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Season 1

2 Jan. 1970
Fare Forward, Voyagers
In September 1942, fighter pilot Jimmy Briggs is shot down over France. Hiding in a village school, he overhears a discussion between resistance worker Ann-Marie Poitiers, codename 'Nina', who has fled from Paris after the resistance meeting she was attending to act as interpreter was broken up, and the local resistance led by codename 'Vincent'. Vincent's instinct is to shoot Nina as a security risk, and, doubting his story, Jimmy as a probable German infiltrator. His radio operator, Robespierre, is unhappy with this and seeks advice from London, who give orders to ...
9 Jan. 1970
Travelling on foot across country, Nina splits away and is helped by a local farmer. He is suspicious of Jimmy when he calls, however, and deliberately misleads him, setting Jimmy and Vincent in the wrong direction. After killing Goffre, a member of the Vichy French Milice, Jimmy and Vincent are captured by the local communist resistance, led by Louis Sampere, who have also found Nina and the farmer. Although initially suspicious of all three, and particularly Jimmy and Vincent, their true identities are eventually established and they are sent on their way.
16 Jan. 1970
Only the Dead Survive
The three arrive in the grounds of Vincent's family château, part of which is being used by General von Trenow as the headquarters of a German division, where they are helped by the estate's gamekeeper, Franco. SS Obersturmbanfuhrer Lutzig has arrived to co-ordinate a search for the three, unimpressed by the attitude both of the army and the local police, and has Franco - who is something of a local hot head - shot as an example to the local population.
23 Jan. 1970
What Did You Do in the War, Daddy?
Vincent, Jimmy and Nina are able to hide in an unused room on the top floor of the family château and are helped by the housekeeper, Hortense, although Vincent is unable to see his mother, the Countess, who still lives there. The search of the local area is continuing, without success, and the SS arrive in force to take the château over completely, ordering the evacuation of all the remaining French staff. Vincent and Jimmy are able to smuggle Nina out among the staff, and get on their way.
30 Jan. 1970
One More River
Waiting for a rendezvous with a local contact, Hector Melun, who is to help them into the unoccupied zone of France in his van, Nina accidentally drops her identity papers. These are spotted by two members of the Milice on patrol while Vincent, Jimmy and Nina are still hiding nearby. The two Milice become suspicious, and Vincent has to shoot them, but their bodies are later found by a German patrol, who soon get on the trail of the van and find Melun. Vincent is suspicious of the increased German activity in the area, and begins to suspect Nina of laying a trail for ...
6 Feb. 1970
Open House
The three arrive late at night at a safe house where they are expecting to receive help, but instead find it empty and apparently abandoned in a hurry. Vincent becomes suspicious of Jimmy, insisting he hand over his identity discs to prevent him from taking the easy way out of handing himself in as a shot-down airman; Nina secretly removes them from his pocket. Jimmy goes outside to have a look around, Nina and Vincent hear shooting from the town and are preparing to leave when Jimmy returns, warning them that the Germans are starting to search house-to-house and they...
13 Feb. 1970
Better Doubt Than Die
Vincent leaves Jimmy and Nina at an abandoned toll-house to go and contact a cousin living nearby, Louis, who is, in fact, now a senior officer in the local French police. Anxious to avoid accusations of collaboration after the war, he helps Vincent and also passes a message to the local resistance who are able to find Jimmy and Nina. All three are reunited in the care of the resistance, led by Doctor Devalle and the local undertaker, Monsieur Simon. They are able to arrange a rescue flight to pick up Nina and Jimmy, but at the last minute this is called off due to ...
20 Feb. 1970
A Different Kind of War
At Christmas 1942, on the way to Limoges, the three arrive at the country house of a pre-war friend of Vincent, Paul Menard. Although now a senior member of the region's Vichy administration, having kept the right-wing views which he and Vincent shared as students, he offers to help them. He is killed however by Nina - who is part Jewish - horrified by his anti-semitic views and part in the transportation of forced labour after Jimmy discovers documents revealing exactly what his role involves.
27 Feb. 1970
Arriving at a café in Limoges owned by Emile, Vincent, Jimmy and Nina are given identities which will enable them to work in a local armaments factory - they can then be smuggled out on a freight train. Lutzig, and Sergeant Gratz of the Abwehr who he is being forced to work with, suspect they are in the area and get on their trail after questioning the café owner, who Gratz has long been suspicious of. Realising that a shipment from the factory could be used as an escape route, Gratz has Emile released knowing that he will telephone there to warn his contact. This ...
