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A truly subversive movie
Tresy28 March 2000
I was not a fan of South Park before I saw BL&U, nor was I a fan of movie musicals. Well, I'm still not a fan of musicals, but I'm a fan of *this* musical, and am grateful to Parker and Stone for demonstrating that it's still possible to make a great movie on one's own terms.

For this movie, unlike the usual feature-length adaptation of a pop culture phenomenon, not only lives up to its pedigree, it wildly exceeds it. Yes, the movie does recycle many of the show's jokes, but it does so in new yet relevant contexts that keep the material funny if you are familiar with the South Park world. If you aren't familiar with that world (as I wasn't before seeing the movie), the gags are simultaneously accessible yet often subtle.

Subtle? Yes, many of the gags are. Indeed, one of the pleasures of owning a copy of the movie is having the ability to review the movie, in slo-mo if necessary, and discover throwaway sight gags that one has missed in the delirium of watching this anarchic satire the first time through. (And if you have the DVD, you can add subtitles to catch many of the songs' often elusive lyrics.)

Then there's the music. What is it about movie musicals that attracts great satiric minds? Not since Pynchon's "Gravity's Rainbow" has a work of art so subversively exploited the conventions of the movie musical as South Park. From the droll opening strains of Mountain Town, to the Disneyesque "Up There," to the Les Miserables spoof, "La Resistance," South Park simultaneously sends up the genre while paying homage to it, and still finds room to use the songs to score delicious points against its myriad targets.

One last thing: this movie is not cynical. Beneath the scatological humor, the cartoon violence, the scathing portrayals of Wynona Ryder et al, and the backdrop of adult xenophobia, sexual repression and political opportunism, is a sensibility that exalts childhood as an island of honesty and idealism, if also of id-like impulse and frequent selfishness. In this they share space on the shelf of great satires with "Candide," "Gulliver's Travels," "Tom Sawyer" and especially "Huckleberry Finn"--classics that, like BL&U, also exposed the hypocrisies of the adult world "through the eyes of a child."

Elvis Costello once sang, "I want to bite the hand that feeds me/I want to bite that hand so badly/I want to make them wish they'd never met me." That BLU was shut out at the Academy Awards (having only garnered a nomination for the relatively tame "Blame Canada", which lost, appropriately enough, to the execrable Phil Collins) only vindicates the film's take-no-prisoners send-up of nearly everything that annoys in this suffociatingly focus-group-tested, PC-policed, cynically sentimental, violence-ridden, love-starved modern world. See this movie, and see the persistence of hope and possibility sparkling like a diamond amid the pop culture detritus of a quiet little red-necked, white-trash, strait-laced, mesuggeneh, US mountain town.
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Must see for fans – but funny and clever enough for a wider audience
bob the moo2 November 2002
In the quiet little town of South Park Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny bride a tramp to sneak them into an R screening of the new Terrance & Phillip movie. They emerge foul mouthed and with attitude as a result of the movie and, while repeating a stunt in the film, Kenny is killed and sent to Hell. Kyle's mother leads a movement against the Canadian comedians that results in their arrest and sentencing to death. Meanwhile in Hell, Satan and his lover Saddam Hussain prepare for the killing of Terrance & Phillip – the sign of the coming of the new time where Satan will rise again to rule the earth. Can Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny save the comedians, stop the censorship movement that blames society for bad behaviour and prevent Satan and Saddam from destroying the world?

I suspect those that hate this movie are generally those who hate the TV show, where those who liked it may not be those who watch the show. I'm a fan of the show but I not such a fan that I blind to the lack of consistency at times in the show – some episodes are dumb and lack wit, trading on swear words and forced jokes. However I fell in love with this movie from my first time seeing it. The film is funny in the same sort of silly juvenile way that the series is. It has the same strange sense of humour – witness Conan O'Brien having a `Judas' moment and throwing himself to his death!

However on top on this it is imaginative. How many other crude films would do it as a musical. I'm not saying that this makes it more worthy than gross out comedies like American Pie etc, but it is cleverer. The musical element adds to the film and helps it's stretched running time. The songs are all catchy and are better than some of Lloyd-Webber's stuff! They are choreographed well and just feel funnier due to the situation and the lyrics! For example Satan's song `Up there' is excellent but hilarious because of who's singing it and the sentiments he's expressing!

The irony of the film is not lost. The accusations levelled at the South Park Movie are those that the mothers in the film level at Terrance & Phillip. The story actually answers it's own critics while telling the story! It's not perfect and it does go a bit over the top and maybe begins to think that it is cleverer than it actually is.

