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Djonn18 July 1999
The Muppet franchise has mellowed a bit with age. MUPPETS FROM SPACE doesn't have the level of frenetic insanity that occasionally marked the original syndicated MUPPET SHOW, and it's neither as edgy as, say, the latest Mike Meyers movie nor as fast-paced as an Indiana Jones yarn.

But even if it's a little on the laid-back side, its heart is very much in the right place. In some ways, this is a direct spiritual sequel to the original MUPPET MOVIE, focusing this time on Gonzo's origin story rather than Kermit's. Where the first film spoofed the "road" comedies and Westerns, this one spoofs CE3K and MiB (but not, as the title might suggest, the Star Trek or Star Wars franchises).

It's lighter on the zingy one-liners than MUPPET MOVIE, and longtime Muppet fans will probably be a bit frustrated at the soundtrack, which relies almost entirely on borrowed and guested songs rather than musical performances by the Muppets themselves. (Note: if you peeked at the soundtrack album listings first, be advised that "I'm Going to Go Back There Someday" is NOT in the film. Should be, darnit, but isn't.) But there's some inspired silliness involving lab rats and a wonderfully zany infiltration of a Secret Government Installation.

All in all, what's here is a very warm and watchable comedy of a kind that's increasingly hard to find in theaters these days. And Miss Piggy's karate is still as dangerous as ever. I'm looking forward to the next Muppet film already. (How about a spy spoof, guys? "My name is Frog, Kermit the Frog.")
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That Noise You Hear
arieliondotcom27 April 2008
Warning: Spoilers
That noise you hear is Jim Henson turning in his grave. I agree with the other comments that this film is nothing like you expect a Muppets movie to be. Many more adult references than any other Muppet movie and a lot of scary stuff that I would not take a child to see. There are a lot more things that a child could misinterpret (including the very beginning of the movie which shows Noah of the Bible as a cruel man who leaves Gonzo to die because he's different. Although it's a "dream" sequence that Gonzo may have "misinterpreted", a child would not make that distinction but would rather associate Noah and the Bible with cruelty to a beloved friend.

Even the soundtrack ("Brick House", etc.) are not songs that seem appropriate for the age group for most Muppet audiences (or the children parents would bring).

The film may bring some chuckles to some adults, but I would never bring a child to see it.

All in all it is a very sad reminder that the original genius and charm of the Muppets is gone.
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Tough To Beat Gonzo & Rizzo
ccthemovieman-125 June 2006
Good special-effects, funny and likable characters and an interesting story all made this 1999 'Muppets In Space' movie much better than I anticipated.

This one featured more of Gonzo and Rizzo, my two favorite characters. The movie, in fact, centers around Gonzo. Miss Piggy played a lesser role than normal, which also pleased me.

A tiny bit too secular-liberal in parts but overall, not offensive and definitely entertaining. It looks great and sounds good on DVD, too.

Some have said this was the best of the Muppet films and perhaps that's true. I wouldn't argue.
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Lacking Muppet movie.
Boba_Fett113816 January 2004
There is not enough story but nevertheless the movie is enjoyable but it simply is also far from great.

I don't know why but for some reason the movie doesn't seem so much fun as the other Muppet movies. Maybe and probably it's because of the empty script that focuses too much on Gonzo and not enough on the fun feeling of the movie that all other Muppet movies do have.

Still the movie is highly enjoyable and it has some great comical moments that will at least put a smile on you face. And how could you not laugh at a Muppet movie with so many great, fun and weird characters. The ones that really steal the show in this movie are Pepe and Rentro but of course all the other Muppet characters are also more than funny and great.

Worth watching simply and only because of the Muppet characters and if you want to have some fun 84 minutes, otherwise you will end up only disappointed by this lacking movie.

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Lack that Muppets feeling
SnoopyStyle16 December 2013
Gonzo is seeing mysterious messages from his alien family. He is kidnapped by government agents, and the gang has to rescue him.

