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Season 1

7 Sep. 1998
Justice Reborn: Part 1
Division Alpha agent Nancy Miner must prevent the assassination attempt on the Premiere of fictional Naugmenastan who's visiting New Detroit. Since the city is still as corrupt as ever in the 2020s, she is given a unique new partner.
8 Sep. 1998
Justice Reborn: Part 2
RoboCop is commandeered by corrupt deputy mayor Goodrich, the same one who got Murphy shut down five years ago, and delivered to Marta Kludge, operative of DARC. Nancy and RoboCop's clumsy creator Doctor Neumeier must save Murphy.
9 Sep. 1998
Justice Reborn: Part 3
Nancy and RoboCop discover D.A.R.C.'s plan to assassinate the Premiere of Naugmenastan with a huge bomb hidden in the city's sewers. Murphy must also try to resist the order implanted in his code by Marta to kill the Premiere himself.
10 Sep. 1998
Cloning technology allows Murphy to become human again. However, the procedure is handled by doctor Anais Gaia, a female geneticist with sinister motives.
11 Sep. 1998
Town of Tomorrow
A gated community is attacked by the same robots that are suppose to protect it. Robocop investigates.
14 Sep. 1998
Slimy arcade owner is brainwashing kids to get them to unwittingly sabotage his competitors. Agent Nancy Miner's son becomes one of his drones. Her partner Robocop investigates.
15 Sep. 1998
Plague on Ice
In Antarctica, a viral alien infection that causes hallucinations and acute paranoia in humans infects a science team. Robocop, Doc and agent Miner are sent to investigate.
16 Sep. 1998
Robo Racer
D.A.R.C. plans to kidnap one of the politically-connected V.I.P. racers in the Dakar Rally, a highly challenging real-life annual car race from Paris, France to Dakar, Senegal. Robocop is sent to stop them.
17 Sep. 1998
The Hermanator
A nerdy genius with delusions of grandeur gets rejected by the police academy, so in revenge, he creates a cybernetic technology that gives him the power to manipulate the shape and appendages of his powerful robotic exoskeleton.
18 Sep. 1998
D.A.R.C. plans to kidnap a kid who's claiming on the Internet he's RoboCop's son.
21 Sep. 1998
The Weakest Link
Doc is visited by his old flame Charlotte, a loving lab technician. At first it seems as if his dreams have come true, but good things never last, especially when money is involved.
23 Sep. 1998
Really, Really Big Shoo
A sleazy TV producer plans to save his failing reality show about cops by getting Robocop killed on air.
23 Sep. 1998
A Pretty Girl Is Like a Malady
A jaded stand-up comic releases a virus that makes people lose control over themselves due to overwhelming feeling of hysteria and happiness. Robocop becomes infected as well.
24 Sep. 1998
Francesca's Quest
Francesca, a violent cyborg working for D.A.R.C., is let loose in New Anchorage, Alaska where she uses violent means to try to uncover who she was before her life of crime.
25 Sep. 1998
Power Play
Terrorist take over a Moon Colony and threaten with attacks on Earth unless they are given independence. Robocop is sent to the Moon to stop them.
28 Sep. 1998
Deep Trouble
Robocop investigates whether or not an underwater community is responsible for unusual seismic activity that causes dangerous tidal waves.
29 Sep. 1998
Maxsop 4
Agent Miner is sent to Texas to when a prison riot breaks. The one behind it is The Minotaur, her old nemesis who's out for revenge.
5 Oct. 1998
Oh Tannenbaum Whoa Tannenbaum
It's the Christmas season and a series of thefts committed by robotic toys is rocking New Detroit.
6 Oct. 1998
We'll Always Have Paris
Robocop is sent to Paris to stop a terrorist threat against the Eiffel Tower. However, his emotion chip gets damaged and the terrorists gain the upper hand.
12 Oct. 1998
Best Friends
Someone is causing massive power outages throughout New Detroit and even Robocop can't stop him.
13 Oct. 1998
Garden of Evil
Robocop and agent Miner follow some D.A.R.C. agents through Louisiana swamps and stumble upon strange plant pods that can create pod people, plant-based clones of humans. A creature who wants to take over the world controls them.
2 Nov. 1998
Marta Kludge, operative of D.A.R.C. and old agent Miner and Robocop's nemesis, kidnaps their police sergeant. This time Robocop has a backup - Robodog.
3 Nov. 1998
Brawl in the Family
The actor who plays a beloved children's TV character becomes the victim of ransom and Robocop is sent to deal with the situation. Turns out the guy is everything but lovable.
4 Nov. 1998
Cop Games
The mob organizes fake competition called Cop Games to get rid of all the cops. Robocop and mindless robotic law enforcers must deal with the situation.
While on a desert raid against D.A.R.C. agents, Doc Neumeier ingests a liquid from a secret D.A.R.C. chemical facility and turns into water-like substance. Robocop and agent Miner must save him before he evaporates.
Inside Out
Robocop and his friends are falsely charged with treason. Their only way out is to find out who set them up by themselves. Answers lie within the New Florida Republic.
19 Nov. 1998
The Erg and I
The Erg, a robotic agent of D.A.R.C., threatens New Detroit. Unless they give him the body of a specific journalist, he'll destroy the city.
Survival of the Fittest
Doctor Gaia sends her deadliest mutant yet, called Biomax, after RoboCop.
11 Nov. 1998
While You Were Sleeping
After being shut down for a while for maintenance, Robocop awakens in a very different world from the one he knows.
Return of the Hermanator
Technology that once before allowed Herman, a nerdy genius with delusions of grandeur, to control the shape and appendages of his cybernetic nano suit mutates into an AI hellbent on eradicating humans.
Family Reunion, Part 1
As the public unrest is growing, a sinister man offers his Harmonybots as the solution to the crowd control problem.
Family Reunion, Part 2
Harmonybots first calm the rioters down and then everyone else. Soon, the whole New Detroit is under their total control. Can Murphy stop them? Also, he gets the chance to see his family one more time.
Small Packages
Sergeant is suffering from a mysterious illness. Doc comes up with an idea - Robocop and agent Miner can use his Reversible Matter Compressor to miniaturize themselves and enter Sergeant's body to see what's wrong.
17 Oct. 1998
Head Games
Robocop must travel back to civilization on foot while carrying a talkative robotic head containing data about DARC.
Darc Secrets
Robocop and his friends obtain some sensitive information about D.A.R.C. and become targets.
Thank You Very Mulch
Mulch, the plant-like mutant that controls pod plants that create pod people which are plant-based clones of humans identical to their human counterparts in every way, is back and the world is in danger once more. Robocop must stop him.
1 Dec. 1998
Father's Day
Agent Miner's son Matt is glad to see his absent dad again. What he doesn't know is that his dad is actually a special agent codenamed Bravo. RoboCop, Matt and his dad go to Swiss Alps to stop D.A.R.C. from using a super-laser.
1 Feb. 1999
Out of the Dark
When a digging crew endangers the caverns where surviving Neanderthals have been living in hiding for thousands of years, they rebel and Robocop and his friends must deal with the situation.
2 Feb. 1999
Das Re-Boot
RoboCop must save SS Colossal, a gigantic oceanic passenger liner not unlike Titanic, from DARC. to do this he teams up with an unusual robot.
3 Feb. 1999
Talk About the Weather
A jaded weatherman activates a weather controlling satellite that threatens New Detroit.

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