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This film was the highest grossing animated film with an R rating until Sausage Party outgrossed it in 2016
The song, Blame Canada, was nominated for an Academy Award for best original song. The song lost to Phil Collins' You'll Be In My Heart from the movie Tarzan. In return, Matt Stone and Trey Parker ridiculed Collins in the fourth season of South Park.
In Guinness World Records 2001, this film was said to have the most profanity used in an animated film. The book cited a total of 399 swear words, including 146 uses of the word "fuck", along with 199 offensive gestures and 221 acts of violence.
This film marked the first time in the entire series that Kenny is seen without his hood on.
Paramount originally asked Trey Parker and Matt Stone if they could make a PG-13 rated film. They said no and would not agree to make a movie until the studio agreed that the final product would be rated R.
Trey Parker has stated that he is a fan of the musical Les Misérables. The song "La Resistance" from South Park, Bigger Longer Uncut, is based on the Les Misérables song "One Day More".
In the credits, both Saddam Hussein (Matt Stone) and Satan (Trey Parker) are listed as playing themselves.
Parker, Stone, and fans in general often joke that a majority of the people who saw this film were under 17, and got in by buying tickets to the PG-13 rated Will Smith flop Wild Wild West (1999), the urban legend became so popular in 1999 that the show would spoof the controversy in an episode of the show.
When the children are in rehab, a poster in the back of Mr. Mackey's room reads: "Get High!!! On Pottery", a quote from a high school teacher of Matt Stone's. Original quote: "Son, you need to know not to use pot as a natural high. Instead of getting high with pot, get high with pottery."
James Hetfield of Metallica sings "Hell Isn't Good".
The original trailer which took jabs at Walt Disney and animation in general was so hated by Parker and Stone that they called it "everything we didn't want the film to be" and Trey Parker was so upset he dismantled the videotape of the trailer and threw in the trunk of his car, then told the Production crew in anger to "do it again"
Parker and Stone did not need to get Brian Boitano's permission to use his name and likeness for the song "What Would Brian Boitano Do?". A few years later, Boitano DID need to get (and received) Parker and Stone's permission to use the phrase on T-shirts that he sold for charity.
In the film This Film Is Not Yet Rated (2006), Matt Stone claims that the original idea for Cartman's mom's Internet video was of her having sex with a horse (but the act wouldn't be seen on screen). The MPAA would not allow this because of bestiality, despite the fact the at one point in the movie, a picture of a man having sex with a horse is seen (when Dr. Vosknocker is trying to get Cartman attempt to swear and one of his flash cards is "horse fucker"). So Stone and Trey Parker decided to make the Internet video of a German guy defecating on Cartman's mom, and the MPAA approved it.
In the shot of the United Nations Headquarters, the flags waving in front of the embassy include a rainbow flag and a pirate flag.
Despite a popular urban legend this film was NEVER banned in Iraq. Due to its controversial content the distributors never attempted to distribute it in Iraq.
Trey Parker and Matt Stone watched the second time in 2009 for a commentary track for the Blu-Ray release and both admitted to having no recollection of making the film due to their busy schedule.
When the boys are watching the video of Cartman's mom on the Internet, the button that would normally say "stop" on the Netscape toolbar has been replaced with an obscene drawing and labeled "Sphincter".
It's a widely reported myth that the original title of the film was "South Park: All Hell Breaks Loose" and the MPAA forced Trey Parker and Matt Stone to change the title, stating that all movie titles must be G-rated (despite the fact that there are many movies with the word "hell" in them - Hellraiser (1987), Hellfighters (1968), From Hell (2001), etc.). The story comes directly from Parker and Stone who claim that they submitted the film with the original title and were forced to change it. Richard Taylor, a spokesman for the MPAA, denies that any film was ever submitted with that title and that the MPAA did not reject the use of the word "hell" in the title.
During the scene where South Park residents are burning everything Canadian, the soldiers in the background are named 'Wright' 'Floyd' and 'Mason', referencing drummer Nick Mason and keyboardist Richard Wright, both of the band Pink Floyd.
According to a pie chart, the entire Canadian economy is based on Terrance and Philip, the snow ball machine, the tourist industry, the log industry, the porn industry, the "Dion Fish" industry, and filming The X-Files (1993).
Chris Rock cites this film as the funniest movie he has ever seen.
This film was a joint production of Paramount and Warner Bros. because Comedy Central, the network behind the parent series, was at the time a joint venture of the studios' respective parent companies, Viacom and Time Warner. Though the former now fully owns Comedy Central, its purchase of Time Warner's share in 2003 did not include WB's ownership share in the film. In fact, until 2013, WB retained the rights to co-produce any sequels to this film with Paramount, giving up these rights in order to co-produce "Interstellar". This film stood as the most successful Paramount/WB co-production for nine years.
When Bill Clinton signs the declaration of war, the other piece of paper on his desk describes types of cigars.
Some rumors claim that U.S. soldiers that guarded Saddam Hussein in prison forced him to watch this movie over and over again.