It's a little dark for a Muppets movie. Jeffrey Tambor is overplaying the evil agent. The whole tone of Gonzo's incarceration is too evil. It gets way too serious no matter how much silliness is going on. The animal testing on Rizzo has some funny moments. Like always, there are a lot of cameos. I love Miss Piggy fighting Josh Charles. I always love an angry Miss Piggy. Besides the serious tone, this Muppets movie sorely misses the traditional song and dance routines. At least, they end with Celebration, but there are no original songs. It just doesn't feel like a Muppets movie. I love the gang, and that's all I have to recommend about this movie.
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Make it, and they will watch, okaaaay...
thesar-24 June 2010
Warning: Spoilers
The best two things I can say about Muppets From Space are: it's nice to get back to an original Muppet story and…Pepe!! Unfortunately, the "original" story part of my praise wasn't a great story and was really over-bloated with mostly failed attempts to give everyone, and I mean every Muppet, their 15 minutes. It's only 87 minutes and that's a lot of Muppet ground to cover. That said, the film did the best it could do. You're just best off knowing the decades-old characters beforehand.

The other pleasantry was Pepe. He quickly became one of my favorites of all time, and he was brand new. This shrimp, sorry, King Prawn, okaaaay, stole every scene and rightfully so. He was deliciously – no pun – funny and had immediate taglines, such as ending practically every sentence with "okaaaay." The rest of the usual suspects were funny, but seemed like they kept falling over each other in both setting – a hundred or so live in the same house – and story. The other newcomer, Bobo the Bear, didn't live in the house and thank goodness for him. He was hilarious and a refreshing new character that didn't get bogged down like the rest of the cast.

Gonzo's getting messages from outer space and barely anyone is free from their enormously busy schedules to believe him. Who knew being a Muppet was so time consuming? Not that they would've believed him anyways; his cereal is one such portal.

The messages are from his own kind, his species that he's been searching for his whole life, not to mention a feeling of not being one of a kind anymore. Like most "space" movies, the government gets involved, this time with comedic overtones – it's the Muppets, after all.

The gang goes on the mission of saving Gonzo, from what they think is himself and/or the big-bad government and instead gets caught up with helping him find true family and awareness.

That's the text-book synopsis. The truth and root of the story does involve "family" and "belonging" but what adults like me go for is the humor and warmth we get from watching, once again, our beloved Muppets from our childhood. You won't be let down on the humor, the slapstick humor and Miss Piggy's karate chop.

It's recommended for fans, but not necessarily for Muppet virgins. You should begin with the first three, skipping the Christmas Carol and Treasure Island – two you can watch later, no rush – and then watch this.
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The lack of laughs is certainly not this Muppet movie's only problem!
Electrified_Voltage17 November 2008
Like so many other people, I can say the Muppets were a major part of my childhood. I saw episodes of the original "Muppet Show" when I was little, and later saw "The Muppet Movie" and "The Great Muppet Caper" (didn't see "The Muppets Take Manhattan" until last year), as well as some post-Jim Henson material; "The Muppet Christmas Carol", "Muppet Treasure Island", and the remake of "The Muppet Show", "Muppets Tonight". None of these disappointed me. By the time "Muppets from Space" came out, I was seeing the first signs of adolescence, and didn't end up seeing the movie that year, though I do recall seeing the trailer for it on TV. Nine years later, having finally seen this movie, I am not impressed!

Lately, Gonzo has been feeling lonely in the world, being a "whatever," not knowing where he came from, and has been having nightmares about it. One morning, however, he sees messages in his breakfast cereal, ones which appear to be from aliens from another planet! While Gonzo is on the rooftop, watching the sky (following one of the messages), he is struck by lightning! He then meets two cosmic fish, and learns from them that he is an extraterrestrial! The other Muppets think he has gone crazy when he tells them about this, but he still attempts to contact his relatives. Meanwhile, government agent K. Edgar Singer is searching for extraterrestrial life on Earth, and has detected the messages Gonzo has been seeing! After Gonzo appears on TV, Singer manages to lure him, along with Rizzo, into captivity, and the other Muppets must try and rescue them and see if Gonzo can finally meet his family!

I knew "Muppets from Space" wasn't the most popular Muppet movie, and it didn't surprise me when I found that one problem with this movie is that while I did smile/snicker sometimes, it's not usually that funny. In fact, it's sometimes quite lame, such as the female armed guard played by Kathy Griffin in love with Animal. However, that's not its only problem. Another major problem is that it's a tad too dark for the Muppets! It's often too cruel, especially when Gonzo and Rizzo are in captivity, with the conditions they face there. That building is a rather dreary place, not the kind one would probably want to see the Muppets in. Those scenes, as well as a number of others, including a hoof to the groin, make me wonder why this movie is rated G! Also, the story is a bit bland, and there are no memorable songs. Basically, the magic that made previous Muppet material so good seems so far away in this flick!