6 Mar. 1970
With a Sort of Love
Gratz interrogates Nina, curious as to why Lutzig is quite so interested her. However Gratz's commanding officer, Colonel von Gebhardt, returns from Berlin and explains that she has knowledge of resistance networks across France - information the Abwehr must obtain to safeguard its position relative to the SS. Von Gephardt also talks to Gratz of the power struggle within Germany and the need to remove Hitler, but is overheard by his clerk, Dostler, who reports this to the SS anonymously. Lutzig and Helldorf of the SS arrive to shoot von Gephardt, and Gratz shots ...
13 Mar. 1970
The Price of Resistance
Gratz has, for reasons of his own but to Lutzig's dismay, released Nina. Together with Vincent and Jimmy she is hidden in the town of Boiziers by Doctor Moussac and his wife. Lutzig, though, is on their trail: he has the town sealed off and takes three hostages - including the mayor, Jean Pierre LaSalle - as hostages for their surrender. Doctor Moussac is able to smuggle the three out, hiding Jimmy in his car and claiming Nina - accompanied by her 'husband' Vincent - requires urgent hospital treatment, and the deadline for their surrender passes leaving the hostages ...
20 Mar. 1970
The Enemy You Know
The three arrive in Angouleme and are hidden at the bar Le Lapin Bouleverese by Michel the owner, with Nina posing as a waitress, Jimmy a cleaner, and Vincent as pianist accompanying the club's singer, Adelaide. Lutzig boasts of having a well-placed contact in the area - which appears to be Adelaide. He fails to spot Nina at the bar, but Gratz does - asking her to meet him later, when he warns her not to go back but instead stay with him for safety. Adelaide leaves for Bordeaux, asking Vincent and Jimmy to go with her, after which Lutzig raids the bar, killing Michel....
27 Mar. 1970
A Way to Die
At the bar in Bordeaux where they now work, Adelaide tells Lutzig of a meeting of resistance leaders from across the country that is due to be held; Vincent and Jimmy are contacted by a waitress there, Francine, who works for the local resistance, led by Pierre Allard. Vincent discovers what Adelaide has done, and with Jimmy goes to the warehouse where the meeting is to be held to warn those attending. They find the building empty, though, and - too late to escape - are telephoned by Allard to warn them the SS is surrounding the building. Vincent holds off the Germans...
3 Apr. 1970
One Way Home
Francine is able to hide Jimmy back at her house. Her mother is out, but Jimmy is discovered by her younger brother, Philippe, who is in the Vichy youth movement and sees it as his duty to report Jimmy; he doesn't though when persuaded that this would also mean betraying his own family. Pierre Allard arrives with plans to smuggle Jimmy out on a neutral Swedish freighter, using as an intermediary his freelance contact Adelaide. Adelaide, though, from her contacts with the Germans, knows that Vincent is still alive, and that Nina is living in Bordeaux with Gratz. Jimmy ...
10 Apr. 1970
Little Man, Big Gun: Part 1
Gratz captures SOE agent David Mainwaring, codename 'Cadet', being landed on the coast - staging a dummy parachute drop to successfully distract the SS, but in doing so further antagonising them, as they suspect his actions. Gratz willingly gives the details of Cadet's capture to Nina, allowing her to pass it to the resistance and claim she has obtained it surreptitiously. Cadet is deliberately allowed to escape by Gratz, and hide in his flat, to be able to give details of his mission to Nina: Cadet wants Nina to then give a false message back to Gratz, but is unsure ...
17 Apr. 1970
Little Man, Big Gun: Part 2
Gratz hides Cadet in his flat, both from the SS attempting a house to house search and his own CO, Colonel Reichwein, who now has his own doubts about Gratz. Cadet plans to leave and take Nina with him, but realises this will be impossible when Gratz deliberately lets slip that Nina knows vital information, and the SS is on the alert for any escape of hers. Cadet attempts to kill Nina instead, but merely reveals his intentions - the gun he uses is unloaded; getting into a struggle with Gratz, he is then killed himself by Nina.
24 Apr. 1970
The Ugly Side of War
Jimmy has had to return to Adelaide's club without seeing Nina, and is caught there without identity papers in a Gestapo check. Adelaide vouches for him as a relative, a distressed seaman whose ship has been sunk, and he is drafted to work in the nearby Famechon Metal Works. Jimmy stages a distraction there to get the opportunity to sneak into the restricted research area, but in doing so two French workers are caught and shot. Jimmy has gained the confidence of Hochler, the Gestapo chief, but the enmity of the resistance; only with difficulty is he able to persuade ...
