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Season 2

It's a Gift
The Pocket Dragons don't know what gift to give the Wizard for the first night of Hanukkah, so they all collaborate on building him a "Handy Dandy Cookbook Holder Wiper Offer," Scribbles' most elaborate invention yet. But the ultimate test of their holiday spirit turns out to be the gifts they give each other.
The Dickens, You Say!
It's another Pocket Dragon Players Production, presenting A Christmas Carol. With the cast trading off playing Scrooge (since nobody really wants to play the mean, miserly main character), and a stressed out Filbert trying in vain to direct amidst all the mayhem, Dickens' holiday classic may turn into "A Christmas Chaos!"
How the Grackul Stole Christmas
While the Pocket Dragons are helping the villagers prepare for the big holiday celebrations, they're alarmed to see the Grackul lurking about. Convinced that he's out to ruin the holiday for everyone, the Pocket Dragons set out to trap him but in typical fashion, they do an expert job of snaring themselves. Will the Grackul destroy the festival, or is he just looking to join the party?
The Beast of Times
After Specs laughs at Scribbles' tale of the terrible Wolfbeast, Scribbles sets out to get back at him by making him think there really is a Wolfbeast, with rustling leaves outside the window and "wolf footprints" on the ground outside. When Specs realizes what she's up to, he decides to turn the tables on her with his own ersatz monster. But they're both in for a big scare when they run afoul of another Wolfbeast that neither of them created!
And Dust Is for All
During a wild castle cleaning rampage, the Pocket Dragons accidentally knock over a vial of "Magical Rabbit Fluff," a glittery powder marked with a dire warning not to mix it with dust. Unfortunately, with all the dust kicked up by cleaning, there's no way to avoid it, and the result is a magically animated Dust Bunny. This doesn't seem so bad, until someone sneezes every time something (a hand, a broom, even a sneeze or a gust of wind) hits a Dust Bunny, it divides into many Dust Bunnies. Can the Pocket Dragons' hastily contrived gadgets sweep up this army of Dust ...

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