I was disappointed by this movie, even with low expectations. There are those who think everything that has been done with the Muppets since Jim Henson's premature death in 1990 is lame, and I'm definitely going to have to disagree with them. However, I'm going to have to agree with those who think this particular movie defiles the Muppets, and I've never been able to describe anything else I've seen featuring the Muppets that way before! When I see the Muppets, I expect good, lighthearted family entertainment, with plenty for kids and adults alike. It seems that some people describe this movie that way, but I honestly don't get it, and sincerely doubt I ever will! That's certainly not what I got with "Muppets from Space"! What happened?! Yes, this movie is rated G, which one would probably expect from a Muppet movie, but unlike the previous ones, I really don't think it should be! The point I'm trying to make with this review is that this is NOT the Muppets!
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Enjoyable, if not the Muppets best!
TheLittleSongbird13 July 2009
I love Muppets Treasure Island and Muppets Christmas Carol, mainly because I love Tim Curry, and Michael Caine was amazing as Scrooge, and I have always loved the Muppet Movie and Muppets Take Manhatton. In fact the only Muppet movie I don't really like is Muppets Wizard of Oz. Muppets From Space, while not as good as the older Muppet movies, is certainly enjoyable. One thing I didn't particularly like though was the soundtrack, a bit too 1970s style, and because of this, I was never too sure what time period the film was supposed to be. The plot of the film is very original, though you would assume the Muppets went to space without having read the plot line, and the jokes are funny, if less inspired than something from the Muppet Movie. It isn't quite true to the style of the older Muppet movies, but the film does try to and almost succeeds. The story focuses on Gonzo, and his story was very heartwarming. Any scene with Miss Piggy who I love is priceless, and Jeffrey Tambor makes the most of his role as Ed, the paranoid operative. I also liked the contributions from F.Murray Abraham, Andie McDowell, The Sweedish Chef and The Bear Sidekick.Nice also to see Kermit, Rizzo and Fozzie, not to mention Sam the Eagle, in short all your favourite Muppets, though the best scene is the beginning, not to mention the sandwich scene. Overall, enjoyable, not their best, but I do like it. 7/10 Bethany Cox.
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Cute and adorable!!!
Monika-522 July 1999
I have been a Muppets fan all my life and was not disappointed with "Muppets From Space"! I liked the story and thought Jeffrey Tambor was a hoot as the likeable villain. The other human cameos were hilarious, too. My one complaint is that we didn't see much of the Swedish Chef, Rowlf, Stadler and Waldorf, the Electric Mayhem, and others. Hopefully the next Muppet Movie will be better than ever!!!
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the best of the muppet movies
scumbagstyle31 August 2005
this falls in my top ten movies of all time, and i know my films. this particular muppet piece transcends simple muppet silliness and commands a level of comedy reserved for an all human cast. easily the funniest and best thought out muppet movie of all time. watch for peppe the king prawn, my new favorite muppet. i used to think the Swedish chef was the best muppet, but man, he's hilarious. my favorites aren't usually comedies, but this was so well done that i can not imagine not including it in my collection. watch it through all the way, and frequently.

gonzo is supposed to be the central character of the film, so if you like a good gonzo romp, enjoy. but i think the best part of the movie is the stuff that happens around the central story. thankfully, the miss piggie story is actually funny, as she is usually the muppet that kills muppet movies. and don't worry, fozzie and the Swedish chef have their moments, as do some of the lesser known muppets. do it up man.
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One of the Best Muppet Films
iamonlyamachine8 December 2005
To date, I think "Muppets From Space" has been the best of the Muppet films since the first two, "The Great Muppet Caper" and "The Muppet Movie". I believe it's the only one where they don't sing (or maybe they sing very briefly) which is a welcome change of pace. Jeffrey Tambor is hilarious in this movie, as is his sidekick bear. The shrimp is kind of annoying, but he gets some good lines every once in awhile. All the classic Muppets are used to great effect, as usual.