The voice work is as excellent as always and Parker and Stone carry this the whole way home. Guest stars add some interest but really all I need is Cartman et al and I'm set!

Overall I am a South park fan and I really enjoyed this. Not just because of the elements of the show that are reproduced here but also how clever it feels (even if it isn't always as smart as it wants to be). This isn't a cheap TV spin off into a movie this is a film that is imaginative and funny. Haters of the show will hate this but this may win you over if you thought the TV show was juvenile and a waste of time.
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A hell of a funny film, but with a message.
Dan Grant2 July 1999
When you have the reputation that Parker and Stone do, it is hard to get rid of the sterotypes that have been drawn around you. You are forever stuck in the mold that has been bestowed upon you. But perhaps sometimes when stigmas of that nature are forever embedded with your name and reputation, it actually gives them more leeway to make a statement that is political in nature. As long as they disguise that statement(s) with all that made them popular in the first place, they can get away with it. So now, if I said that beyond the non-stop vulgarity and infinite humour that this film contains, is a film that has an important message camouflaged in animation, would you believe me? Would you care?

First off, this is the most profanity laced film I have ever seen in my life, and that includes early Eddie Murphy efforts. But the profanity in this film had me in stitches. Honestly, that was almost not just a figure of speech either. I laughed so hard that I almost banged my head on the on the person in front of me. Remember how absorbed you were at the horror of war at the beginning of Private Ryan? Well if you had to parallel the two and replace horror with humour, that is a safe comparison. This film is so ******* funny and I really enjoyed it on that level. I can honestly say that I haven't laughed so hard since Office Space. The profanity goes a bit overboard at times but I think that was on purpose. Some of the humour is a bit gross ( seeing Sadam's rubber propalactic was funny but a little sick at the same time ) but I think these guys wanted to see how far they could go. And they went very far and they dared the MPAA to censor them even more, and hey, I was very entertained.

But on the political side, there are a lot of dicey issues that are covered here. Censorship for one. It's funny because we as Canadians and Americans have some of the same ideologies and one of them is free speech. But if that is what we want, then we have to be willing to go all the way. You can't pick and choose what is more free and more appropriate than something else just because it is not politically correct. Free speech means free speech. Free to express your thoughts in an open forum. This film tells us that free speech is free as long as you don't offend the masses. It also says that in MPAA's world it is okay to see blood and guts and intestines and brain tissue ( many of those films get an AA rating ) but profanity dictates that an R or an X is required to see the film. That really is silly.

The film also touches on racism in the armed forces and it shows how brain washed Americans get when there is a conflict with an opposing nation. It doesn't matter that perhaps some of the issues at hand are clouded and misunderstood, many people stand behind their government to the very end. Kill em' all in the name of the Constitution. There are also some stabs at religion and being gay and a plethora of other issues. A particular scene with Bill Gates is funny.

Parker and Stone have given the finger to the ratings system in America and I think people will like it. They have also given much more credit to the Canadian armed forces in this movie. If the U.S. ever went to war with us, it would probably be over in a day or so. So thanks for making us look at least competetive. That was cool.

It may be weird to read a review of this film and have comments about politics in here, because it really is a funny movie and I was in a good mood when I left the theater, but there is more to this movie than just humour. To accomplish that and still be known as the guys who made fart jokes and the F word popular is quite a feat. This film is there to enjoy but it is also there to ask some tough and interesting questions. Enjoy the film, but listen to what it has to say. That is, besides the F and S word, listen to what it wants to say.

