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A Real Story

Author: Lars Kristensen from Denmark
5 March 2005

I have always been a big listener to my grand mothers stories about the freedom fighters in World War 2. During "Drengene Fra Sankt Petri" my eyes wouldn't dry up, but during this movie, my soul cry'ed, triumf'ed and all other known & unknown feelings came out. This "Real Story" tells about how the common Dane fought the Nazi, and it couldn't be more real. It's the first time I've seen a movie about the Danish Freedom fighters, that wasn't Danish. But hey, we are a little country with a big voice. I only wish that people see this movie and change the opinion about Danes, from the ones that lasted 12min in defence but fought the whole war from the inside and saved several 1,000. Please see this movie.

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Miracle at Midnight-A Rosh Hashanah in Denmark to Remember ****

Author: edwagreen from United States
23 July 2007

Outstanding film reliving the events of Rosh Hashanah, 1943 in Denmark. After occupying the country for 3 years, the Nazis chose the solemn Rosh Hashanah holiday to arrest people.

The film showed the courage of the Danish people in hiding the Jews on that fateful night. There had always been a strong feeling of toleration towards all groups in Denmark unlike the other European countries. Did not the king of Denmark wear the obligatory Yellow Badge when all Danish Jews were required to do so?

Sam Waterston and Mia Farrow are excellent as the surgeon and his wife, both of whom aid in the rescue attempt.

This is a fine film detailing the human spirit. Anne Frank would have been so proud of the actions of the Danes as she so ardently believed that all people are basically good.

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I love this movie!!!

Author: Princess-47 from USA
20 March 1999

This is such a great movie. I taped it off TV and I watch it at least once a week. I really love war movies, but I have to say that this one is the best I've ever seen. It portrays the war in a nonviolent way. I also have to say that Justin Whalin and Nicola Mycroft are great actors and actresses, some of the best I've seen. I hope they do more acting. For those of you who have not seen this movie, I recommend that you see it because it is so great!!

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This film is worth your while

Author: Romani_grl from United States
8 October 2008

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

This film is worth your while. While it does have some flaws that will make it unworthy of the Movie Guru's- its message is great. Previous comments on this same film have focused on the geographical errors and bad accents and forgetting about the whole "bravery and courage in the face of evil. The fact that this story is not taught in every history class is shameful. It is set during the Nazi occupation of Denmark and tells the story of the Christian citizens standing up to the Nazi's by saving the lives of their Jewish population. It may not be a great action film or have brilliant speeches, but it does have an element that every family should learn from- to stand up against the evil in the world, to fight any way you can to do what is right.

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surprisingly historically accurate

Author: Pgoel from United States
30 July 2006

*** This review may contain spoilers ***

I have spent about a year researching the Danish resistance. One of my research topics was the standard narrative around the Danish resistance. I heard of this movie and thought it would follow the standard narrative closely.

Yet, it treats the story with historical care, mentioning the August rising, and the pre-existing resistance and much more.

Yes, the acting...leaves a lot to be desired. Sam Waterson and Justin Whalin, excellent actors in other venues but not here.

But the excellent script and emotional nature of the story makes it a great watch!

It is written in a way that the whole family can enjoy. teenagers will enjoy the slightly rebellious Henrik. Adults will enjoy the story. Their is a small love story and a greater story of friendship, patriotism, and good triumphing over evil.

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Beautiful movie!

Author: Soledad-2 from Miami, Florida
19 July 2001

I don't think this movie is very well known because I have never heard of Miracle at Midnight until my recent visit to a video store. I'm glad I decided to buy it because it was worth it. It's an excellent movie, with a great script and a fantastic cast. I wish to recommend it to everyone interested in war movies. Miracle at Midnight is beautiful and its message will stay with you forever. It's a gem!

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Quite Intriguing. Nicola Mycroft is a rising star.

Author: Brett Adam Bush from Hollywood, CA
22 January 1999

With all the the extravagant World War II films out, Miracle at Midnight offers a less intense war film, but don't get me wrong this quite an emotional film that touched me in many ways. I particularly enjoyed the work of Nicola Mycroft who is a gem of an actress. She is a rising young star, and I predict ten years down the road she will be one of the screen's great sex symbols. Mycroft steals every scene she is in. Her brother, Jon, is also a spectacular actor, and it is unfortunate that he has had to do low-budget porn instead of larger projects. I would like to see the two of them together in a project. Marrow and Waterson are tremendous actors, and they don't disappoint in this film. This is a movie that will slowly win many fans as it makes away around. Remember: Watch out for the Mycroft duo.

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Another Holocaust Movie!

Author: (sylviastel@aol.com) from United States
7 June 2007

Another Holocaust Movie starring Law & Order Sam Waterston (yes, he can do more) and Mia Farrow as a Danish couple who help and assist Danish Jews to flee the country to Sweden. Of course, everybody knows the history of the holocaust and those few who assisted. In this story, the Christian Kosters help aid the Danish Jews. It's another story about good Christians who helped the Jews in Europe during a dark time in it's history. I don't think the German Nazis and Gestapo in this film is accurately portrayed. Believe me, they were much more vicious. Denmark was one of the few countries that helped their Jews because they didn't have the same anti-Semitism that other countries including Germany, Austria, Poland, Czech, and Russia had at the time according to this film. Denmark should be applauded for it's behavior. I'm not knocking the story but this film was shown to middle school American children. While it's just another Holocaust movie, it's not as good as Schindler's List or others. It was shown because it was not rated but the children could see it because it lacked the viciousness of usual Holocaust films.

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Overly dramatic and uninspiring.

Author: imdb-8212 from United States
15 December 2015

This movie was recommended to our family by the local elementary school. Unfortunately the entire movie is plodding and tired. It was like sitting through someone filing their nails for an hour.

The movie follows a surgeon and his family living in Denmark during the German occupation of WWII and their sober subterfuge of all things Jewish, including the people.

While the movie starts off slow, building the narrative of "German eyes everywhere", it culminates in a mediocre anti-climax that barely registers on the feelings scale. The characters try (very transparently) to become the underdogs while the evil Nazis go overboard to be seen as evil oppressors. While this is a typical story arch, Miracle at Midnight seems unable to grasp its own storyline with a touch of believability.

Save yourself the trouble and rent another movie. This one falls flat.

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Great entertainment, yet more than that

Author: Melissa Alice from USA
20 May 2004

This was a very captivating movie. A Danish family becomes involved in helping Jews. The son (Henrik) is in the resistance and keeps it a secret from his family, sure they would forbid him to continue because of the danger. The father, a doctor, decides he must do what he can to help the Jews when he hears of the news of the Germans coming to route out and kill Jews. He hides a family (friends of theirs) in the attic. There are many tense and action-packed scenes. The acting is great. I wish the people didn't feel they had to lie to save the Jews, though. (Corrie Ten Boom is a good example of someone who hid Jews and told the truth, being put in a concentration camp herself. What strong belief that is.) There were also a couple of kisses (if you worry about that kind of thing), but nothing more than that. Overall I give this movie a solid thumbs up and it is a striking example of the bravery of many people during the war.

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