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5 Jan. 1963
When a man's body is discovered in a crate unloaded from a boat at a Baltimore dock, Craig flies to South America with orders to infiltrate a 'hit' squad, a team of assassins prepared to kill anyone for money.
12 Jan. 1963
The Princess
Assasination attempts on a haughty Arab princess makes her continued stay at a Swiss finishing school impossible, so Craig must risk getting her safely to the airport, and accompany her on the flight home.
19 Jan. 1963
The Big Time
A small time crook steals a bag of diamonds being used as bait to trap a smuggling ring that the Ghost Squad had planted, now they and the smugglers are after him.
26 Jan. 1963
Death of a Sportsman
In Egypt, Miller insists he's just seen a famous British sportsman in passing at his hotel- the problem is, the chap's been dead and buried for a week. He insists on investigating and uncovers a connection with a smuggling ring.
2 Feb. 1963
Interrupted Requiem
A scientist refuses to do further work on a British rocket system after he gets a glimpse of his supposedly dead daughter. Craig is sent undercover to a hostile country under cover as toy maker at a trade show to locate her.
9 Feb. 1963
East of Mandalay
Miller is sent to investigate a British mining corporation in a jungle-choked, revolution-infested far eastern country. After attempts on his life, it's determined that the whole operation is only a cover for international arms smugglers.
16 Feb. 1963
Escape Route
Craig poses as an embezzler on the run to infiltrate a criminal network that's supposed to make clients "disappear" into a new identity far away from the authorities that are after them.
23 Feb. 1963
The Last Jump
When a paratrooper's chute fails to open during a training exercise and secret telemetry equipment is stolen from a top secret base and turns up in Germany, agent Tony Miller is assigned to investigate.
2 Mar. 1963
Miller assumes the identity of a Polish expatriate and small time crook to infiltrate cell of a politically motivated international crime syndicate working out of a run-down London garage.
9 Mar. 1963
The Heir Apparent
Threats to an Arab oil sheik's son are monitored while he's a student at an eccentric English public school by Craig, now under cover as the school's sports instructor.
16 Mar. 1963
The Magic Bullet
Assigned to protect the life - and secrets - of an eminent metallurgist attending a science conference at a country retreat, Nick Craig springs an elaborate trap on a group of foreign spies.
23 Mar. 1963
The Menacing Mazurka
In the guise of a publicity agent, Miller must deal with a Russian dance troupe in London for a cultural exchange, but are rife with Soviet spies. He must decide if a dancer's efforts to defect are legitimate.
30 Mar. 1963
The Retirement of the Gentle Dove
A man at a country old folks home is murdered just as he was about to unmask a double agent from World War Two. Stock goes undercover as a new resident of the home to follow the lead.
6 Apr. 1963
Mr. Five Percent
A shady minor crook is persuaded to assist Miller in uncovering an international drug and arms smuggler's operations in Rome, where a shipment of high-powered rifles are destined for some revolutionaries in southeast Asia.
13 Apr. 1963
GS agents Miller and Carter are sent to Scotland to protect a female double-agent who holds the secret of a plan to overthrow a pro-British government. Jean finds herself used to bait to the enemy into the open.
20 Apr. 1963
On his way to assist Mallory, a local GS operator based in the Philippines, Miller is picked up as a saboteur. Under threat of his life, he is ordered to blow up a British secret service headquarters.
27 Apr. 1963
The Thirteenth Girl
A Swiss agent convinces the squad to investigate an apparently legitimate high class Au Pair agency, who's girls seem to vanish when they start work in England. Sally is sent undercover to infiltrate the agency, and finds drugs, prostitution and murders in the offing.
4 May 1963
Sentences of Death
Craig is drugged in a pub, taken to a mysterious doctor's surgery that he can barely remember later. The Surgery was actually a caravan and the "Doctor" used a truth drug to extract top secret information that he now plans to blackmail the squad with.
11 May 1963
The Grand Duchess
A forgery of an important Spanish painting is stolen from a gallery by unwitting thieves who replace it with another, but the real artwork has been taken by an aging ex-nobleman.
18 May 1963
The Desperate Diplomat
Working undercover as butler to a foreign diplomat. GS agent Tony Miller discovers that the man is being blackmailed by an unscrupulous foreigner, who threatened to make known the man's gambling debts.
25 May 1963
Hot Money
An old Italian forger has been blackmailed by master criminals into helping them counterfeit thousands of pound notes that have been officially written off as destroyed in a fire.
1 Jun. 1963
Quarantine at Kavar
Sent to the Middle East to trace a lost expedition, Nick Craig meets a beautiful girl who claims she has proof that a group of terrorists intend to blow up a seat of government. The agent attempts to deliver her film of the terrorists' activities to the authorities - but the terrorists are closing in around them.
8 Jun. 1963
The Golden Silence
A gold smuggling ring is using a travel agency as a front. Miller goes under cover to join the gang and discover how they sneak it into the country.
15 Jun. 1963
Lost in Transit
An agent is murdered at a London airport, but it turns out that he's an impostor. The real agent has infiltrated a secret neo-Nazi organization that is planning a terror attack.
22 Jun. 1963
The Man with the Delicate Hands
When, against all the evidence, Helen Lambert insists that the man dragged from a wrecked car is not her brother Paul, GS agent Tony MIller is assigned to to investigate his claim.
29 Jun. 1963
The Missing People
An underground smuggling network promises people behind the iron curtain a chance to escape to England-at a high price. Trouble is, they're disappearing instead. Miller becomes a pilot to infiltrate the gang.
6 Jul. 1963
A top secret gas has been stolen from a government laboratory by a pacifist scientist. He works with an American crook who is trying to sell it to a foreign revolutionary. Craig finds that instead of being a harmless gas that temporarily paralyzes, it's quite lethal.
13 Jul. 1963
A First Class Way to Die
On a luxury cruise, a scientist and his daughter, refugees from the iron curtain. Murder, stowaways and disguised identities complicate things for Craig, who's assignment is to protect them.

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