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The outrageously wisecracking Cheech Marin unleashes the laughs as the voice of a smart-alecky dog named Einstein who's out to find himself a new family... and a snack or two along the way! Einstein is a wisecracking dog with a huge appetite for outsmarting human beings!

Life could be better at the Mueller household. Dad (Thomas Gottschalk), a famous cartoonist, is desperately searching for a new comic strip idea while trying to avoid his fiance's (Priscilla Presley) not-so-subtle hints that they marry. Eldest son Ryan is madly in love with the most stuck-up girl in school, and young Joey has been left by himself since his mother's death years before. When Joey meets Einstein, it's friendship at first sight as two lonely rascals team up against the world.

Joey sneaks Einstein into the house, just as Dad demands peace and quiet so that he can finish his work. Of course, Einstein listens to no man. He wreaks havoc on the Mueller household, making noise, tearing up furniture, and smashing Dad's prized possession, the Cartoonist's Lifetime Achievement Award. Now both Joey and Einstein are stuck in the dog house.

But Joey gets an idea: enter Einstein in the upcoming Upside Down Dog Show. First prize is $500, just enough to fix Dad's trophy and to prove that Einstein is good for the family. Einstein wants nothing to do with the competition, until he learns that there's a hot dog waiting for him after every trick. With the proper edible incentive, there's nothing Einstein can't do.


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