Although some of the magic was lost after Jim Henson died, I prefer this film over his last theatrical Muppet feature, "Muppets Take Manhattan". "Muppets From Space" is the only post-Henson project they've done as yet that recaptures the zany magic of the early films and the TV show. A must-see for the Muppet-curious of all ages.
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Aside from a super-cool 70s R&B soundtrack, not much to recommend this one...
MartinHafer20 December 2014
"Muppets From Space" is not a very good film, though at least it's not as boring as "The Muppets Take Manhattan"! I know this isn't a glowing endorsement...but the film is definitely among the least of the Muppet films.

The plot is all about Gonzo and how no one, including him, knows exactly WHAT he is or where he came from in the first place! The film has a really cute prologue with Noah and Gonzo...but after that, it's a rather inconsequential film about Gonzo being sought by some stupid (and very clichéd) government agency that thinks he's an alien. It's rather poorly written--with very few jokes and very little heart. Additionally, many of the familiar Muppets are absent and in their place are some very unappealing and poorly designed puppets (a few of which look really creepy). All in all, a film ONLY for die-hard Muppet fans--others would best see one of the GOOD Muppet films, such as "The Muppet Movie", "The Muppets" or "The Muppet Christmas Carol". You know it's bad when the best thing about this one is the cool 70s R&B soundtrack!
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Muppets Spaced Out.
Python Hyena30 July 2015
Warning: Spoilers
Muppets From Space (1999): Dir: Timothy Hill / Cast: Jeffrey Tambor, F. Murray Abraham, David Arquette, Andie MacDowell, Rob Schneider: Perhaps the worst of the Muppet films and a definite disgrace to the Jim Henson name. Story opens with a dream where Gonzo is rejected from Noah's ark. He sets out to find out who or what he is. His breakfast cereal indicates that he is from outer space. Too bad it didn't inform him that he was involved in a stupid family film. Jeffrey Tambor plays the villain and he has radar sightings of alien activity and he looks to kidnap Gonzo for tests. While Gonzo and Rizzo the rat chew as much scenery as possible, other Muppets are given little to do. Miss Piggy is featured as a talk show host, and Kermit the frog is given nothing to work with. Horribly directed by Timothy Hill who just doesn't seem to be with the spirit of the Muppets. Tambor is amusing in an otherwise thankless role of a cardboard villain. Other live actors overact to the extremes including F. Murray Abraham, David Arquette, Rob Schneider, and Andie MacDowell. All have done better work in much better films but here they are easily upstaged by the puppets. Sure, the Muppets are the film but the celebrity appearances should count for something other than what they are reduced to here. The whole idea surrounding Gonzo's existence had potential but unfortunately it is reduced to idiocy. Score: 2 / 10
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I Like the Music in This Movie!
Benjamin Black7 June 2013
Warning: Spoilers
"Muppets From Space" was one of the first movies I ever saw in theaters. When my family and I saw it, I fell in love with it. Again, it's the Muppets, and I was a kid. Now that I view it as an adult, I must say it's one of their weaker movies. Now it's not bad, let me say that - believe me, there are many worse things the Muppets can do! There are actually a lot of things I like about this movie; but for what it is, I can only see why a lot of people don't like it, but I have to agree with them as well.

So what's bad about this movie? Well, there are a few things. First of all, this movie fails in the same way "Muppets Tonight" fails: it doesn't have the usual Muppet brand of entertainment. It doesn't have that Jim Henson spirit or that Muppet spirit that you see in other Muppet productions. In that sense, this doesn't seem like a Muppet movie; it seems like the Muppets are trying to do another type of movie. I have no problem with them telling a different type of story, but they're not telling it how they would normally tell stories, in that Muppet-like style. Secondly, I think this story is a bit immature. It sets up a really good plot and conflict: Gonzo wants to know who he is. There are so many cool, mature things you could do with this? What's the end result? He's an alien. They could have allowed so many mature, nice moments here. Instead, there's a costume made of foil, an evil man working for the government agency, and an epic spaceship landing that leads to a not-as-epic group of aliens.