**** One last observation and that is, when I was in line for the film, a lady and her five year old daughter were in front of me. When they asked for South Park, the cashier asked if she was sure because there is a lot of profanity in the film. The lady reassured her that it was fine. Her daughter can listen and watch but knows not to repeat. That is responsible parenting. Teach your kids right from wrong and hope they turn out well. That's all you can do. And I applaud that parent for doing so. She may never know who I am but I will remember her for quite some time. Maybe if more people were like that, there wouldn't be such a fuss about profanity. After all, they are just words.
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Funnier, Faster, and Delicious
EdRooney29 June 1999
When "South Park" first appeared on the scene, I dismissed it without ever really watching it. I wasn't too interested in watching little kids yell and curse at each other. When "Baseketball" opened last July, it was there and then that I began to understand the humor and musical styling of "Park" creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Last year also saw the release of the duo's "Orgazmo" and "Cannibal : The Musical", both made prior to the "South Park" phenomena. I became a fan. With "South Park : Bigger, Longer, and Uncut", the television show makes the giant leap to the big screen with a completely over the top feature that will probably end up as the one summer film that gives the audience the most pop for it's coin. To synopsize the film would be too painful (and boring). It's so packed with plot and characters that a one sentence generalization would do the film no justice. I'll put it this way : If you don't know, get, or find "South Park" funny, DON'T GO SEE THE FILM. There might be droves of walkouts as soon as the opening sequence ends by people who thought that a cartoon could never be "that bad". The R rating and the "Uncut" of the title are there for a reason. Heed the signs. Paced like a bat out of hell, "South Park" is the funniest film to come around in some time. While most of the jokes might seem stale to real "Park" devotees, Director Parker knows exactly how to keep the film flowing, and in the process, show us new sides and characters that used to be unattainable on Comedy Central. The movie is vulgar and offensive, that's the idea. But Parker and Stone never once get meanspirited about things, always making sure everybody get a slice of the laughingstock pie. The dreaded "bleeping" of the curse words is finally gone, leaving Parker and Stone their first chance to show the world just how far they can take this concept. After hostilities with the ratings board over the NC-17 given to "Orgazmo"(which was harmless fun), this new film( which is far more raunchy than "Orgazmo") can be easily viewed as one big middle finger to the ratings board. It's the first film I have ever seen that purposely goes unbelievably far just to see what they can actually get away with. It's very interesting to compare this film, which made it out with a R rating, to others that were slapped with the NC-17. I believe that this is what Parker and Stone had in mind. Watching the antics of Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny on the silver screen does have it's advantages. The film is decidedly cinematic, often jumping to show-stopping musical numbers that I love Parker for. Working with Marc Shaiman, Parker brings us a whole new load of songs that are equal parts silly, and yet retain some musical respect. A just world would find evil Canadians Terrence and Phillip's "Uncle Fu**a" at the number one spot on the charts. Like "Cannibal", the songs stay in the head. They move beyond their comic foundation and feel like real songs, Parker has a musical gift and this "South Park" feature really showcases it. But don't fret fans, the film is jammed packed with comedy that represents what "South Park" is all about. Canadians, African-Americans, Jews, Catholics, the poor, the wealthy, gay, straight, bi, men with voiceboxes, men with puppets on their hands... Everyone is made fun of here. And every moment of this 80 minute film is comedic gold. Like the "Beavis And Butthead" film, this movie comes out just as people are beginning to write off the TV series. And similar to "Butthead", this film has made a true fan out of me. No other flick this year will have the stamina, the audacity, and the sheer momentum to please like this little "South Park" film. I give Parker and Stone endless credit for crafting a film that nobody will expect, and that every fan will relish.--------- 9
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Vulgarity at it's finest!!!!!!!!
Shayde922 July 1999
What can I say but OH MY GODS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had heard rumors about this movie's extremities (no pun intended) and that it was much more...ahem...wild than the t.v. show. Now, I've only seen a handful of the television shows, and they're pretty racy and raunchy, but I've always liked what I've seen. It's definitely not a show (or movie!) for kids. Or the faint of heart, or the easily offended. But then again, if you know that you're an easily offended person DON'T GO SEE THIS MOVIE!

I loved this movie. Granted, I have to admit that I was shocked and surprised through 95% of it. But it was great nonetheless. It was funny and vulgar and said pretty much everything in a manner that was NOT politically correct. But then again, aren't we all getting pretty sick of political correctness?

I think one of the things that gets most of us, (at least myself) is that when we were kids that age, we never would have gone around saying half of what those kids did. Or, if we did, we did our best not to get caught! Of course, I was only ever threatened with getting my mouth washed out with soap...not my mother starting a war with a foreign country!

The musical numbers were great! They were very upbeat and will stick in the minds of viewers for years to come. In the future, when we're all sitting behind our desks (or whatever jobs we may have), we'll notice that we'll be humming certain catchy tunes and when we stop to wonder what it is, we'll remember the songs from South Park both with humor and with horror that we're actually humming them out in the "civilized" world. The scene I think the best for musical numbers was where several of the different songs were going on at one time. It was very "Les Miserables" like (I saw the musical so I know what I'm talking about) in a very sick and twisted sort of way. It was simply funny and light hearted.

This movie poked fun at just about everything in the book. Nothing was spared. Not Christianity, not different racial stereotypes, and certainly not the gay community. But none of it was handled in a fashion to be hateful or humiliating. In my opinion, all the jabs were meant to get people to see that there shouldn't be the divisions that there are and when people get separated, they leave themselves open to ridicule and criticism. Rather if we all came together and put aside the divisions and stereotypes, then perhaps we could all see the humor in remarks and jabs like the ones made in this movie.

