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7 Oct. 1998
Something Wicca This Way Comes
Three sisters reunite after the death of their beloved grandmother, and learn they have inherited much more than the family manor.
14 Oct. 1998
I've Got You Under My Skin
Phoebe can't resist a peek into the future. She and her sisters learn their first lesson in witchcraft - deadly demons can come in any kind of package, including gorgeous male photographers.
21 Oct. 1998
Thank You for Not Morphing
The sisters' father returns after a 20 year absence, and evil neighbours who can change shape set out to steal the Book of Shadows.
28 Oct. 1998
Dead Man Dating
Piper falls for the ghost of a recently murdered man who needs her help to ensure that he receives a proper burial before an ancient evil spirit can claim his soul.
4 Nov. 1998
Dream Sorcerer
Prue's sleep is disturbed by strange visions in which she's taunted by a sinister and threatening man who has taken over her subconscious.
11 Nov. 1998
The Wedding from Hell
Piper discovers a man who is being forced by evil beings to marry against his will, leading to a fight with a demonic wedding party.
18 Nov. 1998
The Fourth Sister
A troubled teenage witch comes to the sisters for help and guidance, hoping that the Halliwells will become her mentors, but it transpires that the girl is an unwitting pawn in the schemes of an evil sorcerers.
25 Nov. 1998
The Truth Is Out There... and It Hurts
Prue decides she must find out how Andy will react to her being a witch so she casts a truth spell. The 24-hour spell makes anyone around the sisters tell the truth. But is the truth what they really want to hear?
16 Dec. 1998
The Witch Is Back
Prue is attacked by a warlock from the past, but Phoebe calls on an ancestor to help protect the sisters, and Piper works up her courage to ask Leo out.

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