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15 Sep. 1958
The Emperor's Hat
Overrun by Austrians, and ruled by the evil tyrant, Landburgher Gessler, Switzerland soon forms a resistance movement. One such band is led by William Tell.
22 Sep. 1958
The Hostages
Annoyed by Tell's activities, Gessler issues orders to have the archer arrested - but Tell has disappeared. Not to be outdone, Gessler seizes six villagers as hostages: each of them will die - unless Tell returns within 12 hours.
29 Sep. 1958
Secret Death
When his wife is captured by Gessler's troops and sentenced to death, Tell offers himself in exchange - a dangerous move? Not when you have the loyalty of several trustworthy supporters.
6 Oct. 1958
The Gauntlet of St. Gerhardt
A religious relic, the Gauntlet of St Gerhardt, appears to inspire the Swiss to feats of valour. Gessler makes plans to steal it by having the Abbot who guards it killed. Tell, however, has other plans.
13 Oct. 1958
The Prisoner
On his way to deliver a message to William Tell, a resistance man is captured and taken to a secluded fortress. It appears Tell will learn his secret - but the resistance leader has other plans.
20 Oct. 1958
Voice in the Night
After a disagreement with Gessler, Judge Furst is thrown into a dungeon. His clerk - a secret Austrian collaborator - is appointed Judge in his place, but Tell plans to expose him.
27 Oct. 1958
The Assassins
Two Swiss collaborators, arrested by Gessler for murdering Prince Karl, are given a chance to save their necks from the hangman's noose. They must discover Tell's hiding kill him.
3 Nov. 1958
The Baroness
When her husband is invited to visit the castle of a beautiful baroness who says she is being blackmailed, Hedda, suspecting the woman of working for Gessler, follows Tell and uncovers a devious plot.
10 Nov. 1958
The Elixir
A local monastery, run by Italian monks, is making a delicious brew, then donating the proceeds to founding a school for Swiss children. Never one to pass up an opportunity to swell his coffers, Gessler arrests the holy men.
17 Nov. 1958
The Suspect
Tell must prove a young girl innocent of the charge of giving information to the Austrians about secret arms shipment secret arms shipments to the resistance workers. If he doesn't, the girl will be hanged by the townspeople.
24 Nov. 1958
The Cuckoo
Early every morning, Gessler is awakened by a cuckoo. At his wits' end, his problem is compounded further when he receives a message from the Emperor demanding taxes Gessler hasn't yet collected.
1 Dec. 1958
The Bear
When his son joins Tell's group, and refuses to return home, the Bear, a robber, swears to seek revenge on Tell and his followers. As events turn out, the two men form an uneasy an uneasy but beneficial alliance.
8 Dec. 1958
The Magic Powder
Doctor Klein, a scientist working for Gessler, invents an explosive powder for use in road-making. When his employer decides to use the invention for warfare. Klein seeks refuge with William Tell - who has greater need of such a discovery.
15 Dec. 1958
The Golden Wheel
Having discovered where the resistance hides its funds, Gessler make plans to stop further money reaching them. As always, he has reckoned without William Tell's interference - and the Landburgher's coffers suffers as a result.
22 Dec. 1958
The Bride
Maddelenna is being forcibly taken to Altdorf Castle as a bride for Gessler. Tell sees this as an opportunity to reach their enemy a lesson, but his wife Hedda is not so sure.
29 Dec. 1958
Boy Slaves
Can Tell trust the word of his enemy? He must, if he is to obtain the release of several young boys whom Gessler is holding as slaves in a labour camp. Alone and unarmed he may be - but Tell has an ace up his sleeve.

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