As for the political statement: it's true, you know. This country (as are many others) is always looking for something or someone else to blame for all the "troubles." We as a nation are hypersensitive to every little thing and just about everything is taboo. From swearing to being able to purchase certain adult oriented "toys," a person can't do anything in this country without being censored or "forbidden" to. It's sad when a state's laws or a person's hysteria keeps people from their constitutional right of free speech and the like. And this is what this movie was trying to point out. I agree with the person who is his review of this movie wrote, "They're just words" about the swearing in the movie. And that's all they are.

I give this movie a 10 for its humor, its musical numbers and its obvious statements. I think that everyone (who has an open mind) should go see this movie...and then go again and take someone who doesn't have an open mind so that it can be opened by the hilarious things said and done in this movie.
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eloquent profanity
Danwellsmith26 May 2005
Nothing can prepare you for this film. It's a one off. Undoubtedly the best film I have ever seen. I truly laughed until I cried in the cinema showing, bought the video and the soundtrack - which I never do - and have watched it several times over. The political undertones are frighteningly poignant. The idea is brilliant. It's the antidisney. It's a fart in the face of those who wage war in the name of decency. It's a bunch of foul mouthed kids spewing profanity. It's better than good versus evil; it challenges us to asses the criteria upon which we judge good and evil. It pokes fun at everyone, white, black, Jewish, Christian - but particularly the stupid and the bigoted. by ridiculing the fuss that is made against profanity, the writers have safeguarded themselves against adverse publicity from complaints. It's what the film is about in the first place. My only complaint is that this film is so brilliant that it made Team America seem tame.
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The Best Animated Comedy I've Ever Seen
MisterWhiplash13 January 2000
South Park: Bigger, Longer and Un-cut is a great movie. Not only because the TV show (South Park) is one of the best animated shows of the 90's but also because of it's comedy, political and social satire, and though you can't see it right away, a look into censorship and what bad and good qualities it's doing to American life. And it also shows that Trey Parker and Matt Stone seem just like a bunch of comedy writers and composers, but that they could be truly freedom fighters by show-casing this film.

The story is about the four boys of South Park (Stan Marsh, Kyle Broflovski, Kenny McCormick, and Eric Cartman) and after they go into a rated R Terrence and Phillip flick, they start to use their new founded dirty words to excessive use. Since the film is Canadian, a war breaks out between Canada and America. Kenny dies (thats not a giveaway because on the TV show Kenny dies in every episode) and winds up in hell to find Sadaam Hussein and Satan as gay lovers. Both plot sides are very hilarious (depending on if you watch the show) and it's very satirical (if you don't believe me, just look at Bill Gates getting shot in the movie).

The Movie seems quite content in it's dirty foul-ness and funny comedy musical type way to make us laugh (not that thats a bad thing), but I think that Matt and Trey are tying to tell us something with this film. It is a wakeup call to America that if censorship doesn't change soon, we might actually go to war with a country over something as arbitrary as censorship and freedom. Or... it's just a good old fashioned comedy with fart jokes, sex humor, and a Winona Ryder playing ping-pong in her private area. Of course that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. Never-the-less, this film is one of the best of the year. A++
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Classic. Beyond Funny.
IMSandman28 June 2003
First of all, let me preface this by saying that I am not a huge fan of South Park the TV show. While I find the TV show amusing, I do not watch it more than once every few months. So I had doubts about the movie, but my brother insisted I watch it. So I did and ended up purchasing the DVD the next day.

All comedy aside, this is one of the most masterfully written movies I have ever seen. The songs are hilariously funny and the way that they incorporate all the individual songs into one masterpiece is sheer genius. Probably one of the best musicals I have seen.

As for the humor, don't watch this if you are easily offended, because you will be offended.

