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  • When four boys in South Park Stan Marsh, Kyle and his stepbrother Ike Broflovski, Eric Cartman, and Kenny McCormick sees an R-rated movie featuring Canadians "Terrance & Phillip: Asses of Fire", they are pronounced "corrupted", and Kyle's mom Sheila with the rest of the parents pressure the United States to wage war against Canada for World War 3! It's all up to Stan, Kyle and Cartman to save Terrence and Phillip before Satan and his lover Saddam Hussein from Hell rules the world and it'll be the end of the whole world.

  • When Stan invites Kyle, Kyle's brother Ike, Cartman and Kenny to an R-rated movie starring their two favorite comedians, Terrance and Phillip, the boys teach their friends the cuss words they learned from the movie. After getting sent to the counselor's office, Kyle's mother, Sheila, is outraged by the movie, she starts a group that is against Canada. Canada now is at war with the United States, after being discriminated at for far too long. With Terrance and Phillip captured and sentenced to be executed, the boys must try to save the two Canadians in order to stop Satan and Sadam Hussan from ruling the world.

  • Stan Marsh, Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, and Kenny McCormick see an R rated movie from Canada starring Terrance and Phillip, the quartet's favorite comedians. They suddenly learn obscene phrases from the movie, causing ALL the other children in South Park to see that movie. After discussing the swearing conflict with Mr. Mackey, Shelia Broflovski is against Terrance and Phillip, which suddenly leads to a massive war against the Canadians for corrupting children! The boys must venture out to prevent a serious conflict of the world being ruled by Saddam Hussein and Satan.

  • Southpark is a quiet and peaceful place until the latest Terrance and Philip movie comes out. Once all the kids see it, all hell breaks loose, as the parents try to find a way to stop their kids from saying all the naughty words coming out of their mouths. The parents blame Terrance and Philip, place them under Citizen's Arrest, and declare war on their home country, Canada. It is up to the kids to save the world from Satan and keep Terrance and Philip from being executed

  • In the sleepy town of South Park, four children cause an total disturbance when they see an 'R' rated Canadian film, the 'Terrance and Phillip Movie'. Watching this, the bad language 'warps their fragile little minds'. Soon all the children watch it and the bad language gets out of hand. When their mothers finally form a union to kill Terrance and Phillip, it is up to Carl, Cartman, Stan and Kenny to prevent the killing of Terrance and Phillip to prevent Satan and Sadam Hussein ruling the world.

  • When Cartman and his friends go see an R rated movie, they start swearing and their parents think that Canada is to blame.


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  • A musical, based on the Comedy Central animated series by the same creative team of Trey Parker and Matt Stone. Stan, Kyle, Kenny and Cartman go to see the new movie ("Asses of Fire") by their favorite (and very foul-mouthed) comedians, the Canadians Terence and Philip. The boys' use of profanity grows exponentially after viewing the movie, and the popularity of both the movie and the profanity come to the indignant attention of the school's teachers and then the boys' parents. Kyle's mother Sheila begins a crusade against first T&P, then against all of Canada. Meanwhile, the boys have seen the movie several more times and argue over whether or not you can really set a fart on fire. Kenny takes a dare (and some money), lights a fart but sets himself on fire in the process and dies in the ER. He then goes to Hell and meets Satan and Satan's boyfriend Saddam Hussein. As the diabolical pair await their chance to excape Hell and take over the world, anti-Canadian sentiment grows to full-blown hatemongering and war crimes and the US bombs Toronto. A newly-designed "V-chip" electrically curbs Cartman's use of profanity, much to his disgust. In a showstopping full-cast production number, The four boys form an underground movement called "La Resistance" to rescue T&P from electrocution (during a USO show) before America's planned troop surge into Canada. Many town residents have joined the Army, including Chef, whose segregated unit is expected to serve as cannon fodder in "Operation Human Shield", much to Chef's disgust. In Hell, Satan grows increasingly unhappy over continually taking mental abuse from the eternally-horny Saddam Hussein. "La Resistance" mounts a rocky but ultimately successful rescue attempt during the USO show ("Just remember what the MPAA says--'Horrific, deplorable violence is OKAY, as long as people DON'T SAY ANY NAUGHTY WORDS!' "). After the Canadian army's surprise invasion and subsequent horrific battle, Terence and Philip are shot. Once their innocent blood touches the ground, Satan and his minions, and Saddam, come out of Hell to begin conquering Earth. Saddam usurps Satan's perogative and tries to take over all by himself and is attacked by Cartman, whose V-chip has malfunctioned so that he shoots lightning every time he says a bad word. Encouraged by Kenny, Satan puts Saddam down once and for all, and restores everything on Earth to the way it was before T&P were killed. The boys' mothers learn to blame their own foul-mouthed children rather than "blaming Canada", and everyone rejoices as Kenny gets into Heaven in the big musical finale.

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