Saigon
2.11  Baptism of Fire
2.12  Join the Club
2.13  Do Your Best for the Lads
2.14  Someone's Head Has to Roll
2.15  Troubled Waters
2.16  What's Yours Is Mine
2.17  The Bigger They Are
2.18  Some Wet Night in Sauciehall Street
2.19  Error of Judgement
2.20  They're Probably Drilling for Oil
2.21  A Run for Their Money
2.22  Happy Landings
2.23  There's Nothing Like the Great Outdoors
2.24  Out of Your Evil Dream
2.25  Four Cheers for Geoffrey
2.26  No Such Thing as Luck
3.1  Words Are Softer Than Oil
3.2  A Damn Great Lump of Oil
3.3  My Daughter Knows Her Way Around
3.4  Home and Dry
3.5  We're Not One of Us Perfect
3.6  Think Big
3.7  Some Days You Just Can't Win
3.8  Nothing to Do with Mogul
3.9  No Sentiment in Business?
3.10  Journey from the Interior
3.11  Long Knives Cut Deep
3.12  Women and Business Never Did Mix
3.13  There's Always a Next Time
4.1  Dragon by the Tail
4.2  The Daring Young Man
4.3  Where the Carpet Ends
4.4  Winner Lose All
4.5  A Nice White Girl - Is She for Sale?
4.6  Mr. Know-How
4.7  And the Walls Came Tumbling Down
4.8  Good Lord No, It's Illegal
4.9  Thanks for Nothing
4.10  Rest You Merry
4.11  Who Buys Who?
4.12  The Deeper You Dig
4.13  Kitchener Knew It Well
4.14  The Sharp End of the Wedge
4.15  Just a Bunch of Arabs in Kilts
4.16  Not for My Friend - He's Driving
4.17  Stop It, You're Breaking My Heart
4.18  A Girl to Warm Your Feet On
4.19  Give Me the Simple Life
4.20  The Slight Problem with the Press
4.21  Never the Twain
4.22  Cut Off Whose Nose
4.23  The Day the Sea Caught Fire
4.24  The Dispossessed
4.25  The Wrecking of the Sierra Navada
4.26  The Minister of the Crown... and the Very Compromising Photograph
5.1  A Dirty Old Man and a Rare Bird
5.2  Twenty Years Is No Time at All
5.3  How Much Is One Man Worth?
5.5  A Very Special Relationship
5.6  There's a Nasty Word - Love
5.7  You're Not Going to Believe This, But...
5.8  Take-Over Is Two Four-Letter Words
5.9  Everybody Is That Kind of Man
5.10  So You Think You're One of Us
5.11  They've More Than Their Assets Frozen
5.12  There's This Bird, See...
5.13  You Want a Clockwork Nightingale
5.14  Don't Ask, Take
5.15  Doctor Liebling, I Presume
5.16  You Can't Trust Women
5.17  Really, She Did, She Really Did
5.18  Some of the Mud Is Bound to Stick
5.19  Lord, What a Tangled Web
5.20  And One Wise Man Came Out from the East
5.21  Let's All Drop Out Together
5.22  She'll Be Right Mate
5.23  It's a Very Bad Day for Travelling
5.24  This Place Is a Paradise, Mister
5.25  They Call Me Israel
5.26  Over the Hill
6.1  The Slick and the Dread
6.2  A Pig in a Pipe
6.3  Camelot on a Clear Day
6.4  Who Did You Say Inherits the Earth?
6.5  The Price of a Bride
6.6  Operation Black Gold
6.7  We All Need Experts
6.8  I'm Glad I'm Just an Oilman...
6.9  Boys and Girls Come Out to Play
6.10  The Dangerous Green Impala
6.11  A Truly Exotic Development
6.12  That's Africa Baby
6.13  They Shall Not Pass
6.14  Let's See the Colour of Your Money
6.15  Hey, We've Got a Problem Here
6.16  The Order of the Good Time
6.17  Injury to the Nation
7.1  Pie in the Sea: Part 1
7.2  Pie in the Sea: Part 2
7.3  It's Thumbs Down for You Pizarro!
7.4  In the Shade of the Old Oak Tree
7.5  The Bent Bonanza
7.6  A Touch of the Nelsons
7.7  The One with the Waggly Tail
7.8  Shangri-La and All That Jazz
7.9  Monopoly with Real Money
7.10  Personally I Think He Looks Like Me
7.11  Pretend It Never Happened
7.12  Weekends Are for Taking Off
7.13  Tapu
7.14  We and Them
7.15  Whatever Became of the Year 2000?