Funny, funny, funny. 10 stars.
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So Exrteme You'll Love It
neon477 June 2005
If you're not a fan of non-stop swearing, crude humor, musicals, satire, violence, or just South Park in general then don't watch this. Trey Parker and Matt Stone hold nothing back during this movie. Everything they can't get away with on television they do so with Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. Weather anyone believes it or not BLU is a musical in every respect. From the intro song(Small Mountain Town) to the money number(Uncle F*cker, which you will find yourself singing in the shower), this is a musical top to bottom. The movie kicks off with the kids going to see the Terrance and Phillip movie where they hear so many bad words they become corrupted and begin to use them in their every day lives. Kyle's mom is so outraged by this film that she, along with the rest of South Park, manage to get the United States to go to war with Canada for sending the Terrance and Phillip movie to America. Stan, Kyle, and Cartmen form a resistance group to fight their parents and the war, and Kenny goes to Hell where Satan and Saddam (who are gay lovers in the movie) plan on taking over Earth by using the war. This movie is so great it's hard not to love it, especially since it made the Book of World Records for 399 swear words and 128 offensive gestures. Parker and Stone out-did themselves with this movie. You'll laugh until you hurt.
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official: comedy genius
his2ljb2 September 2004
its easy to see why a lot of people may be offended by this film. After all, it makes fun of black people, Jews, women , Canada, homosexuality, homeless people, fat people and of course Barbara Streisand...miss anything out!!?! yet if you like it you can't help but admit that the movie is comedy genius. The opening 10 minutes had me rolling in the aisles "how would you like to suck my b#lls, Mr garrison?" and the song "its easy mmmmkay" being some of the highlights. the jokes while repetitive (based on swearing or insulting someone) never get old and the genius of ideas such as "operation get behind the darkies" while being offensive are undeniably funny. the only people who would rate this movie any less than at least 7 are the pathetic types who'll say "oh its to vulgar and rude and offensive". thats the point! so if you're someone who can laugh at yourself (which we should all be able to in an un-serious movie such as this) and want to witness some amazing moments of comedy genius than this is for you. special shout out to the creators of south park for the character Eric cartman, the real star of this movie who would be up there on par with homer simpson for all time greatest comedy character if not for his foul mouth and habit of insulting well..everyone! 10/10 from me for all the nights this ones cheered me up with out fail.
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One Of The Funniest, Most Clever Films Of Recent Years
FrankBooth_DeLarge7 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
South Park is one of my favorite TV shows, so I decided I had to see the movie. Once the movie started I was into it very quickly. (This part contains Spoilers) In the beginning, Kyle, Stan, Cartman, and Kenny sneak into an R-rated Canadian movie that is made by their idols, Terrence and Philip. The film is a little bit more than just a lot of foul language. After the kids see it, they start swearing all the time and tell their friends about it. Soon, a lot of kids in the country see it and also start swearing. The parents become very concerned about this. One day Kenny does something similar to what happens in the movie and ends up getting killed. The kid's Moms decide to start a war against Canada and execute Terrence and Philip. If I told you the rest, it would ruin the fun of the movie.

This movie is a musical with some very clever and hilarious musical numbers, one of which was nominated for an academy award. The storyline is very clever, looking at how much came out of such a simple idea. At the same time this movie does have some good points that were brought up, such as how people think media makes kids to do things, and about freedom of speech. This isn't everyone's cup of tea, but it is definitely a clever movie with some huge laughs and good messages.
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One of the funniest movie I already watched!!
Jessica Carvalho26 December 2005
Warning: Spoilers
Oh My God, I liked this movie soo much! Really, ''South Park:Bigger Longer & Uncut''is hilarious,and only people who doesn't have any sense of humor are not going to appreciate it! The story itself does not have much sense, but who cares? The songs are so funny (specially Terrance and Philiph's one) and we have great scenes, like Saddam Hussein and the Devil fighting because of sexual problems, or all the students who are classmates of Eric, Kyle, Stan and Kenny saying lots, but LOTS of cursed words! Like all South Park's episodes, we have a critic inside the joke: in this movie's case, is to criticize mainly the hypocrite north American society, among other things.
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Best Movie Ever!
Jessica1 January 2005
Warning: Spoilers
I, personally loved this movie! The rudeness, vagueness, and profanity just makes it better than expected! If every movie was like this, not only would the world be a much better place, but I would be going to the movie theater every day, instead of spending all my money at Best Buy! Kids shouldn't watch this at all. That's the only downside. They can't see how funny this movie really is! The good thing about Bigger, Longer, & Uncut, is that they can make fun of everyone and anyone they want, and the people will be too busy enjoying this movie to do anything about it! So, this movie is about when two Canadians, Terrance and Phillip, make a movie. The profanity angers Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and Kenny's mothers (but mostly Kyle's) after they see it, and they tell them never to see it again. They disobey, (as usual) and it leads to Kenny trying to attempt one of the stunts, (catching your "fart" on fire)leading to his death when a Doctor replaces his heart with a baked potato. This angers the mothers' even more, ultimately leading to a war against Canada, and the execution of Terrance and Phillip. To stop the execution, Cartman, Stan, and Kyle launch "Le Resitance" to stop the war, stop the execution of Terrance and Phillip, and stop their blood from reaching the ground or Sadaam Hussein and Satin from taking over the world!
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Good transition to a movie -- great songs!
jeffzi22 December 2003
I've been watching the show since it started back in '97, so of course i went and saw the movie when it opened. I was a little concerned when hearing that it was done as a musical, as all the voices are pretty unique and wasn't sure how they would convert over to singing, but was pleasantly surprised. The songs are very well done, and the 'singing' voices of the characters are all actually pretty good!

