South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut (1999) Poster

Plot Keywords

canada boy
hell saddam hussein
telling someone to shut up f word
written and directed by cast member reference to anne murray
lighting a fart prophecy
air raid scapegoat
suicide celebrity
apocalypse falling to death
saved from execution execution
rescue mission fictional war
movie theatre controversy
actor playing multiple roles shock humor
funny devil skeleton visible during electrocution
hookah male slaps female
blood spatter reference to barbra streisand
reference to conan o'brien cult film
cartoon sex cartoon nudity
animated sex adult animation
altered version of studio logo self referential
atheist stabbed in the back
shot to death shot in the forehead
disembowelment black comedy
cut out animation round people
returning character killed off child swearing
teacher student relationship elementary school
abusive father suggestive title
south park colorado surprise after end credits
mount rushmore falling from height
electric shock topical humor
racial stereotype overweight child
film within a film reference to satan
friends who hate each other computer animation
satire visions of hell
canada at war censorship
gay slur heaven
sequel friendship
clitoris american canadian relations
u.s. canada war moral crusade
battle person on fire
hypocrisy vomit
child abuse homosexual
spoof microwave oven
blasphemy x rayed skeleton
devil studio logo segues into film
personal responsibility prepubescent
sexual obsession self righteousness
body lands on car teleprompter
twisted version of current world hollywood california
based on tv series flatulence
death of child

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