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Alyssa Milano liked the drawings made for the Book of Shadows so much that she had the artist paint murals on her walls at home.
Holly Marie Combs is the only actress to appear in every single episode during the 8 season run of 'Charmed (1998)' and the unaired pilot.
The Book of Shadows weighs 9 pounds, 6 ounces and is the most valuable prop on set.
The Book of Shadows is almost entirely hand-painted.
Holly Marie Combs was shot mainly in close-up and wore baggy clothes for most of season six to hide her real life pregnancy until it was written into the storyline to explain Chris' conception and birth. This storyline was planned prior to Holly Marie Combs becoming pregnant - one of the writers calling Holly's pregnancy 'convenient timing.'
During the first few seasons when Constance M. Burge was Executive Producer the series had more focus on the girl's sisterly ties and discovering their witchly heritage. That changed when the show's reins were handed over to Producer Brad Kern and the focus shifted more to vampy outfits and consistent relationship issues.
In the episode 'All Halliwell's Eve' in season 3, it is revealed that the name of Phoebe's true love would begin with the letter 'C'. Later in season 8 when it was announced that the show was in its final season they brought in the cupid character 'Coop' for Phoebe, meaning that 'Cole' was never Phoebe's true love, only her first love. The writers made the name begin with a 'C' on purpose.
The actress with the most Charmed Fan Mail is actually not one of the main stars of the show. Actress Finola Hughes who plays Prue, Piper, Phoebe and Paige's mother receives the most fan mail from Charmed series viewers.
The make-up design for the demon Belthazor was based on the same make-up style used for the character of Darth Maul in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (1999).
In the first season, Prue is employed at an auction house called Bucklands. The Bucklands, Raymond and Rosemary, were considered to be the first people to bring the religion of Wicca to North America.
Holly Marie Combs married an ex-Charmed key grip, David W. Donoho. They met on the set, were married in 2004 and have 3 children. Sadly though, in 2011 they filed for divorce.
Brian Krause who played Leo Wyatt, Julian McMahon who played Cole Turner, and Kerr Smith, who appeared in season seven as Agent Kyle Brody, had all auditioned for the role of Inspector Andy Trudeau, who was a character played by actor Ted King in season one.
Although he was only a regular in one season, Drew Fuller appeared in four seasons of Charmed.
Due to budget cuts in season 8, Brian Krause was written off the show temporarily and Dorian Gregory was axed from the show completely
Telekinesis is the most common power in the Halliwell line. Carriers include Melinda Warren, Prue, Penny, Chris, Wyatt, Paige and the granddaughter from 'Forever Charmed'. Piper's freezing power has only recurred in her mother (apart from Melinda Warren) and Phoebe is the only witch that is known of (apart from Melinda Warren) to receive the premonitions power. Although once in season one ,Patty Halliwell spoke of having a premonition the day that she found out she was pregnant with Phoebe, also the same day the sisters traveled back in time to change their future. Patty's premonition came from the fetal Phoebe.
The house used for the exterior shots of the "Manor" is located at 1329 Carroll Ave in the Echo Park Section of Los Angeles. (The same house was used for the exterior of the tall woman's house in Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo (1999).)
Throughout the series, the Sisters continually lose and gain powers, swap and share powers with demons and experience short periods of newfound powers. The season 1 episode "Love Hurts" is unique, as it is the only episode in the series where any of the sisters exchange powers amongst each other. (In the season 7 episode "Ordinary Witches", Piper and Phoebe attempted to swap powers. But an interruption from an unforeseen attack caused their powers to land in two unsuspecting civilians.)
The opening theme, "How Soon is Now" is a cover by Love Spit Love of a song by '80s British band The Smiths. It originally appeared in The Craft (1996), also about witches.
Only four members of the titled cast appeared in the 50th, 100th and 150th episodes - Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Brian Krause and Julian McMahon.
Rose McGowan revealed in an interview in October 2014 that she thought she had signed up for two seasons. She was told this by the producers, and was happy doing those episodes. When the ratings kept going up and the show was renewed for more seasons, she found out she had signed for five seasons in total. Which ended up being the amount of time she worked on the show.
The show's popularity inspired toy company SOTA Toys to create 6.5" action figures of the characters: Piper, Phoebe, Paige and Belthazor which come with interlocking attic walls and a miniature Book of Shadows. Originally an alternate toy of the Prue character was to be made, but actress Shannen Doherty declined to the offer to have her likeness made into a Charmed doll.
Jennifer Rhodes who plays Penny Halliwell (grams) has appeared in every season of charmed for at least 1 episode.
According to Aaron Spelling, the show was renewed for a full season of 22 episodes after only two episodes had aired.