I was definitely excited to also see what they would do without needing to be censored for TV. The comedy of the TV show shines through, and you can easily see how "different" the authors are when they're not required to keep some things out for TV viewing.

As the show continues to do well and keeps coming back for more, they should definitely make another one!
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Greatest cartoon I have ever seen
larwen19 April 2003
i think South Park is the funniest cartoon ever made. it may be rude but thats the best part of it. simply Trey Parker has done an excellent job! the tv show, movie, songs and everything else are great and i must add Cartman is the funniest cartoon charecter of all time and his voice is so cute! People who stay away from South Park should at least try watching it once and see what they were missing...
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Great movie, not for everyone. esp. kids
cofemug30 June 1999
Warning: Spoilers
I saw this movie and laughed and laughed and laughed. I was shocked and offended. It was one of the bravest movies of the year, nevertheless decade, or history. It was definitely bigger and longer. It certainly seemed uncut, even though it wasn't. See June 29 studio brief. It was hilarious.

Plot: The movie had a great plot. I won't give it all away, but it is definitely big. It starts with Stan, Cartman, Kyle, Kenny, and Kyle's little brother sneaking into the Terrance Phillip movie, "A**es of Fire," which has been rated R. They learn all kinds of swear words and use them at all times. The rest of South Park kids see it also, and by the next school day, the parents find out and totally hate the movie. They form a group against the movie. It goes out from there. There is also a plot with Kenny going to hell, and finding Saddam Hussein and Satan in love. Saddam is a hornball. And Satan regrets the whole relationship.

Crudity: Definitely for adults only. It probably has the most swear words than any other movie this year. It has cartoon nudity. It has breasts and wriggling penises. All cartoon, of course. It has violence galore by the end. Do not take your kids to see this, or be prepared to feel uncomfortable. All theaters must enforce the carding laws for this one. However, if none of this will offend you to the point of hatred, do not see this. It also has racism, sexism, and offends every group out there from the Gays to the MPAA to the parents.

As a whole: The funniest movie so far of 1999. I laughed so hard. I found it only mildly offensive personally, but then I also love the movie "Pink Flamingos." I cannot recommend this movie to everyone. I can recommend it to those who are not offended easily. This does not include the people who feel brave because they survived "There's Something About Mary." Parents will not like this movie unless they are completely open-minded, and I recommend not seeing it with your children. However, it is wonderful. I loved the musical format that they chose. Everywhere there is a song. Also stay past the credits, there is an after-scene. It is trying to be a "Pink Flamingos." I love it but can only recommend it to the group from 17-30, male.----------------------------10
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Why does something so wrong feel so right?
moviemanMA3 July 2005
Trey Parker and Matt Stone really are sick guys. Making Sidam Hussein Satan's gay lover...where did they think that up? It doesn't matter because this movie was phenomenal.

South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut has taken the American people on a joy ride through heaven, hell, and Colorado. The boys we have come to know and love on Comedy Central find a new home on the big screen. Stan Marsh, Kyle Broslofski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick are bigger, better, and uncensored in this movie...and it's wonderful. Four fourth graders singing, dancing, and swearing like there is no tomorrow make one hell of a cast.

The story starts off with the release of the new Terrance and Phillip movie, Asses of Fire. This creates such a shock-wave that Kyle's mother gets the two Canadian superstars arrested and put in the electric chair during a USO show. It is so similar to what parents go through whenever they find something offensive and think their children are in danger.

Once Satan finds out that the US and Canada are at war, he and his lover Sidam Hussein...that's right...decide it is the perfect time to unleash hell on earth. Kenny finds out because he is dead and sent to hell. Surprised he is dead? Didn't think so. It's his job to warn his friends of the incoming danger. What results from all this chaos is non stop hilarity.

What makes this movie so amazing is that it isn't just a South Park's basically a South Park Musical! Trey and Matt have written an entire movie's worth of songs. Each one funnier than the next. The Academy Award nominated song, "Blame Canada", performed by Robin Williams at the Oscars and by Kyle's mother in the movie, is incredible.

The madness doesn't stop with the singing and the dancing, the censorship on TV is no more and the kids like the F-bombs fly...and more...and worse. Hearing fourth graders cuss like that is too much and makes the movie very enjoyable.