Also, big shock, I don't like a lot of these characters that fill the screen. I'm glad that we actually see more of our favorite, classic characters here, but we still see some of those other characters. Johnny and Sal? Dr. Van Neuter? Pepe? PEPE?!?! I am blown away that he became a main character for the Muppets!! He's annoying!! OK, he's not THAT annoying in this movie (he gets much annoying later - just wait), but why did he get so much love and attention? What about Clifford?! In my mind, Clifford should have received that fame and popularity! I say that mainly because Clifford is actually an older character; he existed while Jim Henson was alive - that annoying shrimp came later. Bump him out of here!...But I digress.

Finally, I think the movie is kind of sloppy. I don't think the producers put enough thought into how they could make this movie work. It goes back to the creativity and genius and feeling the earlier Muppet projects had. They were simple, they had thoughts behind everything that took place, and they flowed very well. Here, it's kind of complex, we feel as if there weren't any reasons certain moments took place, and there's a lack of flow here.

This is neither good or bad, but rather something I noticed. Am I the only who's confused how the Muppets live? In "Muppet Babies," they lived in the nursery; in "The Muppets Take Manhattan," they go to college together; in "The Muppet Movie" they met each other for the first time; in "The Great Muppet Caper," they met in England; and here, they all live in the same house together. I always wondered this after I saw this movie as a kid. I've gotten over it sense, but I couldn't have been the only one confused by this.

OK, so what's good about the movie? Well, some of these jokes work. When they're funny, they're really funny. When I'm not looking at the characters I don't like, I get to see the ones I do enjoy, like Kermit, Piggy, Fozzie, Gonzo, Rizzo, Robin, Statler and Waldorf, Clifford, Bunsen and Beaker, and cameos by Scooter, Rowlf, Swedish Chef, and the Electric Mayhem...though, am I the only one who thinks it's weird that Animal has a lot of scenes away from the band? Why isn't he with them? When did his popularity grow that much? I like the music in this movie! It's movie that my parents grew up on, and it's really cool, groovy music! Though, I must admit that's a personal preference. There's another review of this movie on this website that confirmed what I thought, that some people aren't too fond of the music of this movie. And while I do like the music, I have to say it's weird the Muppets hardly sing here and that there aren't any original songs here. But, even so, I still love these songs and the music.

The movie is entertaining to watch every now and then, but it doesn't offer any of the charm or likability that any of the earlier productions have. I know a number of people who really love this movie, and maybe you will too. Again, this isn't that bad, and there are worse things they've produced (trust me, we'll get to those later!). But I would be lying if I said this is up there with "The Muppet Show," "The Muppet Movie," or "The Great Muppet Caper." I'd still suggest this movie, but don't expect to see these characters in their traditional form. BOOYIKA!
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Not The Muppet's At Their Finest,But A Good Family Movie,
FilmBuff19942 June 2013
Muppets From Space is a good movie with a nice storyline and some great characters,nothing you wouldn't expect from the classic Muppets.It definitely isn't the Muppets finest movie,its actually one of the worst,but the Muppets never fail,anyone who likes the Muppets should still get a good laugh out of this and really enjoy it.Its definitely a great movie to watch with your family,as there are a lot of funny scenes that everyone will get,Rotten Tomatoes said it's,"funny and clever enough to make for better than average family entertainment".Fans of the Muppets should enjoy Muppets From Space,and I would highly recommend this as a movie to watch with your family.

When Gonzo starts getting mysterious messages,he starts to believe that he is an alien.After he is kidnapped by a group trying to put a stop to extra terrestrial activity,its up to Kermit and the gang to save him.
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A Fun Muppet Movie!
Syl15 August 2011
The Muppets have a film about Gonzo's search for his roots. It turns out that he is extra-terrestrial and his family is coming for him on Earth. The film is your standard Muppets flick with all of the major characters especially Kermit the Frog and the lovable Miss Piggy who seeks stardom at a television station where she gets coffee for the star (Andie McDowell). There is of course it's run of cameos and performances with Jeffrey Tambor as the alien seeking government director who wants to examine Gonzo. Gonzo's friendship with the rat, Rizzo, is tested when they're kidnapped by the government agency. Kathy Griffin has a cameo as a female guard. Ray Liotta is the guard at the gate. I love Miss Piggy as she does what she wants with the agent to protect alien life. Rob Schneider has a small role as a television producer and director. This film is short and it's light-hearted like it should be. It's a family film even for adult muppet fans.
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Got the classics, a good story... still lacking something!
Robert24 April 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I love the Kermit the Frog stories, movie, films, etc. And I figured that Muppets from Space would be great. And it was, it really was! I loved how the characters interacted, the intense story, the fact that they had to save their friend, they way they presented the conflict, etc.