In June 2001, Executive Producer, Aaron Spelling announced after several auditions and many considered actresses (including Jennifer Love Hewitt, Sarah Brown, Tiffani Thiessen, Soleil Moon Frye, Susan Ward and Eliza Dushku) that Rose McGowan had won the role of Paige Matthews, the long-lost, baby half-sister of Prue, Piper and Phoebe.
"Charmed and Dangerous" was originally meant to be the fourth season finale, with the following story lines used for the fifth season and "Long Live the Queen" was to be the 100th episode.
Shannen Doherty was paid $75,000 per episode.
The first musical guest at P3 was Dishwalla and the last was Liz Phair.
Although the city depicted in the show is San Francisco, the show is actually filmed in Los Angeles. All the aerial shots and background shots that are shown are actually stock footage.
Prue and Phoebe's past lives are the only witches in the line not to receive Warren powers. Phoebe had pyrokinesis (the ability to create fire) and Prue had cryokinesis (the ability to generate ice). Similarly, Paige's past life could control the elements although we only saw her control wind and fire.
Whenever an actor stands at the front door of the real Halliwell Manor, it is obvious that there is no central hallway in that house since a wall is right behind the actor. The inside of the real house was used for the pilot show, however every other show was filmed on a much larger set on a sound-stage.
Wyatt's powers were never fully listed. But some of the powers that he's shown using on the show are, Orbing, conjuring (without casting spells) summoning the dead (at will) Pyrokenesis, telekinesis, power swapping, dematerialization, prescience, shrinking, putting up force fields and healing.
Every season ends with a door closing. It is usually the manor's door shutting, but the sixth season ends with the hospital door shutting after Chris was born. In the last season the door is shut by Piper and Leo's granddaughter using telekinesis, the same way Prue used to do.
Lori Rom was originally cast as Phoebe, but after the pilot was shot she bowed out for personal reasons and was replaced by Alyssa Milano, with whom Rom's scenes were re-shot upon casting.
Kit the cat, turned out to be the Charmed Ones' familiar; spirit guide. Since being adopted by the Halliwells, Kit would disappear from time to time and not be seen for days. A possible explanation was given in the season 5 episode "Cat House" when Paige mentions that a cat like Kit used to hang outside of her loft. Most likely, Kit was keeping an eye on Paige due to her charmed heritage even though she was not yet a part of the power of three.
During hiatus between seasons two and three, producers discussed possible storylines for season three. Executive Producer Brad Kern wanted to bring in a season long love interest for the Phoebe character who started out bad but becomes good. Fellow Executive Producer and show creator Constance M. Burge was against the idea as the character Piper already had a convoluted season long relationship storyline and she wanted to focus back to the sisterly dynamic of the show. After realizing that she wasn't going to win the debate, Burge left the series and full production reigns fell to Kern.
After Prue quit Buckland's Auction House, she was employed as a photographer at "415" magazine whose title is also the area code for San Francisco telephone numbers. The magazine was mentioned at other times throughout the remainder of the series including when Phoebe, as the writer of the "Ask Phoebe" column, posed for the magazine.
In season six episode 12, the Leader of the Order says "I find your lack of faith disturbing." This is a quote from Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope (1977), originally said by Darth Vader.
Michael Bailey Smith played multiple demons in season 3 of Charmed, including Belthazar, Shax, and one of the Grimlocks in 'All Halliwell's Eve'.
Throughout the series, Leo's orbs always elevate no matter where he's traveling. (Even when traveling down to the underworld or back down to earth from the Heavens.) He's the only Whitelighter who does this.
The actresses that played Prue Halliwell (Shannen Doherty) and Penny 'Grams' Halliwell (Jennifer Rhodes) are both in the movie Heathers (1988). In further connection to the movie - the character Jason Dean (Eric Dane)is introduced. Jason Dean (also known as "J.D." for short) is the name of Christian Slater's character in the movie "Heathers." The church Paige's friend Glen is about to marry in is also the same one where Heather Chandler's funeral was held in "Heathers."
Until the appearance of the character Chris Perry in the fifth season finale episode "Oh My Goddess", the only male witches shown on the series have all been children. Richard was the only other male witch until he gave up his powers for a fear of being controlled by them and eventually turning evil.
Before either Shannen Doherty or her replacement Rose McGowan were on "Charmed", they both played valley girls (Numbers 2 and 3) in a short cameo in the movie Nowhere (1997). (Their dialog together is listed on the Memorable Quotes page for that movie.)
When Dorian Gregory left the show after the seventh season his absence was explained by having Darryl taking a special assignment on the east coast and having Sheila and Darryl Jr. move with him.
Cole was originally written for a seven-episode arc, but the producers were so happy with Julian McMahon performance and chemistry with Alyssa Milano that ended up making a regular.
In the episode "Pardon my Past", we see the Warren family tree. It shows P. Baxter as the mother of Penny Halliwell (née Johnson). P Baxter was Piper's past life, meaning she was Grams' mother in her last life.
