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Why was this show cancelled?
beowuuf26 June 2004
This show, for UK viewers, was buried at, oh, 3am on a Saturday/Sunday morning on channel four. It was sheer fluke that I caught it, but so glad I did!

The idea of the show was that a person who had suffered an injustice that had gone unpunished would receive an anonymous note offering 'Vengence Unlimited'. They would then receive a visit from Mr Chapel, who would offer to help them get justice in exchange for either One million dollars, or, somewhere down the line, a single favour. Of course, none of the victims could afford that, so this left a very good trail of people in varying positions and authority to help right other people's wrongs later in the show.

The first episode followed a quest to set up the murderer of a mother, who was freed by a corrupt lawyer. Kathleen York's character was introduced as just another person who owes Chapel a favour for, Unlike the other people he had helped though, at the end of the first episode she tracked him down help him help others.

This was a good vehicle for Michael Madson, as he got to play his usual cool likable rogue but as a good guy, so not someone to be killed off at the end! The plots were intelligent, and it was always fun to try and work out how he would finally the bad guy. Another one to chalk up on the 'why did they cancel this?!' list.
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Catch it if you can.
Christopher Pike21 February 2003
This is the all-time great overlooked series that is so little remembered, it doesn't even qualify for cult status. I managed to see it on late-night TV in Sweden, and I was astonished by the quality of the writing. Everything about it was consistently top drawer from episode one, unlike virtually every other great show I can think of. No wobbly, awkward start here.

Some series just come and go under the radar, nobody seems to take notice. What a shame that happened with this show. Don't hold your breath for a deluxe DVD box set, but that's exactly what "Vengeance Unlimited" deserves.
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I love it!
mor_s26 July 2002
I really enjoyed this show. It's all about justice and doing the right thing. I loved how Chapel managed to punish the bad guys with a sophisticated scam. He made them go crazy and incriminated them in something they hadn't really done- all to make sure they don't go unpunished from the horrible things they have really done. I like Chapel's character- he has a unique sense of humor, he's a bit cocky and sure of himself, very cunning and truly cares about the wrongs in the world. His goal is to fight evil and injustice and in his own words:" We live in a world, you and I, where people can kill someone and get a book deal out of it because they hire the right lawyer, or they get an acting teacher who teaches them how to cry on camera. KC:"You think you can change all that?" Chapel:"Well, maybe not, but I don't have to tolerate it."

Michael Madsen is excellent as Chapel. He has this tough-and-rough look about him (which is why he usually plays the bad guys...) which really fits Chapel's character. Kathleen York is great too as KC- Chapel's assistant.

The idea of the show, plots, script, acting- everything is great. Too bad it only lasted 1 season before it was canceled (only god knows why...). If you have the chance- watch this show. I promise you'll be feeling very satisfied when the episode ends and thinking: "Yes! Chapel really nailed that guy...".

Watch and enjoy.
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Was one of the best TV shows ever! Thanks ABC NOT
jclarkeaw23 June 2005
Once in a while there comes along a show or movie where everything just comes together like Silence Of The Lambs, this show is one of them. It's like it was made just for Michael Madsen who was perfect casting. The show was fantastic and the writing and casting was also. The main reason it was not picked up is it was against Friends and ABC didn't stand by it as they should have but never do, the least they could have done is move it. ABC actually screwed the show and producers by hanging them up and not making a decision until the last moment, there were other networks interested in it but ABC wouldn't make a decision until the last minute and then it was to late to get it on another network. There was a big amount of people on the WB Vengeance web page trying to get it to stay on and the producers and creators actually wrote pieces on there updating the news. What a shame and what a waste of great talent and a loss for the viewing public.
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PLEASE Bring it back
snoozer4318 December 2003
I could not believe that they canceled this series. It has to be the worst move in television history. Just one episode would have you thinking the same way. If you never saw it, I can only describe it as a combination of the movies "The Sting", "The Grifters", "Absence of Malice" and "the Pretender" a television series. Of course I'm exaggerating, but thats how I felt about this show. I would be thrilled just to watch the reruns if the powers that be would at least allow that.
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fastal6 October 2002
Topnotch in every aspect. Probably died due to the time slot. ABC was very resistive to moving this from 7pm on thursdays to any later time slot. The show was of substantive quality, but was not family hour viewing. So, why do we need to look ahead at the latest Nielson ratings for ABC? They are, once again, last, because they have no executives with a pulse. Hopefully, CBS will learn their lesson with HACK!!!!
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Venegance Unlimited is a great show.
lrshannon6 July 2005
I loved this show.I don't understand why it was taken off the TV schedule.I hope to find it on DVD somewhere.I wish they would put this show back on TV.It is so very hard to find a good show on TV now.Michael Madson is a great actor,and I hope to see him on another TV series someday.Maybe they will put Venegence Unlimited on as a series again.I sure would watch every episode,and I am sure a lot of viewers would do the same.If they would put Venegance Unlimited back as a series,I sure hope they would have Michael Madsen as the star.No one else could play the role as good as he does.It would not be as good with someone else in the starring role.
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I agree that this show should not have been canceled!
I enjoyed watching the bad people getting their up comings! That was the first time that I have seen Michael Madsen. It was a brilliant show and I cannot believe how silly the network was to cancel this show. Michael Madsen was excellent in this show! My husband even loved the show and was VERY disappointed when it was canceled. What were the network people thinking?!?
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how could they cancel this show?
byor5 April 2001
It is super great awesome fantasticorama! I mean that. Super and awesome and fantastic. Michael Madsen is great and all the episodes of the TV show were almost as good as the movie!
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This is a great show with terrific acting, awesome scripts and a really good premise.
George-4530 October 1998
This show rocks my world. Michael Madsen is so awesome as the avenging angel/devil. He really cares about people and wants to punish those that wreak suffering on others. It's obvious that the event that triggered his avenging ways was some type of loss in his life. Most likely his wife was abducted and killed for some reason. The fact that he couldn't save her drives him to save others in similar situations. His relationship with K.C. is very well played. She was originally afraid of him but got to know him as a great guy. Now I think she feels that their relationship is sort of brother-sister in nature. I wish Chapel could have a relationship with a woman but with his lifestyle it would be difficult to say the least. He is so charming and sure of himself, but he's not cocky or arrogant. He tells it like it is and he isn't afraid to get hurt or hurt others to see that justice is done. I really respect his way of life. He seems to live for his job, not really having any vices to distort his perception. He keeps a clear head and because of it is always able to get himself out of trouble. He does things his own way, not involving law enforcement because sometimes law enforcers are as corrupt as the people they fight. I like the show also because it has a nice sense of humor. When Chapel accidentally spills the contents of K.C.'s purse and sees her underwear, or when he gives one of his patented quick retorts to the baddie, it makes me laugh. The humor aspect is a nice and refreshing aspect of a show that could have been extremely dark otherwise. It's a tremendous show that I hope survives the season. Michael Madsen is a great actor. Him and his character are blessings bestowed on us by ABC. I just hope they don't take the show away before it has a chance to become a fully developed crime/drama/mystery.
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