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Season 1

3 Mar. 1984
The Gold Is Beckoning Lupin
Al Capone hid a treasure map in four tiles. Lupin's gang, Stromo the mercenary and Lord Chinkai cross paths in search of the tiles.
10 Mar. 1984
Expose the Great Trap
Zenigata uses a six-ton meteor made of gold to bait Lupin into a trap... but when it is revealed to be a gold-plated rock, both parties are in big trouble.
17 Mar. 1984
Good Afternoon, Hell's Angel
Flora Hurst, whose late father had a collection of priceless paintings, keeps Lupin unwanted company as he searches for her father's collection.
24 Mar. 1984
Telepathy Is Love's Signal
Fujiko is kidnapped by a submarine of female pirates, who want Lupin to steal a ship of Spanish gold beneath the deadly Bermuda Triangle.
7 Apr. 1984
Goemon Daydream
When the gang heads to South Africa to find a Nazi treasure, Goemon accidentally commits a dishonour of slicing a woman's clothes off.
19 May 1984
Lupin Has Come with a Tank
Jigen stands by his old war buddy Giranko as they face an army together, refusing to leave him even with Lupin and Goemon's entreaties.
26 May 1984
The Man Is Called the Death Garb
An old acquaintance of Fujiko's, whom she abandoned to die, has returned for vengeance.
9 Jun. 1984
Virgin Mary's Getaway Strategy
A religious cult abducts Fujiko to burn her at the stake.
16 Jun. 1984
The Copy-Man Comes Expensive
Lupin sees a doctor for an itchy foot, but the doctor steals his skin and starts making mass clones of Lupin.
23 Jun. 1984
Lay a Plot with the Treasure
Lupin accepts a challenge from a police inspector: steal a diamond in a maximum security facility, or spend his whole life in prison.
7 Jul. 1984
The Ruby Sheds Bloody Tears
Lupin is on the trail of a mysterious ruby that bleeds every hundred years. As the said blood grants immortal life, he soon faces competition from other parties...
28 Jul. 1984
The Prisoner of a Valtan Palace
Lupin sets off to stop the forger Valtan, who keeps a family friend hostage and forces him to make forgeries of paintings.
20 Oct. 1984
Play a Joke on the Variation
The mysterious Madam Razor sets in motion a bizarre plot which involves Zenigata trying to rescue Lupin from being shot by Fujiko.
27 Oct. 1984
Let's Play the Abduction
Fujiko sets up Lupin to take the fall for the abduction of Madam Fiona, only to find her to be wed to Fiona's son Roger. Lupin must clear his name and save Fujiko.
3 Nov. 1984
The Killer Comes Along Quietly
Lupin asks Glory, a pure-hearted woman, to aid him in a quest to locate a treasure. They are soon pursued by Bruce the Robot-Man.
10 Nov. 1984
The Golden Apple Has Poison
Lupin and Fujiko try to get their hands on a priceless relic Zenigata is guarding: a mysterious golden apple.
17 Nov. 1984
Are You Really Getting Married?
Fujiko convinces Lupin to make a theft by claiming to marry him, but when she double-crosses him she is caught by Zenigata... worse still, Lupin secures her release on the claim of a wedding.
24 Nov. 1984
Show Time Is Death Feeling
Luoin is after a crime boss's birthday gifts, and befriends a dancer named Jenny.
1 Dec. 1984
An Act of Betrayal
Lupin, with Zenigata in hot pursuit, breaks into prison to ask an old friend to make a heist worth millions. The friend agrees, but is he to be trusted?
8 Dec. 1984
Cross His Name Off the List
Lupin discovers Fujiko allied with a vengeful victim he conned years ago. What is her plan?
15 Dec. 1984
Farewell, Golden Legend
When An ancient Japanese work, the Golden Legend, is excavated, Lupin battles an unknown rival for the artifact.
22 Dec. 1984
The Fire Is Not Suitable for a Diamond
Lupin breaks into a vault of diamonds, but discovers they are fake and disposes of them. The owner informs Zenigata that Lupin destroyed the diamonds, leading to a vengeful showdown from Lupin.
29 Dec. 1984
The Strategy of Beirut Mobile Bank Robbery
Lupin plans to crack the Beirut Mobile, a high-security bank which has wheels to keep it moving.
12 Jan. 1985
Pray for the Repose of Your Soul
Hong Kong tycoon Gozen enlists martial arts expert Seiryu to guard his valuable antique from Lupin and Goemon. The stage is set for a grand martial-arts showdown.