In the German dub of the film, Mrs. Cartman's German partner in the dubious video that the boys watch on the Internet is actually British.
The song "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" is a reference to the original Christmas Card "The Spirit of Christmas" which was the inspiration for the South Park (1997) series. In the short, Stan asks Cartman, "What would Brian Boitano do?" when Jesus is fighting Santa.
The picture hanging above Satan's bed is of actor Skeet Ulrich.
Cartman calls "The Mole" (the French boy) British. On the TV show, he called Pip (the English boy) French.
In the short segment of soldiers marching to the U.S.O. show while singing a cadence song, Jesus Christ appears in the ranks for a moment before the scene transition to Kyle hiding Ike away in the attic.
The pianist in the song "Super" is modeled after Marc Shaiman the composer of the film.
On the emergency room's doctor-schedule sign, Dr. Churnsky's duty is to "disembowel Kenny."
Tweek (The blonde kid with the messy hair who's always shaking) is the only regular character from the show up to this point who doesn't appear at all.
When Sheila Broflofski holds up the newspaper article about Terrance and Phillip being on the Conan O'Brien show, there are other headlines, including "It's Raining Frogs!", "Christians Agree: Guns Are Nifty", and "Poop Ruled Edible".
During the "La Resistance" scene, the map of the camp that's holding Terrance and Phillip is the same used for the hospital in the episode "Cartman's Mom is Still a Dirty Slut (2)"
Jimbo Kerns can twice be seen with the words "Kill Em All" on front of his helmet. This is the name of Metallica's first studio album who's singer James Hetfield contributed the song "Hell Isn't Good" to the movie soundtrack.
Was, alongside American Pie (1999), one of two explicit films released on the summer of 1999, with the highest number of reports of teenage and underage fans engaging in unsuccessful attempts to gain entrance to theaters and watch the film.
Some fans believe that the trilogy of the Season 11 episodes "Imaginationland" are the sequel to the movie. These three episodes, released in 2007, were later made into a direct-to-video movie in 2008. It was rumored that an actual sequel to South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut (1999) was being planned up to as late as 2011, but nothing came of it. Trey Parker and Matt Stone have said that if a sequel were to be made, it would likely be the series finale.
This film originally had an NC-17 rating.
In 2006, it was voted 5 in the 50th greatest comedy films on Channel 4.
There is a poster at the cinema advertising the movie "Mecha Streisand Takes New York". This is a reference to the first season episode "Mecha-Streisand", in which Barbra Streisand transforms into a massive robotic version of herself inspired by Mechagodzilla.
Stan's family (parents Randy and Sharon, sister Shelley) are named after Trey Parker's family. Kyle's parents, Gerald and Sheila, are named after Matt Stone's parents.
When the mole looks at his watch, above the numbers it reads "Third Act: The Ticking Clock".
South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut intentionally went up to using 399 swear words because the MPAA will give a film an NC-17 rating if at least 400 swear words are used in any film.
As Kenny falls down into Hell, flying demons with the faces of Adolf Hitler, George Burns, Mahatma Gandhi, John Wayne Gacy (in clown makeup) and James Stewart can be seen.
As Stan passes through a TV shop singing "Mountain Town", TV screens show two scenes and the title of the second season episode "Not Without My Anus", which was entirely about Terrence and Phillip.
The last 2D animated film ever released by Paramount until The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie (2004).
As predicted through the actions of the boys in the film, there were numerous news reports of underage South Park fans engaging in unsuccessful attempts to gain entrance to see the film at theaters.
The style of combat when Cartman is cursing and throwing energy is said to be influenced and inspired by the Dragon Ball franchise. Coincidentally, Satan refers to himself as "Mr. Satan" when using the Mr. Hat puppet; Mr. Satan is also the name of a Dragon Ball character.
The ending of the song "Uncle Fucka" (sung by Terrance and Philip in the movie-within-a-movie) makes reference to the famous title song from Oklahoma! (1955), in which the title of the song is spelled out letter by letter.
Satan's boat is called the S.S. Manhandler.
When Snacky S'mores is showing its "March of War", it was modeled after a mix of German and American WWII promotional shorts.
Ironically enough, the only song in the entire film that contains no profanity is Satan's performance of "Up There."
When the boys first enter Cartman's house in the opening sequence, there is a picture on the end table of animation director Eric Stough's sister, Diana.
Barbra Streisand is said as a swear word by Eric Cartman during the fight between him and Saddam Husien.
Despite the boys using constant bad words Stan hardly swears at all in the film.
Winona Ryder, one of the celebrities parodied in this, is portrayed as being pro-war; when she gets onstage at the USO show she makes an inarticulate little speech expressing wonder about war ("I mean, war, man. Wow. War. Y'know? Wow"). Ironically, in real life she was raised in a hippie counter-culture environment and has said in interviews she was taken to anti-war marches and sit-ins at a young age. In 2003 she protested the Iraq war.