South Park: Bigger Better & Uncut is one of the best guilty pleasures around and everyone should take part in it at least some time in their lifetime. It is a timeless epic film done in animation. Although Phil Collins beat South Park out for the Oscar with his song from Disney's Tarzan, this movie is a winner.
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Viva La Resistance!
Scissorhands00714 April 2004
Warning: Spoilers
SPOILER ALERT! This is one of the finest satiric cartoons ever made. I am convinced that South Park is the best show on TV (and the only excuse to turn on that disgusting Comedy Central [AKA The Beer and Sex Channel,]) but some people wonder if the movie is as good as the show. Take my word for it, it isn't. It's ten times better. In the movie, Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny see an R-rated film starring their favorite Canadian actors, Terrance and Philip. The movie is entitled Asses of Fire, and if I may quote Arthur Taussig, the title is the least offensive thing about it. In the opening scene of Asses of Fire, we discover why it was rated R. I won't give away one of the funniest parts of the movie, but I'll just say that I didn't know you could use that many obscenities in only three minutes. When the movie ends, the boys leave the theatre repeating all the words they've heard in the film. Not knowing what the words mean, they continue this behavior the next day at school. Their teacher sends them to the guidance counselor who subsequently calls their mothers. As those who watch the show may have guessed, Sheila Brosfloski, Kyle's mother, is outraged and begins a campaign to have the film banned.

It's general pop-culture knowledge that Kenny McCormick is killed in nearly EVERY episode of South Park. One can naturally assume that his death in the movie would be the Kenny-death-to-end-all-Kenny-deaths. It is, but unlike his frequent deaths in the show, his death in the movie is a huge contributing factor to the plot. This may be a slight spoiler (if you can call the way in which Kenny dies a spoiler.) The boys end up seeing the movie again, and Kenny is killed while imitating something he saw in the film that may be too inappropriate say in this review. He is banished to Hell for skipping church to see the film, and we discover that Satan and Saddam Hussein are in a homosexual love affair. In this relationship, Satan is surprisingly warm and caring and wants to communicate with Saddam, but Saddam just wants sex. The conversations between these two characters throughout the film are hilarious. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Sheila Brosfloski's movement to have Terrance and Philip banned has spun out of control. Canada is blamed for all of the problems of America's youth, America is preparing to literally wage war against Canada, all Canadian-American citizens are sent to death-camps, and Terrance and Philip are scheduled to be executed. Back in Hell, Kenny listens to a conversation between Satan and Saddam. Bible readers know the seven signs of the end of the world. The fall of an empire, the coming of a comet, etc. We discover that when the blood of Terrance and Philip touches American soil, Satan and Saddam Hussein will ascend from Hell and rule the earth. It is now up to Stan, Kyle, and Cartman to save humanity from the horrors of every Christian's worst nightmare, and his boyfriend, George W. Bush's worst nightmare. This film is more than hilarious. I am convinced that Matt Stone and Trey Parker are the funniest individuals in America. This film is an animated musical, but parents beware, it doesn't bare the Disney family-friendly stamp of approval. The best songs in the film are "Up There," "I'm Super," "What Would Brian Boitano Do?," and the infamous "Blame Canada," which was nominated for an Oscar. The best voice jobs by the creators were Saddam Hussein (Matt Stone,) and Satan (Trey Parker.) I could watch this film twenty times every day and never tire of it. Caution: while this film is animated, it is certainly not for the kiddies. It is filled with vulgar language, but it is not gratuitous. The language used is the purpose of the film. The moral of the film is that no matter what words your children learn from a film, it is not the filmmaker's job to raise your child. It's an anti-censorship film. It is the up to the parent to put it into context and punish accordingly. I would recommend this film to everyone who is not easily offended or an extreme Christian, YOU WILL BE OFFENDED. If you're into satirical cartoons, or just want to see Canadians drop bombs on Alec Baldwin, South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut is a must-see.
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Great Satire
Pat Gear (pgear83)27 August 2003
South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut is unique, as it is likely the only movie adaptation of a television show that was popular with both critics and audiences. It is also one of the funniest animated films ever made. The film takes satiric aim at American culture, through the premise of a war between the US and Canada started by an "obscene" Canadian film. Like MASH, South Park contrasts the perceived obscenity of language and sexuality with the true obscenity of war and violence. The film has become even more poignant in these dark times of wars fought under false pretenses.