19 Jan. 1985
We Are Not Angels
For some reason, Lupin is giving his all to steal the Heart's Eggs.
26 Jan. 1985
The Ghost of New York
The gang comes to New York to steal a gold pinball machine, but Goemon receives the attentions of a female spirit.
2 Feb. 1985
Code Name Is Alaska Star
The Star of Alaska is a mysterious gem sought by the CIA, the KGB, Lupin... and Barbara, a woman from Jigen's past.
9 Feb. 1985
The Alaska Star Is a Ticket to Hell
A showdown for the Alaska Star is brewing.
16 Feb. 1985
Let's Go to the Honey-Moon
Lupin has finally scored Fujiko's marriage, and he plans a honeymoon... to the moon. Just what does he have in mind?
23 Feb. 1985
The Name of the Cocktail Is Revenge
While a gold shipment is on route, Lupin acts as bartender to an attractive but vengeful woman.
2 Mar. 1985
Reversal. Reversal and Again Reversal
Mr Gellon employs a gang of smart luchadors to guard his valuable art gallery from Lupin.
9 Mar. 1985
10 Million Dollar Key
Lupin is offered an irresistible challenge: steal the US President's limo. But when he realizes kidnapping is involved, sparks fly.
16 Mar. 1985
A Boy Genius Plays a Dangerous Game
Lupin must guard a child prodigy who holds the key to a scientific breakthrough... and who is a big pervert and fan of Lupin.
23 Mar. 1985
Manhattan Crisis
Lupin is in Manhattan to score the mafia's largest cash deposit, but in response they place a hefty bounty on him that all New York aims to collect!
30 Mar. 1985
Target Was Gone Beyond the Snow Field
Lupin tracks a gold bullion heist gone awry, and the crooks who beat him to the heist first.
6 Apr. 1985
The Eagle Alights on the Glory
Fujiko is very taken by Valon, a revolutionary who needs a gold bird statue to liberate his homeland. She drags Lupin into getting this statue for Valon.
20 Apr. 1985
Pops Boils Over with Rage
Lupin incurs the wrath of Zenigata, but quickly figures the two of them are being set up.
27 Apr. 1985
Letiethia Loved Me
Goemon is taken to prison, as part of a scheme to ensnare Lupin: to save his friend, he must retrieve and restore a priceless statue.
11 May 1985
Give the Gold to the Rival
Lupin is framed by a band of Nazis who have stolen a gold shipment... to forge it into a tank.
25 May 1985
In a Panic Over the Treasure
Lupin has lottery fever! However, he never leaves anything to random chance - all he has to do is crack the security surrounding the jackpot.
8 Jun. 1985
A Night Under Martial Law
Lupin uses a coup d'etat to pilfer a nation's treasure... but finds the treasure already gone.
22 Jun. 1985
Plunder the Pyramid of Insurance
Lupin engages in a little pyramid scheme with two hired guns. Can he turn those stone bricks into piles of cash?
29 Jun. 1985
Farewell, Cinderella
A king searches for a new Cinderella to fit his diamond slipper. Lupin disguises himself as the fairytale princess to get that slipper.
6 Jul. 1985
Our Papa Is a Thief
Lupin, Jigen and Goemon have their eyes set on a jewel heist, but some children are claiming that they are their fathers!
20 Jul. 1985
A Toast to the Con-Game
The key to an unbreakable safe is hidden in a near impregnable prison. Lupin has the key, but now he must search for the crook who stole the safe!
27 Jul. 1985
Worn-Out Wings
Fujiko strands Lupin and the gang on an island and heads for treasure, and ends up in the hands of a dollmaker who tries to turn her into a doll.
17 Aug. 1985
A Famous Picture
Lupin aids a young boy whose late father painted a treasure map, something the mafia are desperate to get.
31 Aug. 1985
Tears Stood in Hades' Eyes
Lupin steals the Hades' Eye, a large diamond, but discovers it contains secret plans that a group of mercenaries are after.
28 Sep. 1985
Pops Was Adopted Into the Family
Zenigata is guarding the jewels of a wealthy woman. But his tenacity is tested when his client falls in love with him.
25 Dec. 1985
Kill the Atomic Submarine Ivanov
Lupin has absconded with the Russian submarine Ivanov, sending the spy world into a panic. However, Lupin just wants to salvage some sunken gold.

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