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Look closely you can see in heaven there is a sign that says population 1,656 & the hell sign says 923,565,421,221 (while still counting).
In an interview in England at the time of release, it was stated that Cartman says c**t in his final showdown with Saddam Hussain to ensure the highest age rating in every country of release and that Matt Stone and Trey Parker were annoyed that the British Board of Film Classification gave the film a 15 certificate instead of an 18 certificate. The BBFC had relaxed the rule that a c word meant an automatic 18 certificate some months earlier.
In the Illinois-based wrestling promotion Lethal Wrestling Alliance (later renamed St. Louis Anarchy), wrestler Evan Gelistico has used "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" as his entrance music.
Production of the film took around 6 months.
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The plot of La Resistance and the boy named The Mole is a reference to the musical play Les Miserables, which was inspired by the book written by Victor Hugo
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The portrait in Mr. Garrison's classroom is of U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall.
The film cast includes two Oscar winners: Isaac Hayes and George Clooney; and two Oscar nominees: Minnie Driver and Trey Parker.
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The reason Trey Parker and Matt Stone made the movie so inappropriate, is because they thought their show would get cancelled, and on TV they couldn't do much. So they wanted to let their audiences know how bad they could make it, thinking it would be a good sign off to the show.
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Trey Parker and composer Marc Shaiman received Best Original Song Oscar nominations for "Blame Canada" from "South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut". At the 2000 Oscar ceremony Parker and "South Park" co-creator Matt Stone notoriously appeared in drag, wearing dresses made famous at previous Oscar ceremonies by Jennifer Lopez and Gwyneth Paltrow, while Shaiman accompanied them in a furry blue and gray "pimp" suit.
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The piano that accompanies Big Gay Al's "I'm Super" song is a "Felcher and Sons".
Isaac Hayes, who voiced Chef, earlier performed the theme to "Shaft", whose 1970s entries are now owned by Warner Bros., and which had its 2000 sequel released by Paramount, the two studios who collaborated on the "South Park" movie.
The doctor who tries to resuscitate Kenny is named "Dr. Gouache".
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Celebrities and historical figures who are portrayed in this film are Saddam Hussein, President Bill Clinton, Conan O'Brien, Andy Richter, Max Weinberg, Brooke Shields, the Baldwin brothers (Alec, Daniel, Stephen and William), Bill Gates, Brian Boitano, Brian Dennehy, Winona Ryder, and also Adolf Hitler, George Burns, Mahatma Gandhi, John Wayne Gacy and James Stewart, who appear as demons when Kenny enters Hell. The Arquette family of actors are mentioned but none of them appear, a news report merely says the Canadians bombed their house and killed them.
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The four damned in Hell that have real faces are Adolf Hitler, George Burns, Mahatma Gandhi and John Wayne Gacy.
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The character Christophe (nicknamed "The Mole") is a chain-smoking nine year-old French resistance leader who helps the South Park boys try to save the world. He has a bitter grudge against God and complains that his mother grounded him for referring to the deity as "a cocksucking asshole". Christophe ends up getting killed because of Cartman's stupidity. Significantly, he was among the few dead characters who was not brought back to life at the end of the film, when the world was restored to how it was before the war.
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The song "Hell Isn't Good" isn't on the official soundtrack.
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Stan vomits five times throughout the movie.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

Body count before Kenny's wish: 312; after his wish: 7. Since Kenny wishes for everything to go back to the way things were before the war, only those who died prior to the war would remain dead: Kenny himself, Saddam, Conan O'Brien, and the four Baldwin brothers (Alec, Daniel, William, and Stephen).
Kenny's dad has a picture of Kenny on his helmet
When Kenny says goodbye to his friend and goes to heaven, he removes his hood revealing his face, which he has blonde hair. It was the 1st time we got to see Kenny unhooded. Kenny would be seen unhooded again in South Park: The Tooth Fairy's Tats (2000).
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Near the beginning of the film Carol tells Kenny when he dies he can answer to Satan in Hell which ironically happens after Kenny burns himself alive.
This Movie has many traits that are similar to Matt Stone and Trey Parkers Broadway Show "The Book of Mormon". Both this movie and the show are a political satire, which mock the Camp nature of Broadway. They Also both contain homages to One Day More (La resistance/Man Up) they also have the same high profanity and controversial humans
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Kenny is the first person to die because Terrence's death was not real it was in the boys second viewing of 'Asses of Fire'.
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It is speculated that Kenny's redemption and removing his hood when he says goodbye to his friends and goes to heaven may had been influenced by the redemption, unmasking and demise of Darth Vader/Anakin Skywalker in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983). Kenny ascending into Heaven hints that Kenny redeemed himself by convincing Satan to stand up to Saddam Hussein and destroy him and wishing for everyone to brought back from the dead.
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Satan throwing Saddam back into the Pits of Hell is a mock of Emperor Palpatine's death in Star Wars: Episode VI - Return of the Jedi (1983) when Darth Vader throws him into a pit in the Death Star.
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