The character Phoebe didn't own a car of her own until season five. Before then she either rode her bike, used public transport, or had to ask her sisters for transportation.
Outside the window of magic school you can see the Golden Gate Bridge as if magic school is floating in mid air
Beginning with season seven, the Charmed set moved from its previously smaller Canoga Park, California studio lot to the more grand scale Paramount Studios lot.
In a screening of the reality medium program 'Lisa Williams, Life Among the Dead' - Lisa was asked to visit an address to investigate a possible haunting. The house she visited was on the same street in Los Angeles as the Charmed Manor. The house can actually be seen in the background as Lisa is filmed exiting her vehicle.
Among the many stages of the magical hierarchy, it's possible that The Tribunal is the highest level. Composed of a high council of Elders and Demons, they serve to protect all forms of magic. Other magical entities such as The Angel of Death and The Angels of Destiny, operate on their own (without answering to either side) and serve to keep balance in the cosmos. The Avatars existed entirely outside of this. Their powers maintained the cosmos in a way beyond good and evil but cost people their free will.
Each time Cole struggled with his evil side, he would become physically sick. (Such can be seen in each of the three seasons where Cole was featured; struggling against Belthazor, against the Source and against the collective demonic powers he gained in the Astral plain.)
In season one, Rebecca Balding plays the character Aunt Jackie in the episode The Fourth Sister. She will later go on to play Phoebe's Editor-in-Chief at The Bay Mirror, Elise Rothman.
Cole has on numerous occasions, saved the Charmed ones with either his demonic powers or his knowledge of the other side. From the time when he first assisted Phoebe in tackling Dantalian the Dark Priestess, Cole has often been the "Deus Ex Machina" that saved the power of three.
At the end of the pilot episode, the newspaper Prue is holding shows the same headline that inspired Robin William's character Daniel to use name Mrs Doubtfire in the titular movie. "Police Doubt Fire Was Accidental". However, it is not the same newspaper. Prue is holding the Gazette whereas Daniel was reading the Chronicle.
During the eighth season in January 2006, Spelling Television and producer Brad Kern claimed that Charmed had become the longest running TV series with all-female leads, surpassing "Laverne & Shirley" (1976). However this is not true as "The Facts of Life" (1979) actually ran for nine seasons, which is a year longer than Charmed.
Throughout the series, a common motif surrounding the character Phoebe was that should she was susceptible to giving up on love. When she summoned her future self, she encountered an unmarried, bitter woman with strong resentments; yet somehow she was willing to sacrifice her life for Cole which may have changed the future in which she never married him. Despite this, it seemed that Cole's ultimate betrayal left such a lasting impact on Phoebe that while watching her from a distance he had to intervene and indirectly convince her never to give up on love. This eventually led to her meeting Coop who became the love of her life. In summoning her future self, Phoebe changed her future of dying to save her old love and made way for her to meet a new one.
Holly Marie Combs starred in Dr. Giggles (1992). Among the cast were 'Darin Heames' and Keith Diamond. Darin played a Tracer demon in Season 5 and Keith had a recurring role as Inspector Reece Davidson.
Shannon Doherty has stated numerous times that the onset fight between her and Alyssa was due to both growing up as child stars and both promised the lead role causing stiff when it was switched around to reflect one another each season. But since tension has cooled and they became friends,
Piper's career change, resembles that of fictional character Louisa Trotter; the main character from the BBC series "Duchess of Duke Street." Both she and Piper initially aspired to become great chefs but wound up the proprietor of a well known establishment.
The Charmed Ones coven never learned that Cole had joined the Avatars years before they became aware of them. At the time, Cole realized that the Avatars needed a great power like his; possibly for his invulnerability. The way the Avatars power collective works, is by pooling great sources of power; with their commons goal as a possible "anchoring point." Like this, the collective operated almost like single body with each Avatar as limbs and organs. Their only weakness, was the ancient potion which can kill them. In the case of Cole Turner's addition to the collective, The Avatars may have been able to share in his invulnerability; eliminating the threat of the potion and making them truly unstoppable.
During the course of the show the sisters drove the following vehicles: Prue drove a Mazda Miata and later a BMW X3, Piper drove a Jeep Cherokee and later a Jeep Grand Cherokee, Phoebe drove a Mini Cooper and Paige drove a Volkswagen Beetle.
Wyatt and Billie are the only naturally blonde hair characters on the show
All Hell Breaks Loose was a cliff hanger so they would have options about rather Prue or Phoebe would be leaving.
Kaley Cuoco was brought in so all the leads would have more time off.
In Hungary, the original script translator of the series was sacked after the first 10 episodes, after fans had pointed out 300 serious translation errors in those episodes alone.
