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Djonn18 July 1999
The Muppet franchise has mellowed a bit with age. MUPPETS FROM SPACE doesn't have the level of frenetic insanity that occasionally marked the original syndicated MUPPET SHOW, and it's neither as edgy as, say, the latest Mike Meyers movie nor as fast-paced as an Indiana Jones yarn.

But even if it's a little on the laid-back side, its heart is very much in the right place. In some ways, this is a direct spiritual sequel to the original MUPPET MOVIE, focusing this time on Gonzo's origin story rather than Kermit's. Where the first film spoofed the "road" comedies and Westerns, this one spoofs CE3K and MiB (but not, as the title might suggest, the Star Trek or Star Wars franchises).

It's lighter on the zingy one-liners than MUPPET MOVIE, and longtime Muppet fans will probably be a bit frustrated at the soundtrack, which relies almost entirely on borrowed and guested songs rather than musical performances by the Muppets themselves. (Note: if you peeked at the soundtrack album listings first, be advised that "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday" is NOT in the film. Should be, darnit, but isn't.) But there's some inspired silliness involving lab rats and a wonderfully zany infiltration of a Secret Government Installation.

All in all, what's here is a very warm and watchable comedy of a kind that's increasingly hard to find in theaters these days. And Miss Piggy's karate is still as dangerous as ever. I'm looking forward to the next Muppet film already. (How about a spy spoof, guys? "My name is Frog, Kermit the Frog.")
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Tough To Beat Gonzo & Rizzo
ccthemovieman-125 June 2006
Good special-effects, funny and likable characters and an interesting story all made this 1999 'Muppets In Space' movie much better than I anticipated.

This one featured more of Gonzo and Rizzo, my two favorite characters. The movie, in fact, centers around Gonzo. Miss Piggy played a lesser role than normal, which also pleased me.

A tiny bit too secular-liberal in parts but overall, not offensive and definitely entertaining. It looks great and sounds good on DVD, too.

Some have said this was the best of the Muppet films and perhaps that's true. I wouldn't argue.
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That Noise You Hear
arieliondotcom27 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
That noise you hear is Jim Henson turning in his grave. I agree with the other comments that this film is nothing like you expect a Muppets movie to be. Many more adult references than any other Muppet movie and a lot of scary stuff that I would not take a child to see. There are a lot more things that a child could misinterpret (including the very beginning of the movie which shows Noah of the Bible as a cruel man who leaves Gonzo to die because he's different. Although it's a "dream" sequence that Gonzo may have "misinterpreted", a child would not make that distinction but would rather associate Noah and the Bible with cruelty to a beloved friend.

Even the soundtrack ("Brick House", etc.) are not songs that seem appropriate for the age group for most Muppet audiences (or the children parents would bring).

The film may bring some chuckles to some adults, but I would never bring a child to see it.

All in all it is a very sad reminder that the original genius and charm of the Muppets is gone.
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Lacking Muppet movie.
Boba_Fett113816 January 2004
There is not enough story but nevertheless the movie is enjoyable but it simply is also far from great.

I don't know why but for some reason the movie doesn't seem so much fun as the other Muppet movies. Maybe and probably it's because of the empty script that focuses too much on Gonzo and not enough on the fun feeling of the movie that all other Muppet movies do have.

Still the movie is highly enjoyable and it has some great comical moments that will at least put a smile on you face. And how could you not laugh at a Muppet movie with so many great, fun and weird characters. The ones that really steal the show in this movie are Pepe and Rentro but of course all the other Muppet characters are also more than funny and great.

Worth watching simply and only because of the Muppet characters and if you want to have some fun 84 minutes, otherwise you will end up only disappointed by this lacking movie.

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Enjoyable, if not the Muppets best!
TheLittleSongbird13 July 2009
I love Muppets Treasure Island and Muppets Christmas Carol, mainly because I love Tim Curry, and Michael Caine was amazing as Scrooge, and I have always loved the Muppet Movie and Muppets Take Manhatton. In fact the only Muppet movie I don't really like is Muppets Wizard of Oz. Muppets From Space, while not as good as the older Muppet movies, is certainly enjoyable. One thing I didn't particularly like though was the soundtrack, a bit too 1970s style, and because of this, I was never too sure what time period the film was supposed to be. The plot of the film is very original, though you would assume the Muppets went to space without having read the plot line, and the jokes are funny, if less inspired than something from the Muppet Movie. It isn't quite true to the style of the older Muppet movies, but the film does try to and almost succeeds. The story focuses on Gonzo, and his story was very heartwarming. Any scene with Miss Piggy who I love is priceless, and Jeffrey Tambor makes the most of his role as Ed, the paranoid operative. I also liked the contributions from F.Murray Abraham, Andie McDowell, The Sweedish Chef and The Bear Sidekick.Nice also to see Kermit, Rizzo and Fozzie, not to mention Sam the Eagle, in short all your favourite Muppets, though the best scene is the beginning, not to mention the sandwich scene. Overall, enjoyable, not their best, but I do like it. 7/10 Bethany Cox.
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Lack that Muppets feeling
SnoopyStyle16 December 2013
Gonzo is seeing mysterious messages from his alien family. He is kidnapped by government agents, and the gang has to rescue him.