The thing that was lacking, I'm not sure. I felt the ending was a bit pushy. Like they were starting to rush to get it over with. I mean, Gonzo has a chance to get back to his parents, yet he chooses to stay with his friends. Which is nice, but I felt that it was a powerful moment that was lacking the right emotions.

But anyway, I cannot diss a series of classics that everyone likes. Kermit the Frog was and always will be a favorite of mine. The Muppets are great!
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I liked it
MovieAddict201624 August 2005
I saw "Muppets from Space" when it first came out and thought it was a lot of fun. It's silly, good-natured and has some clever adult humor that kids won't pick up on - as well as featuring zany stuff that the kids will love.

Since then I've seen it numerous times on TV and it always entertains. The story is fairly original for being a Muppet movie: Gonzo begins to wonder what he is, and if there are any more of his species out there in the vast beyond - and suddenly one day he's abducted by aliens who reveal themselves as his distant relatives.

Placed back on earth, Gonzo is unable to convince anyone - but is sure that his family will soon arrive on earth to take him home.

As far as the Muppet movies go this isn't the best one - my favorite is still "The Great Muppet Caper" with Charles Grodin followed by "Muppets in Manhattan" - but if you're in the right mood you'll find this is an amiable little family comedy that isn't insulting or boring. The cameos are great fun for any film buffs out there and the basic juvenile humor will appeal to children.
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Gonzo discovers he's not of this world or is he?
wedaniel-25 June 2004
It's nice to know that after watching the Muppets growing up that they still make me laugh. This movie is a family classic. The magic of the muppets will hopefully live on for generations to come. Now that I am an adult, I appreciate all the hard work and effort that went into bringing Kermit, Ms. Piggy, Gonzo, Rizzo, and Fozzie to life. The Hensen legacy lives on.

This film explores Gonzo's origins. It has many laughs and gags in the classic Muppet style. If you like the Muppets then you should like this movie. I rate it a 10 because not too many movies these days can take you back in time when things seemed simpler and less complicated.
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good cheesy fun!
eemodork3 April 2004
although this movie is very silly it was a lot of fun to watch i liked the gonzo origin story it was very fitting! it was good to see all the muppets back in action, although its not as good as the muppet movie.

i do really like pepe the praun. and all the cameo's of both humans and muppets alike was funny but it was funny to see ray liotta in this and anything with kaktie holmes is a good movie

b- good effort not the best muppet movie, but a good one none the less
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What can I say? Wocka Wocka, Funny!!!!!
NicoleFawkes12 March 2003
I think this movie is very funny. My favorite part of the movie i when you find Pepe, the little shrimp with the big mouth, loses his invisseble nes and you'll see him dancing around in a tutu (ballet thingie) This movie is one of my favorites. I got the Muppet freak nes of my mom. Who adores (very very very very very very much) Jim Henson :) As I said, funny movie. A must-see for Muppet fans!!!!!!
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really fun
andynortonuk8 September 2002
this muppet movie is one that anyone can enjoy, fan or not a fan of the muppets. With its groovy 1970s soundtrack and laughable humour all the way through, it should appeal to the masses. It may not be as good as the early one, but it is one of the better ones made after Jim Henson' death.
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a overlooked muppet movie that is really funny!
dancelikeurbored25 July 2002
"Muppets from Space" is a really funny movie. When I first saw it in the theater I was some what unhappy that the muppets didn't have to many original songs. After seeing this movie a few years later I found it to be much funnier then I had remembered. I disagree with others who say this movie doesn't have all the funny elements of past Muppet movies. This one has just as many and more and I enjoyed the route they went with in this film by using a lot of classic songs that are fun and full of energy because thats what the muppets are all about, a lot of zany energy. All in all this movie is like the fourth movie in the muppet movies I don't count a Muppet Christmas carol or Muppet Treasure Island those were theme movies that didnt have the muppets really playing themselves as they did in "the muppet movie", "the great muppet caper" and "muppets take Manhattan". Well I think I have just over analyzed the muppet franchise so I'm going to stop writing.
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