The show creators wanted pictures of Prue around the house and in flashbacks but network said they would have to pay Shannens salary for image use thus they never used any and had to choose a picture of Prue in the finale or bring back old guest stars.
It was a challenge to find male co-stars that wouldn't dis-empower the women, Cole was suppose to stick around for only seven episodes.
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The theme song used in the show is the same song used in "The Craft". A movie about 4 witches.
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Victor was given three separate reasons for leaving home. One was he didn't want the girls to grow up around magic. Two was Patty's affair with her whitelighter. Three was an argument he had with grams causing her to kick him out.
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A recurring joke on the show was the grandfather clock being destroyed. P. Baxter knocked Anton over the head with it. Penny through Nigel into it to protect her granddaughters. The demon of illusion knocked Phoebe into it. Krell (bounty hunter)was thrown into it. Alister moved out of the way causing Piper to blow it up. Forever Charmed when the house blew up. When Paige met Prue the disruption caused it to explode.
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Shannon Doherty was originally considered for the role of Piper.
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In episode 4 Mark says according to Chinese mythology if a proper burial isn't provided to the body Yama drags him to hell. In the episode you find Yama riding a horse however in the Hindu mythology Yama rides on a buffalo and sends the souls to heaven or hell based on their deeds
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Budget was cut so low that they couldn't film on location and had to drop cast members like Brian Krause and Dorian Gregory.
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Before the character of Paige Matthews was created, there was some consideration of recasting the role of Prue Halliwell. Tiffany Thessien and Jennifer Love Hewitt were offered the role but turned it down. In the end it was decided to kill off Prue instead.
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The first letter of all the Halliwell sisters name begins with P
The show runners market it as a T&A type show and network preferred Buffy more.
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Shannen Doherty who played the role of Prue Halliwell already became famous worldwide as Brenda Walsh from Beverly Hills 90210 since 1990.Unfortunately, she was forced to leave that TV series as well after just a few seasons, exactly like Charmed.
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Phoebe poses for 415 magazine; 415 is the area code for San Francisco.
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In season 2 episode 16, "Murphy's Luck," future movie star Amy Adams guest stars.
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The reason as to why Shannen Doherty was fired is not known.
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In season 2 episode 11 Shannon Doherty is reunited with Stephanie Beecham who guest starred several times as Dylen McCays mom on 90210 another Aaron Spelling show in which Shannon starred in
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The Magical Theology in Charmed differs from established norms outside of its reality. Mainly certain beings play roles differing from commonly accepted ones such as Warlocks. By definition a Warlock is merely a man who practices Wicca (or a Male Witch) but in charmed Warlocks are an entirely different immortal race. It is established early in the series that Warlocks are essentially evil witches and can also be women. While all Warlocks are evil, not every evil witch that the sisters encounter in the show, are Warlocks; they merely devote their craft to evil.
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Kern never asked Shannen back, thought it wasn't worth it and wanted to focus on the leads.
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In season 2 episode 17 Lucy Lee Flippin (who at one time starred on Little House On The Prairie) the TV show in which Shannon Doherty got her start in acting on.
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The trivia items below may give away important plot points.

In season 1 when Phoebe's premonition power grows and she is able to see the past for the first time she sighs and says "Somehow I thought I was gonna get to fly". Later in season 3, she gets the power of levitation which was later cut out due to dangerous and expensive stunts and replaced with the power of empathy.
In the casting process, Shannen Doherty said she would not do the show if they didn't cast Holly on the show with her and later Holly was the one that ended up doing the show without Shannen
The concept of Cupid is first introduced in Season 2. In season 8 Phoebe is assigned her own Cupid as the Elders fear she has lost hope about love. In the series finale, her nephews from the future inform her that the Elders assigned Coop, her personal Cupid, with hopes that she would fall in love with him and in the final sequence their wedding is briefly shown.
During the second season on episode four, when the girls are in P3 (Pipers Club), if you listen closely you can hear the theme song to the show playing in the back ground.
Among the most powerful villains that the Sisters face throughout the series, are the opponents Barbas, The Triad, Cole Turner (in all of his forms), The Source, The Hollow, The Shadow, The Titans, Zankou, Billie and Christy.
Piper struggled to find a name for her first child that would start with P in order to retain the family heritage. But they came to the realization that they didn't have to follow that tradition since the child was a boy. Since the child is a boy, they wanted to pay homage to the father's side and Leo's surname becomes the baby's first name - Wyatt. She also uses Paige's adopted last name, Matthew (s), as Wyatt's middle name.
Piper Halliwell is the only Charmed One to have not killed a human. Prue killed "The Dream Sorcerer" (who despite his name was a human) as well as Ms. Hellfire (although the latter was in self defence). While Phoebe and Paige used a spell to transform Rick Gittrige into the likeness of Chris, so that the scabbar demons would kill Rick instead of Chris.

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