It's a little dark for a Muppets movie. Jeffrey Tambor is overplaying the evil agent. The whole tone of Gonzo's incarceration is too evil. It gets way too serious no matter how much silliness is going on. The animal testing on Rizzo has some funny moments. Like always, there are a lot of cameos. I love Miss Piggy fighting Josh Charles. I always love an angry Miss Piggy. Besides the serious tone, this Muppets movie sorely misses the traditional song and dance routines. At least, they end with Celebration, but there are no original songs. It just doesn't feel like a Muppets movie. I love the gang, and that's all I have to recommend about this movie.
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Make it, and they will watch, okaaaay...
thesar-24 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The best two things I can say about Muppets From Space are: it's nice to get back to an original Muppet story and…Pepe!! Unfortunately, the "original" story part of my praise wasn't a great story and was really over-bloated with mostly failed attempts to give everyone, and I mean every Muppet, their 15 minutes. It's only 87 minutes and that's a lot of Muppet ground to cover. That said, the film did the best it could do. You're just best off knowing the decades-old characters beforehand.

The other pleasantry was Pepe. He quickly became one of my favorites of all time, and he was brand new. This shrimp, sorry, King Prawn, okaaaay, stole every scene and rightfully so. He was deliciously – no pun – funny and had immediate taglines, such as ending practically every sentence with "okaaaay." The rest of the usual suspects were funny, but seemed like they kept falling over each other in both setting – a hundred or so live in the same house – and story. The other newcomer, Bobo the Bear, didn't live in the house and thank goodness for him. He was hilarious and a refreshing new character that didn't get bogged down like the rest of the cast.

Gonzo's getting messages from outer space and barely anyone is free from their enormously busy schedules to believe him. Who knew being a Muppet was so time consuming? Not that they would've believed him anyways; his cereal is one such portal.

The messages are from his own kind, his species that he's been searching for his whole life, not to mention a feeling of not being one of a kind anymore. Like most "space" movies, the government gets involved, this time with comedic overtones – it's the Muppets, after all.

The gang goes on the mission of saving Gonzo, from what they think is himself and/or the big-bad government and instead gets caught up with helping him find true family and awareness.

That's the text-book synopsis. The truth and root of the story does involve "family" and "belonging" but what adults like me go for is the humor and warmth we get from watching, once again, our beloved Muppets from our childhood. You won't be let down on the humor, the slapstick humor and Miss Piggy's karate chop.

It's recommended for fans, but not necessarily for Muppet virgins. You should begin with the first three, skipping the Christmas Carol and Treasure Island – two you can watch later, no rush – and then watch this.
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Cute and adorable!!!
Monika-522 July 1999
I have been a Muppets fan all my life and was not disappointed with "Muppets From Space"! I liked the story and thought Jeffrey Tambor was a hoot as the likeable villain. The other human cameos were hilarious, too. My one complaint is that we didn't see much of the Swedish Chef, Rowlf, Stadler and Waldorf, the Electric Mayhem, and others. Hopefully the next Muppet Movie will be better than ever!!!
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One of the Best Muppet Films
iamonlyamachine8 December 2005
To date, I think "Muppets From Space" has been the best of the Muppet films since the first two, "The Great Muppet Caper" and "The Muppet Movie". I believe it's the only one where they don't sing (or maybe they sing very briefly) which is a welcome change of pace. Jeffrey Tambor is hilarious in this movie, as is his sidekick bear. The shrimp is kind of annoying, but he gets some good lines every once in awhile. All the classic Muppets are used to great effect, as usual.

Although some of the magic was lost after Jim Henson died, I prefer this film over his last theatrical Muppet feature, "Muppets Take Manhattan". "Muppets From Space" is the only post-Henson project they've done as yet that recaptures the zany magic of the early films and the TV show. A must-see for the Muppet-curious of all ages.
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