The film is also a musical and benefits from the catchy tunes of Trey Parker and Marc Shaiman. Highlights include the "Blame Canada" song and a Stanley Kubrick/Anthony Burgess tribute involving the V-chip. It is an excellent film overall and is among my favorite animated features. 10/10
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That Movie Will Warp your fragile little mind
Miyazaki_fan25 September 2005
I was a fan of South Park anyway but i adore The movie. This movie is a fantastic Comedy Musical but not to be seen by those easily offended! The basic story is The 4 boys see a R-rated movie and start to swear like there is no tomorrow and as the film was made in Canada the Americans go to war. It also includes Satan and a certain Iraqi dictator you might of heard of trying to take over the world. It has some brilliant characters and some songs that would make Scrooge laugh including Unkle Fu**a, I'm Super, M'cay, Blame Canada and loads more. A great script with guest voices from Goerge Clooney and Eric Idle. I nth words of Cartman "sweet Dude" 10/10
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guywhowatchesmovies12 September 2005
First off... this is NOT, I repeat, NOT a movie for children. Despite it being an animated feature filled with cute little characters, there is a very good reason as to why it's rated R. It's got endless profanity, excessive violence, blatant sex visuals, and has something in it to offend EVERYONE no matter who you are.

Secondly... this is one of the most hilarious movies I have ever seen. Forget the crudeness of it. This movie is brilliant, speaking out about how messed up the world really is. It lampoons everything from Hollywood to politics to religion to Disney songs... everything you could possibly think of.

So how, you ask yourself, can this movie possibly be as great as claimed? Believe me - it has to be seen to be believed. Watch it with an open mind (a VERY open mind) and you will LOVE IT.
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What can I say? Brilliant movie!
loves_to_mosh198215 March 2003
Oh, lord. This movie has to be one of my top 3 faves of all time. It is just so juvenile and profanely immature- it's ingenious. If you like the series, you will love the movie- the plots are just so great- they make fun of so many people, and must have angered a hell of a lot more. The movie is better than the series by far- they just take it so far....

If you haven't seen this movie, you live a sheltered life! I have watched it at least 500 times, and know the words by heart. RENT IT NOW!
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One of the greatest animated movies ever seen by the human eye.
brankoburcksen19 January 2003
The South Park movie has many great themes as to why it is so good; one reason is that it has succeeded in telling a story that could have failed in more than a 1,000 ways, and the movie has been made in such a way that no live action movie could possibly do it better. I'm a person who watches "South Park" regularly (on T.V.), and I can say that the movie is viewer friendly to people who never watch the TV series, is different from the TV series, and it stays true to the TV series. The opening of the movie intentionally makes fun of the opening sequence to "Beauty and the Beast." Although the TV show sometimes does songs, the movie purposely does several songs to keep the movie lively, and turns it into a musical. The first song of the movie is probably the most important because it introduces the main characters. Many people believe that South Park is mindless cursing and swearing, and that maybe true, but the first swearing word in the movie is actually forshadowing of what will happen to Kenny (one of the lead characters) when he dies. The song that has the most swearing in it is the Terance & Philip song. The song consists of the most swearing words I've ever heard in a single minute. What makes this song so great is that it symbolizes how many times a child hears a swearing word before they actually start using it. What people might hate most about this movie is how offensive it is (especially towards Canadians, but I've heard before that anyone who finds South Park offensive is probably not thinking. I personly have relatives who are Canadian. Beyond the story of the movie there are other things that make the movie interesting; such as the bad animation. But this is actually another high point of the movie. Nowadays people have become so familiar with the stunning, breathtaking, life like animation that South Park takes the audience back to when the first animators experimented with stop motion animaition. To date "South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut" has recieved an Acadamy Award nomination for the song "Blame Canada", has made it into the "Guinness Book of World Records" for having the most swearing (399 times of swearing) and is on IMDb's list of the best animated films. I have made a top ten list of the best animated films, and South Park had made it to number one. Ranking higher than "Prince Mononoke" and "Spirited Away." This is the kind of movie that people should let their kids see, but only if the parents can teach their children the terrible meaning and usage of the words. Beyond that there is no reason why a person shouldn't find this movie entertaining.
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Now this is a movie to see
IamtheRegalTreatment2 January 2003
This movie is not only hilarious, but has an excellent plot and has a great idea which leads to the awesome conclusion. I am a huge fan of South Park, and I watch it every Wednesday and Saturday (and Friday at 11 occasionally). The show is always funny, but the movie takes it much farther.

Even though this movie contains much profanity (for which it got the movie in the world record book for the most profanity in a movie) it still has a great point in what the society and government was back in 1999 going into the Millennium year. It shows what real life situations are like, while showing it in a stomach churning way. The movie deserves what I gave it, 10/10 stars. I hope you will watch this movie if you haven't already, but this isn't for the children ;)

Thank You for your time
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