1 May 1970
Nina receives a message to go to the Church of St Xavier where she will meet Adelaide, but instead once there the SS burst in and shoot the priest, Father DuBois, and take Nina and Adelaide. Under interrogation, Adelaide holds her nerve but Nina breaks down and implicates Adelaide. It is, however, just a test of their true loyalties arranged by Allard - their interrogator is Anton, of the resistance, and DuBois had been shot for collaboration. Gratz has become concerned by Nina's absence and the confusing reports of the incident at the church, but finds Nina back ...
8 May 1970
The Death-Wish
Vincent is being interrogated in Paris, partly by Lutzig and the SS whose methods rely on brutality and torture, and partly by an old friend from university, Egon, who is more sympathetic. Eventually Vincent is offered a deal by Lutzig and Egon - his release, so he can lead Lutzig to Jimmy and Nina, after which he will be allowed to go free - which he accepts. Egon, keen to have post-war allies who will vouch for him, gives Vincent contacts which will enable him to slip from Lutzig's trail and misleads Lutzig as to Vincent's intended destination.
15 May 1970
Jimmy, working at Famechon, is still under suspicion from the resistance, but Hochler also comes to suspect his true identity as a shot-down pilot. Vincent, safely back in Bordeaux, sets Jimmy the task of obtaining a sample of metal from the rocket motor being developed there. Quite by chance Stepp, a Polish worker sharing Jimmy's lodgings, innocently steals a piece of scrap motor from the factory. Jimmy spots the sample, but Stepp had been followed and is arrested before Jimmy can retrieve it. To protect Jimmy's identity, he lures Hochler into a trap where he is ...
22 May 1970
Degrade and Rule
The Abwehr capture SOE radio operator Diana Maxwell, who is interrogated by Gratz with the hope of turning her as a double agent. Gratz is already operating Cadet's radio, in the flat next to his, using Private Voigt as a radio operator. He inadvertently lets slip to Nina what is going on, and she blackmails him to do as she asks in return for not informing Gratz. Diana appears to cooperate with Gratz and is installed in the flat, but Nina is able to collect genuine messages from Anton to be sent instead. Diana is able to inform London of the scheme, knowing Voigt's ...
29 May 1970
Intent to Steal
Adelaide visits the Famechon Metal Works in company with a German officer, and is able to smuggle in some equipment that helps Jimmy, Vincent, Anton and Allard, posing as workers, break into the research block, helped by an RAF bomber raid providing a distraction. They are able to steal a sample from the engine casing under development, and to cover their escape a large force of resistance fighters attack the factory. Vincent and Jimmy are able to escape with the sample, but German reinforcements arrive and overcome the rest of the resistance.
5 Jun. 1970
The Train May Be Late
Adelaide, Nina and Vincent are travelling separately on the same train from Bordeaux to St Malo, with the metal sample, where they will be picked up offshore by the Royal Navy. The train is boarded and searched by two Gestapo officers, looking for a deserter, and initially Vincent is detained only to be released when his identity is checked and his papers found to be in order. An SS officer on the train, Spiegel, has however become suspicious of all three and has only just placed them under arrest when the train is strafed by aircraft; in the confusion Adelaide is ...
12 Jun. 1970
Little Man, What Next? Part 1
Gratz is interrogated by Lutzig, who wants either Nina, or her information on the resistance he thinks Gratz must know. Lutzig relies on subtlety and persuasion, deliberately mimicking Gratz's own methods, and eventually shames Gratz by confronting him with his wife; however his CO, Zander, intervenes and has Gratz tortured. Gratz is saved from further torture by Lutzig, who arranges for him to be released, and agrees to help find Nina.
19 Jun. 1970
Little Man, What Next? Part 2
Through the resistance, Gratz is able to meet Vincent, Jimmy and Nina. He offers to help them escape, using Cadet's radio and code to contact London and arrange a pick-up, knowing that his transmissions can be detected by the SS. The offer is accepted and a rendezvous on the coast organised, but Vincent has decided to stay in France and return to his network. After sending Jimmy and Nina outside to their car, Vincent intends to kill Gratz, but instead after a struggle Gratz shoots and kills Vincent. Outside, Jimmy and Nina hear only the shots and know they must go on ...
26 Jun. 1970
The Losers
Lutzig arrives and is disappointed to find only Vincent's corpse. Gratz surprises Lutzig by suggesting Adelaide as worth visiting to get after Nina - he had found her there once before. Once at her flat, while Lutzig talks to Adelaide, Gratz searches and finds Jimmy and Nina - but says nothing, either then or later. Adelaide, knowing she is now suspected by Lutzig, decides to return to Britain as well, rather than stay in France. Together with Jimmy, Nina and two members of the resistance, they travel to the arranged rendezvous. Only Jimmy and Nina are able to be ...

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